Jeff Attacks Kroger and Costello for their treachery

Jeff Kennett has, today, donned the boots again and sunk them into the soft bods of Michael Kroger and Peter Costello for their treachery against the Liberal Party and also, in Costello’s case, the Prime Minister. He told them to ’shut up’, support the Party, and the Prime Minister, instead of undermining them.

Kennett didn’t mince words.

Things are coming to a head. Kroger, and Costello will be shredded and as for Kroger’s stick puppets in executive offices, they will be looking for new jobs – not, though, until after the Victorian election – so that the full extent of the damage to the Victorian Party wrought by Kroger and Costello, and their  KKR Parasite Party of stick puppets will be fully sheeted home to the rats.

Make no mistake, even though Kroger and Costello are blind to it, Victorian Liberal members are fed up with them, fed up with marshmallow politicians including in Federal seats, disgusted with what they did to the Richmond Branch, fed up with them sacking upstanding candidates and replacing them with more dead bodies reanimated as stick puppets, and have sharpened their axes and pitchforks and are preparing to use them.

Bye the bye, Helen Kroger must be sacked as the candidate for a safe Federal seat.  

The KKR are dead. It’s not a civil war in the Party, it’s not a faction fight, it’s simply Liberal members who, now fully apprised of the KKR and its pair of Puppet Masters and what they have done to the Liberal Party, acting against the venal, treacherous scumbags. 

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