Right, now Mangled Thoughts is back up and running, one last comment today before taking up the cudgels tomorrow against the KKR

We've had Napthaline Flake, Paper Doyley and now it is the turn of Teddy Bear Baillieu to tickle Bracks to death.

Things are not any worse in the Parliamentary Wing of the Victorian Liberal Kroger Party under Teddy, they are simply the same, bad.

 It's easy to spot why the Kroger Party is opposed to the Bracks Junta and it has nothing to do with Bracks' Stalinist decrees and medieval witch-sniffers' courts headed by Commissars. Neither does it have anything to do with Bracks' plunder ( tax burdens ) and squander, euphemistically called by the commie slobs, `investment'. No,what the Kroger Party objects to is, it is the Bracks Stalinists who are doing all that and not the Kroger Party, including their spineless, blobby glove puppets holding the precious few seats they have in both Houses of the Victorian Parliament, enjoying the wheeze of trampling over Victorians and lining their bank accounts in the process.

Face it, Bracks is a multi-millionaire and didn't make his own fortune as an entrepreneur but through being a professional dole bludger in `govt.'.

When Teddy was elected leadah of the opposition, he declared, `He wishes to unite Victorians and bring them all together'. The Herald Sun, declared, it is good to see the Party is a `Broad Church'. Bull bloody shite. If Teddy wishes to feel Holy, he can go to Church. this is politics, not Sunday Kindergarten.

It shows, while the decent members of the ALP right are busily kicking Bracks' head-in over Khalid, Teddy didn't even wave a wet tissue at the Stalinist bastard. Teddy didn't have the nerve to not kick Bracks'' head in but, rip his jugular out for Bracks' `friendship' with trucking magnate and supporter of that rotten, terrorist funding regime of Syria.

Teddy is so soft and cuddly, he has yet to slice Bracks' head apart for spying upon his family. What is the significance of this?

Bracks' spying on Ted's family is only one small example of what many Victorians are enduring daily under the Bracks regime, and it is far worse than that for many Victorians.Teddy can't even stand up for his own family against the Stalinist Junta, but he is typical of the unprincipled, not at all Liberal superannuants, who stuff the Parliamentary wing of the Victorian Liberal Party, jobbed in by Kroger and his glove Puppets in 104 Exhibition St.

Napthaline Flake, Paper Doyley and now, Teddy Bear Baillieu: a large, cute, cuddly, fluffy wuffy children's bed-time toy. Yes, Sir, the Parliamentary wing is running true to KKR form, a pack of treacherous, snivelling, socialist melon heads, red on the inside and squishy on the outside.

Yes Sir, not the Victorian Liberal Party, it is the Kroger Party. Readers, tomorrow, read on Mangled Thoughts the latest treachery, and antics and thuggery of those stupid thugs, the Krogers and their glove Puppets in 104 Exhibition St.


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