What few votes the KKR will be given at the polls were cut this morning by Ted Baillieu

Ted was asked this morning on 3 AW about Kennett giving the Stick Puppet masters, Mikey and Petey, what for. He muttered something about them all being fine, just fine. He muttered further inanities about other matters.

Most of the Listeners who called in after he was off said, they are swinging voters but they, after listening to Ted, they won’t be voting for him. While, as they declared,they can’t stand the Bracks Junta, they won’t vote him out just to replace him with another pack of leftist usurers who entusiastically back totalitarian ‘laws’ such as the Blasphemy Act and soaking Victorians for every cent they have, and killing off enterprise, which is exactly what Ted’s and the Marshmallows’ ‘policies’ amount to. they, they said, won’t be voting for someone who hasn’t a principle in his body and won’t explain what he stands for.

Well, he can’t explaion what he stands for, being absent of a liberal bone in his bod, and too dense to acquire a complete, solid skeleton of them. Just look at his ‘advisers’. A man who chooses those twits he has as advisers is absent of even elementary judgement.

One call was on a more serious note: he has business with manufacturers and pointed out: the atrocious Junta jhas ensured manufacutring is collapsing in Victoria like a deck of cards. What is more than irritating is a Ted Cabinet will be no damned better.

Well, I’m not calling Ted Baillieu ‘The Wimp’ because he’s a Liberal.  Yes, he’s in good form is Ted. He’s surest when he waxes lyrically on supplying condoms to crims in jail, on ramming every child into soviet style indoctrination camps called ‘child care’ and ‘kindergartens’, on realising  Pol Potian Greens’ wet dreams, on increasing the already hideous scale of the Junta’s annual squander.  Well, he must have a sense of humour because, Ted claims he can multiply the annual sqaunder without increasing the burden of it on the shrinking numbers of real taxpayers in Victoria. Dense, bah, frog spawn is more active than his brain.

 What on earth did he expect he would be asked by any journo today – ‘ how are your roses’? no point asking him about policies, you can’t have a Liberal Party policy fullstop when you are absent of Liberal principles. The Junta plucks ‘policies’ out of thin air, but they are totalitarian thugs.Otherwise, they are not derived ex nihilo, apropos of nothing. Policies need foundations but, the KKR has made sure the foundations have been obliterated. Unbelievable – no,it is believable, boy is he dense.He should have expected what was asked and prepared for it. Not a bit of it; instead,  he collapsed into a mumbling heap.

He managed to cut the vote in all of five minutes, five minutes! By the end of the campaign, as predicted, Ted and the Marshallows, and Mikey, Petey and their KKR stick puppets will have secured the Liberals are de-registered as a Parlaimentary Party. the recetn rise in support in the opinion polls for Ted was a blip only, borne of, Victorians detest the totalitarian Bracks Junta. Yet, they aren’t about to replace that lot with Ted and the Marshallows who are no damned better.

Well, done Ted ‘The Wimp’ Baillieu, another several thousands of lost votes, and this effort by Ted should cheer up Mikey and his Toorak Brahmin Backers. Mikey can continue in his delusion his dictatorship over the Victorian Liberal Party is safe, while his craven, venal backers can look forward to another four years of feasting off Victorians thanks to their Pal, Steve Jo Stalin Bracks. The KKR are so dense they can’t work out why Liberal Party members detest them, and why they look at Ted and the Marshmallows and weep.

Well done Ted, brilliant, spiffing, just u-bloody-beaut. Ted’s next interview will be devoted to the intricacies of building dog kennels for Toorak Doctor’s wives and that he will promise that should he win, he will as dah Premier give every Victorian one of his splendid dog kennels – and, in his favourite phrase, ” for free”.

Shite, between Bracks and Ted, Victoria will be dead in a few months time.

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