Purge of the U.S. Democrat party

A purge to eliminate a Senator who is, apparently, not one of the treacherous left, which is what the U.S Democrat Party is.

Relying on some comments on GOPSU, since one is not familar with Senator Jo Lieberman’s form, it seems that he has incurred the ire of the Democrat not Liberals but  Castroitic leftists. I heard a few snatches on a report on a redio news broadcast: Lieberman has lost the fight to remain a Democrat Party Senator. Something about the Iraq War was mentioned.

Lieberman is not a treacherous leftist opposing the War against Islamo Nazi terrorists in the East and G.W.Bush. He, apparently, supports the war, and the the Coalition of the 3 Anglos in Iraq. Adding to his crimes, he supports Dubya, on the  war anyway, and Israel’s freedom to defend themselves against Islamo nazis.So, the Democrats exacted revenge,

Lieberman concedes primary, still running
By UPI Staff
United Press International
August 9, 2006

HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) — U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman conceded the Democratic nomination in Connecticut Tuesday to Ned Lamont, a cable entrepreneur who was an unknown a few months ago.

With most of the votes in, Lieberman continued to run about 4 points behind Lamont, The New York Times reported.


Washington TimesHARTFORD, Conn. — Anti-war challenger Ned Lamont defeated three-term incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman in yesterday’s Democratic primary here after a campaign that turned into a referendum on the Iraq war and President Bush.

What I find odd is why, in the U.S. Britain, and Australia, some entrepeneurs support socialists and, in Lamont’s case, the treacherous left, when socialists bang on about measures guaranteed to kill off entrepeneurship. Well, Lamont’s leftist credentials are established, ‘Let’s appease Islamo Nazis, and, better still, let’s roll over and let them do with us what they would.’

Hilary Clinton has been described by lying leftist journos as having abandoned her Marxist position, that she is now a ‘moderate’ – what that is supposed to mean. The bullshit she has. Besides, she was up to the eyeballs in the Whitewater fraud, and in her husband’s treason against the U.S., the secrets to Peking for Democrat Party funding high treason. So,too, was Al Gore involved in that treason. Actually their treason was also murderous, literally. I’ll let Brookesnews relate all:

Treason is deeply embedded in the Democratic Party and the New York Times.”

Billy and Hilly are murderous, treacherous scumbags, who should have been tried, convicted and, at the very least, given life imprisonment but, in fact, the death penalty is not out of order. There is no reason why they should not be dealt justice; they are still breathing, so they can bloody well answer for their crimes.

One thing is explained, the soundbyte on the radio news report celebrating Lamont’s victory over Lieberman, including, the election of lamont who is opposed to Coalition operations in Iraq. Of course it is good news Down-Under to the Spencer Street Soviet aka The Age, Fat Aunty Bolshevik Collective, leftist journos on The Australian and, the Saddamite Sydney Moaning Herald.

The Good news is, as the Democrats make their Castroitic inclinations plain, by sacking the few who are hostile to trreachery, they only make it easier for U.S. voters to re-elect another Republican President, and Senators and Congressmen. The Dems have also given all Jewish voters every reason to vote Republican. Why, after all, vote for a Party committed to the destruction of Israel at the hands of Islamo Nazis?

Lieberman has announced he will run as an indpendent. He has a ready made election slogan to hand: don’t vote for the Democrat Party – they are traitors to the U.S.,with the sub tag, ‘That’s why they sacked me, I’m a Patriot’.

It would do him no harm either to advertise his support for the President and his actions in the Middle East. Certainly votes will flow to the Republican Party, and Leiberman could lose his next Senate contest but that, he must surely realise if he is a principled man, is still a superior result to voting in the Democrats. 

The Democrats have shot themsleves in the head. They confuse their Castroitic leftist beliefs and their treachery as the values of Americans. They never learn, which is why the Democrat Party’s constituency is confined to Islamo Nazis, Greenies, PETA and other commie dropkicks.


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