Michael Kroger and His “Brains Trust” – The H.R.Nichols Society [HRNS]. (I)

The HRNS have damaged the Victorian Liberal Party. They have single-handedly demolished the otherwise sound, highly moral measure of freeing labour markets, leaving Federal Cabinet hanging and panicking. It has not only dominated the Liberal Party in Labour markets, for now 2 decades, but in other matters too. The HRNS is Kroger’s creature, his “second brain”, and for that reason it’s time to poke into the HRNS, by items dedicated to these brains of the Victorian Liberal Party.

These items are not about, eg., their disastrous failure in labour market reform as such. It is clear what their failure is; the absence of sound economic theory. It is about why they failed, spectacularly, to serve the Cabinet in such a grave matter. It is, however, only part of the overall damage they have inflicted within the Victorian Liberal Party. These items on Kroger and his ‘brains trust’ are about them.

The reason is due to their position in the Victorian Liberal Party under Kroger. In view of the items on Kroger and his parasite party, expansion is redundant.

Disclosures from well-placed sources – union officials, senior executives in large enterprises, some of whom are also economists, a lady journalist, senior Liberal Party figures, and retired successful stockbrokers, have stirred the old curiosity noodle. The information is ripe stuff.

Very soon after Hugh Morgan’s pathetic ABC interview, to launch the Cabinet’s labour market reform bill, the HRNS was dropped as Cabinet’s advisers. A senior Liberal figure told me something that only confirmed it:

The Minister, Mr. Kevin Andrew will not have the HR Nicholls near Cabinet, his office, not even from afar on the end of a telephone, emails, or letter post. One of his staffers calls them “moribund”.

The staffer would not say so unless he had Mr. Andrews approval. “Moribund’, that’s given as an exaggeration.

Some time before, a union official, smiling, informed me:

“Is the Liberal Party stupid to let them dominate economic affairs in the Liberal Party? Is the cabinet mad to have taken them as their advisers on labour markets? Not that we are dissatisfied. To the contrary, we are pleased that they are so stupid. ”

Another Union Official smiled while remarking:

“Des Moore is considered a clown, and Ray Evans a pompous buffoon in the Unions.’’

Not just by ACTU and Trades Hall heavies, but also by lowly Union hacks. The official ended by putting a question, “Why are they so ineffectual?”

In conversation with a senior executive, about a large scale undertaking completed some time ago, we were discussing the economics of it. I inquired of what proposals they’d received, and the selection of advisers. He giggled as he related:

“Well, someone did, initially, engage some ‘advisers’ from the IPA. When we looked at their proposal, and their case, a few of us made sure they were cut right out because, it was not merely nonsense, it would have been ruinous, a complete disaster.”

He giggled all the more, as he added: “That associate of Evans and Moore in the IPA still boasts, all around Melbourne, of being responsible for this (successful undertaking). He’s a standing joke between all who know.”

(The IPA being just another outlet for Evans, Moore, Kroger, and the HRNS and their “experts’’, who ‘publish’ in the IPA.).

Why, however, does everyone giggle as soon as the names Moore, Evans, the HRNS, IPA, are mentioned. Why the adjectives? Why their reputation as “clowns” and “pompous buffoon(s)”, why the laughter? The senior executives glowing praise is a clue, but there’s nothing like finding out a bit more.

Then came Bellchamber’s article in the Age, his smug put down of Des Moore’s article in The Age. Not having read Moore’s article, what had he written for Bellchamber to feel free to put Moore down, and run fallacious arguments? Keep in view, Brookesnews has already demolished Bellchamber’s arguments (1).

What could Moore have written that is so bad Bellchamber freely jumped all over him ? I turned to a source one hasn’t bothered with for many years now, because they’ve never been enlightening, the HR Nicholls Society, its website in fact. After reading three articles, I found out why, and without having to bother obtaining a copy of Moore’s Age article. Those articles explained a great deal, and why many around Melbourne laugh and giggle each time the names Moore, Evans et al. are mentioned. I laughed too.

Kroger is strangling the Victorian Liberal Party, and does it also with his ‘brains trust’.

(1). E.g., G.Jackson, Brookesnews: “Liberal Govenrment labour market reform: Unions attack economics” (August, 2005), in, Labour Market Wars.

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