Michael Kroger has commenced his purge of the Victorian Liberal Party.

My mole in 104 Exhibition Street has informed me: Kroger has ordered a Branch to be shut down. Kroger has a list of branches he will proceed to shut down. Kroger has also stopped formation of any new branches. The reason: to eliminate any Liberal Party member who is -opposed to him, suspected of opposing him. To eliminate Branches not loyal to him, are independent (of him); to ensure no such new Branch is formed.

Kroger has already ordered his stick puppet, $4000 a week Sheezel, to shut down the Kingston heath Branch. Kroger is using as his excuse; it doesn’t have enough members to be effective, and render its meetings official. The Branch has 15 members! It is also very active, unlike Dandenong Branch.

Dandenong has held one meeting, over 12 months ago. Its membership barely scrapes above 1.The President, a Mrs. Cunningham, employed by an MP, doesn’t lift a finger to make the Branch work. It won’t be closed because, it is dead. Unless, a spark of activity is seen, then Kroger would act against it, out of fear.

Kroger is beginning with Kingston Heath first, for the real reason: Its Chairman, Mr. Tim Warner, is a very active Liberal Party member, serving in 15 offices. Warner is, in Kroger’s eyes, a criminal. Warner, you see, opposes Kroger.Shutting down the Branch disqualifies Warner from continuing to serve the Party in those positions. Kroger, kills two foes with one stone, an active, independent Branch, and a staunch Liberal Party member, who opposes Kroger.

Kroger has ordered Julian ‘the Weasel’ Sheezel to do the dirty work. Well, that’s a mystery cleared up – why Kroger wrote a $4,000 week pay packet for ‘The Weasel’, because Jules sure doesn’t earn a cent of what he’s paid. He doesn’t produce a thing. What would he earn in enterprise? A junior clerk’s rates? He’s not capable of producing anything above $4,000 to warrant $4k a week.

Now we know why Kroger signed over $4,000 a week to “The Weasel”. Already Kroger’s hired thug, Kroger has nastier hit jobs for him. Oh, let’s not omit Kroger’s other thugs; Hannan, whose only career success to date is sucking up to Kroger, with the help of his big brother, and Potty “Mouth” Barry. Liberal Party members hand over funds and fees so Kroger can put his personal thuggish puppets into executive jobs and on pay many in enterprise, who are superior to that lot, will not see.

Michael Kroger is using the Victorian Liberal Party offices, 104 Exhibition St, as an extension to his in his Toorak mansion, and to eliminate –

Any Party member who opposes him; any Branch which opposes him; and any Branch independent of him.

Kroger, having stripped Richmond Branch of its voting rights, to impose Maina Walkley, is now making his major move: eliminating members, and stripping members of their Branches altogether, many Branches. Kingston is only the first on Kroger’s initial hit list.

Now, one did give the Federal Liberal Party a warning, in the article, Helen Kroger’s nomination for a safe seat a mere formality.

They should attend to the passage on what Helen Kroger said to Michael Kroger’s rubber stamp ‘selection committee’. There are senior Liberal figures, women as well as men, who have met Helen Kroger, and they have each said, independently:

She is a moron, she is a nasty bit of work, and she will be a disaster in the Senate, and a major embarrassment to the Party. She must be sacked as Senate Candidate for a safe Liberal Seat.

The Federal Party can find a reason to demand this. Under Party rules, she has demonstrated herself to be unfit. Yet, reason or no reason, when presented with a candidate like Helen, Federal ALP has intervened and thrown out such candidates. The Liberal Party must do the same; it has no choice, for Helen will, not might, not can; Helen will damage the Federal Liberal Party. My sources know the woman, and they are certain of it, for they have seen her in action firsthand.

Perhaps Helen only parroted Kroger when she told the selection committee, there must be a purge of the Party. One commented back then what a purge would be about. Right on the money, Michael has launched his Purge and, to use Helen’s euphemism, ‘rectification of the Party’.

Michael Kroger is eliminating Liberals, and Liberal Branches. Talent is stopped – the escalator has been switched off. In Prodos’ case, he got further than many other Liberals did, so Kroger had to knife him in public. There are blacklists of Liberals, identified as either opposed to/ as trouble for/as potential trouble/as merely being brighter, – to Kroger, his stick puppets and that lot of MPs in Spring St. Kroger is stopping formation of new Branches.

What counts is only Kroger and his Toorak Brahmin backers. They hold members in contempt, as so much dirt under the shoes, and only to be trampled on.

Now, what should all this tell the Federal Liberal Party? This:

Kroger is strangling the Party; he is killing it off. The Prime Minister wishes the Party to engage the general public, inclusive of at the local level. Kroger has made sure that that cannot occur long ago. It no longer engages Party members, and now it cannot at all engage them. Worse; there won’t be a Victorian Liberal Party to engage any Victorian. Oh, there will be Kroger, Costello, Helen Kroger, Toorak Political Brahmins, Kroger’s stick puppets, and that’s all. Wow.

What Kroger has now set himself to do is more than accelerating what is of deep concern to the Federal Party, the decline in members. He has effectively set himself to finish them off altogether.

Moreover, it is very likely that the Liberals will not survive the State election as a registered Parliamentary Party.

The Federal Party is facing the reality; the Victorian wing will be completely smashed, unless the Federal Party intervenes now. The Federal Party, therefore, also faces being wiped out in Victoria.

Or, is the Prime Minister relying on Michael Kroger, Peter Costello and Helen Kroger to do the work the Victorian Party doesn’t even cope with anymore?

Oh, who & how many will there be to even merely man polling booths – Kroger’s chums (- ‘that’s what the serfs are for’, but those not eliminated by Kroger are fleeing their Overlords)?

Kroger has to be sacked. Kroger’s stick puppets in 104 Exhibition Street have to be fired. Helen Kroger has to be sacked as the Senate Candidate in a safe Liberal seat. That’s only for starters.

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  3. Helen Kroger’s nomination for a safe seat is a mere formality. « mangledthoughts Says:

    […] Michael Kroger has commenced his purge of the Victorian Liberal Party. […]

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