The Big Lies and a Myth against Israel: The Clothes of Anti-Semitism.

The first lie is Israel is an illegitimate creation of the Balfour Agreement. Arab-and Islamo Nazis certainly hold the first big lie, and so do the treacherous left and useful idiots in the West. So do the UN and its Islamo-Nazi support division, UNRWA. Others assert Israel is an artificial creation, but having successfully established themselves the Israelis are ‘legitimate’, in so far as a fait accompli is regarded ‘legitimate’. What follows involves a very cursory survey of Jewish history.

The fact of the matter is Israel has always been the country of the Jewish people, down through history since its foundations. This claim, contrary to myth, does not rest on ‘The Bible’; it is a sure historical fact. Neither should one confuse the Biblical legends and story of Jewish origins, which pad out Genesis to Joshua with the historical fact of the beginnings and continuation of the Jewish people in their country down through the vicissitudes of history.

The legend of unique origins was a common literary motif. A parallel is, for example, the Trojan origins of the Romans; Livy, Tacitus, Ovid. The point to such narratives is not history but delineation of a notion of what is distinctive to this people and/or, more to the point, distinguish them.

The Jewish people were a Canaanite people, which once, during the period of the Omridian dynasty, were in union with the Northern Kingdom of Israel, under the personal rule of the Omridian dynasty. This is buried behind the story of the short-lived great Judah based United Kingdom of Solomon, for which no evidence exists.

So, the ancient ancestors of the Jewish people today, were Judahites, their Capital was Jerusalem. They were not invaders, nor were they vagabond; they were natives of Canaan. Much of the ancient history of the Jewish people is obscure, unless archaeologists discover material that illuminates it more thoroughly.

The paucity of ancient evidence isn’t a problem peculiar to Jewish history. It is a problem for establishing the history of the middle of the Middle East, from the crescent to Transjordan. That is simply due to the wars through ancient times and the ensuing destruction of material. Canaan straddled the major military campaign routes for the empires of Hittites, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians. One campaign mounted by one of the empires was the equivalent of a world war. The full force of this can be gauged from noting, there were on average at least two of those `world wars’ per annum for the period c.500 BC to c. 200 BC. Life was a tenuous sort of business. Add what preceded and what followed, it’s obvious why it is difficult recovering the ancient history of Canaanite civilisation.

The razing of Jerusalem in the 1st Jewish-Roman War of 70-74 AD put paid to what archives there were in the 1st C AD, besides much else. Which is all to why, ancient histories of the Jewish people have been constrained to the Biblical narratives, Josephus and a smattering of other texts. This, however, doesn’t change the fact, Jerusalem and Judaea/ Israel, has always been the Jewish capital city and county.

The fact does not rest on the bible; they are historical facts. It is an entirely false belief that, at the end of the second Jewish Roman War of 132-5, Romans ejected the Jewish people out of their country and dispersed them throughout the empire. It still remained the country of the Jewish people. The Romans imposed tighter controls only.

While Hadrian renamed Judaea Palestine, it was still Judaea, as so Cassius Dio could write. Indeed, if it had been the intention of the Romans to expel the Jewish people from their country and end Judaea, they would have declared the Jewish people peregrini dediciticii. Not only that, but the Jews still retained their own courts and ‘governemnt’. They were, despite all, an independent people. It was never considered anything but Israel.

So it was too right down through Southern-Arab-Muslim and Turk invasions and occupations through to the Balfour declaration of 1917 and Independence in 1948. They were occupiers only, and only by force. The Jewish people did not displace anyone. This also is the answer to why another Big Lie is a Big Lie: the Jewish population was established only by waves of immigrants from Europe, bent on ejecting ‘native Palestinians’, motivated by a “Zionist plot’, in the wake of the Declaration. Against another big lie, the Jews expelled the Arab population out of Israel.

When the Arab Leaders prepared for the Wars of 1945-1948 against Israel, they sought to convince Arabs in Israel to leave and they succeeded.

They did so by promising the Arabs who evacuated Israel the army would massacre the Jews and would hand over Israel to them. They also used a stick:

The leaders of the Arabs declared, any Arab who remained in Israel is a traitor, and `loyal Arabs’ were free to murder any `traitor’. Which statements shows who the real oppressors of Arabs have been.

Azam Pasha, Secretary General, Arab League, the Arab version of a UN, made the great promises, May 1948, and asserted.

“The Israel- Arab problem can be solved only by war. And since Israel knows very well that we will not agree to anything less than her liquidation it is she who will start the war and will attack as in the near future.”

Israel did not start the war.

Israel’s refusal in the 60’s and, understandably still the case, to let them return to Israel has nothing to do with robbing those Arabs of their lawful property rights and ‘oppressing them’. That is clear enough, for it would be simply insane to let them resume when they are committed to the liquidation of Israel and massacre of the Jewish people, reinforced by what is inculcated in children in schools in the `Palestinian Territory’ – thanks to the UN and UNRWA.

Little mentioned by the anti-Semites is the Israeli offer to compensate those Arabs for the assets they had abandoned. The Israeli govt. made the promise in 1955 and kept the offer open, of compensation on the condition of: the integration of those non-refugees into Arab countries with international assistance.

The Israeli govt. made the offer again in 1960. It instructed its ambassador to the UN, Mr. Comay, to re-affirm, to openly declare the offer was still open; 28/11/1960, to the Special Political Committee, General Assembly, UN

That was a very generous offer, in view of why the non-`refugees’ volitionally left Israel preceding the war.

In summary, the Israeli Govt did not dispossess Arabs of assets and lawful freedoms and expel them out of Israel. To the contrary, to the extent reasonable, the Israelis offered to honour those rights by compensation. The notion of, stripping those Arabs of rights and such like is outright nonsense, and today, cannot be regarded as a mistake over facts but a deliberate lie

It is a lie to say, the Jewish people booted out the native Arabs of ‘Palestine’ and set up Israel by conquest

In stark contrast, in the wake of 1948, Arab govts. confiscated the assets of Jewish residents and expelled them from their countries and have never made any offer of restitution for those sequestered assets. Quite a contrast to the very generous offer of the Israeli Govt. to the Arabs who left Israel for the purpose of war against Israel and the massacre of the Jewish people, aims still inculcated in the children of the Arabs of the `Palestinian Territory’ (as well documented).

Quite a contrast, which rebounds on those who assert Israel, has robbed Arabs of their rights. Yes, some govts. did rob people of their rights, they are all Arab govts. The worst case was Egypt, which robbed some 180,000 Jews robbed of their assets by and drove them out of Egypt. The Iraqi Govt. did it to some 90,000 Jews.

The contrast runs deeper. The Israeli Govt exhorted the Arabs not to leave but to stay and continue to add to the economic and general prosperity of themselves and Israel in general. In other words, the Israeli Govt. did not seek the ruination of those Arabs. The contrast runs deeper. Some govts. did ruin people, they were all Arab Governments and they did it to Jews.

The Israeli Govt exhorted the Arabs not to leave but to stay and continue to add to the economic and general prosperity of themselves and Israel in general. In other words, the Israeli Govt. did not seek the ruination of those Arabs and tried to convince them not to ruin themselves. The Arab govts., on the other hand, in robbing Jews of their lawful rights, thus also robbed their countries and so people of valuable economic activity.

On that alone, even to speak of Israeli intolerance of Arab residents is merely stupid while, to speak of Israeli abuse of Arabs and oppression of Arabs is a vicious lie which only serves to fuel hatred of the Jewish people and modern Israel. That the UN foments such malevolent propaganda is only further evidence of the duplicity, mendacity, and all round rottenness of the UN, more so given the record of the stance of the Israeli govt. before the U.N in contrast to the UN, which has a long record of damning Israel.

Moreover, the UN and the Arab Governments together rejected the Israeli offer of 1955, renewed in 1960. They both, the UN and the Arab governments together, made sure those vicious types who fled Israel, in the expectation the Jews would have been exterminated and they would take-over Israel and all Jewish properties, were not assimilated into Arab countries. They turned them into an excuse to wage war against Israel through that monster Arafat and PLO and Hezbollah. That is exactly what the U.N and the Arab Governments did. They didn’t give stuff about those Arabs; they were only interested in destroying Israel and extermination of the Jewish people.

The UN, through UNRWA, is still at it. It keeps those Arabs in permament mendicancy, still claiming that they are ‘oppressed’ refugees’ from the cruel Jewish people. In doing so, entrench Islamo Nazism and terrorism, and desire for the for destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. They grind it into children. That is the ‘morality’ of the UN.

‘Independence’ in 1948 only formalized the historical reality; Israel has always been Jewish territory, and Jerusalem always its capital city.

That’s a Cap’n Cook’s tour of history. I’ll use it as a framework to fill it out not only chronology but also details. The point here-in is precisely the Balfour Declaration only paid recognition to the fact of Israel The declaration established nothing new at all. Indeed, to the contrary, under the Declaration, Jewish territory was carved out of Israel to create another Arab ‘country’, Jordan.

The UN and its propagator of Islamo Nazism and Terrorism and anti-Semitism, UNRWA, asserts the lie, Israel is an imposition and usurpation of the ‘traditional owners’ the ‘Palestinians’. There has never been a Palestinian people. The UN purveys the Arab-Islamo Nazi lie; the Arabs existed before the ancient Semitic peoples the original Syrians as well as the Persians and, more to the point the Jews. The UN, through UNWA asserts those anti-Semitic lies in the very textbooks it supplies the PTA M.O.E schools. It propagates the lie the Jewish people are usurpers and occupiers of Israel. To the UN Israel is a temporary inconvenience, which will be eliminated.

That slimey little anti-Semitic cretin, Koffi Anan equates the Islamo-Nazis with Israel with one exception, Israel is an intruder which is tolerated only as fait accompli – until it is crushed. The left in Australia, and useful parrots, asserts the lies. The Australian Bolshevik Broadcasting Collective purveys the lies. The lie is a crutch for their hatred of the Jewish people and to peddle, Israel is responsible for the violence in the Middle East and the reason is Israel’s existence.

It is central to these anti-Semites that Israel be depicted as illegitimate and just a quaint Biblical myth, and that modern Israel be depicted as, at the kindest, no more than a fiction created by Balfour to settle squabbles. More commonly, the thrust is to portray Israel as the work of Jewish Zionist oppressors who threw out the ‘Palestinians’ and unlawfully occupy the ‘Palestinian homeland’. It is these lies, and not the existence of Israel, which is a caricature of history. It is the lies treacherous leftists and useful idiots peddle in order to excuse their collaboration with and support for Islamo-Nazis and their terrorist fronts. It is one of several big lies told by them in order to serve the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people, and the West.

Those lies rest not on sound history but on a dung heap of camel shit.

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