What the fight within the Victorian Liberal Party is about: Keeping things in perspective.

A few remarks about what is going on inside Victorian Liberal Party, centred on the Kroger clique, seem to be in order, to sweep away a few false impressions some onlookers hold. They will also serve to anchor some more items on the incompetence of the parliamentary wing of the Party, and their thorough failure to bring the Bracks Cabinet to book.

Some Journalists have attempted to equate it with ALP factions and faction fights, and they are wrong. It’s not a ‘faction fight’. It’s about a small clique running over the top of Liberal members and the principles of Liberals. The clique assumed Members would take such disgusting, thuggish treatment as obedient vassal serfs.

The clique is centred on Michael Kroger, consisting of his ex Helen Kroger, Peter Costello, their Toorak Political Brahman backers, and Kroger’s stick puppets, who hold the senior executive offices of the Victorian Liberal Party. Through the stick puppets, Kroger controls the executive of the Party, despite the fact he is only an ordinary member of the Party. This clique controls the Party. They are not the Liberal Party, nor a faction.

A political party is not a Church, and not a variation of Anglican broad Church -they are liturgical practices and belongs strictly within the Church.The rationale of the Liberal party is given in Liberal Principles; they are, after all, why members joined the Party and not because of some assumption the Party exists only as a means of delivering MPs. They expect MPs will hold those principles and act on them. The members have been let down rather badly, and the adjective is, betrayed.

Next to their thuggery, the clique centred on Kroger doesn’t give a fig about Liberal principles. The clique uses the Party only to serve themselves, and in doing so, treat the members with undisguised contempt. The members, according to that narrow, conceited, craven clique, are only there to supply funds and corvee labour; not for the Party, but to that treacherous Kroger clique.

It must be noted, Kroger could not control the Party if it were not for the Toorak Political Brahmans. Just as Sheezel, Hannan, and Barry are Kroger’s hired thugs – to the expense of members! Kroger is the Toorak Political Brahmans’ hired thug and stick puppet. They drop Kroger and he is finished in the Party. Dumping Kroger, however, would leave the Brahmans still in control, and free to continue their treacherous abuse of members; they are the root of the Kroger scourge.

The closest the mainstream media have come to hitting upon what is going on is a brief comment in the “Spencer Street Pravda” The Age, The man the Libs rejected. It is still trite and contains some factual errors: Prodos didn’t simply nominate for the seat of Richmond, the Branch members chose him as their Candidate.It was not simply that Maina Walkley “wasn’t a member of a branch”, which makes even sillier the continuation – “she received a special dispensation.”When the KKR decided to impose Walkley as the candidate, she was not a member of the Party, having let her membership lapse. The KKR used the rules of the Party and the Administrative Committee to impose Walkley, and broke Party Rules in doing it. It is against the rules for someone who is not a member to stand for office fullstop. This is quite apart from, Walkley’s loyalty is to the Philippines, and not to Australia and the Liberal party and its principles.

She has never had anything to do with Richmond. Richmond members are furious, hopping mad at the KKR, and as for Walkley, well, next to promoting the joys of multicultism, she’s bringing in a band of Filipinos to help her, because the Richmond Branch won’t have a bar of the woman. The serfs are refusing to fulfil corvee to Maina and the KKR.

Why did they choose her? She is a Kroger sycophant and an excellent stick puppet, which is why Kroger decided Walkley will be Richmond’s candidate. Why did he decide that? Prodos is a Liberal, and is formidable, and not a Kroger stick puppet. They are crimes in the eyes of Kroger and his seedy pals and his vicious ex, Helen.

The KKR’s actions against Prodos and Richmond amplified the KKR’s long record of thuggery against branches that dared select candidates not approved of by the clique. Helen Kroger (for instance), I’ve related before, stormed into a Waverley Branch meeting and told them to sack their Candidate and appoint the Krogers’ choice. The Branch members told her what she could do in very colourful language.

They totally under-estimated the calibre of the man and his accomplishments, because he is also colourful. Prodos is no mere ‘poet’, he is a first class brain – I won’t expand on this, besides, he’s published extensive material over the internet demonstrating it. Kroger and his stick puppets are not in Prodos’ league.The KKR, believing Prodos to be an easy target to attack, blundered.

Confident, they ventured more than their usual thuggish, stong-arm tactics against non-KKR candidates and their Branches. Kroger’s stick puppets: Sheezel, Hannan, and Barry defamed him, and ran to Crikey dot com with their lies. Crikey published on it, believing it a great wheeze but only to wake up with a note saying: You have committed defamation. Crikey has pulled down its slimey libels from its site.

The KKR, citing the lies they themselves invented, announced Prodos was, under Party Rules, unfit to hold any Liberal office. Kroger and his stick puppets then set up a Star Chamber to ‘try’ Prodos. Consider it ladies and gentleman, the KKR’s actions are the same as those of the Bracks administration through its Blasphemy courts and OPI; that is how disgusting and shocking their thuggery was. Moreover, it is the KKR clique who showed themselves unfit to hold any office – it is a disgrace that Helen Kroger has been handed a safe Senate Seat for the 2007 Federal election, and, under the rules, it is she who must be sacked as the Senate Candidate.

As I wrote reports on the developing scandal, on information supplied by my moles inside 104 Exhibition, they began to panic at the exposure of what he was doing to Richmond. Orders from up on High and Mighty were given to his stick puppets. Readers will recollect, to kiss and make up with Prodos – what an insult. Next, and to “request’ Prodos to “call off his attack dogs”, referring to Brookesnews and Mangled Thoughts; another insult, and besides which, one has never had any communication with Prodos at all, all my info came from moles.

Indeed, Helen Kroger demanded a mole hunt, and a ‘cleansing’ of the Party and 104 Exhibition Street. The Krogers and their Toorak Brahman backers, and the stick puppets became increasingly paranoid, due to 104 leaking faster than a colander.

Having managed in the end to sack Prodos, the KKR committed more breaches and abuses of Party Rules. They used the administrative committee to over-ride the Branch and impose Walkley.

Here’s the poison: the upshot of their treachery, thuggery and vicious action, to eject a fine, upstanding candidate for Walkley; KKR killed off the capacity of Richmond to fight a solid campaign for a seat requiring a swing of c. 24% against ALP. Walkley is a walking black joke to Liberal members throughout Victoria, not just Richmond Branch, and she’s a joke to most Richmondites.

To get their way, the Kroger clique proved in very ugly fashion how contemptuous they are of:

Liberal Party Members

Members who would make fine upstanding Candidates

How treacherous they in fact are – their willingness to stab Prodos in the back and damage the Party electorally is breath-taking.


That they are treacherous, and have wrecked the Party is due to, as one  stated right at the beginning of this shocking scandal, long before the mainstream media publicised it, the Kroger clique don’t give a stuff for the Party and, importantly, what it stands for. They serve only themselves, they are a venal, craven, conceited pack of thugs.

Kroger controls the Party not because the clique are all the members. The clique is only a tiny percentage of the members. Kroger controls it because Krogerites have been jobbed into crucial Party executive positions. Thus, Kroger controls the crucial machinery of the Party. Thus, the KKR are free to dictate to Branches’ candidate selection meetings, and strong-arm branches into submission. The result is jobbing.

What the clique have done thoroughly to the Party, and continue to do it, is imposing as candidates only those acceptable to the KKR clique. The composition of the parliamentary wing of the Victorian Liberal Party is the upshot of the clique’s jobbing:

Spineless, unprincipled, clueless superannuated halfwits who have been jobbed into Liberal seats and worse, safe seats. It is why that lot might as well be a wing of the ALP. They are not Liberals; their record under Dr. Naphthine, Mr. Doyle, and, now, Mr. Baillieu, shows it.

They have failed to stand up for Liberal Principles. They have supported much legislation, which, bluntly, is shocking, and the most infamous instance is their whole-hearted support for the Blasphemy Act.

They don’t hurt Bracks and the ALP. They won’t bring the Bracks Cabinet to Brook because that lot is not any better at all.

Indeed, we have the spectacle of Ted Baillieu promising not to rectify the malfeasance and stasiland laws of the Bracks Cabinet. He has promised to increase them. He’s promised to multiply regulations on Victorians. He has declared he will increase the government’s annual plunder and squander. Baillieu isn’t promising to bring an end to the fraudulent bilge of environmentalism; he’s promised to deliver more items on the Greenies’ long wish list. One could set a long list of not at all Liberal ‘policies’. They are not possessed of single Liberal bone in their bodies.

They are so dense and ignorant, they can’t tell the difference. They believe they are Liberals. They don’t see what  Party members see and has their blood up against the KKR and the Parliamentary Wing. The P.Wing has been reduced to just another leftist socialist Party, stuffed with superannuated, boneless blobs feeding their fat faces to real taxpayer’s expense, while pretending to be Liberal MPs. Their attitude, moreover to members, principles, and constituents (re their duties as Liberal MPs) is the same as that of the clique. They, and the clique, are no better than the rotten Bracks Cabinet. The whole lot of them don’t give a damn about Victorians. Victorians are just vassal serfs.

Thus we have laid out what the whole fight within the Party is about. Laid out is why Kroger is in control of the Party, and why the P. Wing is what it is.

Liberal Members are preparing to deal with Kroger and his pals. They are waiting for polling day to pass in order to ensure:

There is no doubt who is responsible for another defeat;

Thus, the Kroger clique cannot wriggle off the hook.;

To put it beyond doubt, clique, by their self-serving treachery are entirely responsible for the wreckage.

There will be nowhere for the clique to hide, and they know it.

The clique has ensured not one more term of the Bracks Cabinet. They have, , realistically, handed Bracks at least two more terms.

What angers members even more is the implications of another four years of Bracks and then, another 8 years. It is all due to Kroger, Toorak Doctor’s wives and Toorak Political Brahmans. They have, in their selfish, venal treacherous way, thoroughly wrecked also the Parliamentary wing, reduced it to only a gravy train ride for conceited, incompetent, spineless jobbers.

It’s not a faction fight. There are no factions. There is only the Liberal Party, and, then there is the KKR Clique, which has taken over the Party as a parasite and they have wrecked it.

It is a small clique who are thuggishly running over members, abusing them, spitting in their faces, and on the reason for membership; Liberal Principles.

Honestly, the Kroger clique should join the Party they belong to, the ALP, and take their useless MPs with them. This is what the fight is about.

As I’ve said before, the journalists have been sniffing around, writing on it, but only from the outside looking in. Consequently, they don’t have grip on what its all about, as the above article from The Age shows once again.

The background to Richmond was an amplification of what Kroger, his backers and his stick puppets have been doing to branches for years now. They went further than their usual thuggery when they went for Prodos.

Liberal Party members are furious at them, and also because of:

A Party is not a Church, nor a variation of Anglican broad Church -they are liturgical practices strictly internal to the Church.

The rationale of the Liberal party is given in Liberal Principles. The clique centred on Kroger find those principles obnoxious and an obstacle to their own interests. The control of the Kroger clique is reflected in a totally useless, spineless, ductile, unprincipled Parliamentary wing.

Obviously, it’s good news to opponents of not simply the Liberal party, but the principles of Liberalism, inclusive of economics. Just as a Liberal is hardly disturbed whenever factions shred the ALP.

This is politics, not a happy clappy sing-along in a parish Church. Journalists have been wide of the mark all the way through the scandal.

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