“Against Enviro Charlatans”

Under that heading on the side blogroll, is, to date, a short list of sites dedicated to the evisceration of the rubbish of AGW. Daly paved the way with his ‘Waiting for Greenhouse’ site, which is still in service.

Daly was called, a crank, an illiterate solipsist and, no doubt, worse. He was neither a crank nor a solipsistic skeptic. The boosters of AGW have smeared sceintists and called them worse. Fat Aunty Bolshevik Collective, indeed all the leftist believers in the Man is the Master Puppeteer of the Universe rot, and that is all that AGW amounts to, have spared no effort in smearing many.

There is no such thing as consenus in science. As with anything civilised, it is advanced by individuals, through derivation of theory. AGW is not a theory of anything, it is vulgar tripe. The Boosters of AGW, however, are fond of depicting the naysayers as cranks, ‘skeptics’ and ostriches.

Reading through the archives in ‘Waiting for Greenhouse’, inclusive of petitions, as well as scientific papers and reports, and the thing which leaps out of the storage is the sheer number of scientists, and not the charlatans behind the bunk of ‘environmental science’, who reject AGW on sound science. They are the scientists whose names, petitions, and reports and papers are collected on John’s old site.

 McIintyre and McKitirick have eviscerated the Mann Hockey stick. They have a page linking to their papers, ‘The M&M Project: Replication of the Mann et al. Hockey Stick’. Mann tried to wriggle out of his grave. He died,of course. Then, he did dig his own grave, and pulled in the soil on top of himself: that’s what charlatanism, and not science, gives you, an early death.

McIntyre has put up on Climate Audit several posts on a Congressional hearing, held over a couple of days, in which he was a witness. Mann was slated to give evidence too but, oddly enough, as Steve relates, he chickened out, claiming a sudden yet fogotten appointment as his excuse, as Steve relates.

It is corrosive as it is, the charlatanism which is AGW, the, in reality, fraud run up in the name of science to prop it up. Worse, that corruption of science is coerced, since it is politicians and bureaucrats directing taxed funds into it. Making it chillingly appalling is the pollies and goons pretending to be `public servants’, use AGW as an excuse to impose more tax burdens and controls. They are in nothing more than in a mad rush to wreak economic ruin on many in order to pacify that evil bitch Mudder Nature.

The point to all this? It’s not just the pol potian red Bracks Junta out to sacrifice Victorians as burnt offerings to the great whore, it’s the federales. I’ve said it before, and I’ll said it again, just as Ted the Wimp and his fellow KKRers against the Bracks Junta, the Federales, all Parties, are competing in the who can out-do whom in the Pol Potian stakes.

This week’s Hansard is full of their garbage and I’ll make their vile,occultic,bent plain in a post tomorrow. 

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