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The Bracks Junta has committed, over and above its many public crimes, other crimes, and is Perverting the Course of Justice in

August 31, 2006

 order to conceal these particular crimes, crimes committed daily and yearly by M.P.s They must be prosecuted and convicted.

The Herald Sun has this splashed across this morning’s front page:

 MPs’ petrol bills a secret

VICTORIAN MPs and their families have pumped more than $500,000 of free petrol into their taxpayer-funded cars – but their bills are being kept secret.

The Bracks Government is hiding behind privacy laws, claiming it is not allowed to reveal individual MPs’ bills.

This is despite calls last night from Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu and two independent MPs for the amounts to be made public.

And Victoria’s Privacy Commissioner said there was no reason for secrecy, as freedom of information laws overrode privacy laws.

The ruling by Treasury bureaucrats means that Victorians, struggling under petrol prices approaching $1.50 a litre, are not allowed to know how much each of the state’s 132 MPs racks up with their free petrol cards

That is an average, rounded, of  $3,800 per m.p. This, however, doesn’t disclose as much as, even without the evidence, can be concluded and thus:

1. The Liberal Party has 31 m.p.s. – so that is $117,800 to the Libs

2. Two ‘independents’,  $7600

3. 99 ALP members pocket the remaining $376,200

The split, however, doesn’t tell all. On the report, eliminated are the two independents,  and certainly many Liberals are not involved. What one has said against the parlaimentary wing of the KKR parasite Party, as bad as those matters are, criminal fraud and crimes under the Federal Tax Act are not actions Liberals are given to. There may be some, but not many.

I will, however, be generous and allow their might be say, 6 Liberal members who are up to their eyeballs in criminal offences.

So, how do the numbers look now:

Liberals 6             $28,600          

No independents   $0

99 ALP members   $471,000

I will be generous again, and eliminate 15 ALP members, and thus we arrive at 84 ALP members  or, we will try some more and reduce ALP members and now lets see how the numbers run:

6+84; $5,560 per m.p.;  $ 33,360 to Libs; $467,040 to ALP

6+70; $6,600 per m.p.;   $39,600 to Libs; $ 462,000 to ALP

Now, let’s be charitable and assume there are more ALP members who are in the Law.

6 Libs ,  50 ALP  $9,000 per m.p.

6 L,      20 ALP   $19,200 per m.p.

$3,800 at an average price of $1.50 per litre buys 2, 533 litres which is roughly

25,000kms to  37,995 kms driving on a range of 10kms to 15 kms given the real taxpayer kept vehicles given members of Parliament.

Let’s go to the last number $19,200 per m.p. This is a whopping 12,800 litres of petrol or

128,000 kph of driving per annum to 192,000 kms per annum.

Let’s be generous and allow some of that  consumption is for legitimate usage in the course of m.p.s fulfilling their duties. However, a sales rep with a country route might travel 20,000 to 35,000kms per annum. I travel once a month up country, 400kms round each trip for about 5,000 kms per annum and, 11,000 for daily business in Melbourne ( no, I’m not a rep), a total of 16,000 kms per annum. The 11,000 kms city driving is due only to the distance I travel between a couple of suburbs each day Monday to Friday. Many m.p.s live in the inner city and cover each day at most a third or, to be really generous, half what I do. Now, take in city m.p.s who journey in the city an average 11,000 kms and some slightly more. Even allowing for all that, that leaves, some m.p.s are defrauding real taxpayers and by a large sum per annum. However, as the article reads, the m.p.s involved are committing fraud to the total of $500,000.

Now what we have emerges as plain and simple: Criminal fraud, irrespective of the individual amounts each m.p. has defrauded real taxpayers of, against Victorian real tapxayers, and criminal offences under the Federal Tax Act.

The conclusion is unambiguous:

They are unlawfully taking income over and above their parliamentary pay to the total amount of  $500,000 per annum. That is criminal fraud. Yet, it does not stop there, since the sum is for one year only. Mulitply that over four years of a term in Parliament, and then over several terms in Parliament for many m.p.s and the result is, how much additional income they have taken by fraud and not declared to the ATO blows out and, let’s say the average is $500,000 per annum, that means those m.p.s have taken unlawfully, over three terms $6m dollars, on which they are also in criminal breach against the Federal Tax Act.

Let’s not make any mistake about this, anyone else in enterprise who receives income and does not declare it and pay tax on it faces a prison sentence.  Any employee who adds to their pay by emptying the till would be convicted of fraud and theft and flung into prison. Now, M.P.s and bureaucrats don’t earn their pay packets, it is taken from real taxpayers by police state force. Next, they have subsidised dining and boozing, overseas trips,  and many more fringe benefits they sack from real taxpayers. So, on top of all that, the scumbags have the hide to commit fraud, which alone would see those compelled to bear the burden of the commie thugs thrown into prison in quick time and see them given further criminal convictions and prison sentences under the Federal Tax Act. Make no mistake, that is exactly what is involved, that is exactly what the lying, commie, totalitarian scumbags who stuff Parlaiment have done; they are criminal scumbags.

In doing so, they have committed a number of criminal offences under the Statutes for Parliament and Members of Parliament. Which offences, requires reading through those Acts.

They have committed further crimes under the Federal Tax Act, specifically the articles of the Act setting out income taxes and the criminal penalties attached, which range from fines for late payment to prison sentences for exactly the sort of offences against the Act those m.p.s involved have committed.

Something else follows: Criminals are not permitted to hold a Parliamentary seat. In fact, criminals are barred from holding any Parliamentary office and other govt. offices. Automatically, an m.p. who is a criminal is struck off the rolls and thrown out of Parliament.

Now, the plot thickens because it is quite clear from the article the Cabinet and senior bureaucrats, even if none of them are engaged in these crimes, are in fact aiding and abetting criminals, and are doing so by at the very least protecting them. These actions  are in themselves major crimes which entail severe prison sentences. So, that means all the Bracks Cabinet, even if not one of them has committed the first  crimes, are in fact guilty of the very serious criminal actions of aiding and abetting criminals.

One outstanding question remains, how many bureaucrats are also committing the crimes set out in the Herald Sun’s very hot newsflash, and not just protecting criminal m.p.s – though that is also a serious crime in itself ?  

Now, here is the irony. The ALP members, who parade their commie rot of `compassion’ and ‘equality for all’ are liars, they are seeking profit through fraud and are taking profit, as income by fraud, and have increased their consumption by fraud, by committing criminal offences in common law, under the statutes for Parliament and, under the Federal Tax Act.

It can be noted, under the Federal Tax Act, further criminal offences can be identified, no doubt. Here’s one which warrants attention: A deliberate scheme to conceal taxable income. How so? The fact that it is systematic and Bureaucrats are involved in concealing the evidence makes it a calculated, deliberate criminal action which has the approval of the Cabinet. They have found the credit card a useful means of concealing the fraud in unlawfully adding to m.p.s real pay packets.

The Herald Sun presents the matter as just another grotty scandal politicians have committed. No, it is not just a scandal. Whether the editor appreciates it or not, the force of their scoop is they have actually set out what are nothing less than criminal charges, the m.p.s involved have committed very serious criminal offences – that is the full force of what the Herald Sun has laid bare in public.

It is more explosive than a mere snouts in the trough scandal. The upshot can only be criminal convictions, prison sentences and the happy upshot, the evisceration of the Bracks Stalinist Junta.

This  pack of totalitarian thugs, the Bracks Junta, have,in addition to their public crimes in ‘govt.’, have each committed crimes out of motivation of their own individual greed, pleasure, personal gain, profit.

That is why, readers, when I read that article first thing this morning, I guffawed aloud, the Red bastards caught red handed. What a scoop – a police scoop in fact. If the D.P.P., the police and the ATO fail to act against them, they too will be guilty of nothing less than the serious crime of  perverting the course of justice.

Oh, and the Cabinet – Bracks, Hulls, the Reverendress Pike, Delahunty and et al, and a number of senior goons called ‘public servants’ can be charged with perverting the course of justice, because the  documents sought by the Opposition are immediate, incontrovertible evidence of crimes committed. This means, Hull has to be automatically sacked from the job of Attorney General,the Governor General appoint an Officer above reproach, since as First Law Officer of the Crown Hulls is engaged in Cabinet  in the perversion of justice.

Well , what’s new, Hulls Steve Jo Stalin Bracks pervert the course of justice every day. They do so through their Blasphemy ‘Act’ and stuffing the judiciary with goons and useful idiots who can be counted upon to enforce their totalitarian aims. Yet, this day, they are caught red handed in perverting the course of justice in an immediate way, in order to protect criminals – this rider doesn’t omit they too might have committed the same crimes, only the evidence will detail which m.p.s.. Thus, it is possible Bracks and Hulls of having committed fraud and crimes under the Federal Tax Act for each their own  gain too.

This is the prospect in store for  the scumbags: Arrested by police, interrogated, thumb printed, charged,  arraigned before a Judge, tried , convicted of serious criminal offences, and thrown into prison, as well as being forced to repay the property they have taken by fraud with penalty attached to the repayment of, say, 100%.  

Oh! While it might seem over-the-top,  there is justice in applying the dictum ‘what is good for the goose is good for the gander’,   Bracks’ Crimes Act should be used against them too. As I’ve set out before, this Act is another overthrown of Common Law and principles of justice in criminal cases. So, since the crimes involved are systematic and constitute a criminal conspiracy, a number of terms are satisfied which trigger police action under the Act and to this effect:

They must be taken to a secrety place of interrogation, and must answer the chief inquisitro without a lawyer of their choice at their side. If they refuse to answer they thus will be charged and convicted of the novel crimes Bracks and Hulls invented under this Act and given a prison sentence.

After release from interrogation, should they disclose their detainment even to their families, they are to be charged, according to the Act, with another novel criminal offence, convicted automatically and, under the Act, be sentenced to 5 years jail.

Under the cognate Act, the Proceeds of Crime Act, the Police, right now, can and must, seize all the private property of each of the criminals and at the end of all proceedings, with convictions secured, those assets can be sold, certainly to the value of the proceeds from the crimes plus a tarriff. The rest returned without recompense. Property which can be seized includes the family home.

Readers who are unfamilar with the Crimes Acts cited, just in case those readers assume I exaggerate, be patient. Though I have covered them before, I will post in due course a fresh analysis of the Acts. Anyone who doubts the Bracks Junta is totalitarian and criminal should eliminate them for:

Rather many of the Acts, and Bills which the Bracks Junta will ram down upon the heads of Victorians are  vicious, they are totalitarian, they are Stalinist.  [ I might add, before returning to the Crimes Acts, and others, I will first post on the ‘Bill of Rights’].

If a driver ran a red light and killed a pedestrian,

August 29, 2006

It is most likely the driver would be arrested and charged with manslaughter, and convicted. A Bicyclist, however, is given a fine and told not to do it again.

DOZENS of speeding cyclists failed to help a dying man knocked down by a rider during a dangerous bayside race.Witnesses said up to 50 cyclists continued their 60km/h charge in the so-called Hell Ride after the elderly man was struck.

Cyclist Justin Heitman told the Herald Sun yesterday how he cradled 77-year-old James Gould as he lay on Beach Rd.

 Kooyong man Michael Ryssenbeek, whose wife, Helene, died when hit by a cyclist in Malvern in 2000, said penalties needed to match the magnitude of such a tragedy.

The man who struck his wife was fined $300 on a charge of failing to stop at a red light.

Lycra bum who hit Gould will be fined  $300, though, apparently, police are contemplating whether graver charges can be laid against the criminal.

The following statement by Assistant Commissioner (Traffic) Noel Ashby  does not ring true at all:

there was a possibility the cyclist could be charged with conduct endangering life. An investigation was continuing.

He said it was a complex area, as the law did not regard bicycles in the same way as motor vehicles.

“Because someone might drive through a red light it doesn’t necessarily mean that person is guilty of culpable driving. And the same thing applies to a cyclist,” he said.

A driver caught running a red light, even if accidental, is most unlikely to be let off . I can imagine a couple of exceptions of accidentally doing so but they are rare exceptions if they occur, and even so, it is most unlikely the driver would be let off.

As for hitting and injuring a pedestrian, the Act has been weighted against drivers, the driver is presumed guilty, despite the fact that large numbers of pedestrians walk against pedestrian lights, and jump in front of oncoming traffic. Pedestrians on St. Kilda Road, during the work-a-day week, are terrifying; the surprise is how very few of them, if any, have been hit as a consequence. None-the-less, even if it is the pedestrian’s fault, the driver faces a stiff time at the hands of the police and the court. One has no desire to hit a pedestrian and, no doubt it would be shocking to do so, this makes one rather irritated by the suicidal types.

I nearly did it  one evening  when a pedestrian stepped out in front of my car only feet ahead. I just managed to bring it to a stop – even though I was driving in that stretch slowly – I certainly was not driving faster than 40 kph. Apart from the fright, I also felt also at once relieved precisely because driver’s defence, under the Act, virtually does not exist.

If that pedestrian had stepped out a couple or a few more seconds later, I was sure of it then, I would have hit her and then, I would have faced a further ugly time of it in a police station.  

Whereas, bicyclists deliberately  riding dangerously, running red lights and killing pedestrian who had the crossing right of way, are let off with a $300 slap on the wrist. The following is rubbish:

Former Olympic cyclist and regular Hell Rider Robert Crowe blasted a reckless element of the group putting lives in danger.

He said cycling enthusiasts had been doing the Hell Ride for decades, but it had been infiltrated by a hooligan minority in the past five years.

Despite the tragedy, Mr Crowe said he believed that some riders would go on endangering themselves and others for thrills…

Mr Crowe, who missed Saturday’s ride, said he had been told the man who hit Mr Gould was not a regular rider or a member of a local club.

So what if the lycra bum isn’t a ” regular rider or a member of a local club”? That might mean something in a communist country, but not in common law land. It is not, however, a ‘hooligan minority’ of riders cycling dangerously, deliberately so. It is a very large number of them running red lights and comitting deliberately dangerous antics on roads.

Further, the lycra brigade are vicious types , who, along with mung bean eating commie spiv, the Ministah of Transport Peter Batchelor, are bent on having the roads handed over to the cretins. Roads are built for vehicles. Next, I’m stumped as to why even ‘sensible’ riders bike it on Mlebourne’s roads. That doesn’t make them sensible, they are fools, suicidal fools, as it is.

The lycra bums are obnoxious boors and the very sight of them has induced a nervous affliction: Unlike pedestrians, even the suicidal types, when I see their fat backsides I have to fight down the urge to run the bastard down. This affliction has been developing  for a couple of years, and is increasing in intensity. There are unhappy side effects, I start swearing, unintentionally and so, when there are passengers in the vehicle, I have to go into a swearing avoidance routine. It occurs to me it would be a sound case to sue the conceited, odious cretins because they are the cause of my affliction.

They are conceited cretins; it is obvious from their deliberately dangerous road habits and their attention seeking exhibitionist’s dress.  They rather look silly, hideous and nasty. They might feel ‘cool’ and the centre of the universe wearing their privates and anus exposing spandex, to me they look disgusting; it’s an obscene display which has to be endured everyday. When I wish to see the body beautiful, I can go to a beach and see gorgeous topless women. Whereas, the lycra bums are simply nauseating exhibitionists.

They should do the decent thing and confine themselves to their backyards, where they can ride dangerously, crash into each other, maim and kill each other, and admire their  vomit inducing hideous appearance. They should never been seen nor heard in public, as it is a criminal offence they commit in that.

I’m fortunate, though, I just have a reaction. How many pedestrians have been hit by them ? If not many, then that would be a surprise. In the meantime, two have been killed by a couple of the road rodents. 

Let’s hear some of the views held by many, who are adherents of the ‘Religion of Peace’ – Islam

August 29, 2006

Directed through Slatts, on a different  but not unrelated matter, to this site,, I then pored through this:

Mohammed Image Archive

Depictions of Mohammed Throughout History
The Mohammed Image Archive is a compendium of images that depict Mohammed (the 7th-century founder of Islam ), spanning all historical periods, cultures and genres.

A page is dedicated to readers’ emails split into damn your hide to hell and, Allelujah, Allelujha,  Zombie has joined the Saints on high. Let’s drop the sycophants, let’s turn to the poison pen brigade.

First, this from a sookie, socialist bed wetter:

 Paul (UK)

Although I have no clear religious beliefs, I do find your website offensive, not on religious grounds but on the basis of incitement. Why do you insist on exploiting your ability to further hatred within our communities??? Would it not be wiser to utilize your freedom of speech to build a more united front…and see that the problems of terrorism are caused by inequalities in power and perpetuated by mindless citizens such as yourselves?

By gum, that’s what the Bracks’ Junta’s goon in the form of a couple of goons pretending to be Judges and some more pretending to be a QC and an SC are banging on about. Print an image, a drawing, a satricial cartoon and, Jesus, you are damned  to hell mate. Paul would feel quite at home in Brackistaniland. White infantile idiot boys aside, these few samples from a large number of Peaceful religiostis:

From: Syed Shahid R.

Subject: go to hell mother fuckers… you all r jeoloused of muslims because
they have values and strong religous background and your
generations even dont know the name of their prophet,
ALLAH send all of you to the terriblest part of the hell very soon.

do what ever you like but you even can not touch the shit of a muslim
as it is more cleaner then you people.

even JESUS AND MOSES both feel ashamed to call
christians and jews as their belivers,because all prophets
sent by allmighty God have same preachings and we
muslims respect all the prophets and even cant imagine
to do any thing against them,and we r extreamly
proud to have the superiorest prophet (p.b.u.h)

p.b.u.h. must be abbreviation for Pooh Bah Umman Heap. Or, Pub? Pubic hair?

From: m. a. kariim
Subject: Fuckers ..and stupids

First, you are fuckers , idiots and pigs ……
……wa ba3da daalika la3ana allaah 3aleeykum ……
…. and i hope from allah to enter you into the hell ………

Just as intelligible as the first; ditto the others one has the pleasure of quoting – just to demonstrate what saintly types Islam cultivates.

 This guy has a future in the good old days of the Nazi party:

From: m. sunai (India)
Subject: Nonsens

What is this

remove all images fastly because your webpage more irretating our musilm community and also it’s irretating common person.
are’t remove the images fastly you will face lot of problems.
it’s my community order obey my order fastly nonsens.

stop your all activities immediatly

Nope, can’t comply, it’s become habitual with me.

This is Murtaza and I wish luck for all of those who have created this webpage. Please don’t take me wrong you will need all the luck from all your friend and family members as they see you burning in Hell for your acts.

I understand you…I understand you have your rights and you can display and show what you want however what is displayed on your website will affect on a millions of people around the world as this is an act of coward ness you people were not able to do anything when your own President Mr. Bush whose house is run by our people in Saudi knew everything about 9/11 and still allowed you people to die as it was in his interest of making money from the Muslims…

 will certainly pray that all the people who have worked on this website goes to hell for good and also let other people learn about you so that very soon the complete of America is faced with situations like 9/11 in each and every state and city that you have.

Conspiracy to commit murder Murtaza is a capital offence so, it’s not Zombie who is dead, it’s you you vicious bastard.

From: mameed a.

I will not say hello to stupid people like you

You know that the Prophet Mohammad is the Prophet of all people..
shame you shame you all christians with your God who can have sex with Marry to get Jesus …

Shame on you and on your gods

Hey, Steve Bracks, your bed pals are vilifying Jesus, Mary, and Christians, arrest that man.

From: hashim a.You must wait for a curse and the punishment



I can’t, I’m not a poof, nor one of the former suggestion.

From: Parvez
Subject: Important massage about your Religion

Who ever published cartoonist about Muhammad…Don’t ever mess around about muslim Religion.


From: Ali Abu O.

I will not say dear something !!
because you dont deserve this word, any way in our relegion we respect all the prophets and this is essential and I cant say a word on jesus because we beleive him as we beleive in our prophet mohammed and any one who dont beleive in all prophets , he is considered as being out of islam.

I say this because we have the ethics that prevent us from say a shit like you have in this poor web site, our relegion is great and whatever you saw it here or there (11th of september or boombing here or there ) is just a react of what you do against us.

you kill us in palestine and in Iraq in lebanon, afganistan . you fight moslems in all over the world!! and imagine you dont want us to defend our self’s .

Last word: after I saw this web site I think that you deserve more than bin laden.

See the cartoons here, so you know how we are think about how dirty you are.
[12 anti-Semitic cartoons pasted into email.]

Ethics schmethics, everyone has a packet of them these days but are many who do civilised?

From: Youssef C.

In the name of God the most beneficient, the most Merciful

I saw these horrible drawings that you are displaying in your website.

In fact without any doubt you know the gravity of your act and the insult that you are uttering against this great personality which is Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of God upon Him), and you know how much this is vexing the Muslim community.

This act is pure attack against Islam, against Muslim, against faith, against believes, against the best of the human race, pure demagogy, a filthy act.

In fact you are just defaming and blaspheming our prophet (May Peace and Blessings of God be upon Him).

The cartoons that you are putting on this web page are neither freedom of expression nor sign of democracy or truthful nor funny, or even intellectual, but just another horrible sign of racism, hatred, and injustice.
I would like to remind you what non-Muslim personalities have to say about Muhammad:

[20 pages’ worth of quotes deleted for brevity’s sake — ed.]

I hope that these citations of diverse personalities will remind you of your inferiority compared to our beloved Muhammad …And if you stop it will be better for your self degradation…

Well, that clears up a disputed point, have Musis latched onto Jung and Feud. Yes, sir, two charlatans are right up the Musi digestive system.

They will be doing themselves a favor by reading the best biography of a man on-the-face-of-earth ever. He is the perfect man, the perfect leader, the perfect teacher, the perfect human being, the perfect father and the perfect all-in-all man.
From: Dr. MF K.

Well, that’s why he was a mass murdering butcher and peodophile but, hey, he is dah Prophet and as a Allah’s foghorn  dat’s o.k. – for that makes him the Perfect Man. Well, folks, unless you are the sort usually consigned to the gallows, you are not perfect, damn that annoys me.

How people can disfigure and mutilate a respected leader of a community. Dont do that to any leaders. Prophet Mohammed PBUH is not a leader for muslim

Well, this is a metaphysical mystery, painting and drawing pictures of a vile bum who died in the feudal era hurts the bum. Worse, the crims mutilate the thug.

Some of the descriptions for the pics in the  galleries are interesting, such as:

Several postmodern satirists have highlighted the point that — since no one really knows what Mohammed looked like — any image could be said to depict him. To that end, they have captioned photos of their thumbs or rudimentary stick figures as “Mohammed.” This image — of a generic figure from the Danish toy company Lego, identified as being Mohammed — is a good example …

Blogger and pundit Bill Hobbs drew this stick-figure representation of Mohammed and posted it on a now-defunct blog, along with the comment, “Exercise your right to free expression by drawing pictures of Islam’s ‘Prophet Mohammed’ before the West gives in to Islamist intimidation and fear of Islamist violence and makes it illegal to do so.” Incensed, a columnist named John Spragens of the Nashville Scene wrote an attack piece implying that Hobbs had violated some rule of decency. A firestorm of accusations erupted, resulting in Bill Hobbs announcing his resignation from his job at a local university, apparently due to political pressure.
(Hat tip: Dar ul Harb.)
The board of Finnish culture magazine Kaltio fired its editor for publishing a five-panel comic about Mohammed; the first panel is shown here, and the other four are visible in the linked article. (High-resolution versions can be downloaded here.) Editor Jussi Vilkkuna was told to leave after he refused to remove the cartoons from the publication’s website as requested by the magazine’s board of directors. He served as editor for almost seven years.

In case anyone assumes, as I did, the Muslim hatred of Western art  is confined to art, we have been mistaken. Today, it has been reported Muslim parents have prohibited their children from music classes because, ” Western music is offensive to their culture”. Unlike, of course, the recordings of howling of bloody Imams from minarets in mospques being thrown up around Melbourne – that cacophony is oh so brilliant  and pleasing that, if it were a possum I’d shoot the rodent..

Drop the socialist drivel of ‘culture’. Those Muslims reject the western tradition of music because of what they believe and thus practice. Now, what is it they practice? Ah, Islam? You don’t say, golly gosh.

Not that such things disturb Steve Jo Stalin Bracks, his politburo, and goon sqauds because they are busily securing their five-fold totalitarian regime consisting of:



Craven goons pretending to be Judges

Commie Clergy pretending to be Christians

And Islamo Nazi Imams.

Gunter Grass Eviscerated

August 29, 2006

Gunter Grass’ confession is disgusting in what he omitted to say, showing Grass to be a contemptible, vile scumbag. Daniel shows why, in deadly form, in  a two part letter to the murderous, treacherous leftist, communist fellow traveller, former SS devotee to Hitler, and traitor still to the West.  

Leftists froth at the mouth in fury, out of  their denial of Nazism, Communism, Fascism are all hues of the one more nasty excuse for totalitarian thuggery and worse, socialism. To deny the fact, however, is to lie about history. It is worth restating what I wrote on the flag mast above:

Socialism is an excuse to pauperise untold millions,enslave untold millions,murder untold millions,reduce untold millions,over a century now,into misery,squalor,and depravity. 

 Grass’ plea, when I heard him utter it, made my scrawl. Johnson has quoted it:

 “”What I am experiencing is an attempt to make me a persona non grata, to cast doubt on everything I did in my life after that.”, to cast doubt on everything I did in my life after that.”

Johnson’s letter makes plain why Grass resorted to such a shallow, whining  exercise in self-eculpation. Johnson is right, in view of the evidence, Grass is not a changed man, let alone repentant. No, Grass is upset because Nazi, Fascist and Communist regimes were defeated, and so could not finish off the millions yet unslaved and not murdered by them. On the other hand, that is why leftists support and work for the enemy, inclusive of U.N., and Amnesty International – an ally to defeat civilised  Westerners. Grass is, underneath it all, cheering on the enemies of the civilised, and cheering on the Islamo Nazis bent on the extermination of the Jews.

Gunter Grass at bottom, is a monster, for it is with savages his loyalties and beliefs belong all along. 

A few quotes, gives nothing away, doesn’t give away the full charge Daniel Johnson delivers in excellent style. He breifly mentions the distinguished Professor in History, Joachim Fest, who has also declared in trenchant terms against Grass.

You tell us that you did not ask to join the Waffen SS, but rather the U-boats — whose recruits were also notoriously hard-line Nazis, by the way. The historian Joachim Fest does not believe this story, and neither do I. (He says he would not buy a used car from you now, and who can blame him?)

By the time you volunteered in 1943, it was clear to all but those blinded by ideology that Germany was losing the war. By joining up in the Waffen SS, you were joining the Nazi elite, a band of bloody brothers who believed they were destined to rule Europe. They did not take just anyone.

You make light of it, but it is further proof that you, along with many German teenagers, were steeped in the Nazi death cult. You and your comrades were careless of how many people you killed, for to you they were scarcely human. Your mentality was not unlike that of the Islamist suicide bombers of today.

The last photograph of Hitler shows him decorating lads like you. All the evidence points to you having been not only a fanatical Nazi but a dangerous one too, eager to wear the death’s head insignia of the SS.

Like your American counterpart Noam Chomsky, like countless writers and intellectuals of the left from Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Harold Pinter, you have worked hard to discredit the political and economic system to which you owed your success: capitalism. You did your best over many years to undermine the Atlantic alliance — the same alliance, incidentally, that liberated Europe from the tyranny of your countrymen.

During the Cold War, and now in the war against Islamist terror, you have frequently made use of your hard-won liberty to make common cause with its enemies. You joined in the mythologizing of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist movement. You are a supporter of the European ideal, but only as a counterweight to America. You were delighted when Chancellor Schröder broke with President Bush over the Iraq issue, and legitimized the tide of anti-Americanism that then swept Germany.

You embarked on a quixotic campaign to persuade Germans that they would really be better off living in two states.The only people who agreed with you were the old communist intellectuals who had done well out of the division of Germany.Yet even they, apologists for a totalitarian regime in which they no longer believed, were not as disingenuous as you.

You are often compared to Thomas Mann, but you are no more a Mann than you are a man. The only Mann character with whom you have much in common is Felix Krull, the confidence trickster. Your rise and fall recalls the greatest of all German myths, that of Faust, which Mann explicitly connected with Nazism.…my German teacher had eyes only for you: the hero of the West German Left, the very model of a modern intellectual.For you, it seems, the war wasn’t over. You still wanted a Europe, and especially a Germany, that was Judenrein, ethnically cleansed of Jews. Given your hostility to Israel today, some 60 years later, we are entitled to ask whether your “denazification” went far enough.

While Grass’ feelings are hurt, he feels so hurt he will have to run off to a charlatan called a psychologist to feel  happy again, because he feels “”What I am experiencing is an attempt to make me a persona non grata, to cast doubt on everything I did in my life after that.” Unlike ensuring others are made persona non grata by mass murdering them and enslaving them to hideous totalitarian regimes Nazi, Communist and Islamic.

If the allied soliders could have realised what they had captured alive, they would have shot him on the spot. Then, that is why, as Johnson explains, he lied about his past and his beliefs until this year. The fascinating thing is, why did Grass confess to his Nazi Past now?

The answer is: the Stasi file on Gunter Grass will be is due to be released next year. So, as Johnson relates, with the help of his leftist Islamo hugging mates in the media, he decided to get in first and blunt the public reaction to the material which will be freely avialibale tom the public. His Stasi file will make most interesting reading since, it will disclose, unquestionably the full extent of not simply his Nazi past but his service to the USSR and the Soviet Puppet regime of East Germany.

There is no place left on earth to hide Grass.You might as well top yourself, for that is the only decent thing you will have done for the West.

Open Letter to Günter Grass:

         Part I             ,    Part II

Expansion on a point per Illustration

August 29, 2006

“Regulation is a number of things: It is a tax. It compels firms to cash in capital to comply. It cripples the capacity of entrepreneurs to run firms to markets.” From, the item below “ Central Planning : Soviet Style GozPlan Telephone Set – string attached to tin can“.

A case illustration. I refer, again, to the case of a light processing firm. To recapitulate, it is the firm which washes and packages into cellophane bags salads for sale in supermarket chains. It is in N.S.W.

Each year the firm has to expend $500,000 on meeting alone O.H.&S. complaince renewal, without which the goon squad of the N.S.W. govt. will shut it down. The $500,000 per annum expenditure on compliance renewal does not, of course, per product unit cost of applying OH&S in actual production.

For the firm to increase scale, in order to increase volume of output, the firm would by force of Govt. diktat in O.H. & S., have to incur higher annual renewal costs and then higher production costs. This would entail the firm would shift from profitable to loss making.

The upshot is, the owners, while they would like to increase scale, they won’t increase capital. Another upshot is, as the owners declared increasing capital, would increase the number of full time employees required. Needless to say, those potential jobs won’t be opened.

 Further, there are no economic profits to induce scaling up. No free enterprise can extort or force consumers to pay higher prices. Next, the frim cannot reduce prices further to increase demand because of the imposed cost burdens, of which O. H. and S. is but one.

The case, because of its simplicity, makes plain the point, regulation constricts production, it sacks capital, it cripples markets, it ensures shortages. It cripples the capacity of entrepenuers to work capital, and to accumulate capital. Indeed, as this case makes plain, it pays entrpeneurs  halt expansion up to a level internal for that firm which would see the burden of regulation compounded for that firm.

Peter Costello, and fellow KKR Puppet Master to Michael Kroger, believes ‘regualtion’ is the Rule of Law. Not it is not, it is the rule of dictators and their goon squads. regulation serves nothing at all but the desire of politicians and bureaucrats to enslave many to the yoke of National socialist tyranny, or, in realty, to themselves the real beneficiaries of ‘regulation’. Regulation serves neither firms, investors, employees, consumers. Adds not one jot to successful production. To the contrary, it imposes losses on those victims of venal, craven, power hungry, empire building socialist spivs called politicians and bureaucrats. That is all. 

Regulation wreaks economic carnage, and it is a lever for the overthrow of the Rule of Common Law in favour of the rule of thugs.

Parisiticvision Song Contest

August 29, 2006

This contest is bringing out the best. In a few weeks time, the ‘Top Ten Hits’ will be headed by “Kroger Puppets on a String” and this new entry, “Under Shria Law”.

It has a happy ending.

So, for listening pleasure, go here, Under Shria Law , and hit the music button – ” Under Shria Law.mp3 “.

Central Planning : Soviet Style GozPlan Telephone Set – string attached to tin can

August 28, 2006

Trujillo is a rare type, an entrepreneur who heads a major company in Australia with the spine and the nerve to stand up to National Socialist Politicians. The politicians in the Liberal Party seem to be hell bent on securing what the ALP openly states as its aim, to reduce Australians to serfdom under the hellish joke of National Socialism. The politicians, all parties, apparatchiks, and those selected vested interests who are the beneficiaries of central govt. corruption of markets through taxation, transfers and other interventions, are at once furious and flabbergasted Trujillo has the nerve to stand up to the socialists – all parties.

When Trujillo first attacked regulations applied to Telstra, the response of the Cabinet was: Trujillo should shut up: it is the job of govt. to set economic directions and goals and businessmen are to merely execute them through the actions of the companies they run. Whether the ‘practical men and women’ of the Coalition realise it or not, it was just that sort of Central Planning garbage that laid the foundations for totalitarianism in Europe, in particular, Nazi Germany. The trouble with Trujillo is not his standing up to the politicians, apparatchiks and bureaucrats, it is that he does so alone. His gutsy fight is a blunt contrast to the gutlessness, the cowardice of so many others who while they moan about taxation and regulations don’t do something about it as in, standing up to bloody usurious politicians and bureaucrats who are nothing more than thuggish goons.

Regulation is a number of things: It is a tax. It compels firms to cash in capital to comply. It cripples the capacity of entrepreneurs to run firms to markets. It has issued in the rise of bureaucrats in firms who aren’t decision-makers, who are a dead weight on companies but are kept on payroll only because of regulation. It is a barrier to entry into markets. It eliminates what comparative advantage remains in producing goods in Australia. It eliminates the freedom to work capital. It compounds the destructive force of the sheer evils of the tax regimes of each tier of Govt. in Oz. It entails the establishment of goon squads falsely called public service agencies and more goons falsely called public servants. The majority of regulations include criminal offences, which strengthens what regulation serves, the overthrow of the Rule of Common Law for the law of the Tyrant. Regulation, in return, serves nothing at all, not firms, not employees, not consumers, not anyone except politicians and bureaucrats bent on tyranny. Just look at Brackistaniland and the Bracks Junta.

 Look at the now increasing flight of capital out of Victoria alone. One upshot is, regulation does turn profitable ventures into loss making close it down now propositions. So, for the time being, apart from making a couple of additional remarks, the rest of this post is reserved to a number of telling speeches and interviews by Senator the Hon Helen Coonan Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.

Remarks: several years ago, I remarked Telstra is a bad investment and for several reasons:Sovereign risk, realised and crippling Telstra’s capacity to allocate capital and accumulate capital. The fact that the politicians, all parties, saw T2 nothing more than as a slush fund for their squander, as they also view T3, and not the proper function of capital raising which is precisely soundly justified increase in capital for the purpose of Tesltra’s market guided, entrepreneur driven investment in production of goods and services.T2 was not a sound capital raising and the immediate implication was investors’ shareholdings were debased, and not simply diluted by useless paper. I always considered those who purchased T2 silly and worse, fools because: The T2 issue was not based on and priced to Telstra’s internal capital raising but nothing less than the envy of politicians, all parties, that some lucky T1 holders had sold at prices higher than the issue price of T1, overlooking that the then share-trading prices were somewhat driven rather more by optimism as in – Telstra is a big blue chip company; thus, its price could only keep going vertical.

Well, it can go vertically down too, as it did. Then, the object of T2 as also T3 can be summed up as: Stuff Telstra, investors and customers: We dah Govt. – pollies, bureaucrats and mendicants want your loot so we can play Santa Claus and enjoy ‘free boondoggles’ – Harradine lead by rapacious example.

Now, without `T3’, the amount of issue is still overvalued. That the price has been still falling up to the announcement of T3 is bound up with it. T3, the issuing of what it amounts to, nothing more than very expensive toilet paper, will see the price fall at even lower ranges than it might otherwise bottom out around . Trujillo can’t reverse Tesltra’s fortunes unless Parliament and bureaucracy remove their grubby hands out of Telstra, and rescind regulations, and free markets, – for once in their miserable National Socialisto parasitical lives.

Coonan seems to believe her grand Socialisto plan will deliver great boondoggles to not only Tesltra shareholders but also customers. Well, she is a fool, a liar, or just a complete economic ignoramus, or all three. For strangling markets and firms, Coonan, won’t deliver super-dooper telco products and services: what it will ensure is Soviet style goods and service – crap products, and a goon squad approach to services.

Moreover, customers, instead of being able to purchase improving goods and services for less, will pay higher and higher prices for crap. Indeed that is what the national Socialist approach to telecommunications, and broadcasting for that matter has done to telecommunications, and consumers are in for a real shock, including those selfish, venal self satisfied –give me my ‘free’ subsidy’ voters.

 When T1 was floated, that should have been the end of ‘govt.’ control. The floating of Telstra is worse than a dirty float. T1 should have been the completion of the floating of Telstra. Instead, all the parties, rather many politicians, apparatchiks and bureaucrats have done nothing less than defraud investors. With this, they are imposing Soviet style telecommunications supply. Thus, the black irony is, contrary to the claims of Coonan, cabinet, ms. of p. all parties, customers will be the losers.

To point things out a bit more: Tesltra is not a monopoly. As Trujillo has also observed, prices of goods and services are on a long run trend down. Consumers, in some will have, sooner or later, what they seek, but they won’t get it from firms in Australia crippled by regulation and markets totally corrupted by interfering National Socialist spivs playing at entrepreneur – and Coonan seems deluded that she is really and truly an entrepreneur delivering great things to consumers, as her speeches show. She has no clue at all.

That the ALP is no better, that they are worse is no excuse for what the ‘practical men and women ‘ of the Liberal party. As for Coonan, her speeches could be mistaken for those of 19th century central Planners whose grand schemes issued into totalitarianism and the immiseration of millions. She is thick.

Trujillo has an uphill battle, but, slim as the prospect is, I hope he wins. It is time for many more to do what Trujillo is doing, give the pollies and bureaucrats a kick in the groin. In the meantime the politicians persist in corrupting and eroding another range of markets and persist in ensuring Telstra will end up a tiny messenger service firm. Coonan Speaks, blah. (more…)

Answer to last Wednesdays’ Question:

August 28, 2006

 Why “Bracks  longer car-supply deals” won’t save auto parts and complements makers in Brackistaniland, and many other manufacturers:

The question is merely rhetorical for:

 You have to be a complete moron to believe a contract of any duration is the factor which comvinces investors to continue production.  Well, Bracks is not only an ignoramus, he is also a moron, a totalitarian moron.

Why is that commie cretin who disgraces the office of Premier and his Junta looking forward to another four years in office, with an increased majority? Simple: Michael Kroger, Peter Costello, their KKR Parasite party and their Toorak Political Brahmin backers. 

As  I say, between them J.S. Bracks and T.W. Baillieu will ensure Victoria is like the dodo, stoned dead.

“Bracks urges longer car-supply deals”

August 23, 2006

Bracks is a Stalinist Moron.Bracks believes the above will stop the flight of capital out of Victoria and, save auto makers which are falling over like a deck of cards. I’ll leave readers , until Monday morninge why that is the sort of garbage only a moron can fathom.

Ah, and, no doubt, he will order  every Victorian to buy two new cars a month.,21985,20212321-5005961,00.html

What’s worse, that Stalinist cretin should have been pulverised years ago but the trouble is, the  KKR Paraiste Party has stuffed the Parliamentary Wing with cretinous morons too.

Victoria will be a stinking heap soon enough, due to the Bracks Stalinist  Junta.

Now, I have to be off for a couple of days, back Monday  morning.

The Blasphemy and Islamo-Nazi Protection ‘ Law is Just that.

August 23, 2006

Some recent statements removes any doubt as to what Bracks’ Stalinist law is.

The Age aka the Deep Red Spencer St. Soviet carried yesterday, I was informed, an article in which a Q.C acting for the ‘Islamic Council of Victoria declared any comment and criticism against Islam and Muslims should be declared vilification of Islam and Muslims.

In today’s edition, this:

 Questions over ruling on Muslims

CHRISTIANS who were found to have vilified Muslims should not be banned from making statements that would be lawful by anybody else, two Court of Appeal judges suggested yesterday.

Discussing orders made against Christian pastors Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot, Justice David Ashley said a judge could not restrain conduct that was lawful, and Justice Geoffrey Nettle questioned whether too much was expected of Pastor Scot…

[Debbie Mortimer, SC, for the Islamic Council of Victoria]

Justice Geoffrey Nettle said: “Surely that can’t justify restraining them from saying something that said by anyone else would be legal? In the case of the newsletter, for example, Pastor Nalliah says many churches have closed down. What’s wrong with saying that?”

Ms Mortimer replied: “The tribunal has found there is something wrong with saying it. Truth is not a defence, it’s irrelevant to contravention of the act.”

Justice Ashley said so many of the statements were entirely innocuous and asked how the pastors could legitimately be restrained from making them. Ms Mortimer replied: “Because the tribunal found that when they made them they made them in a way that contravened the act.”

Cameron Macaulay, barrister for the pastors, claimed that Judge Higgins made errors of law and that his orders were too wide, and questioned the constitutional validity of the act.

Solicitor-General Pamela Tate said the case did not come under the implied constitutional right to free speech because that right applied only to political and governmental matters.

So, apart from anything else, telling the truth is also a serious criminal offence according to the Stalinist Bracks Junta and its goon squads.

So, after centuries of Western Civilisation, after centuries through which the defence against tyranny Common Law developed, those morons, everyone of them, of the Bracks Junta, throws it all down the drain to protect another barbaric  religion, and at a time the West is with Israel, in a war against Islamo Nazis.

What a joke. Mind, the Bracks Junta worships that evil bitch, Mudder Nature and sacks Victorians for great wealth to enforce this cult. So, I can see the point, in sending Victorians doiwn the communist totalitarian gurglar, why not thrown compulsory worship of bloody Allah and tiptoe around Muslims and Isdlamo Nazis.

One thing is plain, what is passed of as lawyers and judges in Victoria under the Junta are the sort of types who ensured the success of the Nazi and Soviet regimes. You won’t find those craven, totalitarian, venal assholes standing up against a totalitarian Junta and defending common law and freedom . No Sir, not ever. They are part of the Bracks Junta.

Who says the Bracks Junta isn’t a Stalinist regime of commie thugs and spivs?