Posts Pertinent to what will be disclosed tomorrow, Monday the 18th of June:

Hot news on the KKR

« P.S. to ‘ K.K.&R…’ Their Contempt for Victorian Liberal Party Members

Essays on Socialism »

More hot news against the Bracks Junta and

the KKJ

Kroger’s Kronies and Resurrectionists

More Developments in the Krogerites’ Persecution of Prodos Marinarkis, as promised last Friday, and, readers, it’s hot news

Prodos Marinakis

In view of the slanders against Prodos, from the likes of that malicious thug called Barry, and that cowardly weasel, Sheezel, and those snivelling whiners at Crikey, readers might view , Prodos not only has guts, Liberal convictions, amusing, colourful, he is a very serious man too. So, Just to guide the record straight:

Michael Kroger’s hatchet men betray Liberal Party member

Douglas Bignell


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