Violent crime rate in Victoria set to increase, and Yes Pleasemen.

Following the Junta shutting down the successful Armed Robbery Squad, through its glove puppets, Christine Nixon and other Yes Pleasemen, retired and serving senior police officers damned this action. A number observed:

1.That is exactly what the N.S.W. government did; including replacement of it’s A.R.S. with models of policing. 2. Violent crime rose as hardened recidivists realised it was safe to go back to “work”.Meanwhile, one armoured guard company has publicly attacked the action against the ARS for just that reason. Understandable: because its guards, carrying payrolls and banking cash and other valuables, are targets for dangerous, murderous armed robbers. The risks for that firm have been multiplied, as well as for many another business owner and employee.

Then again, the Bracks Junta is all about making the streets safe for dangerous criminals, reinforced by rather too many in the judiciary who are too busy empathizing with dangerous crims than to bother themselves with punishing them properly and as a deterrent to others. How dare anyone, they scream, demand Judges punish violent scumbags?

The OPI, already having asked convicted crims in prison if they any complaints against the ARS, has been working overtime during the weekend to uncover any more convicted dangerous crims who are prepared to complain, anonymously of course. Lo, OPI claims to have done just that.”Er, yeah guv., they arrested me”. Oh, dear, outrageous, this is torture!

OPI considers ARS has committed what it considers ‘acts of torture’. Obviously, the mistake of ARS members is, when trying to apprehend armed, dangerous crims who won’t hesitate to shoot first if they can, is, they didn’t ask them, “Can I arres. Pretty Please,say yes? However, a polite knocking on the door should be preced by sending a visiting card reading, ” We shall be at your home on the 18th of x to arrest you, for elevenses. Shall we bring the twinings tea and cookies, or will you play mother? “

It is clear what the Junta is trying to do, turn every police man into a Yes Pleasemen, to be that is exactly like Nixon and her fellow paper shufflers, pretending to be policmen’s policemen.

So, what we have is this: The leftist Bracks Junta persecuting the good men of a successful A.R.S., as they seek excuses for their disgusting action.

The only types enjoying this disgusting spectacle are hardened dangerous criminals and the treacherous left. Oh, and that pusher of leftist wheelbarrows, the ‘Civil Liberties Union”.

So far, Ted and the Marshmallows have kept silent. Typical.


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