Steve Bracks’ Show Trial might well have backfired

I made the point, the show trial of ARS members is being run roughly along the lines of the Crimes Act, inclusive of, unlike in Common Law, no formal charges laid, and etc. It is a show trial, and it is backfiring. Silks, the general public, media airheads have expressed disgust.

Yet, as I have been demonstrating from the extensive body of evidence available over some years now, the Show Trial is entirely consistent with the direction the Junta has been moving in over most of its years in office. How thoroughly have any of them expressing their shock and disgust at the Junta’s Show trial bothered to read thoroughly any of the many police state Acts the Bracks Junta has rammed down upon Victorians? Very few it seems.

More disgusting has been the marshmallow inactivity of the KKR Parasite Party. The Show Trial is all outlined in the Crimes Act, which, to repeat, unlike the “OPI”, is aimed at every Victorian. Bye the bye, one of Bracks’, Holding’s and Hulls’ senior Yes Pleasemen, has spent the majority of his years as a bureaucrat in uniform, a Sen.-Sgt. observed on radio this morning. The Junta’s flunkey is the Assistant Commissioner, Nixon’s stick attachment.

It is not an inquiry. That was made plain late yesterday, when one of the ARS was threatened with, to quote, ” a very long jail term, unless you decide overnight to change your story.” It is an unlawful threat in Common Law, quite a remarkable thing to even raise in an inquiry. Most likely to be unlawful under the Federal Constitution is the Star Chamber Inquisitorial Show Trial and its Persecutor ‘Judges’ bent on convicting the victims, the ARS members, rightly or wrongly, and seeing them incacerated.

What was advertised as an inquiry is in fact a criminal trial, with due process denied the ARS members.The “witnesses’” are dangerous criminals, each with long a long record of violent crimes. In a criminal trial, in common law,  it is an unbreakable principle that defendants, through their barristers, must be allowed to make full discovery of all evidence that will be used against them. No ifs, no buts. In this case, the OPI goons are putting evidence that has been kept secret from the ‘accused’; another monstrous distortion of a criminal trial, reminiscent of the Show Trials under the Nazi and Soviet Regimes. Yet, it might well have backfired.

The public have no doubt the ARS has never been corrupt, and the officers now defending themselves in this mockery of justice are not corrupt. Moreover, on the allegations of a bit of biff used against violent thugs, the public fully appreciate what the ARS have had to deal with, scumbags who are prepared to kill and maim anybody who gets in their way, even if only accidentally, without batting an eyelid.

The Junta, as I have repeated many times over, is dominated by morons, totalitarians but possessed of the IQs of lobotomised dribbling idiots. I should repeat the amusing anecodote about a minister and what a compeletely stupid moron, related by a senior Public Servant who direclty worked under that Minister. They have believed one time too many the public would swallow another pack of damned lies and more of their perversion of Justice. What the junta, and its politically correct glove Puppets, Nixon and her sidekick attachment, and the goons of the OPI are doing by their corrupt farce of a trial is making Melbourne safe for violent, bloody, criminals.

This Show Trial already tells violent criminals only one thing: the Junta has made Melbourne safe for you to run riot. It tells police officers to forget about tackling dangerous criminals, lay off them or it will be you who are sent to jail for long stretches. The Crims will have figured, before Sunday even, the bleeding obvious, the Junta has, in this one action, made dangerous criminals untouchable, above the Rule of Common Law. After this, even if the ARS members can fend it off, it is silly to pretend police will tackle hardened, determined, murderous crims with their usual determination. At least, not without an army of Silks at their backs to fend off of the Junta, before they step within two miles of a dangerous crim.‘Don’t be ridiculous’, someone might object. Oh, ridiculous is it? Well tell that to the men being persecuted by the Junta and its puppets and goons for the crime of doing their jobs. Tell it to the police watching on. Tell it to Sen.-Sgt. Mullett. And, see how far you will get with your objection.

That is exactly what the Show trial is about. This Show Trial, unless it completely backfires against the Junta, virtually makes it impossible for officers charged with the duties of ARS to take out very dangerous criminals.

Make no mistake about it; the Junta is putting ordinary Victorians into grave and  very real danger because, they are making Melbourne safe for violent criminals. The Junta hasn’t tied the hands of the police; it has cut them off. Yet, this is what the Junta has been about all along, lopping off the hands of the police. It is why one security firm has came out swinging against the Junta and its determination to shut down the ARS by hook or by Crook, before the Show Trial was announced. The firm realised what the implications are, and the danger its employees are now in.

The Junta can’t chop off the force’s head and neck, because it has already done so. That’s why Nixon, her sidekick and other brass paper monkeys hold all the executive positions. The closest that lot have got to fighting dangerous crims is to stick a knife into the backs of the ARS.Right now, dangerous crims throughout Melbourne  are enjoying themsleves, laughing their heads off,  and are delirious with joy and can hardly believe their luck in this sudden discovery, their greatest allies and bed pals are all of them in the Junta.

Nixon has made it plain: in that secretly taped meeting, staged to tell the ARS it is finished, she said, ‘new models will be used which avoid putting police in harms way.’ Well, what Nixon stated is what the N.S.W. Govt. did: they put dangerous criminals to work to make life hell for ordinary men and women in N.S.W. That is exactly what the N.S.W. Govt. did. The N.SW. Govt., did to the N.S.W police force, and its ARS exactly what Bracks, Holding and Hulls are doing to the Victorian Police: rendering it totally incapable of fighting criminals, and we know why:

Because Bracks, in his Bill of Anti-Rights, is placing certain types above the law. To repeat, in that B.O.R., the Bracks Junta is literally granting carte blanche for certain types to commit violent crimes. That is exactly what the Bracks Junta has written into its totalitarian anti Bill of Rights.

The Junta wants a ductile police force which will no longer serve the Courts in Common Law, but totally obedient to the Junta and its leftist, treacherous, treasonous aims.

This is a show trial. Yet, it can backfire upon the Junta and its glove puppets and goons: because this Show trial has demonstrated with startling clarity what this Junta is actually on about. This Show Trial is now political dynamite: it can very well see scalps of Nixon, the Assistant Commissioner, the goons of the Orwellian named Office of Police Integrity and some of the Junta’s ‘Cabinet’ blown right off their ugly fat mugs

It shouldn’t be the ARS men fighting for their reputation, it is Bracks, Holding, Hulls, Nixon, her sidekick and the Goons of the OPI who should be dealt their own prescription, a Show trial. Put them up to Bracks favoured ‘Court of goons and see how those fat slobs like being the dealt the treatment they have so freely dealt out to:

The Two Pastors, and others in the Blasphemy Show Trials

X – and others hauled before VCAT, in more disgusting exhibitions of cruel Injustice. (Readers, I will turn to, soon enough, what Bracks has planned for VCAT or, what he has planned to convert it, under his anti-Bill of Rights, which comes into force in January 2007, -Hail, It comes! Enslavement Day!)

The ARS up before the “Inquiry”.

The Junta thoroughly deserve being dealt the medicine they deal out to increasing numbers of otherwise decent, law-abiding Victorians.

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