The Victorian Liberal Party Campaign, “Headless Chooks”

What with Ted the Wimp Baillieu, whom Liberal members are now also calling Ted the Toorak Village Idiot, and the Marshmallows, Kroger and his Parasite Party, and Kroger’s “Braindead Trust, a party of party of garden gnomes would be a better punt.

At least garden gnomes lighten up, are jolly little fellows, tough ( they take heavy weather) and they don’t stab good Liberals in the back, unlike Kroger, his stick puppets, and Kroger’s (second) Brain Dead Trust – the HR Nicholls Society. ( “Brains Trust” is a slight exaggeration; some are of the view a lobotomised single cell trying to spark is no brain at all.)

If there is a campaign code-name, it couldn’t be, or shouldn’t be, ” shock and awe”. For, it is shocking, but not awesome. It’s a shocking campaign, as Liberal members mutter around Victoria .

1. The strategy, crossed fingers, Victorians will run to the Liberal Party, fleeing the Bracks regime, is working a treat. Ted is going to be put down polling day. While the Bracks Govt.  is detested for its tax burden,  its squander, its ‘laws’, its hectoring, finger wagging nanny state odious list of sins, its armies of enforcers, and the possibility of a depression worse than that which Cain and Kirner made Victorians suffer, it doesn’t register with the Toorak Village Idiot and the Marshmallows, and the clowns in 104 Exhibition Street:

Victorians aren’t about to replace Bracks with a pack of headless chooks, who will be no better than that lot in Goovt..

After all, the Parliamentary wing, for example, supported the Blasphemy Law. As for tax and squander, Ted is in a hot auction against Bracks: ” Take this Stevie, I’m going to tax and spend Victorians into the gutters faster than you.” Hot stuff, but then he is Ted the Toorak Village Idiot.

Listen, Teddy Boy, if Liberals members wished to a join a socialist party, they would have, and not bothered with the Liberal Party.

Let’s try the hard question: What do they stand for? Not Liberal Principles. They could be mistaken for another ALP faction. Not that many of the Candidates have a clue as to what they are on about.

Indeed, that is the whole object to Kroger imposing candidates, to make certain no candidates of  ability stand. It shows, he’s stuffed seats with many who bear a spooky resemblance to his stick puppets in 104 Exhibition St., and his Brainless Trust.

Liberal members around Victoria have mentioned to me they are really hard put to contemplate voting for the Candidates. They, of course, want to see Bracks bashed, but, they are fed up with the contempt Kroger and his Toorak Political Brahmin Backers have for them, and the spineless, brain dead glove puppets they have imposed.

What is to be made of candidates who believe they have a grip on economics because they are accountants? One candidate was totally stumped when a life-long Liberal member, replied, ” No, that’s not economics.” That Liberal  asked the candidate three questions to find out whether the Candidate had principles, guts, and a brain. ” The candidate is a complete moron. A dud, who holds economics is an accounting spreadsheet and a rolodex.

While some ALP canidates and sitting members seeking re-election have been on the husting for, by now, the best of 4 months, Kroger’s choices have been struggling to leanr by rote the campaign script drawn up by pr. types and Kroger’s stick puppets in 104 Exhibition St. It shows, once someone asks an unscripted question, they are lost. As one Liberal member mused, it’s like watching a snail running the Melbourne Cup, no, snails run faster. They need prompters to help them figure out a half intellignet answer.

In the meantime, Richmondites have been flooding the local hospital. their sides split from laughter at Maina Walkley, who launched her campaign in Maidstone Village.The candidate for Maidstone has a headache and would like to cure it by giving Maina and Kroger a good boot up their backsides.

Neither Party, the ALP,or Kroger’s Liberal Party are fit for office. The former are malfeasent thugs, the latter are morons.

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