Another KKR blunder:

Blunder Number 10,677,474,383,839 10,677,474,383,841 – ah, I see from the adjusted number, two blunders. Before laying bare to the public the blunder of Kroger and one of his stick puppets, I wish to put something into perspective.

The KKR has wrecked the Victorian Liberal party, and the parasite party is bound up with other problems, which, to be blunt has seen them blow great holes in the hull of the Liberal ship. It is, consequently, listing heavily and in Victoria the destroyer, the Parliamentary Wing, is all but sunk. Napthaline Flake, Paper Doyley, and Ted the Wimp Baillieu, a succession of blubber ’Leaders’ sums things up.

Yet, even Jeff Kennett believed as Premier, and still believes it, the decisive thing is management, the job of Cabinet is, as he repeats, ‘to manage the state’. Therefore, as long as you are a good clerk, you will run good policies. Funny thing about that, the Bracks Junta claims to be a pack of good bookkeepers. “Management is not a principle” and as a platform, collapses into a stinking heap.

 It is entirely lost on Ted the Wimp, and Jeff for that matter: Victorians are not about to send down Bracks at the polls to only replace them with another pack of socialist, statist, half-wits.

Indeed, Kennett might ponder why Victoria recovered and prospered under his watch. It had nothing to do with ‘good management’. It had everything to do with; Cain and Kirner had so butchered Victorians there was not much economically left to tax, spend and regulate.

Victoria prospered because Govt. had to get off the backs of Victorians, and to an extent that is exactly what Kennett did. That is why recovery was economically sound.To ‘an extent he did’, because he did not do it thoroughly and that is because he spurned sound economic advice.

Kennett distrusted, and still does, ‘intellectuals’ – not without good cause for; brains are gold, intellectuals are common as rubbish in a dump. Just look at the leftist, ‘intellectualistos’ who serve as Bracks’ loyal goons. Indeed, what is to be made of  the S.C. who holds even truth must be outlawed, and Sisel and Szoke? “Intellectuals”, it shows, they are merely full of totalitarian garbage.

Next, leftists: Gittens, Davidson, Colebatch. Yet, are the so-called paragons of free markets, Woods, MCGuiness, Mcrann, B. Evans, Moran and the IPA, any better? No, nor are those who advised Federal cabinet on Labour Market Reform.

Jeff’s position is justified but not altogether because, there are those who can provide sound advice but they are precisely the brains the KKR and their Toorak Political Brahmin backers have ensured are never called upon. The KKR and the associations it favours are brain dead, don’t like debate, and never face up to anyone who knows their stuff. The reason why they run away is, their hubris.

They believe they are intellectual superiors, and brook not even questioning of their claims and arguments. They refuse to meet any in open, up front debate who know their stuff, and so do, bye the bye, the above named newspaper ‘experts’ in economics. This applies within the Victorian Liberal Party too.

The Party’s ” Speaker’s Forum” is nominally for members to engage in free exchange and debate of ideas and propositions. That is not, in fact, how Kroger set it up. It is merely a platform for the usual suspects to speak down to the vassal serfs (Liberal Party Members). The serfs are supposed to lap up every word the “intellectuals” utter and be stunned by their profound wisdom.That is how bad intellectual engagement is within the Liberal Party. The consequences are: the Parliamentary wing is not badly advised, it is totally misled down blind alleys, much to the joy of the Union Bruvverhood and, in Victoria, the Bracks Stalinist Junta.

Yet, this goes right back to the Kennett days too, for, in failing to take sound advice Kennett and co failed to convince the public of Liberal principles. Of course they failed to do so, because they didn’t have the bullets to fire. Instead, they relied on the  nonsense of, ‘ we are better managers than the ALP’, which is what Ted is hoping will shove him across the floor of the House into the seat of Premier.

Management is not a principle and, consequently, as a case, collapses in short shift in a great stinking heap of ashes. Voters are not about to replace the Bracks Junta with another pack of thick as two bricks socialistos because, wow, they are better managers than Bracks.

Thick as “two bricks socialistos’’ is what the marshmallows are who hold the majority of the precious few Liberal Parliamentary seats. Their actions is the evidence: their fulsome support for Bracks’ Stalinist Blasphemy ‘Law’, and for appeasing the wet dreams of Greenies and joining Bracks in the cult of that savage bitch, Mudder Nature. Ted, indeed, is ‘working hard’ to show his good commie credentials through his super socialisto statist election promises. The Junta has delivered into their hands, over three terms, many causes with which to rip its head off. Instead, they effectively support the Junta. Active, bah, they are dead bodies animated by Kroger and the closed shop of ‘advisers’, who cannot  fight their way out of a paper bag with a a self-propelled chainsaw.Thus, we have it: the Kroger Party has wrecked the Liberal Party, and serves only the Bracks Totalitarian Junta. Being conceited and dense, Kroger and Ted can’t detect what is proverbial in the street: the Liberals stand for nothing but the malfeasant rot put out by the Bracks Junta. It doesn’t register with Ted, the Libs are dead in the water and facing de-registration as a Parliamentary Party. It doesn’t register with him why they are dead.

The only beneficiaries are Kroger, his stick puppets, the “intellectuals” who enjoy handsome emoluments as ‘advisers’, and their Toorak Political Brahmins backers. All of them treat Liberal members and principles with contempt, regarding members as nothing more than vassal serfs. The composition of the parliamentary wing is due to Kroger and his off-siders, his ex, Helen Kroger, and Costello.

Oh, and the ALP and the Unions too. Union senior officials fully appreciate what is going on in the Victorian Liberal party. They are enjoying themselves immensely. They enjoy the free ride from Mike and his KKR. They lurve the KKR for wrecking the highly moral case for free labour markets.  So long as the KKR dominate, the Union heavies are happy.

Victorian trades hall, ACTU, and the ILO in Geneva read Brookesnews. Why ? The answer is, they read the editor’s articles on economics because, they admit, Mr. Jackson is an economist, that his is a solid, thorough, grip on economics. The Unions do not fear the HR Nichols Society, the IPA, Kroger and the KKR. They fear chaps of the calibre of Jackson, were they suddenly made advisers.

The Unions officials are honest in this; they acknowledge that if the Liberal Party had principled mps. and advisers who do know their stuff, they would be skinned alive. The Union officials find, in contrast, the types who are the Party’s ‘advisers’ and also to Federal Cabinet a joke. This should come as a shock to not a few, including senior Federal Liberal figures, and to the “intellectuals”.

Be rest assured, they find the likes of the HR Nicholls society et al harmless, funny, they crack jokes about them. The ‘intellectuals’ wouldn’t walk into a conference room with the heavies attending if they were aware of this. However, the heavies respect the likes of Jackson. The heavies are in no doubt, in Jackson and some others; they would face a pretty bruising time of it.

Then, the Unions have made ideas and debate their business. They’ve done so because to achieve what they seek that is exactly what they have had to do. Not to merely put their position, and the arguments they would like the public to drink in,  but precisely to discover the truths which totally confute their position. They do it to counter true argments. They have to their advantage a Liberal Party stuffed with those who don’t have a clue  and yet dominate the Liberal Party, and are the ‘advisers’ to the Federal Cabinet and the Victorian Opposition.

It shows out at Federal level. I’m not simply referring to  Cabinet has stuffed the sound and moral case down the john, due to swallowing nonsense. It shows out also in the gaggle of charlatans called sociologists who are also its ‘advisers’. Does it occur to anyone in Cabinet, sociology is garbage, built on myths, stories, fables and inanities and with it, is a corruption of science to boot.

Well, if they can hire quacks as advisers, it is no surprise those who do know their discipline will never be taken on as economics advisers. Then again, the KKR and their Toorak Brahmin backers make damned sure Federal Cabinet will never call upon the guys who can do the job. Hell, no, not when they are on a black list for the Victorian Liberal Party, and not while that lot of parasites control the party and supported by a pack of flunkeys who are palmed off as the intellectual gurus of the liberal party.

Those parasites are wealthy, and don’t give a stuff whether serfs – Party and Victorians generally, are impoverished by ravenous, totalitarian govt. They are ok. That is all that counts with that lot.

Indeed, as we see in the case of the locking up of land, for Gaiea of course, they are  happy to cooperate with the Junta. Bracks and his commie pals make  themselves wealthy by this transfer, disguised as ‘conservation parks’, as well as imposing controls and more taxes on housing. Kroger’s backers clean too – they love Bracks because he is making them richer  at the immiseration of the mere lumpenmasse of Victoria. They are at one with the Junta as selfish, venal, craven spivs and thugs.

So, the two are tied, the internal woes of the Liberal party, and how the Party stands in Parliament and to the Public. The root of this bind is Michael Kroger, his ex Helen, Peter Costello, and their KKR Parasite Party. The Bracks Junta is not about to be brought to book because the KKR have wrecked the Party and obliterated Liberal Principles, and trampled over Liberal Members. This is where the media go wrong.

The media began noticing what is going right when the  Richmond Scandal was first published on Brookesnews and  Mangled Thoughts. However, the media does not have a clue as to what is actually going on. They are looking on from the outside, as on so many other affairs. It shows out in, the media are equating it with an ALP style factional brawl. No it is not.

It is action against the KKR. The KKR is not the Liberal Party.  Liberal members have had enough of the KKR. The KKR are so dense and conceited they don’t realise they are detested by Liberal members. detested by not a few, not some, but the majority of members. 

Members are disgusted at the KKR’s treachery. Angry at them for trampling and  defaming members. Disgusted at their subjugation of branches. Disgusted at their contempt for anyone but themsleves. They are fed up with  Michael Krogers’ and his stick puppets’ thuggery. This has their anger up and all the more furious because on top of the KKR  is also the vicious, totalitarian Bracks Junta the KKR serves.

Therefore, the media may pontificate what is going on, they are dense, they don’t have a clue and, as Kroger, can’t see what is coming. Put it this way, the metaphorical baseball bat is in mid swing and the heads of Kroger and his stick puppets are in the way. They will be dealt with. Once the problem is dealt with, the Party, given it takes on advisers who know their stuff, will then use that bat and knock that Stalinist bastard Steve Bracks’ head off. Oh yes Stevey, Pikey, Hullsy and et al ‘ study the KKR and then run for cover because you lot are next.

To repeat, the reason for the above is to draw attention back to why one came out swinging against the KKR. It’s not about playing pissy pissy girlie games; it is about kicking the KKR in the groin. It’s not about taking infantile pleasure poking fingers up against the KKR; it is about clubbing them with a baseball bat. That is the whole point to the musical satires I have linked in posts below: “KKR Puppets on a String” and “Under Shria Law” (there are those too dense to pick up why Liberal Members are joining the Parasiticvision Song Contest).

With the above in clear view, we turn to the latest revelation of a couple of KKR blunders. For convenience, open More.

My moles in 104 Exhibition Street didn’t feed me this; not that they had to. A stick puppet volunteered it by spraying it all around Melbourne. How freely did the stick puppet spray it around? Straight into Victorian Trades Union Hall freely. Yes, readers, Union heavies  received the goods direct ,and they are enjoying it immensely.

ASIO should hire this stick puppet as a numero uno agent. The great stunt is to feed the enemy false material they nonetheless accept as authentic. The trick is to not only prepare convincing material that, it is also to ensure the enemy receive it in an entirely convincing way.Failure to do so will alert the enemy it is probably false. Well, in this stick puppet, the problem of delivery is solved: puffed up by the belief ASIO holds regards him a stupendous espionage agent, he can be trusted to succeed every time. ASIO would be thrilled at leading  enemy right down the garden path effortlessly.

Julian ‘Iron Man Julie’ Sheezel, multiplied a confidential document, hit a button, and off it whizzed through a number of offices and many more p.c.s.

The document is his pay contract, his new contract. Kroger decided to give Sheezel a pay rise.

It is extraordinary – Kroger holds no senior executive position, and is just an ordinary Party member. Yet, he controls the Party and sets employment contracts on Party executive jobs – as well as placing his stick puppets into the crucial executive jobs.

The contract states the figures – a $40,000 dollar raise to $200,000 per annum, which, obviously, means Sheezley, was being paid $160,000 per annum.

Ordinarily, one would say good luck to the chap who can pick up a screw like that. In better days, the executive position might warrant paying the right man even more than $200,000. Right now, I don’t see it. In fact,  Julian isn’t worth as much as $160,000 in the job and never should have been appointed. The reason is simple:

He’s out of his depth in it, incompetent, just a seat dolly with fingers flopping on the desk. That he was appointed to it is all due to him being a good stick puppet to Kroger. Being brain dead is a major qualification under Kroger.

Now here is the problem:

On what is that raise, a whopping 25% jump in the screw, based on? A number of readers will have twigged right now onto the force of this sight of KKR feeding at the trough:

The Liberal Party is engaged in Labour market reform, which says markets must be free to price labour. To this, the only way income can be raised is capital and to the individual, doing something in which the labour service has a higher marginal value to product or has been raised by capital.

What has ‘ Iron Man Julie’ done to raise his productivity not only higher but high enough to warrant a 25% absolute increase in his screw?

Answer: Nothing.

What happened is plain enough: Jules and Mikey not only demanded Jules be given a 25% increase, they simply decided fiat and, wrote and signed the new contract.

Now, consider it a moment readers: All out in enterprise land are working their butts off and in the process watching their incomes shredded by rapacious governments, each tier of them. More-over, very many are on a modest range of up $100,000 (inclusive of two income families). In free market, they can’t demand 25% increase ex nihilo and even under dictated effective rates, those effective minimum rates and absolute increases in them are paid out by absolute pay cuts as in, others are flung onto the stinking heaps of the unemployed.

We have the Liberal Party trying, badly, to put what is a moral case and what, in that case should be expected of Liberals: they lead by example. Instead, what do we see: Kroger and Julian helping themselves to however much they believe Julie would like to have ex nihilo.

It begs the question, is ‘Iron Man Julie’ the only Kroger stick puppet in 104 Exhibition St. to have been given a 25% increase in their screw by Kroger?

Furthermore: it is just one more example of, Kroger and his KKR parasites treat the Liberal Party as their own gravy train. Let’s be clear about this: they are not only wrecking the Liberal Party, they are using funds put into the Party by members to satisfy their own desires. Venal is a word that comes readily to the pen but I won’t use it, readers can supply their own adjective.

They are spitting on the Party and Victorians. They are spitting on the need for sound economic reform, in this instance, Labour Markets and the Federal Reform and in doing so, have supplied ammo to the opponents.

Will the Unions use this confidential material? They have no desire to see the Victorian Liberal Party gutted of the KKR because, they don’t wish to face men and women who can flay them and the ALP alive. Besides, it’s cruel to bludgeon dumb animals.

Oh, yes, Kroger, the Union officials do have a copy of the confidential employment contract, as others do; Mikey’s stick puppet popped it off to them. While the Unions want the KKR to stick inside the Liberal Party, that they will use the material is a good prospect.

Just to check a point: what would Sheezel earn if he were to seek a job in an enterprise?

A senior capitalist who met ‘Iron Man Julie’ had this to say:

I realised he was dense but I did not realise he is a complete moron until I met him”. Well, it is safe to presume there would be not even a $160,000 per annum job offered to Jules with that man’s company.

There are a large number of men and women on $100,000 per annum. They work hard and long hours and they do work which would completely stump Jules. If an employer made the mistake of hiring him in even a $100,000 a year job, he would quickly show Jules out the door.

I cannot see Iron Man offered a $200,000 job in Melbourne or in Sydney in an enterprise. I couldn’t see him being offered a $100,000 job. I can see him offered a job in the kept side of a firm – as a lowly clerk. But that is the calibre of the man Kroger imposed into a $160,000 job and now a $200,000 pr annum job in the Liberal Party.

Or, was there another motive for the pay rise?  Sensing they are about to be wiped out of the Party, Kroger decided to drop a bit into his puppet’s pockets before he joins the unemployed?

Alternatively, perhaps Kroger decided Jule’s increased productivity is all due to having been caught out in Kroger’s thuggery against, Richmond and Prodos?

No, it is just greed but that is the morals of Kroger, the KKR, and their Toorak Brahmin backers. They are not in the service of the liberal Party, they use it only for their selfish demands. The Liberal Party is just a slush fund in order to get what they want – marked by: they have secured another four years of the Bracks Junta which is loading their bank accounts with tax transfers and land transfers.

Oh, the Prime Minister might sit up at this:

Kroger has just given the Unions and Bracks and Beazely more ammo, though of a sordid calibre, with which to attack Labour Market Reform. Yes, Prime Minister, they are the calibre of men and women who have wrecked the Liberal party, and who fed you the false advice on reform and the case to be made to the public. They sell reform down the drain, in doing it they have as good as undermined it. They just haven’t managed to do to the Federal Liberal party so thoroughly what they have done to the Victorian Liberal Party – not yet, that is – but, Prime Minister, they are working on it.

Oh, crap – the Prime Minister announced a few weeks ago he was about to make the Victorians bear the weight of running the case for Labour Market Reform. Prime Minister, they are the lot who landed you in the soup right at the start, right from the day you raised it as a proposition and then announced to the public the Bill for the reform. You entrust them with the case they are clueless on, while they are shooting  more ruddy great holes in it.

You, Prime Minister, need to get hold of advisers who bloody well do have a clue. The H.R.N. Soc. and the IPA don’t have a clue, and Kroger and Costello are thicker than those two societies of ” intellectuals’. If you don’t, Prime Minister, see the case is run correctly, the upshot could be a complete reversal with a return to the evils of their IRC Mafia, central price fixing and, permanent stinking bonfires of the unemployed.

That is how bad it is, Prime Minister. That is what the KKR have done. Now this, KKR stick Puppets and Kroger helping themselves to non-market priced pay rates while the lumpenmasses are expected to adjust to free markets in labour. Pay rises, what is more, no-one in enterprise land can obtain.

Prime Minister, the grotty deal between Kroger and Sheezel is as handing the Unions another anti-reform gun to mow it down. They are the treacherous cretins you entrust with leading the fight? Mad! Just mad! Insane. Unbelievable.

How any times does the Cabinet stab itself in the back before it learns a lesson and engages those who can run the case and with it hit the opponents right where it hurts? A million times? When the ALP have hammered you at the elections? After they have returned employment back to the ice age?

What does it take, Prime Minister, before you get serious and find serious men, instead of charlatans – including sociologists, you have taken on as ‘advisers’, and “intellectuals” pretending to be economists. When do you pick up the chainsaw, cut them down, and put on chaps who can serve you and can advance the fight?

Hmmm, we have more than two blunders in all this, so let’s correct the tally again to:


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