Thorough Parliamentary and Police Inquiries into the Bracks Govt. and its administrative apparatus is now required as a matter of urgency. Part I.

If there is any doubt the Bracks Govt. and its administration warrant a thorough police investigation and a full Parliamentary Inquiry for corruption, and there shouldn’t be any doubt, recent developments puts the matter beyond even quibbler’s objection.The Federal Police, because of what is involved, should conduct the police investigation. The reason is, Victoria Police is headed by Commissioners appointed not because they are competent, uncompromising police officers, they are not. They were appointed because of what they told the Government pleased the Cabinet (which is the subject of another article).

Two developments show why they must be investigated for corruption. Firstly, EOC and VCAT deliberately inciting strife, in order to secure convictions under the Blasphemy Law, and perverting justice in doing so.

Secondly, a VCAT ‘judgment’ handed down yesterday, declaring Victorians have no right to discover the reasons behind a Cabinet decision, which affects Victorians, or a decision by any of its administrative apparatus It might not strike some readers as corruption but it is.

On the “Equal Opportunities Commission ” site, there is a “press release” headed, EOC is “concerned about decrease in complaints”. It continues:“Commission Chairperson, Ms Fiona Smith, said she was very concerned that people may feel discouraged from making a complaint of discrimination, sexual harassment or racial or religious vilification.”“…our figures don’t show the actual incidence…merely the number of complaints lodged with us…”

The statement whines there was a horrible a 22% fall in the number of people lodging complaints against 2004/05.

Smith attributes the decrease to, the Federal Cabinet’s labour market reforms and AWAS! It’s the Federal Cabinet’s fault Victorians are not clogging EOC and VCAT with ‘complaints’.

It must have dawned on her, though dimly, what a disgusting remark that is, because she hurried onto qualifications: of course, the Acts and EOC have done their “educative job”, so Victorians know what they can’t say and do, and employers are cooperating.

Eh? Employers might be cooperating because of intimidation. If they don’t obey the Bracks Stalinoid Cabinet and its Commissars, they face criminal charges.

The number of Victorians complaining is not anywhere near what the Junta and its commissars hoped for, and not for want of trying and this is the rub:

EOC has been actively trying to induce Victorians to lodge complaints. This is, in fact, is the whole point to the “Press release”, to incite Victorians against other Victorians, to deliberately fomenting trouble and violence.

EOC seeks to incite people, and to induce Victorians into agreeing to act as informers and “complainants”. It does it in several ways, the primary methods are:

1. Advertising, as the press release is an instance of.

2.Funnelling Victorians through its website, which advertises, “Make a Complaint“. Under that head, the site steps anyone all the way through “lodging a complaint”: It advises: “Complaint Officers” will “help you prepare a written statement.”

In common law, it is a serious offence for police, courts, and any other administrative office of Govt., to procure complainants, evidence, and witnesses, and to deliberately cultivate anyone to making complaints. It is a grave offence for courts and any other body engaged in law to do exactly what EOC and VCAT do.

“Complaints Officers” “write the complaint” and then send it to the “complainant” to see if it is correct. What happens in Common law?

EOC is not merely touting for business, it is engaged in a sustained attempt to create civil strife, pervert justice, and convert Victorians into vexatious troublemakers and informers prepared to spy and give false witness on EOC’s behalf. Its site makes all that plain. As soon some idiot shows any interest to serve (the right word for it) as “complainant”, EOC ” writes” the “complaint” for the new stooge, who signs it as true and correct. It begs the question of more than perjury. If policeman/solicitor/barrister/judge/jury/witness did anything like all that, they would face very serious criminal charges Let’s quote from the two ” complaint” “application forms”:

No 1.:“I understand that the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission can help me by writing astatement of complaint from the information I provide, if I ask for that help. I have attached

my letter of complaint that I wish to try and resolve through the Victorian Equal Opportunity


EOC covers itself with a thin escape clause, “complainant” must tick one of two “options”: yes, EOC can write the statement or; no, EOC must use the statement the complainant has filled out. Other strange sentences include:

“Explain how the situation has affected you. What detriment have you suffered?

Let us know what you want to resolve this complaint.”

To make it plainer, EOC writes the complaint, mails it to the stooge, who signs what EOC wrote as the stooge’s ‘testimony’.


“Recently you discussed with a Complaints Officer the lodging of a complaint of alleged unlawful discrimination.

If you wish to try to resolve your matter through the Equal Opportunity Commission, could you please attach to this sheet information about your complaint. Please refer to the section “Making a Complaint” (over the page) for information on what to include in your letter of complaint.

If you need to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me /the Enquiry line again.”

In common law, it is not up to police to decide if a suspect is guilty and conduct the investigation, as Judge, Jury, and Prosecutor all it once but EOC does. The forms show it does, and its actions demonstrates it does. Worse, it is EROC that fabricates the evidence, though it is the “complainant” who ticks the yes please “option’ – let’s put some poor sod through the wringer.

Notice, once a “complainant” has signed that form, the idiot is from then on open to perjury charges, plus other criminal charges such as, perverting the course of justice. However, it is not a loophole for EOC, for it is guilty of the same too, as well as soliciting false witnesses and fabricating evidence.

Things degenerate: having secured someone stupid enough to agree to all that, EOC, presto, launches an “investigation”. Funny isn’t it? EOC fabricates a case, “writes” the “evidence” and launches the investigation. Surprise, surprise, the “investigator” reports back to the effect:

“Hey, Commissar, that complaint sheet you wrote for the victim of such hideous, evil crimes, it’s all true.”

Justice, law, well the “anti-discrimination” and “blasphemy” Acts are perverse, and not lawful – certainly not in Common Law. What, however, we have before us is a complete perversion and overthrow of the rule of Common Law, so it can hardly be expected that ‘applications’, “evidence”, “testimony”, and the “investigation” are no better than was served up under the regimes Nazi and Soviet.

The above makes a complete joke of “Next Step Resolution”.

In common law there are no such crimes to “resolve”. Still, under the Act, there is nothing to resolve, or wouldn’t be. EROC makes sure it is very busy bringing violent, dangerous criminals (decent, law-abiding Victorians) to book.

The whole way EOC operates is aimed at ramming Victorians before their kafkaesque star-chamber, a grotesque parody of the function of police forces, courts, judges, lawyers.

The above alone means nothing less than, EOC and its twin, VCAT, are rotten, and corrupt to the core.

EOC uses another way to persecute potential victims, and pervert law and justice. It used it against the Two Pastors.

We know what it did, in seeking to seize the Two Pastors because of a doughty gentleman, full of guts, unlike, unfortunately, too many silks, judges, and Liberal politicians these days. He only took on EOC, having discovered what they did, only having only caught them red-handed at it against the Two Pastors, as set out in the footnotes below. Oh, his name? Mr. Gerard Jackson.(1)

This brings us back to the “media press release”. The aim of that drivel is unambiguous; to foment strife between Victorians in the hope it can haul Victorians before their Star Chamber. Next, to induce Victorians to act as “litigants”. Next, to concoct testimony and evidence, pretend it is their stooge’s own testimony and evidence, and then, with all that secured, to go for the one they’ve selected as their next victim. It is solicitation and for corrupt motives, and for disgusting, monstrous ends.

The ” anti-discrimination act’ and the ‘blasphemy act’ are a mockery of law. The evils of those two Acts are compounded by what is now naked, corruption. EOC and its Commissars must now be subjected to a full police investigation, and the Minister, Mr. Rod Hulls and his office be subject to all appropriate investigations, and face all the appropriate charges that follow. For, if they were police officers, judges, lawyers, and barristers, that is exactly what would be done to them.

Why are they an exception? That he is a Minister, and they are his Commissars of a Soviet Style “Court?” No, they are not exceptions to the rule of law. In a Common Law country, with the Parliament obligated in that tradition to uphold liberty against tyranny, and corruption, neither Ministers and their appointees to the administrative apparatus of Parliament are exempt, they are open to such actions. That lot must face the full weight of the law for nothing less than corruption.

We have covered one major cause for a full inquiry. Part II will cover more reasons which have only emerged in recent days. Then, all will be reinforced by matters which demonstrate, full Parliamentary and Federal Police inquiries are fully warranted and are urgent.

1.Mr. Gerard Jackson:Bracks’ Star Chamber commission applies the law selectively against Christians in favour of Muslim bigots:“In Muslim bigots impose blasphemy laws on Victoria I argued that May Helou and Diane Sisely should be investigated for conspiring to destroy the reputations of two Christian pastors and of trying to intimidate critics of Islam.I also accused the Equal Opportunity Commission and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal of…

Moreover, there is sufficient circumstantial evidence to suggest that Diane Sisely conspired with Helou, whose loathsome actions amount to inciting religious hatred, in bringing about this disgusting prosecution. So much for this commission’s “stringent standards” of conduct.

Even more condemnatory is the grim fact that though the EOC and VCAT were aware of what Helou and Sisely had done and why the bigoted Helou acted as she did they still persisted with the prosecution. What is more, they…”

Muslim bigots impose blasphemy laws on Victoria:

“However, circumstantial evidence suggests that members of the Equal Opportunity Commission entered into a conspiracy to prosecute these pastors in order to intimidate potential critics of Islam into remaining silent.

Diane Sisely hired May Helou, a Muslim bigot, to help her identify people criticising Islam. True to form, this Muslim Torquemada quickly swung into action. Helou incited several Muslim converts to attend a seminar on jihad that had been organised by a Melbourne Pentecostal church. As a result three Muslims attended. About 250 Christians were present.”


(How did Jackson’s actions proper actions against EOC and VCAT develop? Thus:

A challenge to Victoria’s “anti-vilification” laws:


“The email below was sent by Joe Cambria to the Chief Executive Officer of the Equal Opportunity Commission of VictoriaDear Ms. Szoke:

I have just read a piece in referring to the racial vilification laws as the Bracks blasphemy laws. The writer, Mr. Gerry Jackson, makes reference to the case your office brought against the two Christian ministers and the “aggressive” way in which your office persecuted these two men.

believe Mr. Jackson has thrown down the gauntlet with this piece. He describes himself as an active liberal party member daring your office to prosecute him. Mr. Jackson is portraying the Islamic Prophet as a vile person. I don’t believe your office can avoid prosecuting Mr. Jackson judging from what he wrote in this article, which has been posted on the web.

Ms. Szoke, if I can please make an observation? If you fail to go after Mr. Jackson, the legal attack against the two pastors becomes obviously selective and capricious, smacking of opportunism. If you move to prosecute Mr. Jackson, the political position you place the State Government in could have adverse political consequences. After all, going after a Liberal Party member who writes a piece and then publishing it on the web that directly flies in the face of the blasphemy laws will simply look like a Stalinist prosecution.


However failing to act will immediately jeopardize the current ongoing case.

I am also copying this email to several people including the leader of the opposition, the Prime Minister and several journalists to ensure this correspondence receives the proper attention. See here for the article in question.

Caught red-handed, Ms. Szoke’s reply is telling for what she tries, badly, to cover up. Attached is Mr. Cambria’s reply to Szoke’s pathetic attempt to get herself off the hook.”


For forthright coverage of the disgusting and corrupt activities of EOC and VCAT, under the Blasphemy Act, see the top right on front page of Brookesnews, and, Liberals for Free Speech.


Mr. Jackson got it in one. They are corrupt, and they are perverting law and justice in Victoria, in the course of their deliberate attempts to stir up real trouble and hatreds. It is what they have been doing all along.

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