Senator Campbell has fallen off his tree

On Sunday, the Minister of dah ” Environment”, Senator Campbell cried in public, Al Gore’s horror flick is all true. Well, it is all true it is Al Gore’s ‘movie’ and that’s all. The content is rubbish, but this doesn’t disturb the Senator, for he is a true believer in magic, and the pacification of that evil bitch, Mudder Nature with human sacrifices. For that, Senator Campbell, AGW? Climate Change is.Each tier of govt. in Oz, as it is, has done far too much in sacrificing Australians to the goddess of magic and stupidity and death.The Weekend Oz claimed $30billion in new capital investment in electricity production capacity is now required, citing “The Energy Supply Association of Australia”.

Whether it is $30b or may be less, one can’t say. The culprits in all this are states’ govts.

The Victorian Govt. has made it a criminal offence for firms to invest more in coal fired plants. This involves to problems:

It means the Victorian Govt. has outlawed the freedom of frims to increase scale to meet increases in long run real average demand and, spare capacity that caters for higher load runs in very short periods.

Capital by the Bracks Junta’s fiat has been forced into the scam of Windmills, which produce nothing. That is capital thrown down a black hole, instead of investors applying to where it is actually needed. This is apart from Local Councils and the Vic. Govt. using electricity companies and retailers as one of their personal slush funds.

Upshot: shortages and rising energy costs to firms, as well as consumers.

In N.S.W., things are worse. A source told me: ” If you believe the Bracks Junta is corrupt, let me tell you, Victorians are getting off lightly compared to what the N.S.W. govt. is doing to consumers because of its outright control of electricity supply in N.S.W.

How bad is it I asked, and my informant simply rolled his eyeballs. I then put in the rhetorical figure, ” So, consumers in N.S.W. are in deep trouble” My source replied, “You can say that, I can’t but you can.”

Central Planning and appeasement of the goddess of death have been combined by politicians each state to cripple investment in production of electricity and production of electricity – as in, for example, Bracks slapped on a per ton tax on each ton of coal mined, in the name of appeasing Gaiae.

Comparable is the water crisis, created by them for the same reason.

Campbell, you and your states’ and local councils’ counterparts are committing extensive economic carnage to fix a problem that does not exist. Co2 does not do what you believe it does – and it is nothing but a lie built on bunk but you and your counterparts have latched onto it as an excuse to defraud real taxpayers and inflict economic carnage. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

Campbell attacked the Greens for being Watermelon red. Why then, is also one of their pol potian red cult?

The job of the minister of dah environment should be to shut the whole department of frauds, charlatans and psychic mikes down and hand back real taxpayers their stolen property, and get rid of those police state ‘laws’ called “environmental laws”. No, not Red Campbell, he’s out there promoting voodoo and economic sabotage. Along with those totalitarian gangsters the Bracks and Lemma regimes.

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