Evans loosed two arrows, and shot himself. “Brains Trust” No.5

Evans’ submission to the Fair Pay Commission exceeded Moore’s in grandeur. (1), and it’s highly entertaining too. He entertained the Unions, and others who attended, all commented soon after, and many others besides. The July hearing was long after Cabinet had dismissed the HRNS. Evans could have titled his submission: ‘My Parting Shot at Ingrates and Papists’. Let Evans speak!

“the very public endorsement by the Prime Minister of this proposal, is a tragic turning away from policies and advocacy which have transformed Australian economic life in the last 15 years. Any increase in the size of the ‘welfare trench’ (!? another HRNS novelty) in which (employment) contracts between … job (seekers) and (employers)… are made illegal (merely because the Prime Minister does not agree with the terms of the contract)…”

“The people who are hurt are … the unskilled…(and) long-term unemployed. They have no-one to speak for them: not the unions, not the church leaders… not the Prime Minister.”

By “advocacy”, he refers to, “I”, “Me”, and “We”. The HRNS have dominated advocacy’ of reform for not 15 years, but over 20 years. It shows; they’ve wrecked the case and spiked debate. That is why the anti-free market media, and ACTU are keen to keep the HRNS on lead. Cabinet’s dismissal of the HRNS isn’t tragic; the tragedy is they should never have engaged them.

(What Evans means by ‘advocacy’, is for another item.)

Evans is a comic, or the PM god! Further, the PM, “turning” from reform (!), made himself captive to neo-Marxists, is code for: “Rotten Cabinet, they hurt us the HRNS.” Besides, Evans wouldn’t know what a neo Marxist is, even if it slugged him.

“…an understanding… Marxian in its modern antecedents…”

An article corrected Evans, 7 months before his submission (!):

“Mr Ray Evans… charges the Howard Government of accepting “the Marxist dogmas which inspired the trade union movement of the 1880s and 1890s”…(and concluded) imbalance-of-power argument used to justify ‘collective bargaining’ is the last remnant of a “Marxist class-war mindset”.

Unionism in the English speaking world in the 1880s and 1890s was no more inspired by Marxism than… This is not the first time that Mr Evans has asserted “… the entire regulatory edifice of unions, tribunals, employer bodies, is based on the Marxian fallacy of class struggle…”(2)

Evans continued onto Cardinal Archbishop Pell!

“an understanding shared by influential church leaders … and Cardinal George Pell, (who) may have been influenced more by Thomas Aquinas than by Karl Marx.

This makes his incursions into economic history, with his propensity to get the story completely wrong, all the more serious.”

“…it comes from such a prestigious source [Pell], it is a dangerous fantasy.”

Much is wrong in Pell’s Quadrant articles, but he’s only in need of economics. For, Pell is no neo-Marxist – even protean. Neither were, Aristotle, Aquinas, and the scholastics, who founded economics. Evans has no excuse for his defects in economics and history: Following Evans, history of economics began 10.am, yesterday.

He’s impervious to correction of major mistakes in facts and in explanation, remarkable. If he were a pupil, he would be marked down as slothful, intractable, and a clutz.

Neither gentleman is in a position to go after Evans. If they were, Evans would not have smeared them. Yet, Evans sunk himself. Evans’ remarks are extraordinary, for their venom and cowardly delivery. While the attack against Howard is his reaction to Cabinet’s dismissal of the HRNS, his attack against Pell is whiffy with anti-Catholicism.

Evans, and Moore, grew up in the 50’s, an age of ‘ecumenical’ hatred in Australia. A senior figure asked, “Can you name anyone in the HR club who is a Catholic?” I replied, “None.” “Interesting, isn’t it.” Before finishing this item, one enjoyed a snackfest with other senior figures; here’s a morsel:

A: “I know Evans and, he hates Catholics”.

Would Evans have smeared Howard if he were still an adviser to Cabinet? Of course not, it’s easy to imagine the saccharine, sycophantic nonsense he’d have written, while still smearing Pell. It’s an insular, myopic sort of twit to write all that, believing many would agree, or not notice.

Senior figures in Melbourne are disgusted by Evans’ tripe. This isn’t the 1950’s. Catholics are no longer confined to professions, unions, and armed services Many are businessmen and executives, all around Australia. Bang go the consultancies.

Whatever those lot might have presumed, they have only offended, roughly, 30 – 40% of Australians. The hot seller out now is: ‘The Evans Way: Tact; and Identifying and Pulverising Treacherous Leftists.”

The reasons for this series on the HRNS are now public. It is not indulgence in tittle-tattle about Kroger, and the “Brains Trust”. They are supplying all the incontrovertible evidence.

Their papers show: they are not even struggling general readers in economics; they are not gentlemen – “Vicious fishwives” is heard around Melbourne; they are cowards, whose notion of debate belongs to the left of the ALP (they could be mistaken for ALP agents).

The Federal Cabinet can cut the burden of Universities: plug in every student into the websites of the Universal Professors of Everything (Evans, Moore), the Great College HRNS, and affiliates (IPA, SGS, CIS OO). History, economics, philosophy, law, theology, everything under the sun for the price of an internet hook-up. Wow.

1.Ray Evans Submission to the Fair Pay Commission, 28th of July 20062.Gerard Jackson, Labour Market Reform and the dismal failure of the HR Nicholls Society, 2nd of January 2006


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