The break is over

One has dallied, returning later than promised, the clue is the old motto, ‘a week is a long time in politics’. These days, ‘a day is a year…’

During the break, though only taking in the odd snippet of news, that was enough. The sheer amount of bilge spewed out by the federal parties these last few weeks is depressing enough, and all of it loaded with one underlying promise, which is certain, they are all in Canberra bent on inflicting greater burdens on Australians. To cap it all off, there is what is nothing less than an insidious, and increasing stress on collectivisation of Australians under the slogans of ‘community’ and ‘nation building’ coming from all parties.

There is unfinished business to attend to, Christine Nixon for one thing. Then, the abysmal failure of the HR Nicholls Society, and the treachery of Michael Kroger, his KKR stick puppets in 104 Exhibition Street.

Collectivisation is a tune the ALP plays, but why is the Liberal Party bent on applying the socialist black book to Australians? It is for that reason why I posed the question immediately beneath the title in the banner of this site.

Why, for that matter, is the Liberal Party as committed to that pantheistic, occult nonsense, combining myth, superstition and magic, man causes no longer “global warming” but now the catch all “climate change”. Environmentalism too: and “environmental science”; it is not science, it is exactly what sociology, psychology and keynesian economics are, charlatanism.

Environmentalism was pushed with increasing stridency in the early 1980’s, along with the also atrocious rubbish of ‘ecology’. They have only undermined science, epitomised by the great propaganda efforts of States’ and Federal Govts., to convince [brainwash] all and sundry into accepting primitive superstition is as good as (even better than) science.

The rise of absolutism rests in central planning, and politicians inventing crises with which to excuse the acquisition of greater coercive power. This is why the parties embraced the great lie of, man causes ‘global warming/climate change’. As it is, in the name of the ‘environment’, each tier of govt. has asserted increasing police state power, and with that, wiped out more property rights, all in the name of “preserving the environment”.

To it, the Coalition also has bestowed police state powers on yet another army of bureaucrats. It has also, as much as ALP States’ Governments, handed that Green Front, the ‘Australian Conservation Foundation’ real police state powers. Propping them up with stolen property (tax transfers). Yes, that lot of leftist mad mullahs do exercise real police state power over many, under the Federal Coalition Administration, and not just far left regimes such as the Bracks lead Supreme Soviet of the Gulag of Brackistaniland.

Peter Garrett might be loved by inner city wombats, Kate Baillieu, and Toorak doctors’ wives. If, however, the Greenies were not also protected and supported by the Liberal Party what many, certainly in the bush, would like to do to the Greenies is flog them. The Greenies do exercise police state powers, and they, accordingly, act just the same as the unsavory thugs of the old Nazi Party. It is disgusting that that pack of good for nothing liars are propped up by a pack of politicians who claim to be Liberals.

Oh, city dwellers might not notice it so much, except on the day they are hit with, say, a $5,000 – $10,000 fine for cutting a tree down in their backyard without the approval of a greenie nazi employed by those socialist, chiseling slobs called local councils. Out in rural Oz, however, ‘environmental laws’ and nazi like goons cause real strife. Indeed, for many types of businesses.

What do the Liberals do about it? They attack anyone who complains, “why wont you bring the whole rotten, corrupt business to an end?” Indeed, that ignoramus, Senator Campbell, like his predecessor in the job, Kemp, goes ballistic at Liberal party members for daring to mildly suggest it is wrong. What a fat, overpaid, ignoramus that man is. He should, along with a few others such as Barnaby Joyce, join the Party they belong to, the Greens, or at least the left of left wing of the Australian ‘National Socialist’ Labour Party

The Australian reported (9/12/06) a scientist has publicly stated his disgust at the debasement of science for hocus pocus. Professor Peter Doherty, (Nobel Prize winner) has savaged States’ departments of “education’’ for purveying science as “just another body of knowledge”. Doherty’s point can be drawn more sharply; science is trivialised as just a way of ‘knowing’, which he did proceed to make:

“Before science, you have to go back before 1500…. (those” who believe (it’s) just one way of knowing the world should go back and live then before we had a cure for things like plague.”

No need to go back to 1500; the hocus pocus brigade can leave their homes, their pooh bah ‘jobs’ kept by the oppressed (wealth generators), go bush and live just as they believe all should live, like primitive noble savages. Oh, right now it’s a tad nastier than usual.

The great outdoor barbie is on. Never mind that though. According to the au naturale brigade, the great cook out is all part of the wonders of the ‘old growth, pristine life’. So, why don’t they lead by example. They should be overjoyed at, living the life au naturale, they will be done nicely, along with kangarros, snakes, the sacred Baw Baw frog.

The prize corrupter of youths, Peter Garrett, shows some reluctance to put his day-glo skeleton where his mouth says it should be, in a humpy, eating witchety grubs, drinking filthy water, freezing in winter, hyperventilating in summer , full of diseases and broken bones healed in lumps and bumps. He couldn’t be a hypocrite, a prize leftist totalitarian liar, could he?

Instead, that little, spoilt, wealthy, brat, and son of wealthy parents, is too important to do that. He has to sit in Parliament, to ‘frame laws’ to make the rest of us live the life au-naturale. Put in that perspective, I for one, hope that that cretin goes bankrupt, and his creditors pursue him for everything he owns, then the slob will have no choice at all but to lead by example.

Ah, back to Doherty:

He reiterates the foundations of science; observation, experiment, repeatable findings, evidence based and driven. What must be stressed, in addition, it is explanation of what is, which is not quite distilled in his remark:

“It is a specialised way of looking at the world.

It is something that not a few Liberal Party MPs need to grasp, theory is sound explanation. To say ‘specialised way of looking …’ is, however, also misleading.

Next, on what is inculcated by States ‘Govts.’ into school pupils is the trivia of ‘process’. ‘Process’ is a buzzword used by politicians, a Police Commissioner ( Nixon), and bureaucrats. Process is how to go about things; it is acquired as a matter of course. Substantive content, in contrast, has been struck down for the quackery of sociology. The Queensland ‘curriculum’, for instance, inculcates:

“historical and cultural factors (that influence the nature and direction of science which, in turn, affects the development of society.”

Let’s pin the source of that swill. It is the stinking heap of dung called sociology and its ‘branch’ the ‘sociology of knowledge’, which is being drummed into school pupils. What is being drilled into soft heads in Queensland is typical of what is being drilled into pupils in each State.

The relativism Doherty attacks is contained in sociology. The sociologists’ account of the history of civilisation is alone totally erroneous. However, of science, one recollects some sociologists equating primitive, magical and superstitious beliefs and ritual with science. In other words science is nothing more than a ritualistic process which claims to attain truth about reality.

Next to the quackery of psychology, successive Federal Govts. have expanded sociology in ‘universities’; to the point a number of the charlatans are now advisers to Cabinet. It shows.

When, for example, the Prime Minister attempts to justify protection of selected interests, he parrots the sociologists, “it is Australia’s cultural heritage’. Such mush, when the argument, pro or con, is economic.

The likes of Derrida aside, sociologists and psychologists have swallowed the humanities, the soft underbelly of the university; precisely because of the languages of the humanities are demotic languages, as opposed to mathematics in science. Here is the twist, Dr. Ridd (James Cook University) stated that “the science syllabus has stripped maths out of science.”

The sprightly gentleman Louis Hissink has written on the debasement of geology. What Mr. Hissink had to say is the same.

What the States’ Govts., by their ‘schools’ and ‘universities’, through ‘environmental- (pseudo-) science, sociology and other such mush, are responsible for is worse than a travesty of the function of schools and universities. It is worse than the cultivation of ignorance; it is a retreat into primitive savagery. Since universities are also a Federal affair, both the Federal ALP and Coalition Parties are culpable for what is an appalling corruption of the sciences. For, it is they who have proliferated charlatanism by the funding of it and on a massive scale. Indeed, both the ALP and the Coalition parties, state and federal levels, began debasing science right back in the late 50’s and 60’s, at state and federal level.

The great lie, man changes climate through CO2, only illuminates, with an unhappy clarity, the debasement of science and with knobs on. The price of “Kyoto” is the demolition of civilisation. Why is the Liberal party so bent on proving itself as good a green hugger as the ALP, when the job is to demolish the vile rubbish in public? It is not as if the Cabinet has to work at it terribly much, the sheer numbers of scientists who can arm them with explanations takes care of that.

No, instead, the Liberal party, through the likes of Senator Campbell, and David Davis in Victoria, prefer to cultivate charlatans and take their mummery as ‘advice’.

Mr. Rudd has declared, under him the ALP will press an even more “aggressive” progom of compliance to that vicious document, the ‘Kyoto Treaty’. The liberal party should be happy to leave the nut-nibbling chipmunk to it, and shred him piece by piece accordingly. The trouble is, they can’t do that for the time being, for they have swallowed the whole damned lie of man causes global warming.

No, not just any man. The devil incarnate is free market capitalist man. Behind it all is that shallow, callow idiot called Rousseau and his promotion of the happy savage noble on the one hand, ‘true man’, and on the other hand, civilisation as ‘artificial’, and civilised man as some sore pressed sod who just wants to be, ah, hmm, well, ahem, ‘natural’.

What is all the more insidious is the increasing assertion of collectivism. History doesn’t repeat itself but there are extensive similarities between the late 19th century to early 20th century. The rise of the horrific totalitarian regimes, fascist, communist and Nazi, was preceded by a descent into superstition and underneath it all, primitive beliefs, inclusive of the occult of mudder nature. And, the subjection of the individual to the group. It is nothing less than the attempt to impose the ugly, nasty mores of primitive tribalism.

For his treatise in jurisprudence, Hayek had before him the shining example of the Common Law tradition. He concluded the tract with a singular prediction:

“I believe people will discover that the most widely held ideas which dominated the 20th century, those of planned economy with a just distribution, a freeing ourselves from repressions and conventional morals, of permissive education as a way to freedom, and the replacement of the market by a rational arrangement of a body with coercive powers, were all based on superstitions in the strict sense of the word. An age of superstitions is a time when people imagine they know more than they do…. the twentieth century was certainly an outstanding age of superstition….”

The “replacement of the market by a rational arrangement of a body with coercive powers”, characterises much the Federal Liberal Party has done in office in economic affairs. Peter Costello is completely wrong in claiming, regulation is the Rule of [Common] Law. Regulation is the rule of the tyrant, the dictator, and requires the edifice of the police state to enforce it. The only thing distinguishing the Liberal Party on so many matters from the ALP is, the ALP is far worse, committed to overt National Socialism and Soviet style planning. Common Law defends the individual and his property against the tyrant – not that many in the law give a fig about that these days.

Hayek’s prediction is not about to be realised any time soon. In so far as the ideas which lead to totalitarianism were forged by some of the brightest of Europe, today, they are merely the worn out sound bytes parroted by the venal, the power hungry, the lazy, the avaricious, the spineless, and the unprincipled. Europe descended in the late 19th Century to early 20th C occultic and pantheistic beliefs, propagated and instilled through seductive pseudo — rational dress.

Some of the nonsense, for example, was spewed out by Hegel. It was rubbish then, it is rubbish today, which tells me, politicians just don’t have a clue as to what they really are banging on about. Just to check, the constant vulgar use of “culture” is in the same sense as Hegel’s usage, a completely false one.

The Victorian Liberal party has, certainly, been wrecked by venal, spineless avaricious, unprincipled types, who double up as village idiots. The major parties are committed to notions that do not induce progress, improvement, and prosperity, but only the immiseration of many, while making life safe only for the kept, that is, bureaucrats and politicians.

It all relies on, of course, rendering as many as possible reliant on govt. intervention in some way, such that as few as possible can face life without the dead hand of oppressive, socialist government. Thus we have the kernel of the explanation as to how socialist politicians and their ‘governments’ corrupt people, and morals, the morals of the civilised, free market world, as opposed to the mores of the primitive tribesman.

As did the primitive tribal pooh bah, so too socialist politicians need many to be steeped in superstition and mystical beliefs, and fear of the unknown. Otherwise, how can those self-styled saviours demonstrate their great tin pot goddy capacity for rescuing people from, at bottom, nothing much at all.

Despite over a century of trying to make central planning and collectivism work, with disaster and terror, misery and destruction the only upshot of it, it seems politicians, bureaucrats, and too many clerics in the Church, are still hell bent on damning many in order to realise just another infantile paradise called socialism.

It is understandable, therefore, why science is also being eradicated. Science is a major obstacle to primitive savagery. Is that why even the Liberals cling to the fraud of keynesian economics, and pride themselves on their practicality and pragmatism, over against acquisition of theory? The problem is plain enough, if they turned to sound theory, they would have to correct and cut much they have done, as much as the ALP would have to repent of its dedication to the beliefs of primitive savages.

The Practical man is, of course, an ignorant man. The practical man, that is, rejects sound explanation of what is, even taking pride in his ignorance. Why does he step into an aircraft, or take an elevator to the umpteenth floor, dare drive across Sydney Harbour Bridge? Is he a hypocrite, a capricious one at that, accepting theory only when it suits him? Surely, if theory is so much tosh, the practical men and women in Australia must fear flying, must fear even driving a car.

Pragmatism compounds the error, as a descent into relativism. It is, of the Liberal party, worse than a regrettable retreat. The principles of Liberalism have as their root the very grounds of civilisation. The case of Liberalism is not ‘ideological’, neither is it a hypothesis only. It is theoretically true.

It is theoretically true, and not simply because of the shocking record of the attempts to contradict it through socialism, but because the truths of Liberalism are demonstrated in history. Thus are its principles sound. So, why are Liberal Politicians so ashamed of Liberal principles?

Why are they as enthusiastic for imposing the European disease on Australians as the ALP? Why don’t they have the spine to stand up for Liberal Principles, and engage the public, on those terms? Why are they so timid? Why do they run away from any confrontation that entails standing on Liberal Principles? Why do they cave into charlatans? Why do they eschew those who can soundly advise them? Why do they reject science for charlatanism and superstition? Why are they serving rather more the aims of the National Socialist-Soviet style Planners of the ALP? Why are they so willing to take private property ( by taxation) and throw it way on charlatans, their mummery, and their grand scams?

It’s all been done many times over before, so why do they insist on aiding the ALP in making Australians go through it all again? Why do they do as the ALP does and take their lead from the Black Book of Socialism?

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