A break in the business

One is trotting off to shangri la for a couple of weeks for a break. It’s time, as the desultory posting shows. I’ll be back Monday 13 the, November.

In the meantime.

The Ptrime Minister shopuld get some real scientific advice:

He asserted this morning, Co2 damages the atmosphere. Drivel.

Next, there might be a shift occurring in climate patterns, though that is unclear, because in physics it is too complex to explain climate let alone make long run predictions . One thing is clear, if shifts are occuring ( there is no uniform climate), it is not due to climate change.

The problem with bunk is, it is being used as an excuse to tax Australians heavily.

Bracks has announced another ruddy windmill farm. The Prime said ‘alternative energy is important’, as well as meeting ‘ greenhouse emission targets’, that is  cutting Co2 emissions.

Taking the last first, it wouldn’t be too bad but for one thing, it is a burden, the  reason for it is rubbish, it is economica;lly damaging. Greenies understand that, that’s why they are all for it, to undermine bad old capitalist west.

WIth windmills, `alternaitve energy’ is useless, is not investment, and will only cut energy supply, damaging business and and consumers.

Sod the environment. the only environment policy the Liberal Party should have is to kill off the fraud of environmentalism, eliminate that blood sucking cow, the Dept. of Environment, and get off the backs of enterprises and consumers.

When I return, I shall pick up the tempo with the postings. I’ve not finished yet with a couple of thugs, such as Kroger, the HR Nicholls Society, and few others in need of a whipping, including Christine Nixon.


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