Kennett Didn’t Hold Back

Today’s newspaper headlines don’t carry the ripest of Jeff’s estimation of Michael Kroger and his bed pal, Petey:




‘They’ve never cared about the Liberal Party. They never served Victorians, they never  served Australians. They are only out for themsleves.’

The left dominated media lapped it up, though they have omitted the juciest tidbits. Peter Costello choked over his weeties, and ran bludding to the media,  ‘call it off, Jeff, call it of – me head hurts, ooh’. Unlike when Petey was busily trying to boot out the Prime Minister and become El Presidente, without facing a Party vote, and stuff Liberal Party serfs – who are they ! and the general voter – ‘here’s a doggy bone for you’.

Typical of the KKR, they enjoy inflicting pain on the vassal serfs but as soon as they beging to receice a smidgeon of what they have dished out and they scream loudly in public, “An attack dog got me, the brute’. Boo hoo, Petey Boy.

Petey even threw a Helen Lady Macbeth Kroger fit:

 Mr Costello : “Jeff’s had his go. He has been out of politics for seven years. He ought to leave it to those who are running for election to run their own campaigns.”

Regular readers will recall, Helen, on radio demanded Jeff disappear into the Hawthorn Footy Club and never engage in Liberal Party affairs again, saying:

“He’s had his turn under the sun. It’s our turn now.”

Well, we are sure of what turn Helen is mistress of, and her Stick puppets masters are too, hubris. Ha, Petey won’t get his turn under the sun. If he assumes Kennett is his worst foe, he has a Federal Party room full of foes. He’s had it. He will be out the Treasurer’s office door, out of his leather Parliamentary seat, out of his Seat office, as soon as it is seemly to replace him.  he’s not going, he’s gone. Unlike Keating, and those vile commie slobs Kirner and Cain, and those other socialist, conceited, slobs, Mal bally Frazer and Cough Gough, Costello won’t get the opportunity to give his rendition of that commie slut’s song, ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’.

‘Cry’! The line should be, ” Please don’t shoot me;/ I throughly deserve it but/ I’m a commie slut,/What did you expect…’

So, in downtown Brackistaniland, friends ( the KKR ) of the Stalinist Junta are about to be wiped out, in preparation for striking down the Bracks Junta.

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