Police Inquiry into the Bracks Administration. Pt.II

There is more to say on EOC, Brack’s Commissars for Ideological Incorrect Speak Policing, but for now, let’s turn to the second leg of why Bracks Cabinet Ministers and their administration must be subjected to police and parliamentary inquiries.The Heral Sun was prosecuted some time ago for publishing an article  on another scandal, how the Govt., through one of its departments was tearing apart a family. Suprression orders have been handed down with  increasing frequency over the last number of years. Alone, suppression of publication of cases is a very nasty development. It’s not that most are keen to pursue sordid details of cases. Secrecy, however,  begs the question of who benefits? The answer is the Bracks Administration.

Common Law is there to protect freedoms and individuals against tyranny. In Victoria, as the two Pastors case also made plain, judges are co-operating with the Bracks Govt.’s neo-Marxist agenda in the enforcement of ‘laws’ which are usually only associated with totalitarian regimes. One never contemplated this until now, but one is increasingly all for the elimination of the lifetime sinecures of Judges. Such “judges” deserve on thing and one thing, instant dismissal and with no fat super pay out. They are bums.

It is clear what VCAT is being developed into. Whether the Bracks Cabinet gets away with it hinges on questions which are crystallised in its Bill of Anti-Human rights:Is it Consitutional?Is it Lawful? My view is the answer to both questions is no and no. VCAT is now only a qasi-legal enforcer of;

Robbery – viz the Office of State trustees ( which is engaged in systematic large scale private property theft);

Totalitarian measures such as as the Blaspehmy ACT;

Suppression orders preventing disclosures of Cabinet and Administrative decisions and orders.

VCAT acts, in sum, under Cabinet orders.

Two cases, same in substance bear this out:

VICTORIANS will be kept in the dark over why sex monster Mr Baldy was given a home near schools and playgrounds.

The State Government has won a secrecy fight over documents about notorious pedophile Brian Keith Jones’s shift from jail to a Flemington house in an area dubbed “kid central”.

The ruling also protects the criminal’s personal affairs.

Kent St residents were furious when they learned last year that the sex predator had been put in their midst. Jones, 59, was moved to a unit in the grounds of Ararat prison just a day later.

Concerned parent Margaret Simons sought details, through Freedom of Information laws, on the checks done before Mr Baldy was moved to the Flemington house, which was near a meeting place for children walking to and from school and was next door to a family with two young children.

But the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal refused access yesterday after objections from the Department of Justice.

VCAT vice-president Judge Sandra Davis agreed the documents were exempt.

Releasing them could undermine the parole system, reveal the personal affairs of Mr Baldy and corrections officers, give offenders sensitive security information, and discourage public servants from offering frank and candid advice.


A second case is that of Mack Giles, another dangerous pedophile, who was located by the Govt. less than 100 metres from a primary school, and  under 500 from a martial arts club rooms used by children ( Herald Sun, 22/10/06).

The Govt. suppresses details of the location of relased dangerous criminals as it is. releasing releasing and locating to very dnagerous pedophiles next to primaryt schools, however, is worse, for obvious rulings.

Hulls’ objections: Yah, right: Cabinet objects to an FOI search for an explanation because, the govt.’s actions are indefensible.

As for that VCAT pseudo-judge, real taxpayers are the masters, not cabinet, no bureaucrats, not “judges”, and they have every right to an explanation.

What is clear is, the obvious corruption involved in the actions of Hulls and VCAT to conceal reasons. of govt. actions.

Taken with these:

Is Rod Hulls A Thief?

Is the Victorian Attorney General of Victoria, Mr. Hulls, a Thief? Conclusion.

Steve Bracks’ Show Trial might well have backfired

The Show Trial has backfired, and in several ways

Questions to be asked or; What is the OPI Show Trial of the ARS really about?

 Sen-Segt Paul Mullet is partly wrong,because the Bracks Cabinet is to blame and not just their glove puppet,Christine Nixon, the Junta’s Commisssar of Police.

The reality is, the Bracks Cabinet itself now warrants both a full police inquiry as well as a Parliamentary Inquiry, as do its agents such as VCAT, EROC, and the Office of State Trustees.


Nothing less now will do and it is urgent.



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