“Oh, don’t hurt the feelings of the Musis.” Ah, right, Mick… and nick off, hand your badge in…

Muslims declared war against Israel and the West. It is Muslims blowing up men, women and children, bombing buildings, planes and trains. It is Muslims who seek to subject the West to their version of religion, which is why the treacherous left aids and abets the enemy of Israel and the West. Socialism is also a religion, it is totalitarian in force and its record is one of unbroken horrors, evil, and lesser crimes. Stuff religion and the religious.

Federal Police Minister Mick Keelty has used a curious phrase, “Islamic Australia”. What on earth is that supposed to mean! Let’s get this straight, Australia is a common Law country, in which free enterprise, free individuals, informed by impersonal, general principles,prevails, or nominally so these days, and that so long as no one harms anyone else, they are free to believe what it is they wish to believe. There can be, therefore no “Islamic-Australia” Mick, who should shut up and stick to his beat, or resign and join hand wringing socialist, wealthy sookies in some politically correct parish church of post-reconstructed Anglicans/ Catholics/Puritans – whatever, he can take his pick the prick.

Well, let’s remind Mick of a few hard facts:Jack Roche joined Islam before he committed his offences and did so in the name of Islam. Here’s the bio from a source most likely agreeable to Mick, that friend to Hamas and Hezbollah, Fat Aunty Bolshevik Collective. Keelty, like all the other handwringers who have come out wagging their fingers and sniffing the air, said we should not hurt the feelings of Muslims. Sod their feelings. What about the Islamic youfs who, thanks to ‘selective policing’ and ‘mutli-culturalism’, politicians and snag senior police officers have allowed to run riot, terrorising Sydneysiders. Plenty of Melbournians, too, have had it up to the eyeballs with Islamo Nazi youfs terrorising suburbs.Then, Mick, there just happens to be Islamo Nazis on trial, having been caught in conspiracy, and planning to commit terrorism.

Then, Mick, we have another problem: Islamo-Nazi clerics preaching terrorism and extermination of the Jews and Jihad against the West.

Then we have another problem: those Islamo Nazis don’t live in a vaccuum. They require a support base. They are members of families, and of mosques. Those youfs terrorising dhimmis and Jews in Sydney and Melbourne aren’t a small number of muslims. You say, Mick, Don’t offend the Muslims.

Right, there might be Muslims who regard Islam as merely faith, and in need of thorough revision to adjust it in terms of open civilisation. Fine, but what about the rest, Mick? What about those who, even if they reject terrorism, nonetheless support the extermination of Jews and the destruction of Israel and the subjection of the West to Muslim tyranny? They aren’t integrating and adjusting to civilized conventions of common law and the liberty of the individual.

Mick says, ” we risk alienating the Islamic community”. The old rule of thumb is, they who are not civilised cannot be ‘alienated’. It applies to little savages turned out of socialist brainwashing camps – states’ schools. They aren’t, Mick, civilised, so the notion of alienated youf is rubbish. A musi might be living in Oz, but can’t be alienated from Oz, cerntainly not of rather many regard the bedrock of freedom and the conventions underpinning it, with contempt, and reject the law of the land, and so and so on – ah, even to the point of youfs bringing ‘wives’ in from the Middle-East. They aren’t ‘alienated’ at all Mick, they have come to Oz expecting they will live to Shria and Oz to buckle under it.

Alienation, Mick, goes right back to that charlatan, called a Rousseau, who depicted civilisation as a cruel imposition on the natural man. Rousseau, Mick, worshipped the savage. The German socialists translated it as torn condition, ‘zerrisenheit’. “Alienation’ Mick is complete rubbish. Except for stoodents of that bit of quackery called sociology and devotees of the vile rubbish of nature worship, and socialism.

Mick says, ” Islamic Australia is not to blame for terrorism”. If there is an Islamic Australia, then that is due to the disgusting treachery of politicians and bureaucrats fully backed by the left, summed up in that leftist shrine called ‘multiculturalism’.

Oh, but I forget, Mick, In Victoria, Bracks has made sure dhimmis and infidels obey Muslims. We can tell, the persecution of the two Pastors shows why.

You see Mick, What is pissing off many Australians is, in the history of immigration this is the first wave of immigrants who have been nothing but a nusiance,a bloody dangerous nusiance. You see, Mick, it’s not others who have bombed Australians for being Westerners. It’s not others, Mick, who have extensive connections with Islamo terrorists in other countries. It is not others threatening to blow up Australians, and conspiring to do so inside Australia.

Australians are expected to kow tow to Muslims Mick. It’s like watching parents who’ve never punished children; the child wraps them around their little baby finger. So, every time a Musi throws a tantrum, egged on by, say, a Sisel, decent, robust Aussies are supposed to respond like snag parents, “Gootchy gootchy goo”, and throw decent types such as the two pastors into prison lest the Musis keep bawling their little eyes out.

Mick, you are very economical with the truth. Roche converted to Islam, and committed his crimes in the name of Islam. Those who blew up the trains and buses in London were Muslims, and not IRA, nor any other terrorist syndicate. No-one says, stop working against other terrorist syndicates which might be active in Britain, but, neither is anyone except the treacherous left fudging who constitutes the gravest and most numerous threat inside Britain today, and they are Muslims Mick. So, too, in Oz, Mick.

Indeed, Mick, this is the first time there have been determined terrorist syndicates in Oz, and they are Muslims Mick. Phat Phuc Phil Adams wrote a despicable piece, in which he as usual slimed President Bush, and declared – Aussies are more afraid of such things as higher interest rates than Islamo terrorists.

Well,well, Phah Phuc Phil, that must be why Sydneysiders stood together on Sydney’s beaches against Islamo nazi youfs, interest rates made them do it. And that’s why, even in Melbourne, plenty of daily commuters to the city are apprehensive, because they fear one morning will be the morning when one of the many Islamo Nazis youfs will detonate a bomb – but, to reassure Phat Phuc Phil, and Police Commissar of Political leftie Correctness, Mick Kelty, it’s only interest rates which drives their daily apprehension. So, you are right, mick, no-one should be bothered by the rapes, assaults, and bashings of dhimmis by Islamo Nazi youfs, and the real danger of a bombing.

Oh, and Mick, there is still the problem of that interesting type, Steve Bracks and his pal Eideh, who openly supports the Syrian Regime in its Jihad against Israel and the West – you realise what that is don’t you Mick –high treason – aiding and abetting a most dangerous enemy which supports Islamo Nazi terrorists to the hilt. Heck, Mick, what about Steve Bracks and his fulsome support for an enemy to Australians and Israel, Eideh.

Yes, right¸ Mick, let’s not worry about that, eh?. Can’t upset the Musis and a few Syrian butchers, and Steve Bracks and his treacherous pals. Dare not hurt the precious feelings of all those Muslims who cheer Hamas and Hezbollah on, for that would be a hideous wrong according to Keelty. Much better to harbor Muslims who support mass murdering, totalitarian scumbags, than do what should be done, boot them right out of the country, right into mad Ayatollah land. Let’s not offend Muslims. Heavens above, why should infidel and Jew wish to do that, hey?

Heck, Mick, we don’t have to worry about Western civilisation because, under multiculturalism, no one is expected to adjust to the law of the land, and be patriotic to Australia, and embrace Western civilisation. The left, Mick makes that clear, through their propaganda organs ABC and the Age, they aid and abet and give comfort to an evil enemy. Multiculturalism is all about the elevation of the Primitive Savage Noble and, by gum, that is exactly what Islam and socialism have in common. That is why, Mick, the treacherous Left, including ABC, the Spencer Street Soviet the Age et al lurve Islamo Nazis and Bracks’ Blasphemy Law.

Then, of course, there are the Jews, in Sydney and in Melbourne, who have employed armed guards for over a year now. Why, Micky Boy, don’t you say why they have to do it Mick? No, you won’t, because you don’t wish to hurt little baa lambs aka Muslims. Let’s spell it out just for Mickey’s edification: To protect children in their schools and synagogues from Musis. Oh yes, Mick, there is fear some Musi Nazis will commit murder in a school or synagogue; it is a well founded fear. While Mick might be sanguine about the prospect of a bit of butchery by Musis, the potential victims are not, the Jews. Oh, yes, Mick, the danger is real.

There, Mick has more pity for Musies’ feelings, while their many and varied victims and possible victims, and Aussies generally can all get stuffed. Music to the ears of the treacherous left in Australia.

Get stuffed Mick Keelty, hand your badge in. What you have indicated by your comments is: It is better to appease Muslims than come to grips with them. For, and you seem to be in need of reminding, it is Muslims who have declared war against the West, or, rather have merely resumed their terror wars of conquest against the West. It is Muslims out to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews, it is Musis killing and bombing people in the West.

Get out of the way Mick and hand over the job to someone who won’t make the mistake you have, and piss off Australians who are fed up to the gills having their freedoms cut because of Islamo Nazis and totalitarian socialist swindlers such as Bracks and his Blasphemy laws. Give the job to someone who will deal with the Islamo Nazis inside Oz in no compromised fashion. You’ve stated what you are on about – “Selective Policing”.

Oh, I nearly omitted to include this:

Sydney Clerics preaching Jihad and recruiting youfs to become, well, what but terrorists and suicide bombers.

“We have seen a number of Australian clerics preaching jihad and martyrdom,” Dr Gunaratna told The Australian without naming names.

“The most likely form of attack in Australia is a suicide attack for jihad. You will need to make arrests in time.”

Australian terrorism expert Clive Williams, who runs a course at the Australian Defence Force Academy, said young Muslims were being recruited for jihad through “Koran classes”.

Keelty, hand your badge in and get right out of the way. Save your sniveling hectoring for meetings of the local inner city collective of wealthy lumpenintellegentisia, for that lot of useless, conceited dropkicks are just your very type. They will lap up your every word, Aussies won’t, but that lot of cretins will.

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