Michael Kroger’s Parliamentary Stick Puppets equate the Blasphemy Law with criminal incitement

It’s a serious crime to incite anyone to commit, for example, murder.  Common law charges and judges can deal with those who incite others to violence adequately enough. Michael Kroger’s parliamentary stick puppets, however, equate the Blasphemy `law’ with incitement.

A spineless, whining, snivelling excuse for a Liberal M.P. and shadow minister asserted the blapshemy law and incitement are equivalent. He stated not the Liberal position but the KKR Party position, they will amend the `Law’, and not strike it down, should they win office.

Let’s spell out for the cretins who occupy the few precious Liberal Parliamentary seats:

One function of the Rule of Common Law, as opposed to diktat handed down by poltiicans and bureaucrats, is the defence of freedom against tyrants. Now, that stupid, dumbed down,  snivelling excuse for a Liberal M.P. has set out the opposite, the overthrow of common law for tyranny.

What `religion ‘ does he adhere to? I ask the question only so that I can hurt his feelings by mocking it. Ah, he has one, the communist-pol potian tyranny of the Bracks Junta the marshmallows lead by Ted the wimp Baillieu so enthusiastically support.  That KKR M.P. believes in that evil bitch, Mudder Nature. He certainly bows down to that vile slut because Ted the wimp et al are eager to demonstrate their good pol potian ‘creds’ as much as that thick oaf, Bracks.

Bye the bye, lets remind Roman Catholic Bracks: Cardinal Pell declared:

Islam is evil.

Pell is a Victorian.

Bracks must haul Pell before his witch-sniffing court and thrown into a prison.

Pell declared sacrificing many to appease Mudder Nature is evil.

So, what is Bracks doing defying the Church in sacrificing humans in the name of Mudder Nature’s high priest Pol Pot and his acolytes the Greens?

That puts senator Campbell in a hard place. His job  should have been to put a bullet into the rubbish of `man causes global warming and axed that whole fraudulent show, the ‘Department of the Environment’. Instead, he’s gone completely feral.

I must be in trouble now, for I have only `vilified’ them for their nasty, cretinous beliefs.

While Ted the Wimp and his fellow KKR Parliament stick puppets pretend to be brave, defending the Blasphemy law, they are too gutless of course, to defend the two Pastors against the Bracks Junta and its goon squad. Just as David Davis also defected from his duty as an M.P. to a constituent, I allude to of course the still running case of X before VCAT.

No, these spineless, not principled, not Liberal, craven, snivelling incompetents can’t swat a mosquito let alone the Bracks Junta. It shows: KKR Party will lose its registration as a Parlaimentary Party. The polls are showing, Ted the wimp is making even less headway than Napthaline Flake and Paper Doyley did.

The Liberals would win if it weren’t stuffed with KKR stick puppets, but with Liberals. The Bracks Junta is more than on the nose with Victorians, they detest the Junta, but they are not going to replace this Junta with another bloody Junta of commie bastards.

Muslim bigot smears Australians, Gerard Jackson,

Waleed Aly, executive committee member of the Islamic Council of Victoria… He is a man that wears a veneer of civilisation beneath which lies the Muslim hypocrisy and contempt for Western values that we have come to expect from Islamic fanatics…

This was revealed by his contemptible attitude to Israel’s response to the murderous attacks on it citizens by Hezbollah terrorists who then used Lebanese civilians as human shields.

Waleed let slip his real feelings when he compared the death of Assaf Namer, an Australian citizen fighting with the Israeli army in Lebanon, to those terrorists whose positions were being blasted by the Israeli Army.

This is the same character who is viciously pursuing two Christian pastors for the heinous crime of accurately quoting from the Koran. And he is doing this to — wait for it — protect the right to free speech!

Marvellous isn’t it: the Bracks Junta persecutes to Pastors, who had received death threats from Islamo nazis in Pakistan and so had to leave Pakistan, because they said things which might hurt the feelings of Muslims. HEROC deliberately set to frame the two pastors for what is otherise no crime at all, with one Waleed Aly joining in this Stalinist show trial of two decent christian pastors.

Why, only this morning, that Muslim Bigot was only having his backside licked by the sycophants of Islamo nazi terrorists, the left dominated media, over the non scandal of Dean Jones’ off air joke, which, however, was caught by a microphone:

On Hashim Amla taking another Australian wicket, Jones quipped that he’s a terrorist’.

The political correctness police screamed he’s a ‘racist’, and, how ‘hurtful’ the quip was.

Gee, is that all Jones said.The man was a batsman in the days of great sledging put-downs. One dumbed down ‘adult’ , against Jones, whined, ‘ We have to stop this them and us hurtful bigotry’. Yup, Oz is being reduced to a country of right commie, politically correct, snivelling sookies, full of doublespeak bullshit.

The Balspehmy law is all of apeice with,

See, Melaniephillips.com., on an item by Victor Hanson Davies in the National review Online,

“On the Brink of Madness: a familiar place.”

Never mind , it is Muslims who are currently the terrorist threat around the world. This is apart from the stridency of Muslims, in say, Britain and Europe, and politicians issuing diktat to prohibit things which might offend Muslims, such as piggy banks. Or, the L.P’s. Muslim `fair’ in London.Never mind it is Muslims in that terrorist camp called the Palestinian Territory, and  in `refugee camps’ in Lebanon, and Hezbollah and a part of the `Lebanese Government’ which have been blowing up Israelis. All in the name of bloody Allah. or, the Muslims of Aceh, Indonesia, who indulge in frequent massacres of Christians. or, it is Muslims in Bangladesh who are bombing Bangladeshis. That only leaves, Muslims in, say the Philippines who also engage in terrorism, all in the name of Allah and the aim to subject the world to the totalitarian rule of cretins – Iran is a reminder of what sort of cretinous monsters we are up against.

Oh, it isn’t just Muslims. There was the `witch’, who was in prison for having committed a serious crime, a him ( who decided to be a woman?), whose feelings were hurt when someone mused, witchcraft is woo stuff, just as `man causes global warming is’. needless to say, the crim launched a witch-sniffing trial.So decent, rational, civilised men and women have to suspend their reason and liberty on the totalitarian threat of being slung into jail and to appease those whose beliefs belong to the stone age.

So, Michael Kroger’s KKR Parliamentary wing of stick puppets are all for:

A Stalinist `Law’

Suborning the civilised to mumbo jumbo

The overthrow of in Common Law only advanced Liberty and, freedom against tyrants such as the Bracks Junta.

Kowtowing to Muslims when Israel and the West, and for that matter India and the Philippines, Russia,  is engaged in a war against  Islamo-Nazis, and protecting bigots like Waleed. In WWI and WWII, the allies were not worried about `hurting the feelings’ of ‘Japs’, ‘Hun’, ‘Turk’ and ‘Wog’. No, the world was in a war for the survival of civilisation, twice, and the allied countries were all for hurting the enemy countries in every way possible.

Vote for Ted the Wimp Baillieu and the KKR Parasitic Party? I would prefer to kick Bracks and his goons all the way down Collins St. and end off the end of a pier. Yet, neither is one going to vote for Ted the Wimp and that bunch of spineless, unprincipled, leftist treacherous ,craven, snivelling, fools Victorian Liberals have been saddled with as their `Members of Parliament’. I’m putting in a donkey vote.

The Bracks Junta is not fit to hold office but, neither is that pack of blobbies blobbing about in precious few Liberal seats in Spring Street.


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