“Kroger Puppets on a String.”

Now out and free on the internet, “Kroger  Puppets on a String”. It deserves to be top of the pops.

Brookes News has launched The Kroger Kronies and Resurrectionist Parisiticvision Song Contest. A new vocal group has already emerged, and their entry,  is “a real scream and a smash hit!”.

I’m composing my entry now, set to the ditty of “Lilly The Pink”, its refrain is,

Ted the Wimp, the Wimp, the Wimp,

Teddy the Wimp the Wimp;

He’s a Lobotomicinal Compound,

He’s the Saviour of the Kroger Puppet Race.

[Stay tuned]

To get your copy for your listening enjoyment, you push this:

Kroger’s Puppets on a String
“It’s a real scream and a smash hit!” ( go to the link above – ‘The KKR Parisiticvision Song Contest’ )

Readers will pick up the gist: The KKR, wishing to improve its prospects in handing the Bracks  Junta an increased majority, so long as Michael Kroger remains in power, and his dead bodies, reanimated by Kroger as stick puppets, are lobbed into Party emoluments and safe seats, welcomes any expression of love and affection for Deah Leadah.

Well, actually, there two deah leadahs, a joint deah leadership of Michael Kroger and his deaerest bosom friend and fellow scumbag, Peter Costello. You can tell why they are bosom pals, they are the same each other. Besides, they have to stick together, since they’d be loneyly otherwise – face it dead bodies stuck on on sticks, Russell ‘The Wimp’ Hannan, Julian ‘Iron man Julie’ Sheezel , ‘Potty Mouth’ Barry, are as amusing as watching snails in a two mile race.

Ah, speaking of stick puppets, Brookesnews published the latest in the KKR’s treatment of the Richmond Branch.

Kroger is thicker than a concrete slab. Mind, that’s why his stick puppets are even denser. It shows:

News flash: Richmond is no longer a dead red Labor seat! Thanks to the political genius of Michael Kroger it has now been declared a ‘marginal seat’ that is winnable for the Liberal Party.

Yep, that’s the shock revelation just delivered to us by Richmond Liberal Party candidate, and Michael Kroger stooge, Maina Walkley of East Hawthorn and Darryn ‘The Lemming’ Spedding, her campaign manager from Doncaster, in their first big flashy full colour no-expenses-spared newsletter! Talk about starting a campaign with a bang. The newsletter’s headline screams…:

If what is at stake wasn’t grave matter, I’d read the antics of kroger and his puppets as straight out of a comic script.

Marginally stupid? That’s a question for Michael Kroger’s Victorian Liberal Party

Gerard Jackson

Kroger and Costello work hand in glove, as it were, in trampling over branches and wrecking the Victorian Liberla Party, and imposing dead bodies as ‘candidates’. These two don’t understand how much they are detested.They should have stuck around after a party meeting to find out;

“If Kroger and Costello knew what was said about them afterwards even they would blush.”

To recap, the KKR broke Party rules to impose Filipino 1st Maina Walkley on the Branch. The article discloses what a leech this granny  is and yet, hey, whats new in the KKR and their Toorak Political Brahmin Backers. Just ask Ron ‘Thanks Steve Bracks I’ll see you’re re-elected and I’ll help you relieve taxpayers of their property so long as a few millions end up in my wallet’ Walker.

Too much was made of the fight between Geoff ‘Bovver Boy’ Kennett and Kroger and Costello by the left dominated media. Described as Kennett’s ‘protege’, Ted ‘the Wimp’ Baillieu is proving a very good Kroger stick puppet.

He’s dense, he’s spineless, he hasn’t a Liberal bone in his bod, he’s left, he works for the Bracks Junta. He’s made to order for the KKR Parasite Party. Neother is it just yours truly saying he’s a leftist pretending to be a Liberal. Victorian Liberal Party members are saying it:

they’ve had it up to the gills with another blubberbum leader and the Marshmallows, whom Kroger has inflicted on the Party.

Ted must take his policy advice from Toorak Doctors’ wives, for he damned well sounds like them. No, not sounds liken them, he parrots everything they say word for word. Ted ,must believe, like his predecessors, Toorak Doctor’s wives have a firm grip on principles and on the pulse for Victorians. You can tell, the cult of Mudder Nature, the evil bitch, as the woo woo indulgence of the  “lumpenintelligentsia” and LumpenDoktorinwivens”. He has a direct gossip tongue line to his guruesses in, Kate ‘ hand me land for nothing nice Mr. Steve Bracks’ Ballieu.

It must be much more satisfying, being a wannabe Premier, than is old day job, designing dog kennels for bitches and the bitches can feel. v.i.p, they must be because they’re supplying the advice: ted being too thick to make it up himself. So, he turns up and they sit him down with a good cup of tea and they tell him all about it:

“Ted, man causing global varming is really, really, true, so you must build windmills. Oh, and lock up more land for us because they are lungs and full of cute and cudly things.”

” Ted, pacify the serfs, shove all their children in Communist style baby sitting hovels.”

” Now for the really improtant things. Criminals must be supplied with condoms, because they are victims of capitalists. And gays, gays must get married. And, and, and prmoise to spend and tax at least as much as our dear friend and benefactor, Steve Bracks, such a lovely man’.

” Ah, ah, and ah, You are so, so, so right ladies.By gum, I can win this election. I will do it! By gum, I will!… Er, what was it I have to do and say in Public? Run it through one more time.”

The left dominated media lurve Ted. They hate the Liberal Party as much as Michael Kroger and his bed pal, Pete, do. But, they hate it for different reasons. Yes, they lurve Ted. He must be a rare case, the first Liberal Party leader leftist journos are eager to interview eagerly. Ted can be trusted to demonstrate what a stick puppet he is. Trust him to shoot his mouth off and appal Victorian liberal Party members. Trust him to mutter things guaranteed to see the Bracks Junta in with an increased  majority.

The media thus sing his praises:

“He’s so broad church”. Anyone with a bit of spine would worry about such a compliment, the happy clappy hour thingy is strictly a communist collective – the Uniting Church- affair.

One radio leftie disc jock cum journo said: ” Ted, you are a breath of fresh air, because you are up front and not afraid of taking a controversial stand”.

Ted replied: “Yes, well I’m only who I am and if I’m blunt speakling, and upfront, then that’s me.”

Ted could be mistaken for that moron’s, Streve Bracks, twin brother. And, he can’t spot why the media just  lurve him. He can’t spot, Victorians detest the communist Junta lead by Steve Bracks. He can’t spot Victorian Liberal Party members detest Korger and Costello and their KKR Party. He can’t spot members have had it up to the gills with marshallows who stand for anything else but Liberal Principles. 

Ted can’t spot those things becuase he’s never had to bother his head about them. He’s too dense anyway to figure it out, and doesn’t have a clue as to who could provide him with advice he needs. Not that he would take it, having shown himself another leftie, who should have stuck to his day job, pleasing bitches living in dog kennels.

The KKR is hurting, according to my moles. Readers will recollect that when I wrote the first articles on the KKR’s thuggery in Richmond, they pleaded to Prodos to ‘call off his attack dogs”. As I appointed out, I am not Prodos’ attack dog, neither is Brookesnews, and that I haven’t even met the man nor even corresponded with him.

My moles tell me, they are hurting, but not enough yet. Things are, though, as a bit of good news, deteriorating,  the Kroger and Costello Toorak Politicial Brahmin backers are throwing tantrums because of the revelations of their treatment of the Liberal Party, their treachery, that they work only for the Bracks Junta. I’ve been treated to some tattle as to how deranged some of them have become. Well, let’s re-assure the precious types, it is not over yet until the Party is gutted of the Krogers, Costello, their KKR stick puppets and you pack of venal, craven  parasites.

To defeat the Bracks totalitarian Junta, the KKR parasites have to be booted out of Liberal Party Town. Ted ‘The Wimp’ Baillieu and the Marshmallows show why so.

One Response to ““Kroger Puppets on a String.””

  1. The Editor Says:

    Why won’t Prodos sign his name to that tune? He brags about every other song he puts on the net.

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