Why is the Liberal Party Committed to Socialism?.

I’m tying this to quite a bit of self-defeating rubbish the Federal Cabinet is committed, which, in fact, serves only the establishment of what will, unchecked, emerge as an absolutist regime. What sits opposite them, the ALP, with the Dems and the Greens, are far worse, why give those scumbags a freekick – and scumbags they are, including that fat National Socialisto wannabe dictator Cap’n Kockup Beazley.

It is not simply, for example, the Cabinet mangled the otherwise sound case for freeing labour markets. Indeed, in recent weeks, the Cabinet is confining itself to crucial point, it clears markets, stops unemployment. It’s not because, as other matters show, they have suddenly brought in Austrian school economists to advise them.

They, to recollect, relying Morgan, Evans and the H.R. Nichollls Society to lead the charge, asserted, free markets increases productivity of Labour, and, yields economic growth. The editor of Brookesnews has explained what is wrong with the first, besides the obvious, capital raises the marginal productivity of labour and, rates to labour.  The second, economic growth is a stupid as believing exports increases economically the lattice of production. As a pal mused, ‘ the vege patch lead economic growth’.

No, I have in view other things, which we take up in posts above.


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