It’s the Maina & Michael Kroger Show Extravaganza – to Win the Seat of Richmond.

With Kroger’s full support and approval, Maina Walkley, announced she will hold her campaign launch in Maidstone Village. That’s right, Maidstone Village, and not in Richmond.

My Mole in 104 Exhibition told all. I assumed it was a joke. My mole cut the belly laugh,”It’s not funny! It’s true.” “It’s true?” “Yes. Kroger approved it” We both broke up laughing.

Maina decided she would hold her extravaganza in Maidstone Village. She put in her request and Kroger approved it.

Well, Kroger does control the Party. He gives the orders, he hires and fires Party employees. He wrote Sheezel a $4,000 a week pay packet. He does much else, so, we can tell, there’s nothing irregular in Kroger directing the election campaign.

For those not familiar with Victoria, Maidstone is northwest of Melbourne, crammed in between Flemington racetrack, home of the Melbourne Cup, on its right , Footscray up its bottom, and Sunshine on its left. Richmond is decidedly south, in up against the City ,miles S-E-S from Maidstone village. The voters of Richmond are noticed in Maidstone for their absence.

The Mayor was grumbling only the other day, I’m sure, Richmondites.are a fickle lot , they won’t pay me tithe (rates). Maidstone Branch members are furious, no doubt, at the no-show of the Richmondites in Maidstone booths last State election.

The merits are obvious. Maina’s sole voting base and her own Kroger Party Branch, resides there, Filipinos. They’re loyal to Maina, she’s loyal to them, they’re all loyal to each other. Why, they’re even loyal to the Philippine Govt. A good thing too because, there’s safety in numbers and being far away — Liberal vassal serfs in Richmond are in pretty mutiny.

Maina’s big night out, her Ring-a-Ding-a-Ling Circus, is an all clown show -featuring her dancing troupe of Filipino flappers. Kroger must be there too, for he ordered it, and only stabbed Prodos and Richmond members in order to inflict Maina upon the serfs.

Maina shares many of his qualities. She hasn’t a Liberal Principle in her bod; doesn’t give a stuff about the Party, Victorians, and Australians. She’s out for herself. She’s conceited and dense – it’s yet to penetrate, Richmond detests her. She’s highly qualified too – as an enthusiastic supporter of Kroger.

Kroger has only one other pal in the world, his twin, Peter Costello. So, it must be a comfort to him to have Maina right up behind him.

No, really, the man is not liked at all in Victoria. There are shoe repairers who will tell you: ” Kroger, that man. Oh I remember him.” In rural Victoria, Liberal members are honest on Kroger, so long as they’re sure you aren’t a Kroger stooge – reprisals breeds reticence.

Maina and Kroger should be consistent, and run the rest of their campaign in Maidstone. Yet, they’ve done enough with this stunt.

What did the Maidstone Branch and their Candidate do to Kroger to deserve such punishment? What will the voters in Maidstone make of Maina running for Richmond in their seat, and while the Maidstone Liberal Candidate is yet to open his campaign? Answer: The Liberals have gone completely bonkers and round the bend.

What will be the great impact of the Ring a Ding a Ling Circus night ? Richmond is gone so, what the heck, why not go the whole hog and wipe out Maidstone too? For Kroger has only, by this stunt, wiped out more Liberal votes. Brilliant just, spiffing brilliant. Kroger, the Political Meister Clutzenhead.

What about Maidstone Branch members and Candidate? What, what are they supposed to make of it? Turn up and give Maina and Kroger their wholehearted support, cheer, applaud, and pound the streets for her, crying:

“Roll up, roll up and see the amazing Kroger and his dancing stick puppet. See the greatest clown show in town!”

All they can do is weep in their homes, as Kroger, Maina and her flapping Filipinos trample the electorate into mud in a single night.

The only good thing about the launch is: it won’t inflict more damage in Richmond. Kroger has made it an impregnable ALP seat, so they can’t inflict more damage. Neither can, stuck out in Maidstone, Kroger and Maina disturb Richmondites with their riot – Maidstonites will be frothing but they’re far away.

Besides, next to many other matters, Richmondites won’t like one jot Maina’s and Kroger’s grand plan to make Richmond for ever an outpost of the Philippine Govt.

Kroger has once again, by this stunt, shown how dense he is. So, just to cheer up Kroger: it won’t be long before a sobriquet is doing the rounds in Maidstone, and Richmond:

‘Maina the Maidstone Village Idiot Stick Puppet. ‘

The Monty Python crew combined effort to brains to come up with good scripts. Kroger just comes up with his stuff – and the man is denser than a concrete slab, and possessed of all the humour and wit of a hired thug.

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