The Bracks Junta is to fight Crime by deploying a force of ‘graduates’

Police Ministah, Timmy Holding on to his gravy train job decreed yesterday, from now own, recruits to the Vic. force of bluebottles must have a ‘degree’. Call it for what it is, credentialism and it is a complete waste of time, a very expensive waste of time. Let’s take real degrees.

Branson didn’t bother going up to a university. Bill Gates did but didn’t bother completing the Bachelor of Science. They are, of course, exceptional. The reality is, however, holding a degree doesn’t cut much ice in markets. If degrees are, as the pollies assert, an ‘economic driver’, then why has all innovation been made by entrepreneurs and the vast majority of them, degreeless. The mistake is the misconception of the function of a university, which is engagement in fundamental, abstract reasoning in the quest for truth. Besides, the majority of ‘degrees’ are anything but degrees, and even of the sandstone Unis in Oz, how many subjects are worthless rubbish?

Sociology and its offshoots ‘ religious studies’, ‘social work’, are prime examples. So, too, environmental science. Sociology and environmental science are junk, and a corruption of science, reflected in far from heady discovery and advancement of theory, just ordinary, man in the street at best observations and mostly inane – which is why it is couched in intellectualese, aka gobble-de-gook, – nothing but an ugly corruption of language.

The ‘Bachelor of Nursing’ is a waste of time. Before Hawke and Keating decided Nurses must first have a ‘degree’, nurses were trained in-house. They worked, and earned pay and board for it. It sorted out, as another benefit, rather quickly, who has the stomach for nursing, who would stick to it, and the identification of future matrons. It also kept payroll costs down.

With the ‘degree’, reinforced by regulations such as ” O.H.S.”, demarcation crept in, Trainee nurses, you see, are above mere dirty, manual work requiring a bit of physical exertion. It shows today, in govt. hospitals nurses wander listlessly around, and another army of labourers stand listlessly by waiting to do something nurses did until credentialism crept in. If nurses aspire to something more scholarly, if they have the brains and the schooling, they should turn to science instead. Well, that eliminates rather many of them.

Credentialism has generated more problems and multiplied payroll costs. The new ‘graduate of nursing’ has to be trained. Yes, they walk into a hospital as know it alls and, seniors have to train them, or attempt to. Attempt to, because, as new know it alls, enough prove intractable. It is a real headache.

One acquaintance who had served many years as theatre matron, now retired, wouldn’t have a bar of a ‘Graduate of Nursing’. She wouldn’t let them in the operating theatres. She was blunt: “they are a pain in the neck, incompetent, have no clue at all, won’t be told, won’t accept discipline, and they are a menace in theatre.”

A friend of mine, in an intensive care ward after major surgery, was a victim of a ‘Graduate of Nursing.’ The Surgeon ordered the ‘nurse’ to apply a particular dressing. The surgeon did not order it for amusement, a bit of the old, ‘Oh, what flowers shall I stick in the vase today’.

When the surgeon did the first of many frequent checks during the night, she found the nurse had put an altogether different dressing over the wound. The surgeon promptly replaced it with the correct one on. The nurse was elsewhere.

The next check and, yes, the ‘nurse’ had replaced it with her dressing of choice. Again the nurse was elsewhere and again the surgeon replaced it with the correct dressing.

The third time, the ‘nurse’ was there. The surgeon told the Nurse which is the correct dressing and why it was correct, as if the Doctor had nothing better to do than waste time giving a full account to a junior nurse. The ‘nurse’ argued back; she gave the surgeon a pretty nasty time of it. This went on all night. The Doctor was fed up to the gills with the ‘nurse’, and ‘distressed’ at what could have happened to the patient, due to that ‘nurse’.

The know it all nurse didn’t have a clue as to why that surgeon ordered a type of dressing, that there was a risk to the patient if the correct dressing wasn’t used. So, that dumbed down bitch, pretending to be a nurse, just risked my friend incurring a very nasty infection, immediately upon an operation which, to convey how serious it was: ‘It was like the patient being hit by a ten ton truck’ as the surgeon colourfully described it.’

Well, my friend did look as if a truck had hit her. There she was, lying in intensive care, and that vile bitch of a nurse was playing games and causing a scene. Bloody brilliant. That ‘nurse’ didn’t warrant respect, she earned a flogging and should have been dealt it on the spot.

I’ve seen similar many times over. The best is when patients are in excruciating agony and, ‘nurses’ ‘decide’ they will send the patient home. Some relatives/friends of patients accept it; some don’t, telling the ‘nurse’, “No, you don’t. X is in agony; X is not in agony because of a stomach ache. X is in trouble and it must be properly explored. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t do anything about itand won’t cope if X deteriorates further. Then, that is why a bloody well brought x here in the first place!’

Readers, I like private hospitals, they serve customers, they look after patients properly, the entrepreneurs who run them work out how to deliver services, excellent services bye the bye, much cheaper than the Soviet style Mudicare and ‘Public hospitals.’ They also employ nurses who are nurses and don’t waste payroll on know it all listless, intractable types full of the conceit of ‘professionalism’.

‘Professionalism’, as with ‘teaching’, the union and politicians asserted would make all and sundry respect them. No, I respected, and respect nurses of the old school. I don’t respect the ‘post-moderne’ ‘credentialled nurse’. It’s a laugh, it happened soon: Armed with their ‘degrees’ nurses began wandering listlessly around gumnut hospitals with stethoscopes around their necks; Doctors keep theirs hidden in their pockets.

Now, they are anecdotal examples, but, the problem is, it is systematic, and it is systematic because they have expended 3 years in a pseudo degree, at great burden to taxpayers and, at the end of the day, they are not ‘nurses’. Rather, what has happened is that their school-days have been extended by another 3 years, instead of earning pay and learning nursing from the ground up, beginning with, yes, manual work, and being taught applied subjects in-house as they progress.

The ‘Bachelor of Nursing’ isn’t producing better nurses, it is delaying the day prospective nurses have to face up to the reality of nursing, and many more than in the past don’t. As for the ‘B.N.’ – what heavy fine, theory is advanced in ‘how to be a nurse’? Nurses who are motivated, if they have the grounding, should put themselves up for a real, solid degree, perhaps the odd one might even become a surgeon.

One could draw it out further by counter examples but let’s get on with little Timmy’s rubbish.

Little Timmy gave as his justification, modern crime is today far more sophisticated than, why, what it was yesterday morning, and requires a police force to match. Let’s see:

1. Forensic scientists, yes there is need for them, not many, and, lo, that’s already catered for in science degrees.

2. Fighting crime syndicates? Well, tracing their money trials but this means employing accountants with solid experience in finances, auditing, and funds transfers. They are not to be found straight from a university. Indeed, accounting isn’t degree matter; it is Oz’s hideous tax regime that lead to elevating it as such.

3. Intelligence. ASIO recruits graduates in real degrees because of analytical capacity and languages and related reading depth. It is not; however, hiring from unis ready-made agents. They all have to be trained in-house, and the foundations involve rather tedious work, it’s not a romantic business. Moreover, next to in-house training, progress is built upon experience.

Penetrating crime syndicates is specialised, as well as dangerous work. Again, only a small number of detectives are required. As for CIB, in so far as they need graduates they, presumably, look for graduates who have read degrees, before joining the force and recruit, perhaps, those with a background in fields required for specialised work.

So far, Timmy’s assertion is looking rather silly. But he’s a polly and a member of the Bracks Junta, which is full of commie morons.

Now, let’s contemplate the majority of crimes and criminals. They aren’t sophisticated. They are violent, both many of the crimes and the criminals. In fact, violent crime on the streets has been rising thanks to selective policing and rehabilitation instead of punishment, and ludicrous sentences for violent crimes.

Then, there is riot control, not frequent, but always a possibility.

Citing Dick and Dora against violent scumbags might work but, looking at things, one suspects violent thugs are more likely to die of laughter, as they don’t fear being hanged for murder and rape. Don’t face flogging and long, stiff jail terms for lesser but still very violent crimes.

The job of police is not to play ‘social welfare worker’; the job of police is to come to grips with some very nasty types. It’s not a pleasant job, but police have volunteered to do it. Indeed, what is frustrating many of the constabulary is ‘selective policing’, political correctness, the Bracks Junta, with a gaggle of judges who treat violent scumbags as poor hard done by victims.

There is one more thing, police step in mostly after the fact someone has been murdered, raped, bashed.’ Soft-cock’ judges, ‘rehabilitation’ instead of punishment, ‘corrective services’ responsible for the administration of penalties full of leftist p.c. psychobabble has made crime profitable.

Criminal syndicates in fact recruit ‘juveniles;’ because, juveniles are effectively let off scot free with one upshot, the sheer numbers of juveniles who are today, violent little savage bastards, and increasing numbers of them, before they are teenagers, already with records for rape, stabbing, murder. Many juveniles in crime are members of crime syndicates, running drugs, stealing cars, and ‘ram raiding’. Crime syndicates are nothing but associations of very violent scumbags, and most in them aren’t very bright at all, clever as rats are clever, but not brainy. They aren’t sophisticated types. It is dangerous work penetrating some of them, but they are not sophisticated, just violent scumbags –(which is why one has no sympathy at all for Michelle Corby and the ‘Bali 9’.

I’ve written on cases before involving just the very types as Corby and the Bali 9, and as I wrote, they were not nice at all, in fact, they would not have hesitated to commit murder even if the victim only accidentally got in their way.

Now, under the Bracks Junta, violent crimes have increased, exponentially. Scumbags fear nothing. Jail is just a joke to them. The police stand impotently by as the politically correct handwringing whiners responsible for this exponentially rising tide of crime makes sure the streets are safe for murderous savages.

The Federal Gun Laws have ensured no one can even defend their very lives against the evil, rotten bastards the Bracks Junta is in very large numbers.

So, what does Little Timmy’s Compulsory Dick and Dora Degree for all police look like now? Oh, just another expensive burden on real taxpayers, , just another chit which makes the streets safer for dangerous thugs, and the recruiting of ‘police’ who will be like those nurses, know it alls who will be more of a menace to law-abiding types than criminal thugs. Just one more roadblock to youngsters whom may decide on the job of bluebottle, another 3 years kept in a bloody expensive schoolyard.

Holding is typical of the Bracks Junta, shallow, commie morons who couldn’t run a chook stall. Yes, Little Timmy woke one morning and decided, modern crime is today far more sophisticated than, why, what it was yesterday morning, and requires a police force to match, boys and girls wielding Dick and Dora against scumbags.

By midday tomorrow crime will have, no doubt, transmogrified again into super-dooper-sophisticated crime. Some vicious little bit of work will be sitting on Mars bearing a death ray zapping old grannies crossing streets. Why, then we will need a new new police force, all graduates in aero-nautical engineering and passed their learner’s permit in space-shuttle flying. Thy, thus duly credentialled, will zoom off to Mars, and say ” Boo!” and then fly off pretty quick smart – it doesn’t pay to stick around when some little cretin can zap you. Timmy will thus be truly the hero of dah people, after all, it is commie spivs who reduce entire populations by their Soviet style grand schemes who are procliamed heroes of dah people by all sorts of idiots but not one of whom is a victim of the commie scumbags.

Yup, such a brainy boy is Timmy, he must be a Dolphin .(1)

  1. It’s official scientific fact now, goldfish are more ‘intelligent than dolphins. A proverbial stating the bleeding bloody obvious , dolphins are right up there with dead Willy in the I.Q stakes.

Had to throw that in – all this week rather many have been banging on about how intelligent dolphins are. Might as well converse with Billy the snail, he’s just as brainy.


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