Is Rod Hulls A Thief?

Indeed, is he the only Bracks Cabinet Minister who is a thief? The Victorian Government State Trustees Office comes under the ministerial responsibility of several Cabinet ministers. Right now, ‘Trustees’ seems a euphemism for something entirely different.During the last few days, I was handed shocking information This is a two part item on what the Bracks Govt. is doing daily to many Victorians, by its Office, the Victorian Office of State Trustees, and on a massive scale.

One has continued to remind readers of the case of X and Y, and still running.In summary:

The Office has sought to have courts declare X insane and made a “ward of the state”. The reason, to seize X’s assets and strip them. As I related, they have effectively done that in regards to X’s superannuation and bank accounts.

Readers might recall, they shut down X’s accounts and transferred her funds into the Office’s central accounts. They have refused to obey court orders requiring a return of only a fraction of the property and, at that, income stream from X’s superannuation.

The Office declared, ” We don’t have to”. They are confident in their authority to defy courts. That they are, points directly to the Ministry, for that is the basis of their authority. The Ministry has direct responsibility and oversight for their actions and, crucially, in its compliance with the Law and its duty as ‘trustees’ -this is Hull’s immediate job.

The Office has stripped 1/3 of the value of the units in X’s super account. Yes, that is right, they’ve literally stolen 1/3 of her super fund. Where are the missing funds is anybody’s guess, except for: they are in some Govt. account and that means spent. This is not all.

The Office is busy attempting to seize X’s fixed assets. A court order has been issued against the Office to stop the Office.

The office has deliberately told lies against X and her spouse. The lies they have told before a court include: X and Y are not married and don’t live together. Documentary evidence had to be supplied to incontrovertibly prove the Office had lied to the court – perjury. Why did they lie? It is central to their tactics in seeking to have X declared insane.

As I stated, X is not insane. X does have multiple sclerosis, which has impaired X’s eyes to a degree, and that is all.

X has been forced to ‘prove’ that she is not insane, itself a mockery of due process, rules of evidence and much else besides.

To be clear: The objective of the Office all along has been to seize X’s property, and transfer it into the Govt.’s accounts.

It has done so already, the 1/3 of the Super fund it has siphoned off. It has taken other balances.

Readers, the case of X, right through from the beginning, is shocking enough. Yet, it pales before what has been divulged to me.

What the Govt. runs is not done against a few Victorians: It is done on a large scale, by its Office of State Trustees. It is well known by accounting firms and financial firms all around Melbourne. I begin with another case, related by my sources, and it is know by firms around Melbourne.

T1 is or was (past tense for reasons to be made very clear) an heir to family property. After a shocking accident, in which the family was killed, T1 was the family’s sole heir – and was , due to the horrific accident, a wealthy woman.

T1 was of modest means, lived in the outer suburbs. By prudence, she had paid off her own house.

T1 inherited a country property, with valuable livestock, equipment, and of course, all goods and valuables that came with house and property.

T1 has, or had, very close and decent friends who have stood by X in her grief. T1 was, as readers can imagine, more than distraught. T1, understandably, had a nervous breakdown.

The Office of State Trustees found out about T1, her inheritance, and her nervous breakdown.

The Office moved swiftly against T1, and succeeded in having T1 declared ‘schizophrenic’ and a ‘Ward of the State’. They then took over all T1’s property.

The office made a paper only sale of the two properties and for the paper only grand total of $40,000

$40,000 for one urban house; 1 country farm with homestead; plus very valuable livestock and equipment; all goods, chattels, and valuables in both houses. All that was T1’s and her family, seized and sold right out from under her.

Who purchased the properties in the ‘sale’ .is rhetorical only. The Govt. that’s who.

They then sold the properties, livestock and all goods, into markets for their full values. The Govt. has pocketed millions of dollars worth of proceeds from this act of naked robbery against T1, as is par for the course in other cases

They made T1, is/was totally destitute, and reduced her to the lot of a tramp.

Coming so soon after the disaster, T1, as readers can appreciate, totally broke down. Understandably, T1 no longer bothered even bathing. Then, so soon after these monstrous actions against T1, T1 disappeared.

T1’s friends are, understandably, distressed, having never seen T1 again or even heard of T1 again. What the Govt. did to T1 lead to her disappearance.

Realistically, T1 might be dead and if that is the case, the Govt’s. actions– lead to her death.

They committed robbery, and they did it using the courts, having succeeded in having T1 declared a ‘schizophrenic’ and on that, made a ” Ward of the State” and from that, the Office made T1’s “trustees”. The rest was simple.

It is easy to fathom how they could have laundered the property and the proceeds back into the Govt. revenues, so let’s not waste time on this, it is the fact of what they did to her that matters.

They did it all in a very short period of time.

What types are they to so readily rob anyone of even 1/3 of their property?

What sort of people are they to do it to someone who is overcome with grief, and kick her out into the gutters, to have possibly to have died from all the grief and trauma she was made to endure by the Govt.

Many Victorians have found out to their distress, suffering, and great losses what a pack of thugs that lot are. This is not a story, readers, these are facts; it is what the Govt., through its agents, the Office and VCAT did to T1, and what they have done to many Victorians, and continue to do.

That’s right: there are victims who once owned their own homes and now don’t. There is a large number of Victorians who have had their accounts stripped by the Office. Some are now completely destitute, and, as in the case of T1, worse off. Those the office manages to have declared ‘mental health patients’ and ‘wards’ have suffered the very worst the Office can deal out to its ‘clients’.

On top of all this, it charges its victims a 5-6% per annum admin fee before they are finished with their victims. Or, until victims finally succeed to get the Govt. kicked out of their private property and have their full inalienable rights restored.

The Office offers ‘financial services’ through its ‘retail shops’ -touting for the business of any potential ‘customer’ who is ignorant of what the Office is doing, and face it, many are, as I have been until the day I was informed of the case of X and, now, these latest revelations.

It is well known by many firms what the Office is doing to very many Victorians who decide to use its services. Once the Office gets its claws into anyone’s properties, that is it, they start siphoning of amounts. Firms have tried to fight back but it is very difficult and for several reasons:

The Office has behind it the full authority of the Ministry. Secondly, fighting the Office and seeking to reclaim all property, including compensation for the amount of property stolen is, at best, difficult, and exorbitant to pay for and the reason why is simple:

The Office, for instance, can secure a Supreme Court order against any of its victims it calls its ” clients’ and “customers’’, who decide to fight back, in a matter of hours. It costs a victim $700 to lodge one appeal and takes longer for a ‘client’ than a mere few hours. To proceed to court action, requires, even in VCAT, a QC – that is correct, a QC, and that means a cost of a minimum of $2,000 per sitting day. Keep in view, the Office fields a side of lawyers.

For the Office, the expense of legals is pin money. Why? Just consider that 1/3 of a victim’s funds; and any more it siphons out of the victim’s other accounts it has seized, renders $700 for a Supreme Court order against a Victim, a trifle. Keep in view, a Supreme Court Judge is completely ignorant of the case itself, and what is going on. The Judge is relying on the fact of , the statutory standing and reputation of the office, and that of Hulls’ Office.

The Office’s are barely a cent against the day it succeeds in seizure of all a victim’s property. It will realise proceeds on properties worth anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to, as in the case of T1, some millions of dollars. We can see, just from the case of T1 Office is engaged in large scale fraud and robbery.

The Office runs on the principle; victims will give up because they will be financially exhausted. It works. Worse as a victim’s trustee, as in the case of X, they starve their victim of income so the victim cannot maintain even their daily living expenses let alone afford to fight. (X is lucky, with her spouse, she has been able to run the case but even then, it has been a great burden on them to fight the case.)

The Office proceeds to ensure a case is dragged out, with the cooperation of VCAT. They will wait for as long as it takes to bankrupt the victim, to starve the victim out. If it takes 3, or 5 years, or more, they will see it out – the ‘rewards’ make it worthwhile. Moreover, during all that time the Office uses the victim’s funds, and is siphoning off, in X’s case, 1/3 of her just her super fund.

That’s right, it uses funds held in trust, to not increase the capital of its victims, but to make profits for the government. They run down their ‘clients’ and ‘customers’ accounts to enrich the Govt. and its employees. By ‘run down’, what it is of course, is literal robbery, and committed on a massive scale.

Here’s the rub; the evidence for the activities of the Govt. is widespread. Firms, lawyers, advisers, and victims, their seconds and close friends, can furnish the evidence they have, and I was given no doubt, the evidence is very damning, it is extensive, it is overwhelming so long as investigations conducted into the Govt. are run by unimpeachable criminal detectives and other officers of the Crown of impeccable reputation.

There is a hint; witnesses are reluctant to come forth right now because of the real fear of what the Govt, through its Office, can do to them in retaliation. A police investigation and a full Parliamentary Inquiry is required.

The Federal Attorney General might indeed have to act, in view of who is involved and what is involved.

P.S.:The Dept of Justice – under Attorney General; Rod Hulls; “Human Services”- Helen Garbutt; Finance and Treasury – the Treasurer John Brumby, to name a few ministers; and Thwaites; all have direct ministerial responsibilities for the Office of State Trustees.

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