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The KKR are preparing to do to the Federal Liberal Party what they have done to the Victorian Liberal Party: infect it with the cancer which is the Kroger Party.

June 20, 2006

This is neither a joke nor an exaggeration, but it is a bombshell. It really is staggering their sheer hide, conceit, deceit, and contempt for the Liberal Party that, having wrecked the Victorian Party at the State level, the Kroger Parasite Party are now preparing to do the same to the Victorian seats of the Federal Liberal Party.

Federal Liberals of other states should read this. Actually, therein is the rub, for the Liberal Party to retain the Treasury benches, or the ALP to win it, the two crucial states to win are N.S.W. and Victoria. A loss, though a major loss of seats, in either state, can swing an election to the opponent.

The KKR have repeatedly delivered Bracks the Victorian Treasury Bench and at each election with increased majorities. The 2006 election is no different; the Liberal Party is set to lose more seats. With the imposition of `proportional representation’, the betting is the Liberals will be wiped out as a party in the upper house the, Legislative Council.

The KKR are pals with the Bracks Junta, they are keeping the Junta in office and they are delivering more of the dwindling precious Liberal held seats to the Bracks Junta. That is the measure of the treachery of the Toorak Political Brahmans and their lackeys the Krogers and the Kroger Parasite Party. What is the point to repeating all this?

Join the dots, Federal Liberal Party politicians from the other states. The Victorian Liberal Party is the base, of course, of Victorian Federal ms.p. One question need be put and only in the figure rhetorical:

`What would be the real impact of the KKR on the Victorian wing of the Federal Party, if they were to take over Federal seats?’

Well, ladies and gentleman, that is what the KKR are preparing now to do. They are working at doing to Federal seats what they have done to State Parliamentary seats. Needless to say, The Krogers will thus be trampling over Victorian Liberal Party members in their selfish, venal, craven, treacherous control over the Victorian Party, and trample over members all over again in order to seize Federal seats.

`No', some readers might object, `you exaggerate, get off the conspiracy theory drug'.

Those readers are wrong and really should scrutinise the thuggery of the KKR. That, though, might be difficult because one Kroger Partisan happens to be Treasurer, who believes he is entitled to be not merely First Minister in Cabinet but dah leadah of dah nation. Behind Kroger and Costello is pink coloured marshmallow man, Georgiou, whose political backside was saved by Costello and Kroger, and their Kroger Party glove puppets, ganging up on the members of the Kooyong Branch to fight off, heavens above, a youth.

Vaille is rather a marshmallow too. A reliable source mentioned to me, Vaille attended a forum in Melbourne. Vaille had intended to eviscerate the Bracks Junta for demanding all Bibles be removed from hospitals in Victoria. Bibles are an offence to the Bracks Junta and its Stalinist Commissars, who enforce the Junta’s totalitarian decrees. It was discovered a snivelling journo from Mao's daily toilet paper, “The Age”, would be in the audience. Afraid of the spin she would put on his roasting of the Bracks Junta for just the billionth stalinist decree, Vaille cut that attack out of his speeches.

I am speechless, Vaille was afraid of a leftist ignoramus of the Maoist Red Rag and propaganda organ for the Bracks Junta. Not to overlook, Mao’s Red Age is fast disappearing down the gurgler called bankruptcy, because few Victorians will purchase that commie propaganda rag just to be treated to communist harangues; they get enough of them daily from the Bracks Junta.

The KKR disease has hit the Liberal Party hard as it is. So, consider what the ramifications are if the KKR get away with suborning more branches and seizing a number of safe Federal Liberal seats. They will do to Federal members unaligned to them, and nominees for selection to Federal seats, including marginal seats, what they have been doing to solid Liberal members at the State level.

If this revelation is not yet giving Federal Liberal the shivers, though it should have by now, then a few details should do the trick, and shock them into action against the KKR and its mastahs, the Krogers:

A safe seat is currently being rigged for none other than Lady MacBeth herself, Helen Kroger. This is apart from, the Kroger Party is working to impose another of their glove puppets on another good Federal seat, most likely a Senate seat, which totally evades reaction against that glove puppet from much abused and furious real Liberal Party members.

Dear, dear, dear, let's see: Costello, Georgiou, Helen Kroger and a KKR glove puppet holding Federal seats, that would be quite enough of them in Federal Parliament as it is, but  they won't be all who will infest the Federal Party. The reason, it's taken a bit of time for the penny to drop, is yet simple and true.

The Kroger Party rigs candidate selection in any seat they decide to take, or, in order to oppose real Liberals from being appointed as candidates. They just do not turn up on the doorstep and try to force entry into Branch House. That is glaringly obvious in the case of Prodos and the South Richmond Branch, and the latest revelation in this matter will be fully explained in Part II of the Article, <em>The latest on the thuggery of the KKR in the Victorian Liberal Party</em>, which I'm still polishing before Posting.

They are not simply rigging candidate selection; they do it systematically and on two counts. They systematically target seats; they pick  them off one at a time. Secondly, they employ a range of tactics: Branch stacking, suborning branch members, smearing and even defaming Liberals, and using Party rules to impose candidates on Branches.

The KKR work at rigging candidate selection. They do not rush in; they plan Branch Trampling outings. It is not pretty, they engage in brute thuggery, including Helen Kroger, although a State Branch told her to jump off a cliff for interfering. It is, however, systematically planned and executed thuggery, and thus Branch Trampling tours. To remind everyone what she did:

The Waverley Branch appointed a Liberal Member. Unannounced, Helen marched into a Branch Committee meeting and didn't tell them, she grunted and shouted at them to get rid of their candidate and appoint the candidate they the Krogers had decided will stand for the Victorian Parliament seat. That is the sort she is, not at all a lady but a common as muck thug. The Members told her to get out and jump off a cliff in colourful language. Keep that in view, that that incident manifested what she is, and typifies also her Ex, Michael, and their glove puppets. No, they are all worse, far worse, than the incident suggests.

Keep in clear view, that is Helen Kroger, who fancies she is a lady. For, they, the Kroger party, are fixing a safe Federal seat for Helen Kroger, or, by her title, Lady MacbetheKrogThug.

The KKR and their Toorak Brahman masters treat the Victorian Liberal Party as their feudal estate and members as their vassal serfs. Helen Kroger herself made their contempt for Party and members clear on 3 AW radio earlier this year. In regards to something Jeff Kennett said on internal Party members, Helen Kroger had this to say:

`Jeff Kennett has had his time under the sun as leader of the Party. It is time for him to shut up and go away, because it is our turn now.'

She has more in common with totalitarian thugs than decent, ordinary Victorians and Liberal members, and that disgusting comment by her shows it. Her contempt for the Party, for a successful Premier, and for Victorians, runs naked in those few words.

In so few words she revealed before the public her narcissistic conceit. There is another just like her: another selfish, conceited ignoramus, whose every sentence in every column she writes reads exactly in the same vein; another socialist, whining, merely opinionated, wealthy spoilt brat; her name is Jill Singer. Helen is, however, worse because, with her ex, she controls the KKR and its glove puppets, had has worked hard to wreck the Victorian Liberal Party, `pulverised it’ is not too strong a description of what she is also culpable of. Helen is worse than Singer also becuase she has shown herself to be a thug.
The upshot of the Kroger Party's thuggery and control is not only the Victorian Party has been wrecked, and the Parliamentary wing pulverised. their treachery shows out in the sheer numbers who have quit the Party out of frustration and disgust.

The KKR systematic take-over of seats, and so, if they are not stopped, the notion, they will stop at 4, maybe 6 Federal seats, is rubbish. They will do to Federal seats what they have done to State seats.

They believe, consistent with their feudal opinion of themselves, appointment of candidates is theirs by right. They believe seats are theirs to dole out, as their grace and favour indulgence of loyal vassals. They believe these things, and much else, they hold as of title. They believe they are entitled to dispose of the Party and Victorians and now, it seems, like the left, all Australians.

 Look at the State Parliamentary party, the delusion shows out in, it is filled with superannuated, time wasting, feeding off the taxpayer kept pigs' trough, spineless, boneless, moral cretins who don't stand for Liberal Principles at all; their record in Parliament is ample testimony to that. Hansard documents how avidly and generously and consistently they have supported many of the Bracks' Junta's Stalinist decrees. They have had an incentive to do so.

The transfers, courtesy of the Junta, of enormous wealth to selected interests has been a great incentive for the Kroger Party to support the Bracks Junta and the Parliamentary Wing to give force to that support. They include, transfer of enormous wealth to Kate Baillieu and her Toorak Brahman pals. So, the blobs lolling in leather seats have backed to the hilt, pol potian commie red `environmental policies' and scams such as windmills, coal taxes, this tax and that damned tax, and have not opposed this stalinist decree and that stalinist decree. They are not Liberals; they are members of the Bracks Stalinist Junta and that figures, for the Kroger Party not only hold Liberals in contempt but all Victorians in contempt, with few exceptions, themselves and their bosom friends the Stalinist Junta.
What has the upshot been, the Liberals have watched the Parliamentary wing not decimated, but tricemated to the point, the reality is, it might not survive the 2006 State election as a formally registered Parliamentary Party.

The Kroger Party has worked only to secure the obliteration of the Liberal Party at the polls, leaving only Kroger Glove Puppet blobbies occupying the precious few remaining seats. A precious few remaining seats, which are nominally Liberal seats but are in reality Kroger Party seats. They have wiped out the party electorally. Now, that lot are preparing to do to Federal seats what they have done to State seats.

Bingo, what will happen to Victorian Liberal seats, should the Kroger Party be allowed to get away with their aims, is exactly what they have done to the State Party.

Bingo, the Federal Liberal Party can lose to the ALP simply by being wiped out in Victoria. The Kroger party takes over the Federal Wing and that is what will happen to the Federal Party in Victoria.

The thing to do is to stop the Kroger Party now. Heavyweights should break the Krogers' fingers, hands, legs, even just cut to the chase and cut their heads off, right now. Stop them fixing a safe seat for Helen, and stop them fixing a seat for a Krogerite Krony alluded to above.

If they don't, and the KKR get a hold over the Victorian Wing of the Federal Liberal Party , they will wreck the Victorian wing too, by their treachery, betrayal of Liberal Principles, and their shocking conduct against genuine Liberals. And, don't have any doubt about it, in Parliament, that lot in sufficient numbers, will proceed to do in any genuine Liberal from other states as well, because that is how the Kroger Party operates. That is exactly what one has been disclosing of the KKR's treatment of Prodos, Richmond, other Branches, and what their lackeys and glove puppets in 104 exhibition do.
Soon after the first revelations of the KKR's savage actions against Prodos were published on Brookesnews, senior Federal Liberals read the article. The next day, the Prime Minister himself declared in unreserved terms that he is `concerned' and `deeply concerned' at the state of the Victorian Liberal Party. Yesterday, the Prime Minister attacked Union thuggery and thugs at the bottom of Union thuggery.

If the Kroger Party takes over Federal seats, it will no longer be the Victorian State Party Federal they will be deeply concerned about. They will also be very concerned that the thugs responsible for the collapse of the State Party are now doing to the same to the Victorian wing of the Federal Party.

It will not simply be Union thugs and Unioncrats, including Combet which have to be attacked because of their thuggery and economic vandalism. The Kroger Party is the same as Unioncrats and ALP apparatchiks. What is currently only a State problem, no, not a problem, but a cancer in the Victorian Liberal Party, will be a cancer in the Federal Party too. The Kroger Party, every one of them, is the same as the Union and ALP leftist thugs. This is what Victorian Liberals are up against.

I'd say that, right now, if Federal Liberals, once they have read this article, do not merely fume but also sharpen up their axes to use against the Kroger Party, I would be very surprised. They are fully apprised of what the KKR have done to the Victorian Party and are shocked and disgusted by it. How likely is it, therefore, that they will stand for Costello's political base moving in on the Federal Party and reducing that to rubble? I would say, not likely at all.

In getting this article out before having finished Pt II of, <strong>The latest on the thuggery of the KKR in the Victorian Liberal Party</strong>, the Federal Party has ample warning. They can act now before they are up to their necks with the Krogerite trash and their backers the Tractor trash, the Toorak Political Brahmans. They have time to act now; they have time to kill Helen's Federal aims, and those of the KKR puppet I have alluded to. Do this, and they will have gone some way to saving Federal seats from that pack of parasitical gangsters. Do it, and they will have gone some way to stopping the Krogerite Party from wrecking the Victorian wing of the Federal Party and causing even greater trouble than that.

There are two Parties: The Victorian Liberal Party and the Kroger Party and the latter is parasite within the former and has crippled it, but, the host is preparing to kill off the KKR…

June 19, 2006

The KKR is digging in to fight its Stalingrad, as the losing side. It is not the Bracks Junta they are fighting against; it is the Liberal Party and its members. This tiny clique the KKR not only treat members with contempt but also regard them as ungrateful peasants in rebellion who have to be put down. They have hit a problem.

Thanks to the internet and Brookesnews, the KKR have discovered how many Liberals despise them and are preparing to boot them out of their offices and out of the Party. The exposure of their treatment of Prodos Marinakus and their treatment of the South Richmond Branch has brought things to a head. Having finished vomiting, the KKR have decided on a last ditched stand in South Richmond, the branch is their Stalingrad, they made it their Stalingrad. Readers might find the simile rather less than hyperbole, `it is a ridiculous simile’. Well, it is not misplaced at all, and what is laid out below shows how stupid those thugs the KKR are.

This article is in two parts. The first part deals with some comical antics of the KKR which have provided Victorian Liberal Party members cause for much mirth. Yes, the KKR might run for cover because the antics in view are no secret in Liberal City.


The KKR are not only treacherous thugs whose great achievement is to wreck the Party and reduce the parliamentary wing to a retirement pension plan for apparatchiks and spineless grannies. Their notion of attacking and hurting the Bracks Junta is to tickle it to death. They are not only thugs, they are stupid morons; a village idiot is a bright spark in comparison. The following illuminates why they are stupid morons and with startling clarity.

Michael Kroger had been engaged to work on some business accounts of Lang Hancock’s daughter, Lisa. Lisa is a conservative holding Liberal Principles and detests the Left, and what they are doing to Australians. It is understood, she could be readily persuaded to fund a unit dedicated to eviscerating the left and advancing liberal principles. Her principles and political position are not a secret.

So, Michael Kroger, worked over a long period on the account. During that time, he did not broach the subject with her. He is so self-absorbed, conceited, and thick that he didn’t even bother to find out Lisa’s political interests and put the proposition to her. It occurred to none of the KKR to broach the possibility with Lisa. Being narcissistic and blind, none of them appreciated Lisa could make a singularly effective contribution to the Liberal Party, the advance of its principles, and to eviscerating the Left and, with that rotten lot, the Bracks Junta.

Kroger’s stupidity has left senior figures groaning in their boots. They are at once appalled and gobsmacked at Kroger, darling of the Toorak Political Brahmans, is an obtuse moron. On the other hand, it is just as well that he couldn’t spot it because Lisa would be ill advised to entrust Kroger with the job. His corpse is absent of a single Liberal bone in his carcass, and he couldn’t fight the left even if he were supplied with a self-propelled chainsaw and required to do only thing, push the start button.

The H.R Nicholls Society, a comfy chat club for the superficial, is demonstration of Kroger’s notion of an intellectual, go get ‘em’, gung-ho, blast the left in the gizzards battle tank. `Phut, phut, phut, phhhhhhat’ – that’s the sound it makes – a dead engine. No, not a dead engine, an engine made out of papier mache with no model paper working parts inside it; so it can’t even `phut’. There are those who are equipped to establish and work hard a very effective and well-funded unit, someone might introduce Lisa to them.

Being devoid of any Liberal Principle, and spineless wet rags, who couldn’t fight their way out of a sere paper bag, though equipped with a self-propelled gigantic chainsaw, it is difficult to conceive what sort of 2006 State election campaign the KKR can mount. Their incapacity to run a campaign is compounded by their having entrenched themselves for their Russian wnter. Even so, it might be presumed, 104 Exhibition St. is preparing as robust a campaign as they can devise, given the constraints imposed by defection from Liberal Principles.

Well, let’s not exaggerate too much, a reality check shows: hitting Bracks in the face with a wet tissue is all the aggression we’ll see from that lot. Heavens, they’ve passed over many a matter which should have sunk the Junta some time ago. The KKR, through their parliamentary marionettes, have successfully cello-taped together the great rips in the Junta and then cried each time: “We can’t hit the stalinist bastard our dear pal and fellow traveller”: a pathetic, display by those retarded, stupid morons. The KKR have to be told, and then kicked in the groin for their treachery and stupidity, because they are too stupid and conceited to detect the naked bare fact that that is the assessment of them by not a few, but of many of the Victorian Liberal Party.

Question: How do you make a grown Liberal man cry?
Answer : Just mention the shambles the KKR have reduced the Party into and their snivelling moronic schoolboy efforts.

Bovver boy, Kroger glove puppet, former clerk in Hong Kong, Sheezel fancies himself as, I originally mused, a political version of Patton; yah, the chap, who fought the Wermacht with a pair of ivory handled pistols and a column of tanks. No, as will be unfolded, he sees himself as General von Paulus.That figures, that military clutz called Adolf ordered von Paulus and his brave men to, effectively, commit suicide and, lo! Sheezel is the glove puppet to that clutz called a Kroger. There is, however, a disanalogy:

Unlike von Paulus and his commanders, Sheezel is a clutz, so too are Hannan and Tony Barry. Unlike those gentlemen, von Paulus and his commanders, those three are incompetent, stupid thugs. Unlike von Paulus and his brave men, those three are cowards. Those three, unlike von Paulus and his commanders and men to Adolf, are the same as their masters of the KKR.

Those three are so gutless they fear coming up against Liberals who are bright, competent and can pick apart their stupid nonsense with a casual flick of an eyelash. So brave, they make every effort to exile any Liberal who dare say things they don’t like. Those three, as their mastah did, desire parliamentary seats (and probably still does want to be jobbed into the seat of Kooyong but his glove puppet Georgiou fills it with his boneless blobby carcass ), but they won’t face branch members and contest for appointment. They expect their mastahs to job them into good seats. Yet, though they are stupid morons, they have managed to discern that if they were to apply in the normal way, the members of branches wouldn’t waste any time on them and would swiftly boot them back out the door. One reliable source has mentioned one of the three has tried to win selection in the regular way and failed rather badly. Never mind, his mastah lobbed him into 104 Exhibition:

`There, there, my little glove puppet, don’t cry; we will belt up another branch and make you their m.p.’

That is what the lot in 104 are counting on, or did count on it because, they are already dead – the internet has ensured that happy condition.

Right now, the KKR are digging their winter trenches, in their desperate bid to conquer the Red Army of Victorian Liberal Party members. Yes, it sounds ludicrous, but solid, principled Liberals who dare defy the KKR are Reds; it’s another insight into why that lot has served well only the Bracks Junta. Now, get this, what is the strength of the Red Army the might of the KKR are determined to attack in the 2006 election campaign?

It’s not Bracks and his pack of commie bastards, which is evident. The enemy is one man only, that man is Prodos Marinakus. Yes, Prodos is the election enemy to be countered.

Sheezel, playing out his fantasy of wearing von Paulus’ boots as a tough fighting general, identified the greatest threat to the campaign to be Prodos Marinakus. [Liberal members are simultaneously weeping in their boots and praying for divine intervention.] Some members, in view of the publicity of the KKR’s malicious persecution of Prodos launched on Brookesnews – a victory for the magazine, have bothered to meet Prodos. I’ve neither met nor communicated with Prodos but, their assessment is the same as mine, he is the type of first rate brain, and gutsy chap the Liberals should be glad to have as ms.p.

So, why is Prodos a threat? What sort of threat does he pose to Teddy Bear and the deboned blobs who wallow in leather seats in Spring St.? The report is:

Sheezel arrived at the penetrating conclusion: Prodos will divert the main media publicity from Teddy and the Kroger Party to himself and, ergo, undermine the KKR’s election strategy and chances of defeating Bracks.

A stunning show of generalship, is it not? So stunning, when I found this out in Liberal City, my reaction was the same as the Liberals already informed of it, I had to wire lower jaw to upper jaw to stop it hitting the deck and shattering.

Prodos is not even candidate for Richmond, due to the thuggery of the KKR and yet, according to that bright moron called a Sheezel, he is about to launch a one-man blitzkrieg against the Liberal Party. Can Sheezel tell the mere Kroger Party grunts whether that will be one front or two? For, presumably, Prodos will also be well into disembowelling the Bracks Junta. Consider also the insinuation entailed in Sheezel’s evaluation:

Prodos is out to wreck the Party at the polls out of, presumably pique, and to exact revenge for the savage, malicious treatment the KKR glove puppets in 104 dealt out to Prodos. That is how twisted not only the three glove puppets in 104 but the KKR are, every damned one of those loony, stupid, snivelling girly thugs. [All this has direct bearing on more shocking developments – see Pt. II of this article.]

Actually, if Prodos can fight like that unsupported, not even a shekel’s worth of Liberal Party backing, it might be assumed bright sparks in the Party would be quick to sling Prodos into a safe, blue ribbon seat, and make him leader of the Liberal Party. Unlike, more-over, Teddy Bear and the blobbies, Prodos would hit Bracks in the guts and hard. Bracks would still win but the bastard would feel as if he had been hit by a truck, and would resume office in fear of worse to come.

Face it, Napthaline Flake, Paper Doyley and Teddy, are the sort of opponents Bracks has been laughing in his boots at, the three walking jokes. I would laugh too: `Please, please, no more, stop, stop, stop tickling me to death.’

Unbelievable, the Krogers and their glove puppets in 104 Exhibition Street do not merely fight any member who holds Liberal convictions. They gang up on their victims and cosh them with steel truncheons. They are, of course gutless; their cowardice shown when they ran to those snivelling socialist humbugs,, to have their lies and defamation of Prodos broadcasted widely. They couldn’t face Prodos and certainly not go for him openly. Using Party rules to hide behind and protect their backsides is the mark of jelly legged cowards. They have also shown out to be ga ga in deciding to fight an election by attacking Liberals. Never before in my span of political life have I heard of such monstrous stupidity in the Liberal Party. Oh, I forget, it is the Kroger Party who are the morons and which sinks to even greater depths of vicious thuggery and stupidity.

“Election campaign? What election campaign do you ask of, Sir. The wet tissue spanking of Bracks, and kick a chum in the head type effort mounted by retarded schoolyard retarded girly- boy thugs- ‘Quick, boysthss, out with the hankies and hit them now! There! Take that, and that…had enough Bracks.” “Now, boysthss, down that dark, alley, out with the truncheons and cosh that real liberal on the back of the head; no-one’s looking.’

Wrong! The KKR are wrong, wrong, wrong. Thanks to the Internet, and Brookesnews, a lot of Liberals, including eavyweights, are looking and are disgusted with what the KKR are and are doing to the Liberal Party, and the media is also looking on.

The above high comedy from Kroger and Sheezel has shocked Party members. They are furious at the discovery of, thuggish, yet gutless, morons, are in control of the Party and hold executive offices in 104 Exhibition Street. It is difficult to credit, Liberal members, they are the sods who run the Party of which you are only as vassal serfs to the Kroger Party. Such morons, village idiots could defeat them in elections and yet they control the Party and occupy executive offices. Those IQ challenged fleas control the Victorian Liberal and dictate to members. Yet, they are dead, they are too thick to realise it and it shows:

The KKR are currently busy at another show of how corrupt, craven, venal, and contemptuous of Liberal members they. The are engaged in what is for them just another round of strong-arm coercion and bastardisation of the Party by that rotten pack of parasites, and this is the subject of Part II.


Right, now Mangled Thoughts is back up and running, one last comment today before taking up the cudgels tomorrow against the KKR

June 18, 2006

We've had Napthaline Flake, Paper Doyley and now it is the turn of Teddy Bear Baillieu to tickle Bracks to death.

Things are not any worse in the Parliamentary Wing of the Victorian Liberal Kroger Party under Teddy, they are simply the same, bad.

 It's easy to spot why the Kroger Party is opposed to the Bracks Junta and it has nothing to do with Bracks' Stalinist decrees and medieval witch-sniffers' courts headed by Commissars. Neither does it have anything to do with Bracks' plunder ( tax burdens ) and squander, euphemistically called by the commie slobs, `investment'. No,what the Kroger Party objects to is, it is the Bracks Stalinists who are doing all that and not the Kroger Party, including their spineless, blobby glove puppets holding the precious few seats they have in both Houses of the Victorian Parliament, enjoying the wheeze of trampling over Victorians and lining their bank accounts in the process.

Face it, Bracks is a multi-millionaire and didn't make his own fortune as an entrepreneur but through being a professional dole bludger in `govt.'.

When Teddy was elected leadah of the opposition, he declared, `He wishes to unite Victorians and bring them all together'. The Herald Sun, declared, it is good to see the Party is a `Broad Church'. Bull bloody shite. If Teddy wishes to feel Holy, he can go to Church. this is politics, not Sunday Kindergarten.

It shows, while the decent members of the ALP right are busily kicking Bracks' head-in over Khalid, Teddy didn't even wave a wet tissue at the Stalinist bastard. Teddy didn't have the nerve to not kick Bracks'' head in but, rip his jugular out for Bracks' `friendship' with trucking magnate and supporter of that rotten, terrorist funding regime of Syria.

Teddy is so soft and cuddly, he has yet to slice Bracks' head apart for spying upon his family. What is the significance of this?

Bracks' spying on Ted's family is only one small example of what many Victorians are enduring daily under the Bracks regime, and it is far worse than that for many Victorians.Teddy can't even stand up for his own family against the Stalinist Junta, but he is typical of the unprincipled, not at all Liberal superannuants, who stuff the Parliamentary wing of the Victorian Liberal Party, jobbed in by Kroger and his glove Puppets in 104 Exhibition St.

Napthaline Flake, Paper Doyley and now, Teddy Bear Baillieu: a large, cute, cuddly, fluffy wuffy children's bed-time toy. Yes, Sir, the Parliamentary wing is running true to KKR form, a pack of treacherous, snivelling, socialist melon heads, red on the inside and squishy on the outside.

Yes Sir, not the Victorian Liberal Party, it is the Kroger Party. Readers, tomorrow, read on Mangled Thoughts the latest treachery, and antics and thuggery of those stupid thugs, the Krogers and their glove Puppets in 104 Exhibition St.

Posts Pertinent to what will be disclosed tomorrow, Monday the 18th of June:

June 18, 2006

Hot news on the KKR

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the KKJ

Kroger’s Kronies and Resurrectionists

More Developments in the Krogerites’ Persecution of Prodos Marinarkis, as promised last Friday, and, readers, it’s hot news

Prodos Marinakis

In view of the slanders against Prodos, from the likes of that malicious thug called Barry, and that cowardly weasel, Sheezel, and those snivelling whiners at Crikey, readers might view , Prodos not only has guts, Liberal convictions, amusing, colourful, he is a very serious man too. So, Just to guide the record straight:

Michael Kroger’s hatchet men betray Liberal Party member

Douglas Bignell

An article reposted in this entry under `more’:

June 18, 2006


June 18, 2006

Readers, some-one drew my attention to Mangled Thoughts has not been  coming up, which was a puzzle to me. So, we've fixed that and will proceed to get posts up for readers. I will re-attach blog links on the side bar in due course. Apologies readers.

In the meantime, I've been preparing another scoop. And, there is more to come on the KKR, which I will be putting up tomorrow, Monday the 19th of June. It will all be juicy reading, I assure you. The KKR shoould do the decent thing and jump off a cliff, put it that way.