The HRNS’ 2 submissions to the Fair Pay Commission’s July hearing: The ACTU was delighted. “Brains Trust”, No.4.

Des Moore and Ray Evans each made a submission to the July hearing of the Fair Pay Commission (1,2). Being absent of economics, the submissions are revealing for entirely different reasons.

Any submission to the Commission would, presumably, contain a proposition and the case for why the proposition is sound, an economic case in fact. What did Evans and Moore submit?

Moore’s paper is 2 ½ pages long, bears a grandiloquent title, and littered with the perpendicular “I”, eg.:

“I have outlined them in some detail in my article…”

“I refer in particular to my comments on the decision….

“I have published in the media other briefer articles on the subject which I assume you will also be accessing.”

That’s Moore’s submission in a nutshell, “I”, “my”, and “we”. A female journalist told me, smiling, The HRNS is referred to by journalists as the ‘Ray Evans – Des Moore Self-Promotion Society’. It’s not a joke, why not is now crystal clear.

Moore shows his classical literary learning in a nice, callous touch. He quotes Luke 6:20. Not a few have noted Moore’s delicacy.

Ray Evans’ paper has a modest title but overtook Des in the “look at me stakes”. His paper is 5 ½ pages”, and published under the HRNS letterhead, with a postscript: “Mr. Ray Evans is the President of the HRNS.” Is that for life, or just all eternity?

Two things are cleared up. They don’t have to submit a thorough submission; the Commission has only to read their mighty thin corpus of learned articles to discover all that they need to know. The only authorities in the world are Moore, Evans, and the HRNS.

They are not merely conceited. They are full of hubris. It seems it never occurred to them, those who attended the hearing would regard their ‘submissions’ as the efforts of witless clowns.

Taken with Moore’s paper on minimum wages conceding the entire ACTU case ( ), is it any wonder Union officials call them pompous buffoons? Or, why a senior executive (and an economist) of a large concern, remarked on reading them:

“They make me cringe.”

Moore and Evans did splendidly. They annoyed the Commission, and greatly entertained union officials. The ACTU is very pleased, because they only watched Moore and Evans inform the Commission, the ‘the ACTU is right’.

It should be evident to readers now why the anti- free labour market media wish to keep the HRNS to the fore: To drown out any economist including Jackson who do have a grip and can run the case soundly and aggressively.

The Unions and the left-dominated media are happy for that lot to continue playing games with serious matters because of the implicit ‘we told you so’:

“We told you that’s what that lot are like. We told you what that lot and their reform are all about.”

And, that’s right, that is what the HRNS has been doing for 20 years, and the rotten thing about it is, they are completely wrong about the case for the otherwise sound and highly moral measure of freeing labour markets.

What is making Liberals choke with fury is, how could that lot have been promoted in the Liberal Party, to dominate advice and debate? The answer is Kroger, and his ‘Brains Trust.”

It begs the question, if Moore and Evans could submit that rubbish to the Commission, what were they telling cabinet?

” Trust me/us, I/we know all that is known. Just put up the Bill, and the whole world will see that I, Des Moore, and I, Ray Evans, and we the HRNS are truly profound and great”

There is more to say on Ray Evans’ submission. He delivered a venomous attack against two gentlemen in his submission. His extraordinary, illuminating exhibition was commented upon by those who attended the hearing, and by others. Senior Liberal figures are now commenting upon those remarks and they are disgusted by Evans’ “vicious fishwife’s” attack. It is time to share it with the public. Read about it in:

Evans loosed two arrows and, shot himself. Brains Trust No5.

1.Des Moore, Submission to the Fair Pay Commission on the Minimum Wage, 18th, July, 20062.2.Ray Evans, Submission to the Fair Pay Commission, 28th, July, 2006.

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