Answer to last Wednesdays’ Question:

 Why “Bracks  longer car-supply deals” won’t save auto parts and complements makers in Brackistaniland, and many other manufacturers:

The question is merely rhetorical for:

 You have to be a complete moron to believe a contract of any duration is the factor which comvinces investors to continue production.  Well, Bracks is not only an ignoramus, he is also a moron, a totalitarian moron.

Why is that commie cretin who disgraces the office of Premier and his Junta looking forward to another four years in office, with an increased majority? Simple: Michael Kroger, Peter Costello, their KKR Parasite party and their Toorak Political Brahmin backers. 

As  I say, between them J.S. Bracks and T.W. Baillieu will ensure Victoria is like the dodo, stoned dead.


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