Let’s hear some of the views held by many, who are adherents of the ‘Religion of Peace’ – Islam

Directed through Slatts, on a different  but not unrelated matter, to this site, Zombietime.com, I then pored through this:

Mohammed Image Archive

Depictions of Mohammed Throughout History
The Mohammed Image Archive is a compendium of images that depict Mohammed (the 7th-century founder of Islam ), spanning all historical periods, cultures and genres.

A page is dedicated to readers’ emails split into damn your hide to hell and, Allelujah, Allelujha,  Zombie has joined the Saints on high. Let’s drop the sycophants, let’s turn to the poison pen brigade.

First, this from a sookie, socialist bed wetter:

 Paul (UK)

Although I have no clear religious beliefs, I do find your website offensive, not on religious grounds but on the basis of incitement. Why do you insist on exploiting your ability to further hatred within our communities??? Would it not be wiser to utilize your freedom of speech to build a more united front…and see that the problems of terrorism are caused by inequalities in power and perpetuated by mindless citizens such as yourselves?

By gum, that’s what the Bracks’ Junta’s goon in the form of a couple of goons pretending to be Judges and some more pretending to be a QC and an SC are banging on about. Print an image, a drawing, a satricial cartoon and, Jesus, you are damned  to hell mate. Paul would feel quite at home in Brackistaniland. White infantile idiot boys aside, these few samples from a large number of Peaceful religiostis:

From: Syed Shahid R.

Subject: go to hell mother fuckers… you all r jeoloused of muslims because
they have values and strong religous background and your
generations even dont know the name of their prophet,
ALLAH send all of you to the terriblest part of the hell very soon.

do what ever you like but you even can not touch the shit of a muslim
as it is more cleaner then you people.

even JESUS AND MOSES both feel ashamed to call
christians and jews as their belivers,because all prophets
sent by allmighty God have same preachings and we
muslims respect all the prophets and even cant imagine
to do any thing against them,and we r extreamly
proud to have the superiorest prophet (p.b.u.h)

p.b.u.h. must be abbreviation for Pooh Bah Umman Heap. Or, Pub? Pubic hair?

From: m. a. kariim
Subject: Fuckers ..and stupids

First, you are fuckers , idiots and pigs ……
……wa ba3da daalika la3ana allaah 3aleeykum ……
…. and i hope from allah to enter you into the hell ………

Just as intelligible as the first; ditto the others one has the pleasure of quoting – just to demonstrate what saintly types Islam cultivates.

 This guy has a future in the good old days of the Nazi party:

From: m. sunai (India)
Subject: Nonsens

What is this

remove all images fastly because your webpage more irretating our musilm community and also it’s irretating common person.
are’t remove the images fastly you will face lot of problems.
it’s my community order obey my order fastly nonsens.

stop your all activities immediatly

Nope, can’t comply, it’s become habitual with me.

This is Murtaza and I wish luck for all of those who have created this webpage. Please don’t take me wrong you will need all the luck from all your friend and family members as they see you burning in Hell for your acts.

I understand you…I understand you have your rights and you can display and show what you want however what is displayed on your website will affect on a millions of people around the world as this is an act of coward ness you people were not able to do anything when your own President Mr. Bush whose house is run by our people in Saudi knew everything about 9/11 and still allowed you people to die as it was in his interest of making money from the Muslims…

 will certainly pray that all the people who have worked on this website goes to hell for good and also let other people learn about you so that very soon the complete of America is faced with situations like 9/11 in each and every state and city that you have.

Conspiracy to commit murder Murtaza is a capital offence so, it’s not Zombie who is dead, it’s you you vicious bastard.

From: mameed a.

I will not say hello to stupid people like you

You know that the Prophet Mohammad is the Prophet of all people..
shame you shame you all christians with your God who can have sex with Marry to get Jesus …

Shame on you and on your gods

Hey, Steve Bracks, your bed pals are vilifying Jesus, Mary, and Christians, arrest that man.

From: hashim a.You must wait for a curse and the punishment



I can’t, I’m not a poof, nor one of the former suggestion.

From: Parvez
Subject: Important massage about your Religion

Who ever published cartoonist about Muhammad…Don’t ever mess around about muslim Religion.


From: Ali Abu O.

I will not say dear something !!
because you dont deserve this word, any way in our relegion we respect all the prophets and this is essential and I cant say a word on jesus because we beleive him as we beleive in our prophet mohammed and any one who dont beleive in all prophets , he is considered as being out of islam.

I say this because we have the ethics that prevent us from say a shit like you have in this poor web site, our relegion is great and whatever you saw it here or there (11th of september or boombing here or there ) is just a react of what you do against us.

you kill us in palestine and in Iraq in lebanon, afganistan . you fight moslems in all over the world!! and imagine you dont want us to defend our self’s .

Last word: after I saw this web site I think that you deserve more than bin laden.

See the cartoons here, so you know how we are think about how dirty you are.
[12 anti-Semitic cartoons pasted into email.]

Ethics schmethics, everyone has a packet of them these days but are many who do civilised?

From: Youssef C.

In the name of God the most beneficient, the most Merciful

I saw these horrible drawings that you are displaying in your website.

In fact without any doubt you know the gravity of your act and the insult that you are uttering against this great personality which is Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of God upon Him), and you know how much this is vexing the Muslim community.

This act is pure attack against Islam, against Muslim, against faith, against believes, against the best of the human race, pure demagogy, a filthy act.

In fact you are just defaming and blaspheming our prophet (May Peace and Blessings of God be upon Him).

The cartoons that you are putting on this web page are neither freedom of expression nor sign of democracy or truthful nor funny, or even intellectual, but just another horrible sign of racism, hatred, and injustice.
I would like to remind you what non-Muslim personalities have to say about Muhammad:

[20 pages’ worth of quotes deleted for brevity’s sake — ed.]

I hope that these citations of diverse personalities will remind you of your inferiority compared to our beloved Muhammad …And if you stop it will be better for your self degradation…

Well, that clears up a disputed point, have Musis latched onto Jung and Feud. Yes, sir, two charlatans are right up the Musi digestive system.

They will be doing themselves a favor by reading the best biography of a man on-the-face-of-earth ever. He is the perfect man, the perfect leader, the perfect teacher, the perfect human being, the perfect father and the perfect all-in-all man.
From: Dr. MF K.

Well, that’s why he was a mass murdering butcher and peodophile but, hey, he is dah Prophet and as a Allah’s foghorn  dat’s o.k. – for that makes him the Perfect Man. Well, folks, unless you are the sort usually consigned to the gallows, you are not perfect, damn that annoys me.

How people can disfigure and mutilate a respected leader of a community. Dont do that to any leaders. Prophet Mohammed PBUH is not a leader for muslim

Well, this is a metaphysical mystery, painting and drawing pictures of a vile bum who died in the feudal era hurts the bum. Worse, the crims mutilate the thug.

Some of the descriptions for the pics in the  galleries are interesting, such as:

Several postmodern satirists have highlighted the point that — since no one really knows what Mohammed looked like — any image could be said to depict him. To that end, they have captioned photos of their thumbs or rudimentary stick figures as “Mohammed.” This image — of a generic figure from the Danish toy company Lego, identified as being Mohammed — is a good example …

Blogger and pundit Bill Hobbs drew this stick-figure representation of Mohammed and posted it on a now-defunct blog, along with the comment, “Exercise your right to free expression by drawing pictures of Islam’s ‘Prophet Mohammed’ before the West gives in to Islamist intimidation and fear of Islamist violence and makes it illegal to do so.” Incensed, a columnist named John Spragens of the Nashville Scene wrote an attack piece implying that Hobbs had violated some rule of decency. A firestorm of accusations erupted, resulting in Bill Hobbs announcing his resignation from his job at a local university, apparently due to political pressure.
(Hat tip: Dar ul Harb.)
The board of Finnish culture magazine Kaltio fired its editor for publishing a five-panel comic about Mohammed; the first panel is shown here, and the other four are visible in the linked article. (High-resolution versions can be downloaded here.) Editor Jussi Vilkkuna was told to leave after he refused to remove the cartoons from the publication’s website as requested by the magazine’s board of directors. He served as editor for almost seven years.

In case anyone assumes, as I did, the Muslim hatred of Western art  is confined to art, we have been mistaken. Today, it has been reported Muslim parents have prohibited their children from music classes because, ” Western music is offensive to their culture”. Unlike, of course, the recordings of howling of bloody Imams from minarets in mospques being thrown up around Melbourne – that cacophony is oh so brilliant  and pleasing that, if it were a possum I’d shoot the rodent..

Drop the socialist drivel of ‘culture’. Those Muslims reject the western tradition of music because of what they believe and thus practice. Now, what is it they practice? Ah, Islam? You don’t say, golly gosh.

Not that such things disturb Steve Jo Stalin Bracks, his politburo, and goon sqauds because they are busily securing their five-fold totalitarian regime consisting of:



Craven goons pretending to be Judges

Commie Clergy pretending to be Christians

And Islamo Nazi Imams.

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