‘The Middle East Conflict’, is a misleading description for what is a continuing war of extermination of Israel and the Jewish people.

To call what is now for all but, at most, a decade and a half short of a century of Arab-Islamo-nazi war of extermination against Israel a `Middle East conflict’, is, at best, misleading.

Such otherwise feeble, cowardly expressions mostly serves those who support Islamo Nazis and their terrorist fronts, the UN, UNRWA, the treacherous left within the West useful idiots and other collaborators of the enemy. It serves to dissemble and mount the lie, ‘Israel is at least as much to blame as its enemy’, and even to blame entirely for the violence. UNRWA makes that clear as much as The Age aka the Spencer Street Soviet and The Australian Bolshevik Collective do. In short, it serves only the  propaganda Western collaborators pump out on behalf of their pals, Islamo- Nazi monsters.

Retired Israeli Army Colonel and former ambassador, Lorch has written a useful reference summary covering the War of Independence, 1947-1949, to the Gulf War, 1991, available on the Israel ministry of Foreign Affairs website (I). He relates the development of the IDF during that period. It does not cover the years of Arab assaults against the Jewish people preceding Independence, such as the massacre of Jews in Hebron, 1929.

The wars to the War of 1973 were attempts to crush Israel and exterminate the Jewish people. They were launched by the Arabs in the name of Pan Arabism. Socialism, in particular Nazism and the Nazi regime, influenced Pan Arabic Nationalist Socialism. Pan Arabism was therefore a cocktail of nationalism, socialism and anti-Semitism.

The legacy of the Arabs’ monstrous attempt to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews is the rise of Islamo Nazism, which was crystallised in the overthrow of the Shah of Iran by the Muslim clerics. Instead of pan Arabism, however, the motive is pan Islam, and the continuation of the aim, in the name of Allah and the `Palestinians’, to exterminate the Jews and take Israel.

The link between pan-Arabism, and pan Islamo-nazism is the Arab govts. establishment of terrorist units, in particular, the PLO in Lebanon. While, Iran, with the support of Syria, inserted Hezbollah, into Lebanon. The KGB also supported the terrorist syndicates in Lebanon.

To distinguish between pan Arabists nationalist socialist Nazism and pan Islamo Nazism, however, is an exercise in meaningless quibbling. They are bound together right from the day Mohammed united the southern desert Arab tribes under his primitive, tribalist cock and bull called Islam. This is also another reason why some Arab regimes are afraid of Islamo Nazis. To call the now only at most a decade and a half short of a century of Arab-Islamo-nazi war of extermination against Israel a `Middle East conflict’, is therefore, at best, misleading. The immediate objective of the Islamo-nazi war is to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jewish people. The next objective is the conquest of the West and its subjection to the totalitarian regime of Islam.

‘Middle – East conflict(s)’ is a false description of what is a war of conquest and extermination mounted and maintained by Arabic-Islamo Nazis, supplied and waged from the major bases:



‘The Palestinian territory’


One major terrorist training and supply camp has been eliminated, the National Socialist regime lead by Saddam Hussein. Another is partially destroyed, the Taliban.

There is no “Middle East Conflict”, there is no ‘Middle East Crisis”. What there is, is Islamo Nazis engaged in war and sustained between battles by terrorist actions, engaged in a war to destroy Israel, to exterminate the Jewish people, and to subjugate the West to Islam. The sooner, the West faces up to that, that that is exactly what it is, and the sooner false descriptions are dropped, the sooner the West will face up to what is going on.

The sooner the West does that, the sooner it will stand firm with Israel and take the monsters out now, beginning by dropping nuclear bombs on Iran before the mass murdering Islamo Nazis of that regime complete building the first of their nuclear weapons. The sooner we crush absolutely the Islamo monsters, the sooner the whole business ends. Thus, too, raze that Islamo Nazi camp called the Palestinian Territory. It is the only thing those evil monsters understand. It will show them, Fat Allah doesn’t exist, and if he did, he doesn’t give a hoot about them, it will so completely shatter them they wouldn’t dare mention the word Jihad again.

Israel and the West are engaged, like it or not, in a bloody war of defence against Islamo Nazis. Stop calling it a ‘Middle East Conflict’. Call it for exactly what it is, so we can get on with the job of doing the job that has to be done, wipe the bastards out.

To name the enemy correctly, Islamo Nazis and not just ‘terrorists’, and to name the war is a war, and not some innocuous ‘conflict’ is a major first step in winning the war. After all, in WWI, WWII, North Korean and Vietnam Wars, the allies didn’t fight some ethereal entity, the enemy was named and was called what the enemy was, evil totalitarian, mass murdering Krauts, Nips, I-ties, Nip/Jap,  Hun and so on. Right, we are dealing with Muslims, they are Islamo Nazis, they are monsters, they have to be dealt with.

Give them what they so clearly desire to be, mere archaeological relics of a dead past, that of primitive, savage man, their bones, if of any  interest beyond fertiliser material, only a fleeting footnote in some undergrad’s notebook.

1.”Netanel Lorch, Ph. D., Lt.Col.(Res), Ambassador and former Secretary-General of the Knesset, is the founder of the IDF Historical Division, author of the Edge of the Sword (Putnam’s 1961, reprinted in Military History Classics, Easton Press 1991), One Long War (Keter 1976), Shield of Zion (Howell Press 1992), and Major Knesset Debates (UPA and JCPA 1993).”

The article,

  The Arab-Israeli Wars 

is on the Israel Ministry of foreign Affairs Website.

4 Responses to “‘The Middle East Conflict’, is a misleading description for what is a continuing war of extermination of Israel and the Jewish people.”

  1. The Editor Says:

    You’re an angry, angry man, Douglas.

  2. Douglas Says:

    Nothing wrong being angry with matters warranting anger. Just as, the Bracks Junta’s stasiland ‘laws’, tax, squander, and goon squads warrant anger.

  3. Douglas Says:

    Oh, and Victorian party Liberal members are angry at Micvhael Korger, the KKR and the jellybeans Korger and co have foisted on them as M.P.s, not a Liberal principle in their bodies. let’s try, they are bloody snivelling lefties, who are gutless leather seat warmers.

  4. The Editor Says:

    You’re a walking undergraduate student protest slogan, Douglas.

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