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Having instigated the persecution of the two Pastors, Bracks’ jackbooted Commissars took refuge behind a bit of gobble-de-gook when the editor of Brookes News directly challenged, EOC and VCAT:

“Mr Joe Cambria emailed my article to Dr Helen Szoke Chief Executive Officer of the Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria. Her Reply was interesting in what it revealed about the Star Chamber proceedings of her Orwellian commission.

Refusing to acknowledge Helou and Sisely’s atrocious behaviour Szoke attempted to weasel out of the commission’s self-inflicted predicament by arguing that it “is not responsible for initiating and pursuing complaints under the RRTA”. Arguing procedure, she went on to say that complaints under the Act “are lodged by individuals or representative bodies who firstly decide whether they wish to initiate a complaint, and then decide how far they wish to pursue the matter”.
Digging herself into an even deeper hole, she further claimed that

‘The vast majority of complaints are finalised in the course of the Commission’s impartial investigation and conciliation processes, however, if complaints…’

Szoke is trying to weasel around the fact that the vicious persecution of Pastor Danny Nalliah and Pastor Daniel Scot by the EOC and VCAT clearly demonstrate that these bodies are deeply prejudiced and even hostile to the principal of free speech.”

It can be added to Jackson’s observation, they are as their masters the Bracks Junta, hostile to the Rule of Common Law and, therefore, liberty full stop. Readers, who followed my articles on the case of X and Y, will be familiar with what a mockery of justice and law and due process the Juntas’ quasi-courts are. To remind readers, the case will not be completed, thanks to another Commissar of VCAT. Readers need entertain no doubt whatsoever on, the Commissars of VCAT, and Commissar Dickson of the State Trustees Office, are subjecting X and Y to hellish, Kafkaesque treatment. Bracks and Hulls, in overthrowing Common Law are setting up a Stalinist Junta, with the Bill of Rights, once they have rammed it through Parliament, completing their totalitarian aims.

Caught out in their deceptions and Stalinist activities, as enforcers of Bracks’ totalitarian pseudo law the Blasphemy Act, what will Sisel, Szoke do in the wake of the revelation by the Herald Sun?

A close pal of Steve Jo Stalin Bracks, and of Lindsay Tanner and Liz Beattie, Eideh fully supports a major funder of Islamo-Nazi terrorism, Syria and its President, Assad. In other words, Kahlil Eideh supports the sponsor of our enemy, and Israel’s too. That alone has a strong whiff of treason.

What is important about Eideh? Eideh is, the H.S. reported, managing director of Blue Star Logistics, a trucking company, a large trucking company. According to the H.S., he is also a bigamist, having a wife in Melbourne and a wife in Syria. Not only is he a pal of Bracks, Bracks has given his full support to Eideh standing at the 2006 State Parlaiment election for a safe ALP seat. Here are the bombshells:

Eideh wrote an open letter published in an Arab newspaper in 2002 declaring:

“ Satan brigades are getting ready to enslave the Arab world…”

He “praised the martyrs’ in the same letter. There are no prizes in guessing who the `martyrs’ might be, as well as none for surmising who the brigades of Satan are.

In a second letter to Assad, October 2002, written “a few months some months before the start of the war in Iraqi”, he stated:

Be aware of “ Zionist and colonial attacks on the Arab nation”.
He ended the letter by sycophantically praising Assad.

In another letter to the Syrian, June 2001, he gave his evaluation of the political influence of Syrians resident in Melbourne. He concluded they have none, for now anyway.
The H.S. also related, Eideh serves the Syrian regime as an informer. He collects information on Syrian residents who “harbor ill-will towards the Syrian Arab republic”. Well, of course Bracks is his pal, Eideh is just the sort of willing stasiland thug the Bracks Junta lurves to put on a taxpayer kept paypacket.

Eideh gave not at all plausible excuses for his unambiguous statements, and his activities as an informer.

Under the Blasphemy `law’, it is a criminal offence to say anything the Junta decides to censor not only Victoria. It is a criminal offence for any Victorian to say anything the Junta and its Commissars dislike outside of Victoria.

In fact, while Cardinal Pell now resides in Sydney because of his job, he is a Victorian. Under the Act, Bracks and his goons must, in view of their persecution of the two Pastors, arraign Cardinal Pell. Under the Act, when a Victorian has committed what the Junta and its jackbooted Commissars have decided is a heinous criminal offence, that Victorian, on returning to Victoria, must be arrested and tried in the witchsniffing court by the witchsniffers. Pell is a hardened felon, under the Act. Sisel, Helou, and Szoke, therefore, must seek the arrest of Pell, and prosecute him, convict him, and throw him into prison for stating a few truths about Islamo–nazism. Australian Politics, a blog, relates:

“His Eminence steps up the war of words on Islam

The million-dollar question” was whether intolerance was a modern distortion of Islam or arose out of internal logic. “It’s difficult to find periods of tolerance in Islam. I’m not saying they’re not there, but a good deal of what is asserted is mythical.”

Only last month Dr Pell stirred controversy when he asserted that the Koran was riddled with “invocations to violence”, and Islam was not a tolerant religion.
Keysar Trad of the Islamic Friendship Association said Dr Pell’s statement showed he had no understanding of Islam.”

A very amusing situation, since Steve Jo Stalin Bracks is a Roman Catholic.

Helou, Sisel and Szoke, in view of their persecution of the two Pastors, must act against Pell. Keysar Trad’s, that sniveling apologist for Islamo Nazis, feelings are hurt because of Pell vilifying Muslims and Islam, and in terms that are blunt and unmistakable.

Szoke, last Friday on radio, 3AW, contrasting the Western Australian regime’s own Blasphemy `Law’, stated proudly:

“We have a much higher threshold than the W.A. Act.”

Just love the use of `We’, a moment of rare candour. It, the plural form of the navel gazing, self-I-am your-yardstick-referential perpendicular I, accurately states what the Act is for, the imposition of the personal beliefs of the Stalinist Junta by the use of Secret Police State thuggery and coercion. The use of `threshold’ just draws out what a savage Stalinist bit of work the Act is. In common law, in criminal cases, `thresholds’ would be rejected for what it is, garbage, nonsense, of no force at all.

Let’s consider how low Szoke’s `threshold’ is. So far, the Inquisition has tried some-one for hurting the feelings of a `witch’, last week it was reported someone was hauled before the Inquisition for remarking Ooga booga, which hurt the feelings of someone who, no doubt, belongs to some sort of stupid little cult. So, taken with the persecution of the Two pastors, Sisel, Szoke, and Helou have no freedom to do anything but have Pell hauled before them, which takes us to Eideh’s letters.

Under the Act, the Commissars’ for Right Speech and Thinks must arraign Eideh before their court, try him, convict him and fling him into prison. For, Eideh not only committed treason by supporting the Syrian regime, the major sponsor of Islamo-Nazi terrorists and the Syrian regime supports the Arab-Islamo-Nazi aims of destroying Israel and massacring the Jewish People. Eideh has given cause for them to arraign him, try him, convict him, and throw him in prison, according to the Blasphemy Act. He has written material fomenting hatred of the Jewish people, for being Jews. The statement, `Zionist attacks on the Arab world’, is unambiguous in force. The statement is more than a nasty remark against Jews. Zionism detonates on both the gentilic usage of Jew and its use, mainly by those filled with hatred of the Jewish people, Judaism.

Letters such as Eiedeh’s, published in an Arab newspaper in the Middle East, are not neutral and innocent in force. Arab-Muslim media regularly publishes material attacking Israel, the Jewish people, and calling for their destruction. Eideh’s letter, since he writes as an `Australian’, gives comfort, to, Islamo-Arab-Nazis bent on obliterating the Jewish people. The Syrian regime, to mark, was a principal party to the publication of the fake cartoons, to stir up Islamo Nazi hatred against the West.

It’s points up; Bracks is nothing but a Stalinist thug (with Pol Potian urges). Eideh’s pals, Bracks, Tanner and Beattie, cannot be ignorant of Eideh’s activities and hatred of the Jewish people. They are close pals of his, not strangers, nor mere acquaintances, but pals, and, more-over, Bracks fully supports Eideh’s political aim to hold an ALP seat in the State Parliament.

So, while Bracks, his Junta, and his Commissars, persecute the two Pastors for telling a few truths about Islam, he all along has been bosom buddies with an Islamo-Nazi, who also is a bigamist, a supporter of the terrorist regime of Syria, a fomenter of hatred against Jews, and spies on Melbournian Syrians who are opposed the Syrian Regime. Bracks is a hypocrite, a liar and really is in good form as an Oz version of Jo Stalin.

Given the gravity of the contents of Eidehs letters, and his actions, Sisel, Szoke and Helou, under the Act, have no choice in the matter. They must arraign, try, convict and imprison Eideh, His statements are a truly heinous `vilification’ of Jews, and the West. Will they?

The question is loaded by the fact of the Commissars’ conflict of interest. Their jobs exist only because of Police state coercion exercised by the Bracks Junta, complemented by its pseudo-courts, stuffed with craven, venal hypocrites who are only enforcers’ of Bracks’ Stalinist decrees. They might believe they are judges but, in perspective, if common law were restored, the bums would be booted out into the street for the unemployable thugs that they are. Thus reduced to begging for a few handouts, one would feel no pity for them at all; it would be exactly what they deserve.

It is clear from the Act, and how HEROC and EOC and VCAT operate that nothing, charges, writs, court process, Bracks’ courts are not courts of justice, grounded in the Rule of [Common] Law. They are only goon squads enforcing totalitarian decrees. Capricious is the least of what is wrong with Bracks’ Stalinist `laws’ and `courts’; that’s plain from the singular fact, the Commissars, clearly, initiate action against anyone they decide to pick on, Despite Szoke’s disgustingly pathetic attempt to explain otherwise.

The Commissars won’t act against Eideh, because they would be acting against their masters the Bracks-ALP Stalinist Junta. Consider it, they owe their `jobs ‘ to it and, Eideh is a pal of Lindsay Tanner, ALP heavyweight, and of another ALP m.p. Beattie, and the big sugar daddies of Commissars, Joe Steve Stalin Bracks and KGB hood Hulls.

The Commissars will find not just any excuse not to prosecute Eideh. They will, instead, fathom an excuse flimsier than Szoke supplied to Mr. Jackson. Imagine it readers, if they acted against Eideh, they would be acting also against their sugar daddies, the big commie fat cheeses of the Victorian ALP, and the ALP bums who gave the Commissars their fat pay plus perks jobs as KGB thugs.

If the Blasphemy Act, the Brackistanish Inquisition, the Commissars and the Junta were only jokes in a bad novel, the quandary for Szoke, Sisel and Helou would be side-splitting funny. Well, it is that, funny, `Stalinist mobsters skewered by their own hand.’ Szoke, Sisel, and Helou are damned if they don’t launch actions against those vilifiers of the Jewish people and Israel, and damned if they do act. Szoke, and Helou are, perhaps, hiding under their desks, phones unanswered with the message:

“Hi, you’ve contacted pretty me ( Sisel/Helou/Szoke), Bracks’ Personal Executioner of the Decent, Protector of Scumbags, A Lobbed Into a Jolly Profitable Wheeze by my also Kept Scumbag Mastahs, I’m not in right now. In fact, I’ve gone away on a long holiday. Never contact this office or me again. My Secretary is deaf, dumb and blind. Go away, leave me alone and, a merry good riddance to you, you ingrate of a peasant.”


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