Sen-Segt Paul Mullet is partly wrong,because the Bracks Cabinet is to blame and not just their glove puppet,Christine Nixon, the Junta’s Commisssar of Police.

The Junta, through its goon squad the Orwellian named “Office of Police Integrity”, intensified it’s activities against the members of the now defunct ( temporarily?) Armed Robbery Squad. During Monday ( 4th/9), the OPI had been releasing more ‘reports’ of its ‘investigation’ into the police. Now members are being subjected to show trials, in secret, launched on the strength of base allegations, which the OPI raised by asking violent crims in prison, have you any complaints against the ARS?

The show trials, as all show trials were under the Nazi and Soviet and Maoist Communist regimes, is all for the benefit of the Junta, not just Nixon, acting against the ARS.

A show trial to throw a smokescreen over what it is actually doing. Indeed, the ‘trials’ of the two Pastors were just that, totalitarian, secret police state show trials, to entrench the power of the regime, and to blacken the vicitms in order to tell a lie, ” See, see, the two Pastors are as we told you, vicious types.”

Consider it ladies and gentlemen, that is the Bracks Junta and its goons, the sort who ably served the Nazi and Communist regimes around the world. Still do in, say Cuba today. These are the types trampling on good men and women, and not just the members of the ARS.

Caught out, it is clear the Junta, through its goon squad, the OPI, has entrenched itself by asserting yesterday, through the media, the ARS had committed what it ” it finds to be torture”.

These days, torture is used corruptly, to describe anything leftists and the Junta’s Commissars decide is “torture”. The left dominated media claimed, for example, that Islamo Nazi terrorist scumbag, “Jihad” Jack Thomas, gave Federal Police his confession “under torture”, and that assertion is a lie. On the other hand, a bit of biff dealt out to Islamo Nazis who are in or have been in terrorist units, is not at all objectionable.

Late last night, the Junta, caught red-handed, and in panic, raised the ante and accused the ARS members of bashing crims on arrest, pointing guns at their head, in order to obtain confessions, dragging prisoners face down along concrete and other cruel deeds.[ For some of the defamatory lies told against ARS members, see here.]

The ARS members, it has been discovered, are being hauled before inquisitorial trials in secret hearings. The accused have been forbidden to inform friends on pain of being convicted of a criminal offence, not even family. Family members, it has been related by the wife of one squad member, have realised what they are being subjected to only because of the media reports which clued them in as to why their men have gone ‘missing’.

The accusers are anonymous. The accused have no right to have the accusers cross -examined, another gross violation of justice, compounded by, this is a star chamber euphemistically called a commission of inquiry. They have no right to a barrister.

Galbally Q.C. was on the radio this morning. He remarked he has acted as prosecutor against police accused of crimes, and the cases were run correctly, and convictions secured. Galbally is appalled and disgusted at the naked violation of justice and due process.

The Bracks Junta, as I have said repeatedly, has been emasculating the force where it counts, through its stooge Nixon and her fellow Yes Pleasemen politically correct paper shufflers, who spend their days building models of how to be good, leftoid, snag, pleaseman. Shutting down the ARS is part of it.

As it is, before this, many a policeman has been angered by what the Junta is doing. Policemen, not just ARS members, who have the guts to tackle thugs and just wish to get on with the job of taking out violent crims, including many  youfs , who, forget tender years, are very violent little scumbags. Police have been quitting, and the reason is not pay. Some have told me, they are more than satisfied with the pay. No, it is what sits on top of them which has decided them to quit and in increasing numbers. Some can’t quit; they have been too long in the force to make the transition into enterprise, and are resigned to the misery of staying put until retirement day.

The Junta, through Nixon, moreover, has ensured police cannot stop even violent little youfs, by making sure police are tied up with paperwork or consigned to jobs in offices. Violent crime has been rising exponentially, and this without including the violence committed by Islamo Nazi scumbags. As I remarked in the first instalment on the Bill of Rights, there will be sections who will be free to commit violent crimes with impunity, the BOR states that. In fact, the Bracks Junta has already been working towards that, through its own version of ‘selective policing’.

The Junta’s progressive corruption and emasculation of the police force has been matched by its corruption of the judiciary. It has been stuffing the benches, VCAT, Magistrates’, and Supreme courts with, goons, trustees, and the politically correct with no grounding in Common Law and not even experience, in the case of one Supreme Court appointment, as junior criminal trial barristers.

The Bracks Junta was involved in the coup de tat against a former Chief Magistrate, whose crime was, he is not a leftist, believes in his duty as a judge and was not a hand-wringing, leftist soft-cock of a judge when dealing with vicious criminals.

the new generation of judges are that, snag,poltically correct, leftist bums,and they carried out the Junta’s aim: the reduction of courts courts to turnstiles for dangerous and many recidivist criminals. The upshot, every dangerous crim in Melbourne realises, they have nothing to fear. Indeed, it is even better if a dangerous crim is classed a ‘juvenile’, which is why dangerous mobsters recruit teenagers.

The emasculation of the police is to be completed by demanding all prospective constables take a Dworkins degree first. Heads filled with psycho-sociological babble, professionalese, and leftist p.c. speak, that will ensure no policeman will be anything but a glove puppet to the Junta and it’s goons.

The Bracks Govt. has been busy eradicating anything which stands in the way of its totalitarian vision. The ARS is the latest target of the Bracks Juntas’ Kulturkampf. Caught red-handed, once again, the Bracks Junta, in a desperate attempt to get away with this malevolent and malfeasant action, has resorted to heightening its defamatory smearing of the ARS and its members.

Now, if I were a barrister, I would pro bono do two things:

First, I would, if those subjected to this totalitarian action against them were to agree, launch defamation writs against:

Christine Nixon – she made the first defamatory remarks against the Squad in that secretly recorded meeting, the purpose of which was to say, you are sacked and the squad finished. [ Ref., here.]

The OPI, the reason is obvious.

The Bracks Junta: for the Police Minister, under the  Westminister tradition in which the Parliament stands, is directly responsible, and so too, for the same reason, the Cabinet, that means Bracks and Hulls, as well as such vicious types as the Apostle to Anti-Christ, the Reverendress Bronwyn Pike.

[Readers not familiar with the t harridan, Pikey Wikey is a Reverendress in the Church of Latter Day Communists, the Uniting Church, which takes up all sorts of good cause, Hamas and Hezbollah, for examples. ” Blessed are they who give comfort to mass-murdering scumbags because, they shall surely inherit the Marxist earth.”]

Secondly, one would examine very carefully statutes for reasons to issue writs of more serious charges against each of the above named totalitarian thugs.

I’ve written exhaustively on the Junta Crimes Act and its cognate. To summarise:

It is sufficient for any ‘ officer of the Junta to merely say x or y is guilty of a crime covered in the act, and it is very elastic indeed as to what crimes are covered, and the victim is under the Act:

i  Arrested, on the strenght of heresay.
ii Taken to a place of Secret Interrogation.

iii Has no right to a barrister, must answer any question put by the chief Inquisitor, on  pain of being convicted and given a jail term for refusal.

iv The victim is forbidden to tell even family members, and to disclose the address of the place of secret interrogation, on pain of being convicted of another set of novel criminal offences, which carry jail term of 5 years.

v On the arrest and whisking away to a secret cell, the goons can seize all their victim’s private property, and held until the victim is finally acquitted. No compensation is to paid. Too bad about the wife and children, they are booted out into the gutters. [ This is not a joke, that is what the Cognate Act contains.]

I will reprise the bill for the benefit of readers but the above few points are sufficient to convey what this Act contains and the force of it: a complete overthrow of Common Law in its criminal application, overthrow of due process, of habeus corpus, of justice. It is an Act for which the only precedents are to be found in Islamic theocracies, the Nazi and Soviet regimes, the medieval age ( though not  England ), and primitive tribal societies.

While the left and one of its fronts, the “Civil Liberties Union” have smeared Howard on immigration, they have been silent on this real totalitarian, secret police state Act, which can be used against any Victorian any time of the day and night. Yes, any decent, law-abiding Victorian might hear that knock on the door in the night some day announcing the arrival of secret police wielding full totalitarian secret police state powers.[ this is not an exaggeration, it is in the ‘Act’.]

The OPI is clearly running its secret pllice state inquisition along exaclty those lines of the Act – including raising false charges in order to persecute the ARS and haul them before their Nazi/Soviet style ‘court’. Mere hearsay, on a mere dislike of x or y… the knock in the middle of the night.

Worse will come, for the Bracks Junta has been developing VCAT into a full blown secret police state ‘court’ in which its goons wield full, unfettered police state power against anyone they pick on. The BOR will complete this transformation of VCAT, which, originally, was supposed to be a low cost version of a Common Law Court.

In fact we have seen the shape of things to come already, under the Blasphemy ACT and Sisel and Szoke, and a number of other VCAT ‘judges’ who have done the same to X – the case I have written on many times. The case, to repeat, involves one the Junta’s thugs inside the now falsely named office of State Trustees ‘, a Ms. Dodson. [The State Office of Trustees, under the old school, was an honourable office – not now.]

That office, it  now serves as an excuse for the Junta to steal private property as the Junta has done to X. I’m not making all this up and, to make it clearer, I confess X is a close acquaintance of mine, and due to the acquaintance, I am more than merely familiar with what the Junta has done to X –

Oh, as for that Coward, Davis Davies who has not acted for X, and thus failed in his duty as an M.P. to a constituent , X:

 You are a little Micheal Kroger stick-puppet and scumbag. Ted the Wimp Baillieu has sung his praises, saying he works hard. Well, Ted, David Davis is a gutless, treacherous  little turd.

Davis  typifies what Michael Kroger, Peter Costello, and their Stick Puppets have done to the liberals, stuffed it full of mps. who have not fought against the many totalitarian Acts of the Junta. To, the contrary, we have seen them support some of the worst of them, and some are ready to support the BOR (as we shall relate when resuming the article on the BOR).

What a pack of spineless, gutless, not liberal useless marshmallows. They serve the Bracks Junta, they are a wing of the Junta. Their non-existent opposition to the Junta reflects the treachery and wrecking of the Party by MichaelKroger, Peter Costello and their stick puppets.

Thus we have it.

Sgt.Mullet, with all due respect, you are wrong, the Bracks Junta is to blame as much as Nixon and the OPI, they are directly culpable.’

Indeed, that fat, lying, wealthy totalitarian thug – he has gotten rich at taxpayers expense as a  professional dole bludger, Steve Bracks, had this to say this morning:

Many govts. have an office just like the OPI.

That little totalitarian thug and moron thus asserts: because others do it, it is o.k. Well, heck, you corrupt good for nothing faggot, a violent crim might plead the same excuse, others commit armed robbery, murder, rape stabbings so, it is o.k.

It is not o.k. Steve Bracks and what is more, your Anti-Bill of real rights ,makes plain: you are directly culpable of treason by the overthrow of common law and setting up an overtly totalitarian regime over Victorians because, that is exactly the force of your bill of totalitarian Anti-Rights, the coping stone of all your efforts. Indeed, it perfects what you have done extensively through many Acts.

Bracks claims to be a Christian, of the R.C. , garbage he is. He is a totalitarian, lying little fat scumbag, along with the rest of his Cabinet: and it shows, it shows out in the majority of their actions to date.

Let’s return to the beginning point: the original motive was to emasculate the Vic Police successful crime squads, thus the shut-down of the ARS. Caught red handed, to cover themselves, they decided to tell cock and bull stories against the ARS members, smear, them,  defame them, put them through one of their Secret Police ‘courts’ and, in short, work hard at totally blackening their name and thus ruin them on the principle, it will convince the public, the lies told against those members must be true, and thus they and the ARS are history.

Well, Bracks and Co can’t get away with it. They are caught red-handed. One of the things which has stamped the record of the Junta is the lies they have told on many accounts, as fully shown in the case of the Franskton-Scoresby Highway fraud committed by the Cabinet.

They are corrupt, they are malfeasant, they are spending Victorians into the gutters, and they are totalitarians who are friends only to dangerous crims and Islamo Nazi thugs.

What is worse, the  KKR Parasite Party and their Marshmallow stick puppets,  led by successively Napthaline Flake, then Paper Doyley, and now Ted the Wimp, have not even laid a cotton glove on Bracks and his goons, let alone do what they should have done: kicked them in the groin , ripped Bracks’  head off, and not just in Parliament. Hang them from the ramparts. 

The reason: they are not Liberals, they are ignorant, spineless KKR blobby stick puppets. Thus, in their typical good spineless form, they have not said a word, not raised even  a little finger against Bracks over this disgusting action of the Junta against the ARS and its members –

What a pack of limp wristed, leftist, sniveling, cowards they are – they couldn’t defend an elederly lady [X] against Bracks’ and Hulls’ goons. They couldn’t defend the two pastors. They can’t even bring themselves to defend the bravemen of the ARS. 

That lot believe Liberals should endure them, and Victorians put them in office ! Replace Bracks with a pack of blobbies who are not one jot better – that would be a very bad joke, Kroger’s and Costello’s Marshmallows hold the Treasury Bench – village idiots are a better bet than the KKR Parasite Party. For even village don’t roll over before thugs. Village idiots don’t serve thugs. The KKR do and on both counts. Village idiots might be simple, but they are not fools, and unprincipled cowards, unlike the KKR Party.

Both of them, the KKR parasites and the Bracks Junta parasites, they are not fit to serve as shoe shine boys and girls in Parliament, let alone sit as M.P.s. What a pack of thugs, the whole lot of them. They don’t give a stuff about Victorians for, as the B.O.R makes plain, all Victorians are not merely held in contempt, they must be reduced to vassal slaves a.s.a.p. to these conceited, ignorant, dumbed down, self-serving, venal, craven, totalitarian, scumbags.

I detest compulsory voting as it is. Not least for, pollies thus claim ‘mandates’ for any idiot scam, and to justify their larcenous conduct, but – vote for any of that lot, the Junta and the KKR, bull bloody shite. Throw them into jail is the proper course, and throw away the keys.

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