Shoot Skippy for Pleasure and/or Profit

While Ted the Wimp Baillieu lacks Liberal bones in his bod, he has picked a fight, shooting kangaroos in Victoria, which is currently, still a criminal offence.Kangaroos are in plague numbers, for decades actually around Oz. They are very destructive, bye the bye in numbers. They are also, as are possums, only very large and gruesome species of rat. They have only two uses, man can eat them, and pets too, and their hides. They are the only two things that make them valuable.The lefties, however, are howling in public, `don’t shoot Skippy’.

The el-Presidente of “The Wildlife Society of Australia’ – rather meglomaniacal titles, cried on radio this morning:

“They were here before white settlers.”

What about aborigines who happily killed and ate Skippy and tanned the hides? What about the peoples who were in Oz before the Aborigines, and the pygmies who the Aborigines killed and drove out into a pocket of Queensland and to Papuae New Guinea. Quite frankly, I couldn’t give a stuff what came first, a giant rodent called a kangaroo or Freddo the killer chook, it means nothing at all.

The driveling juvenile delinquent pretending to be an adult then declared, in response to a question about road killed roos, there should be set aside continuous roo ranges. I see, lets destroy roads so a land parasite can roam and breed without road hopping.

What the stupid cow conceals is why they are being killed on roads, they are in plague numbers throughout Victoria all the way through to coastal roads.

She sounds like one of those nasty, conceited, PETA types the Bracks Junta and the KKR Party lurve. She did mention she lives in a forest idyll. That means, Bracks has made her a wealthy woman by locking up land, effectively handing it over to such types and making them wealthy, inclusive of skyrocketing property prices for the beneficiaries of Bracks’ commie land grab, and the KKR’s – Kate Baillieu for one.

Then, that nasty, leftist, animal hugging, sniveling, all for stasiland `; law’ and goon squads, the odious vet and head of RSPCA Hugh Worth. He added a novel argument to the stupid cow’s whine:

Dingoes are roos natural predators. Man has reduced dingo numbers. Thus, the roo population has exploded.

Man should stop killing dingos, and not shoot roos.

There is modest objection, several in fact. The proliferation of roos is not due to a shortage of dingoes. It is due to the fact man has improved the wilderness. Property owners have enriched resources by building dams, and planting crops. Roos never had it as good until Anglo civilized man came upon the scene. That is why roos are fat and in plague proportions.

Roos breed, bye the bye, like rabbits, fast.

Shoot a roo a day is the way to go.

In fact, because their meat and hides are valuable, there is no danger of them being exterminated. There is every incentive for processors to ensure useful numbers. There would be more incentive if it were not for the Bracks Junta locking up land and overthrowing property rights as he converts Victoria into a mini Cuba.

Fuck the RSPCA, PETA and whining, sniveling, socialist slobs.

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