If a driver ran a red light and killed a pedestrian,

It is most likely the driver would be arrested and charged with manslaughter, and convicted. A Bicyclist, however, is given a fine and told not to do it again.

DOZENS of speeding cyclists failed to help a dying man knocked down by a rider during a dangerous bayside race.Witnesses said up to 50 cyclists continued their 60km/h charge in the so-called Hell Ride after the elderly man was struck.

Cyclist Justin Heitman told the Herald Sun yesterday how he cradled 77-year-old James Gould as he lay on Beach Rd.

 Kooyong man Michael Ryssenbeek, whose wife, Helene, died when hit by a cyclist in Malvern in 2000, said penalties needed to match the magnitude of such a tragedy.

The man who struck his wife was fined $300 on a charge of failing to stop at a red light.

Lycra bum who hit Gould will be fined  $300, though, apparently, police are contemplating whether graver charges can be laid against the criminal.

The following statement by Assistant Commissioner (Traffic) Noel Ashby  does not ring true at all:

there was a possibility the cyclist could be charged with conduct endangering life. An investigation was continuing.

He said it was a complex area, as the law did not regard bicycles in the same way as motor vehicles.

“Because someone might drive through a red light it doesn’t necessarily mean that person is guilty of culpable driving. And the same thing applies to a cyclist,” he said.

A driver caught running a red light, even if accidental, is most unlikely to be let off . I can imagine a couple of exceptions of accidentally doing so but they are rare exceptions if they occur, and even so, it is most unlikely the driver would be let off.

As for hitting and injuring a pedestrian, the Act has been weighted against drivers, the driver is presumed guilty, despite the fact that large numbers of pedestrians walk against pedestrian lights, and jump in front of oncoming traffic. Pedestrians on St. Kilda Road, during the work-a-day week, are terrifying; the surprise is how very few of them, if any, have been hit as a consequence. None-the-less, even if it is the pedestrian’s fault, the driver faces a stiff time at the hands of the police and the court. One has no desire to hit a pedestrian and, no doubt it would be shocking to do so, this makes one rather irritated by the suicidal types.

I nearly did it  one evening  when a pedestrian stepped out in front of my car only feet ahead. I just managed to bring it to a stop – even though I was driving in that stretch slowly – I certainly was not driving faster than 40 kph. Apart from the fright, I also felt also at once relieved precisely because driver’s defence, under the Act, virtually does not exist.

If that pedestrian had stepped out a couple or a few more seconds later, I was sure of it then, I would have hit her and then, I would have faced a further ugly time of it in a police station.  

Whereas, bicyclists deliberately  riding dangerously, running red lights and killing pedestrian who had the crossing right of way, are let off with a $300 slap on the wrist. The following is rubbish:

Former Olympic cyclist and regular Hell Rider Robert Crowe blasted a reckless element of the group putting lives in danger.

He said cycling enthusiasts had been doing the Hell Ride for decades, but it had been infiltrated by a hooligan minority in the past five years.

Despite the tragedy, Mr Crowe said he believed that some riders would go on endangering themselves and others for thrills…

Mr Crowe, who missed Saturday’s ride, said he had been told the man who hit Mr Gould was not a regular rider or a member of a local club.

So what if the lycra bum isn’t a ” regular rider or a member of a local club”? That might mean something in a communist country, but not in common law land. It is not, however, a ‘hooligan minority’ of riders cycling dangerously, deliberately so. It is a very large number of them running red lights and comitting deliberately dangerous antics on roads.

Further, the lycra brigade are vicious types , who, along with mung bean eating commie spiv, the Ministah of Transport Peter Batchelor, are bent on having the roads handed over to the cretins. Roads are built for vehicles. Next, I’m stumped as to why even ‘sensible’ riders bike it on Mlebourne’s roads. That doesn’t make them sensible, they are fools, suicidal fools, as it is.

The lycra bums are obnoxious boors and the very sight of them has induced a nervous affliction: Unlike pedestrians, even the suicidal types, when I see their fat backsides I have to fight down the urge to run the bastard down. This affliction has been developing  for a couple of years, and is increasing in intensity. There are unhappy side effects, I start swearing, unintentionally and so, when there are passengers in the vehicle, I have to go into a swearing avoidance routine. It occurs to me it would be a sound case to sue the conceited, odious cretins because they are the cause of my affliction.

They are conceited cretins; it is obvious from their deliberately dangerous road habits and their attention seeking exhibitionist’s dress.  They rather look silly, hideous and nasty. They might feel ‘cool’ and the centre of the universe wearing their privates and anus exposing spandex, to me they look disgusting; it’s an obscene display which has to be endured everyday. When I wish to see the body beautiful, I can go to a beach and see gorgeous topless women. Whereas, the lycra bums are simply nauseating exhibitionists.

They should do the decent thing and confine themselves to their backyards, where they can ride dangerously, crash into each other, maim and kill each other, and admire their  vomit inducing hideous appearance. They should never been seen nor heard in public, as it is a criminal offence they commit in that.

I’m fortunate, though, I just have a reaction. How many pedestrians have been hit by them ? If not many, then that would be a surprise. In the meantime, two have been killed by a couple of the road rodents. 

2 Responses to “If a driver ran a red light and killed a pedestrian,”

  1. Treadly and Me » The death of a pedestrian makes hell for all riders Says:

    […] The author of the appropriately named Mangled Thoughts moves swiftly from the actual issues surrounding this incident to suicidal pedestrians on St Kilda Rd, a commie plot to have the roads handed over to the cretins (that is, cyclists), and his own thinly veiled lycra fetish. […]

  2. Douglas Says:

    ‘Issues – surrounding this’ , ha; have a tissue…snivel snivel.

    What a load of bullshit.

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