Mann et al are only making the graves for their dead reputations as scientists only roomier.

Man causes global warming, and that only by man exuding co2 is bunk. Scientists who leave science behind for mystogogy and bunk are no longer scientists, they are charlatans. They who have done so are distinguished from psychics and sociologists only in, the last two were always charlatans and not scientists.

 Mann et al, their bunk shown to be bunk, are not eating humble pie and apologising, they are only increasing the dimensions of the graves in which their reputations are interred.

Climate Audit has a jolly time of skewering the latest efforts of Mann and et al. It’s funny, really, Mann et al are as the woo woos who apply to the Randi challenge; they run away but continue in public to say their claims are, nonetheless true, and smear Randi:

Mann ran away from Congressional hearings but, continues his campaign of propagation of belief in magic in fora where, he seems to be deluded as to it, he is safe from challenge.

It could be cruel to mention rabbit hunting but its not:

 It’s Hard to Imagine…

Typically, Mann et al resort to massaging their ‘evidence’, to cater for the inconvenient, and not just of scientific evidence.

Mann et al are fools:

Man is not wreaking horrible changes to weather.

Mann et al are wreaking damage against themselves. Ditto all others who have traded in science for woo woo beliefs.

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