Helen Kroger’s nomination for a safe seat a mere formality.

I repost the above article, written on the day a selection committee for a safe Liberal Senate seat affixed Michael Kroger’s rubber stamp ( the Committee)  to Helen’s nomination form. In it, I wrote of the implications for the Federal Liberal Party. What I wrote in that article, 21/6/06, is accurate and confirmed by the further decline of the Victorian Party, and what Kroger is now doing to the Victorian Liberal Party, described in,

Michael Kroger has commenced his purge of the Victorian Liberal Party.

So, Helen Kroger’s nomination for a safe seat a mere formality


Yesterday, I wrote of the Federal ambitions of the Kroger Party, and did so to also warn Federal Liberals to act now before it is too late.

The KKR are preparing to do to the Federal Liberal Party what they have done to the Victorian Liberal Party; infect it with the cancer the Kroger Party. I alerted readers to Kroger’s decision to lob is ex, Helen, into a safe Liberal Seat.

We’ve summarised how the Kroger Party seizes seats, by rigging selection through Branch Committees, thuggery, intimidation, using Party rules to suborn Branch and members, smears and Branch stacking. Believing I had finished for the day, as I was packing up, my intel lines ran hot:

Helen has appeared before the Selection Committee of the Branch for the safe seat she craves for. The point to the exercise is, of course, is not Helen Kroger, or any other Kroger Krony and Glove Puppet, providing good reasons, and demonstrating sound credentials to Branches, to only consider any of them for appointment to a seat. No, for the KKR, a Branch Selection Committee is merely a formality, with a KKR thug telling the Committee:

“Vassal serfs, you have appointed me to the seat. Any objections and I shall send Tony Barry around to kick your heads in and, you won’t be able to do a thing about it. Now, piss off, I have to write my maiden speech.”

Helen Kroger might as well have said that to Committee because, there is no difference between the tenor of that line and the tenor of what she actually did say to the Committee. Moreover, in saying it, she single handedly launched a KKR purging of the Victorian Liberal Party, and their own version of Krystallnacht – and burning of the Reichstag, 104 Exhibition St.

If Federal Liberals are not yet reaching for their axes to lop Krogerite heads, this article might see them out the door pronto, axes in hand, roaring: “Let me at ‘em! Pulverise the Party will they! I’ll give those scumbags a pulverising they’ll never forget!”

The Kroger Party and their Partner in crime, Peter Costello, will wreck the Party Federally too, if they are not stopped now. Out with the axes, Liberals and go for those treacherous thugs, it’s either you or them; just look at the Victorian Party, they have wrecked it and reduced it to a stinking, burned out heap.

Helen Kroger didn’t explain her principles to the Committee. Not that Helen has any Liberal principles, so she couldn’t open her fat mouth on that subject without looking rather more completely stupid than she does now, and that’s a feat because “she is a stupid moron”, as well as being a “common as muck thug”.

Secondly, she didn’t explain why she is competent to serve in Parliament. Well, she can’t expand on that subject either.

What can she do that a drug addled prostitute couldn’t for the Liberal Party in Parliament? Actually, I’d bet on the drug addled prostitute getting off the coke, cleaning up her life and doing what Helen Kroger couldn’t a grip on in a life-time: acquiring Liberal Principles; bothering to learn matter crucial to Liberal principles, and thus, acquiring the discipline to work as a Liberal Party MP, do it meritoriously, unlike the lot wallowing in leather in Spring Street, and Helen Kroger .

She didn’t show any interest in policies. She didn’t mention anything resembling even a wet rag of a policy at all. Well, she could have but not, obviously, genuinely Liberal policies. She could have expanded on the Kroger Party Policy:

  1. Establish a KKR triumvirate perpetually held by Kroger, His Parasite Party and Costello
  2. Plunder no longer only Victorians, but all Australians and transfer the proceeds into their own accounts and those of their backers and Pals, Toorak Brahmans.
  3. Put that pack of left dominated socialist economic saboteurs, the ALP into office, permanently.
  4. Eviscerate the Federal Liberal Party.
  5. Work diligently to aid and abet the ALP thugs.
  6. Reduce all Australians to vassal serfs.

She could have because, that is what Kroger and his Toorak Brahmin backers have been doing all along to the Victorian Party. It is effortless for the KKR to implement them, since they have honed them to perfection in Victoria; Federal Parliament and Cabinet should be a breeze to deal with.

Helen could have entertained the Committee, all night long, and illuminated for their benefit what really counts, according to “Maximum Leader”. Namely, the Committee’s duty as vassal serfs to Kroger, and Helen as their Branch Uber Lordess.

She did declare what might be called a policy to the Committee. A very peculiar policy it is too, loaded with sections headed by such interesting titles as: `Thuggery’; `Coercion’; `Revenge’; `There will be only one Victorian Liberal Party, The Kroger Party’; Ingrates are to be sacked and booted out of the Party’.

Yes, while she was reticent to mention even a hint of the first 6 policies, Helen waxed long and enthusiastically on the 7th policy. Incredible, so self-absorbed, believing herself a lady, and possessed of high learning, rather than the common as muck thug and moron she is, she told, not explained but told, the Committee what, as a Federal MP, she would do to the Victorian Party.

There are 2 sections to Policy No.7 of the KKR Party Platform that she told the Committee. There is a third section to it she didn’t state, but we have disclosed it elsewhere – to flood Federal Victorian Liberal seats with Kroger Kronies and Glove Puppets, and then proceed to pulverise the rest of the Federal Liberal Party.

The two sections she did declare agree, however, with the aims of section 3

Section I: `I, Helen Kroger, will rectify the party.’

Consider that word, it’s usually used only by the decent, and not scumbags. The verb means, to correct something which is wrong, to eliminate something bad, and return the subject of rectification to its proper basis. It has a secondary sense, to refine and purify something, to perfect it.

Well, Liberal members are calling for the rectification of the Victorian Party, to re-order it to the principles which it should serve to advance, and do so by eliminating the reason why it is defective, the KKR control of the Party.

A Kroger Party member, however, corruptly uses the verb as a euphemism for, gutting the Party entirely of Liberals, certainly offices of the Party, and forge the entire Victorian Party to the dictates of the Krogers, their Kronies, as enforced by their glove puppets.

Section II. `I, Helen want 104 exhibition purged, and I want it done now.’

What Helen really means by the perpendicular is really her ex-hubby, Michael Kroger. She’s only reciting his decrees, as a dicta machine on playback.

Yes, a purge is needed at 104 Exhibition Street. Kroger’s glove puppets and thugs, Julian Sheezel, Russell Hannan, and Tony Barry, have to be booted out of the executive jobs, which they are not fit and proper types to hold. They, however, are not the targets for the purge. Those to be purged are those who, on a flippant whim, can be suspected of:

Being Liberals

Glove Puppets but suspected of being loose with information Kroger Party, Sheezel, Hannan, and Barry, try to keep secret from those they do not one jot serve, Liberal members of the Party.


Defiers of Micahel Kroger and his KKR Party.

Sounds like paranoia doesn’t it, and it is paranoia. Mind, that means Helen will also have to, in order to make sure the KKR has totally secured 104, sack cleaners of toilets, the carpets, the windows, and rubbish bins. To make absolutely certain, they had best go the whole hog and implement something their fellow thug in crime, Peter Costello, is a great proponent of for all Australians, a Kroger Party Police State identity card.

It must be issued only after thorough Star Chamber grilling of the unlucky sods, a thorough examination of their past, and their bank accounts – in case it is worth K. and C hoovering them. Indeed, applicants for those lowly serfs’ jobs should supply every sales docket they have received throughout their entire lives, and any other private and detail information they can furnish to the KKR secret Party Police. This is not at all too much of an exaggeration:

I have held this juicy revelation for a time now, to use at the right time, and the time is now. A mole informed me:

So paranoid is the KLP and their glove puppets inside 104, and having frequent nervous breakdowns over the sheer number of leaks pouring out of 104, through the holes in the walls, the floorboards, the windows, they had decided the leaks were all due to electronic means: wire taps and bugging.

The KKR spent Party funds, Liberal members’ fees and donations, on hiring a counter surveillance expert to debug 104. After an exhaustive search throughout the entire building, the contractor reported that not one single bug had been planted in the office.

They didn’t trust the contractor had told them the truth, so they hired another contractor, again at great expense to Liberal members, to debug the joint. The leaks continued The KKR decided the contractor must have been mistaken and In that case, petitio princippii, they really cannot trust what the second outfit told them. Alternatively, perhaps, they feared the first contractor were Liberal spies infiltrating their inner sanctum. In fact, they can’t trust anyone telling the truth about what a leaky place the whole building is, that the building itself has great holes in its walls, to the amusement of passers by in the Street.

The aim of the purge is to take complete control of 104. This would make it, effectively, the personal property of the Kroger party, staffed only with trusty sycophants, glove puppets, loyal thugs, and loyal vassals who will be granted the indulgence of cleaning the toilets, the carpets, the windows, and emptying the rubbish bin. It’s an underhanded transfer of the Victorian Liberal Party’s private property to themselves. On the other hand, it is also part and parcel of their aim to seize total, totalitarian control over the Liberal Party.

In case any reader finds it difficult accepting the account of that Branch Committee is true, the punch line is. Kroger Kronies, glove puppets, and those too gutless to stand up to the Krogers are already acting on Helen’s demand to purge the Party, and that points back to, in the first instance the Committee itself.

A very reliable informant has told me, a mole, the KKR are preparing to purge 104 and that a number of employees are nervous because of the immediate threat, they will be sacked, on Helen Krogers’ orders. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, some employees are to be sacked for even being suspected of being not altogether loyal to the Krogers and their Party. They will not be sacked for being defective in the performance of their jobs:

The cause is the Kroger Party’s vendetta against anyone they suspect of passing on information which does not betray the Liberal Party, but which discloses what the Kroger Party and their glove puppets inside 104 are doing to the Victorian Liberal Party.

It is not protecting confidential Liberal Party business that has stirred the KKR’s interest in security. They don’t give a damn about the Liberal Party and members. No, they are anxious to keep concealed information which might even only hint of what they are doing to the Victorian Liberal Party, and not just top, top secret is information which discloses the actions, current and planned of the Kroger Party.

That mob of scumbags are using Liberal Party funds and 104 for their own vicious interests and aims. They have decided to sack employees who are not employees of the Krogers and their glove puppets, but of the Liberal Party. Or, for other crimes such as: some might be Liberals, and not KKR loyal vassals, hired thugs, and sock puppets; some might despise them, some might be so disgusted by them that, even a cleaner might pass on a bit of note-paper reading, “I can’t stand the rotten slobs.”

Of Helen’s 7th policy, one section is already being acted upon. It is nothing more than the Kroger Party staging their own version of Krystallnacht and burning of the Liberal Party Reichstag.

They have already reduced 104 to their own Party’s H.Q., and their own private property anyway. The Party is to be purged of Liberals, 104 is to be purged of those even merely suspected of being disloyal to them. The Party is to be remade according to the dictates of Kroger. Branches and offices will be stacked with trustees, loyal vassals stuffed into both State and Federal Seats.

This is not a story, readers, it is what the Kroger Party is doing right now. At the beginning, I said,

‘…. this article might see them out the door pronto, axes in hand, roaring: “Let me at ‘em! Pulverise the Party will they! I’ll give those scumbags a pulverising they’ll never forget!”

Federal Liberal members, if the article of yesterday did not quite stir you into action, this one should. They really don’t have much time to lose. The Kroger Party has a head start. It virtually controls the entire Victorian Liberal Party as it is, but not yet altogether. What they are now engaged in will deliver them total control. Unless they are stopped now.

Is it necessary to reiterate the ramifications for the Federal Liberal of KKR succeeding in their aims? The Victorian Party simply won’t exist and, the Federal Wing of the Party will be wiped out with it.

Federal ALP will not have to fight the Liberal Party in order to attempt to win Victoria. They will win by default, and that means, that pack of left-dominated national socialist economic saboteurs, the ALP, will win the Treasury benches.

The Coalition will be defeated in Victoria. The Victorian Wing of the Federal Liberal Party will suffer what has happened to the State Parliamentary Party, pulverised into little particles of dust. Federal Liberals will watch seat after seat run red in Victoria.

As for the membership, ha! Forget members, they will have fled, perhaps to a new, genuine Liberal Party. Such things don’t disturb the Kroger Party at all. You can tell; they are pleased with the carnage they have wrought in Victoria.

Having seized safe Liberal seats in Victoria, they will survive the prospective slaughter and sit in Canberra. Then, they will turn on Liberals in other States. That is the general and greater threat the Federal Liberal party faces. Will the rest of the Party wait to be eviscerated by the Kroger Party and their pal, Peter Costello?

Joy of joys, those scumbags doing to the Federal Party what they have so thoroughly doe to the Victorian Party, what a fate. “How, Sir, do you take your black plague? Straight from source, rattus rattus, or, slightly aged – best is from the Kroger Party.”

Be certain of it, the Kroger Party are exactly the same as the disgusting left of the ALP, thug Unioncrats, and ALP apparatchiks. Yet, as so many lefties are, they are cowards and, they fear having their heads kicked in, their heads cut off. Do it to them before it is too late. Moreover, no one in Victoria will stand in your way. To the contrary, they will cheer you on.

The Victorian Party gutted of the KKR would be on the eve of rejuvenation. There is no choice. Those scumbags, the Kroger Party, have butchered the Victorian Liberal Party, attacked real Liberal members and have used violence in doing so. They are not nice people, they are not Ladies and Gentleman, they are thugs, but also cowards, and they are also stupid morons. Do them in, take out the axes and use them on those corrupt, useless, treacherous, self-serving cretins. A swift job of blood letting is what is required right now.

In the meantime, two things:

Since Helen’s antics before the Committee are now out in public and her aims now disclosed, the Committee will look like cowardly, stupid fools if they agree to have her as their MP, or, a KKR puppet, in view of the publicity. The hat-tip to the committee is, find a candidate who is a Liberal.

A rogue’s gallery of three KKR glove Puppets, Sheezel, Hannan and Barry, and the Puppet Master, Kroger is in order. They are, after all, scumbag thugs and the wanted list. Take a good hard look, and marvel and laugh at, how can those four control the Party. How could the sock puppets be sent into anything except a child’s toy box? To blow up the four girly boys, click on the thumbnail pics.


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