Ted ‘The Wimp’ Baillieu is in the wrong Party.

Soviet kindergartens for all

Condoms for convicts in every prison – are  juvenile delinquents in detention centres for delinquent youfs included in this handout to backdoor bandits?

 Higher taxation than the Bracks Junta!

The Blasphemy `law’ and witch-sniffing `court’ will be retained. Bracks, Doyle and Ted the Wimp are all agreed, Victorians must not hurt the tender Islamo Nazis or be thrown into prison, like the two pastors.

Ted the Wimp is in the wrong Party. He should join the Bracks totalitarian Junta. He only has to work out which faction he should belong to. Is it the pillow biting jelly legged left? The wealthy confiscator and totalitarian faction lead by Bracks. The Islamo Nazi appeasement faction? The femmo-gay marxists collective? He can join them all, he straddles the lot.

Well, that’s what Michael Kroger and his KKR Party has done to the Liberal Party, stuffed it with spineless marshmallows absent of a single splinter of a single Liberal bone in their bodies.

Ted the Wimp Baillieu needs to be reminded of a few things. In fact, Brookesnews has large number of things to remind ted the Wimp of, beginning with a long list of Islamo appeasement and the stasiland goon squads teddy boy admires on its front-page. Then there is the latest instalment,

Muslim bigot smears Australians

Gerard Jackson


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