The sort of movie that should be made in Australia, but never will be ( for obvious reasons).

rather many who count themsleves as good and true, defenders of freedom, even sanity, would never make a movie like this because, they can’t even fight their way out of a paper bag equipped with a self-propelled chain-saw ( just push the green button). So, someone else, somehwere, had the pick up and go to do something right, in, above all places, Canada! I aks you,Canada.

It’s about a destitute Romanian miner who, fed up, is using his pick against greenies.

An unemployed Romanian miner who is flown across the globe to confront environmental activists is the unlikely star of a Michael Moore-style film, aimed at debunking the militant green movement.

Gheorghe Lucian, 23, is a plain-speaking resident of an impoverished village where an opencast gold mine is planned…

 where unemployment is 70 per cent, is being blocked by environmentalists.

Among them is the actress Vanessa Redgrave, who used a film festival awards ceremony in June to denounce the mine project

During the hour-long film, Françoise Heidebroek, a Belgian opponent of the Rosia Montana mine, says Romanian villagers prefer to use horses rather than cars, and to rely on “traditional cattle raising, small agriculture, wood processing” to live.

Locals retort that their land is too poor for farming, that they all want cars and that they are desperate for the investment the mine would bring. The film had its first screening last week at a conference of gold-mining companies in Denver, Colorado. Alan Hill, president of Gabriel Resources, which did not control the film’s content, said: “Before, the environmentalists would lob mortars at us and we would keep our heads down. Now, there is a big push back.”

Back home again, Mr Lucian is living with his parents and four siblings in a dilapidated one-bedroom flat. “Rosia Montana is very interesting for everybody like Greenpeace and NGOs,” he said. “But these people do not ask what we need. People here have no food, no money.”

This, on  a day when a nature worshipping Melbourne outer urbs Council spent a fortune littering a suburb with water guzzling ‘native’ tree sapplings, to arrest man changing the climate by exuding a bit of harmless, and very good for all things, Co2.  What should be done is a permanent ‘exhange programme, those ‘councilors’ put on a plane to exchange all they have, never to return,  for the delights of living in a village called destitution and the residants of the village take over those moron’s high life. Come to that, so can Bracks and his greenie cabinet, and, as it turns out, many who style themsleves Liberals”.

In the meantime, thanks to the cult of Nature politicians have imposed, most of us can look forward to dying of thirst.

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