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Sen-Segt Paul Mullet is partly wrong,because the Bracks Cabinet is to blame and not just their glove puppet,Christine Nixon, the Junta’s Commisssar of Police.

September 19, 2006

The Junta, through its goon squad the Orwellian named “Office of Police Integrity”, intensified it’s activities against the members of the now defunct ( temporarily?) Armed Robbery Squad. During Monday ( 4th/9), the OPI had been releasing more ‘reports’ of its ‘investigation’ into the police. Now members are being subjected to show trials, in secret, launched on the strength of base allegations, which the OPI raised by asking violent crims in prison, have you any complaints against the ARS?

The show trials, as all show trials were under the Nazi and Soviet and Maoist Communist regimes, is all for the benefit of the Junta, not just Nixon, acting against the ARS.

A show trial to throw a smokescreen over what it is actually doing. Indeed, the ‘trials’ of the two Pastors were just that, totalitarian, secret police state show trials, to entrench the power of the regime, and to blacken the vicitms in order to tell a lie, ” See, see, the two Pastors are as we told you, vicious types.”

Consider it ladies and gentlemen, that is the Bracks Junta and its goons, the sort who ably served the Nazi and Communist regimes around the world. Still do in, say Cuba today. These are the types trampling on good men and women, and not just the members of the ARS.

Caught out, it is clear the Junta, through its goon squad, the OPI, has entrenched itself by asserting yesterday, through the media, the ARS had committed what it ” it finds to be torture”.

These days, torture is used corruptly, to describe anything leftists and the Junta’s Commissars decide is “torture”. The left dominated media claimed, for example, that Islamo Nazi terrorist scumbag, “Jihad” Jack Thomas, gave Federal Police his confession “under torture”, and that assertion is a lie. On the other hand, a bit of biff dealt out to Islamo Nazis who are in or have been in terrorist units, is not at all objectionable.

Late last night, the Junta, caught red-handed, and in panic, raised the ante and accused the ARS members of bashing crims on arrest, pointing guns at their head, in order to obtain confessions, dragging prisoners face down along concrete and other cruel deeds.[ For some of the defamatory lies told against ARS members, see here.]

The ARS members, it has been discovered, are being hauled before inquisitorial trials in secret hearings. The accused have been forbidden to inform friends on pain of being convicted of a criminal offence, not even family. Family members, it has been related by the wife of one squad member, have realised what they are being subjected to only because of the media reports which clued them in as to why their men have gone ‘missing’.

The accusers are anonymous. The accused have no right to have the accusers cross -examined, another gross violation of justice, compounded by, this is a star chamber euphemistically called a commission of inquiry. They have no right to a barrister.

Galbally Q.C. was on the radio this morning. He remarked he has acted as prosecutor against police accused of crimes, and the cases were run correctly, and convictions secured. Galbally is appalled and disgusted at the naked violation of justice and due process.

The Bracks Junta, as I have said repeatedly, has been emasculating the force where it counts, through its stooge Nixon and her fellow Yes Pleasemen politically correct paper shufflers, who spend their days building models of how to be good, leftoid, snag, pleaseman. Shutting down the ARS is part of it.

As it is, before this, many a policeman has been angered by what the Junta is doing. Policemen, not just ARS members, who have the guts to tackle thugs and just wish to get on with the job of taking out violent crims, including many  youfs , who, forget tender years, are very violent little scumbags. Police have been quitting, and the reason is not pay. Some have told me, they are more than satisfied with the pay. No, it is what sits on top of them which has decided them to quit and in increasing numbers. Some can’t quit; they have been too long in the force to make the transition into enterprise, and are resigned to the misery of staying put until retirement day.

The Junta, through Nixon, moreover, has ensured police cannot stop even violent little youfs, by making sure police are tied up with paperwork or consigned to jobs in offices. Violent crime has been rising exponentially, and this without including the violence committed by Islamo Nazi scumbags. As I remarked in the first instalment on the Bill of Rights, there will be sections who will be free to commit violent crimes with impunity, the BOR states that. In fact, the Bracks Junta has already been working towards that, through its own version of ‘selective policing’.

The Junta’s progressive corruption and emasculation of the police force has been matched by its corruption of the judiciary. It has been stuffing the benches, VCAT, Magistrates’, and Supreme courts with, goons, trustees, and the politically correct with no grounding in Common Law and not even experience, in the case of one Supreme Court appointment, as junior criminal trial barristers.

The Bracks Junta was involved in the coup de tat against a former Chief Magistrate, whose crime was, he is not a leftist, believes in his duty as a judge and was not a hand-wringing, leftist soft-cock of a judge when dealing with vicious criminals.

the new generation of judges are that, snag,poltically correct, leftist bums,and they carried out the Junta’s aim: the reduction of courts courts to turnstiles for dangerous and many recidivist criminals. The upshot, every dangerous crim in Melbourne realises, they have nothing to fear. Indeed, it is even better if a dangerous crim is classed a ‘juvenile’, which is why dangerous mobsters recruit teenagers.

The emasculation of the police is to be completed by demanding all prospective constables take a Dworkins degree first. Heads filled with psycho-sociological babble, professionalese, and leftist p.c. speak, that will ensure no policeman will be anything but a glove puppet to the Junta and it’s goons.

The Bracks Govt. has been busy eradicating anything which stands in the way of its totalitarian vision. The ARS is the latest target of the Bracks Juntas’ Kulturkampf. Caught red-handed, once again, the Bracks Junta, in a desperate attempt to get away with this malevolent and malfeasant action, has resorted to heightening its defamatory smearing of the ARS and its members.

Now, if I were a barrister, I would pro bono do two things:

First, I would, if those subjected to this totalitarian action against them were to agree, launch defamation writs against:

Christine Nixon – she made the first defamatory remarks against the Squad in that secretly recorded meeting, the purpose of which was to say, you are sacked and the squad finished. [ Ref., here.]

The OPI, the reason is obvious.

The Bracks Junta: for the Police Minister, under the  Westminister tradition in which the Parliament stands, is directly responsible, and so too, for the same reason, the Cabinet, that means Bracks and Hulls, as well as such vicious types as the Apostle to Anti-Christ, the Reverendress Bronwyn Pike.

[Readers not familiar with the t harridan, Pikey Wikey is a Reverendress in the Church of Latter Day Communists, the Uniting Church, which takes up all sorts of good cause, Hamas and Hezbollah, for examples. ” Blessed are they who give comfort to mass-murdering scumbags because, they shall surely inherit the Marxist earth.”]

Secondly, one would examine very carefully statutes for reasons to issue writs of more serious charges against each of the above named totalitarian thugs.

I’ve written exhaustively on the Junta Crimes Act and its cognate. To summarise:

It is sufficient for any ‘ officer of the Junta to merely say x or y is guilty of a crime covered in the act, and it is very elastic indeed as to what crimes are covered, and the victim is under the Act:

i  Arrested, on the strenght of heresay.
ii Taken to a place of Secret Interrogation.

iii Has no right to a barrister, must answer any question put by the chief Inquisitor, on  pain of being convicted and given a jail term for refusal.

iv The victim is forbidden to tell even family members, and to disclose the address of the place of secret interrogation, on pain of being convicted of another set of novel criminal offences, which carry jail term of 5 years.

v On the arrest and whisking away to a secret cell, the goons can seize all their victim’s private property, and held until the victim is finally acquitted. No compensation is to paid. Too bad about the wife and children, they are booted out into the gutters. [ This is not a joke, that is what the Cognate Act contains.]

I will reprise the bill for the benefit of readers but the above few points are sufficient to convey what this Act contains and the force of it: a complete overthrow of Common Law in its criminal application, overthrow of due process, of habeus corpus, of justice. It is an Act for which the only precedents are to be found in Islamic theocracies, the Nazi and Soviet regimes, the medieval age ( though not  England ), and primitive tribal societies.

While the left and one of its fronts, the “Civil Liberties Union” have smeared Howard on immigration, they have been silent on this real totalitarian, secret police state Act, which can be used against any Victorian any time of the day and night. Yes, any decent, law-abiding Victorian might hear that knock on the door in the night some day announcing the arrival of secret police wielding full totalitarian secret police state powers.[ this is not an exaggeration, it is in the ‘Act’.]

The OPI is clearly running its secret pllice state inquisition along exaclty those lines of the Act – including raising false charges in order to persecute the ARS and haul them before their Nazi/Soviet style ‘court’. Mere hearsay, on a mere dislike of x or y… the knock in the middle of the night.

Worse will come, for the Bracks Junta has been developing VCAT into a full blown secret police state ‘court’ in which its goons wield full, unfettered police state power against anyone they pick on. The BOR will complete this transformation of VCAT, which, originally, was supposed to be a low cost version of a Common Law Court.

In fact we have seen the shape of things to come already, under the Blasphemy ACT and Sisel and Szoke, and a number of other VCAT ‘judges’ who have done the same to X – the case I have written on many times. The case, to repeat, involves one the Junta’s thugs inside the now falsely named office of State Trustees ‘, a Ms. Dodson. [The State Office of Trustees, under the old school, was an honourable office – not now.]

That office, it  now serves as an excuse for the Junta to steal private property as the Junta has done to X. I’m not making all this up and, to make it clearer, I confess X is a close acquaintance of mine, and due to the acquaintance, I am more than merely familiar with what the Junta has done to X –

Oh, as for that Coward, Davis Davies who has not acted for X, and thus failed in his duty as an M.P. to a constituent , X:

 You are a little Micheal Kroger stick-puppet and scumbag. Ted the Wimp Baillieu has sung his praises, saying he works hard. Well, Ted, David Davis is a gutless, treacherous  little turd.

Davis  typifies what Michael Kroger, Peter Costello, and their Stick Puppets have done to the liberals, stuffed it full of mps. who have not fought against the many totalitarian Acts of the Junta. To, the contrary, we have seen them support some of the worst of them, and some are ready to support the BOR (as we shall relate when resuming the article on the BOR).

What a pack of spineless, gutless, not liberal useless marshmallows. They serve the Bracks Junta, they are a wing of the Junta. Their non-existent opposition to the Junta reflects the treachery and wrecking of the Party by MichaelKroger, Peter Costello and their stick puppets.

Thus we have it.

Sgt.Mullet, with all due respect, you are wrong, the Bracks Junta is to blame as much as Nixon and the OPI, they are directly culpable.’

Indeed, that fat, lying, wealthy totalitarian thug – he has gotten rich at taxpayers expense as a  professional dole bludger, Steve Bracks, had this to say this morning:

Many govts. have an office just like the OPI.

That little totalitarian thug and moron thus asserts: because others do it, it is o.k. Well, heck, you corrupt good for nothing faggot, a violent crim might plead the same excuse, others commit armed robbery, murder, rape stabbings so, it is o.k.

It is not o.k. Steve Bracks and what is more, your Anti-Bill of real rights ,makes plain: you are directly culpable of treason by the overthrow of common law and setting up an overtly totalitarian regime over Victorians because, that is exactly the force of your bill of totalitarian Anti-Rights, the coping stone of all your efforts. Indeed, it perfects what you have done extensively through many Acts.

Bracks claims to be a Christian, of the R.C. , garbage he is. He is a totalitarian, lying little fat scumbag, along with the rest of his Cabinet: and it shows, it shows out in the majority of their actions to date.

Let’s return to the beginning point: the original motive was to emasculate the Vic Police successful crime squads, thus the shut-down of the ARS. Caught red handed, to cover themselves, they decided to tell cock and bull stories against the ARS members, smear, them,  defame them, put them through one of their Secret Police ‘courts’ and, in short, work hard at totally blackening their name and thus ruin them on the principle, it will convince the public, the lies told against those members must be true, and thus they and the ARS are history.

Well, Bracks and Co can’t get away with it. They are caught red-handed. One of the things which has stamped the record of the Junta is the lies they have told on many accounts, as fully shown in the case of the Franskton-Scoresby Highway fraud committed by the Cabinet.

They are corrupt, they are malfeasant, they are spending Victorians into the gutters, and they are totalitarians who are friends only to dangerous crims and Islamo Nazi thugs.

What is worse, the  KKR Parasite Party and their Marshmallow stick puppets,  led by successively Napthaline Flake, then Paper Doyley, and now Ted the Wimp, have not even laid a cotton glove on Bracks and his goons, let alone do what they should have done: kicked them in the groin , ripped Bracks’  head off, and not just in Parliament. Hang them from the ramparts. 

The reason: they are not Liberals, they are ignorant, spineless KKR blobby stick puppets. Thus, in their typical good spineless form, they have not said a word, not raised even  a little finger against Bracks over this disgusting action of the Junta against the ARS and its members –

What a pack of limp wristed, leftist, sniveling, cowards they are – they couldn’t defend an elederly lady [X] against Bracks’ and Hulls’ goons. They couldn’t defend the two pastors. They can’t even bring themselves to defend the bravemen of the ARS. 

That lot believe Liberals should endure them, and Victorians put them in office ! Replace Bracks with a pack of blobbies who are not one jot better – that would be a very bad joke, Kroger’s and Costello’s Marshmallows hold the Treasury Bench – village idiots are a better bet than the KKR Parasite Party. For even village don’t roll over before thugs. Village idiots don’t serve thugs. The KKR do and on both counts. Village idiots might be simple, but they are not fools, and unprincipled cowards, unlike the KKR Party.

Both of them, the KKR parasites and the Bracks Junta parasites, they are not fit to serve as shoe shine boys and girls in Parliament, let alone sit as M.P.s. What a pack of thugs, the whole lot of them. They don’t give a stuff about Victorians for, as the B.O.R makes plain, all Victorians are not merely held in contempt, they must be reduced to vassal slaves a.s.a.p. to these conceited, ignorant, dumbed down, self-serving, venal, craven, totalitarian, scumbags.

I detest compulsory voting as it is. Not least for, pollies thus claim ‘mandates’ for any idiot scam, and to justify their larcenous conduct, but – vote for any of that lot, the Junta and the KKR, bull bloody shite. Throw them into jail is the proper course, and throw away the keys.


Violent crime rate in Victoria set to increase, and Yes Pleasemen.

September 18, 2006

Following the Junta shutting down the successful Armed Robbery Squad, through its glove puppets, Christine Nixon and other Yes Pleasemen, retired and serving senior police officers damned this action. A number observed:

1.That is exactly what the N.S.W. government did; including replacement of it’s A.R.S. with models of policing. 2. Violent crime rose as hardened recidivists realised it was safe to go back to “work”.Meanwhile, one armoured guard company has publicly attacked the action against the ARS for just that reason. Understandable: because its guards, carrying payrolls and banking cash and other valuables, are targets for dangerous, murderous armed robbers. The risks for that firm have been multiplied, as well as for many another business owner and employee.

Then again, the Bracks Junta is all about making the streets safe for dangerous criminals, reinforced by rather too many in the judiciary who are too busy empathizing with dangerous crims than to bother themselves with punishing them properly and as a deterrent to others. How dare anyone, they scream, demand Judges punish violent scumbags?

The OPI, already having asked convicted crims in prison if they any complaints against the ARS, has been working overtime during the weekend to uncover any more convicted dangerous crims who are prepared to complain, anonymously of course. Lo, OPI claims to have done just that.”Er, yeah guv., they arrested me”. Oh, dear, outrageous, this is torture!

OPI considers ARS has committed what it considers ‘acts of torture’. Obviously, the mistake of ARS members is, when trying to apprehend armed, dangerous crims who won’t hesitate to shoot first if they can, is, they didn’t ask them, “Can I arres. Pretty Please,say yes? However, a polite knocking on the door should be preced by sending a visiting card reading, ” We shall be at your home on the 18th of x to arrest you, for elevenses. Shall we bring the twinings tea and cookies, or will you play mother? “

It is clear what the Junta is trying to do, turn every police man into a Yes Pleasemen, to be that is exactly like Nixon and her fellow paper shufflers, pretending to be policmen’s policemen.

So, what we have is this: The leftist Bracks Junta persecuting the good men of a successful A.R.S., as they seek excuses for their disgusting action.

The only types enjoying this disgusting spectacle are hardened dangerous criminals and the treacherous left. Oh, and that pusher of leftist wheelbarrows, the ‘Civil Liberties Union”.

So far, Ted and the Marshmallows have kept silent. Typical.

Senator Campbell has fallen off his tree

September 18, 2006

On Sunday, the Minister of dah ” Environment”, Senator Campbell cried in public, Al Gore’s horror flick is all true. Well, it is all true it is Al Gore’s ‘movie’ and that’s all. The content is rubbish, but this doesn’t disturb the Senator, for he is a true believer in magic, and the pacification of that evil bitch, Mudder Nature with human sacrifices. For that, Senator Campbell, AGW? Climate Change is.Each tier of govt. in Oz, as it is, has done far too much in sacrificing Australians to the goddess of magic and stupidity and death.The Weekend Oz claimed $30billion in new capital investment in electricity production capacity is now required, citing “The Energy Supply Association of Australia”.

Whether it is $30b or may be less, one can’t say. The culprits in all this are states’ govts.

The Victorian Govt. has made it a criminal offence for firms to invest more in coal fired plants. This involves to problems:

It means the Victorian Govt. has outlawed the freedom of frims to increase scale to meet increases in long run real average demand and, spare capacity that caters for higher load runs in very short periods.

Capital by the Bracks Junta’s fiat has been forced into the scam of Windmills, which produce nothing. That is capital thrown down a black hole, instead of investors applying to where it is actually needed. This is apart from Local Councils and the Vic. Govt. using electricity companies and retailers as one of their personal slush funds.

Upshot: shortages and rising energy costs to firms, as well as consumers.

In N.S.W., things are worse. A source told me: ” If you believe the Bracks Junta is corrupt, let me tell you, Victorians are getting off lightly compared to what the N.S.W. govt. is doing to consumers because of its outright control of electricity supply in N.S.W.

How bad is it I asked, and my informant simply rolled his eyeballs. I then put in the rhetorical figure, ” So, consumers in N.S.W. are in deep trouble” My source replied, “You can say that, I can’t but you can.”

Central Planning and appeasement of the goddess of death have been combined by politicians each state to cripple investment in production of electricity and production of electricity – as in, for example, Bracks slapped on a per ton tax on each ton of coal mined, in the name of appeasing Gaiae.

Comparable is the water crisis, created by them for the same reason.

Campbell, you and your states’ and local councils’ counterparts are committing extensive economic carnage to fix a problem that does not exist. Co2 does not do what you believe it does – and it is nothing but a lie built on bunk but you and your counterparts have latched onto it as an excuse to defraud real taxpayers and inflict economic carnage. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

Campbell attacked the Greens for being Watermelon red. Why then, is also one of their pol potian red cult?

The job of the minister of dah environment should be to shut the whole department of frauds, charlatans and psychic mikes down and hand back real taxpayers their stolen property, and get rid of those police state ‘laws’ called “environmental laws”. No, not Red Campbell, he’s out there promoting voodoo and economic sabotage. Along with those totalitarian gangsters the Bracks and Lemma regimes.

The Bracks Junta will be the first overtly totalitarian regime on Australian Soil; It nearly is at is .

September 14, 2006

Neil Mitchell launched a scoop on 3 AW this morning. He had received a tape of a meeting between Police Commissar Nixon on the now defunct Armed Robbery Squad. The purpose of it, Nixon telling the members of the squad it has been struck off, the members to be seconded to any other element of Vic. Police. She commenced in her usual managerialese-socio-babble-in whiny voice mod e-gobble-de-gook until an officer told to stop babbling and get on with it.So, what did she tell them but this: having, in her babble, repeated in an interview, ” we are changing the model to make it safer for police and try new approaches.’ When told to stop babbling, she came out with the real reason, she or, rather, her Mastahs, the Bracks Junta, simply wished top close it down.

The excuse is the complaints against members of the squad had been lodged claiming they are thugs. Where did the complaints come from? That bit of rubbish called the O.P.I. the “office of Police Integrity.

OPI orificers visited a jail and  asked convicts whether they had complaints against the Armed Robbery Squad. Well, surprise, surprise, they did have complaints. The O.P.I. acted on those complaints, and the junta had its excuse to shut down what happened to be a very effective serious crime-fighting unit. The “O.P.I.”, a suitable politically correct, socialisto babble speak Orifice of the Junta, was set up in the wake of the furore over the old drug squad. The Armed Robbery squad, however , is squeaky clean.It’s members are tough, and accept what they are paid to do, engage in a dangerous job bringing dangerous criminals to book, They have done it, fearlessly. Their crime is, well, not being nice to hardened, violent criminals.

The Squad has been very effective in bringing armed robbers to book. In contrast, violent crime has been  in generalincreasing, and the numbers of dangerous criminals have been multiplying exponentially. The reason is simple; the Bracks Junta has been making the streets safe for dangerous crims.

his, perhaps, is the real reason for the disbanding of the Squad. You, see, the members did take bringing violent crims to book seriously and do so in a tough war, unlike the treatment of so many other dangerous, violent criminals who are, effectively, depicted by the Junta and compliant Judges, as more victims than the real victims of violent scumbags.Nixon, being a Bracks Junta appointee, has been ‘modeling’ a model of dealing with armed robbery and, police will now apply the new lego model.

The law abiding man in the streets of Victoria has had enough with the garbage of rehabilitation’ and don’t tread on the toes of savages approach of the increasingly totalitarian morons, who who stuff Spring St., bureaucracy or, rather, goon squads, and ‘judiciary’.

Well, it is no surprise crims rule in Vic., ok, when the lying, professional dole bludgers in Spring Street are busily overthrowing private property rights, imposing police sate ‘laws’ – inclusive of the property rights in oneself. So, basically, the notion that the one thing that might justify ‘govt.’, use of coercion,in service of common law courts, against violent crims, is shredded by the fact the Junta, at bottom, is nothing but a pack of violent criminals in their actions; they are no better than the scumbags terrorizing Victorians because they are lawless. The Blasphemy Bill makes that clear.

Where are we heading? Britain is a pretty good clue. British police are no longer in the business of bringing scumbags to book. No, they are too busy ‘enforcing’ E.U. ‘Charter of Hooman Rights’, E.U. ‘Law’ and the L.P. Govt’s. own police state law’ against  decent types, whose offences range from selling fruit and veges in imperial weights to defending their own life and limb.

Indeed, defending one’s own life and limb is now a crime; they call it ‘taking the law into your hands’. Hell, the Oz federal Govt. has made sure no Aussie can defend life, limb and property because of it’s ‘gun laws’. No, the crim is free to shoot you. Rape you, bash you, stab you but that’s ok because, as is made plain by the Bracks Junta, absolutists pretending to be judges, and the totalitarian bent bureaucrats, hiding behind psycho-babble, take great pains to ‘educate’ Victorians into, the crims have ‘hooman rights’, and crims are mostly victims of ‘social injustice ‘ and ‘great personal hurt.’ Well,, unless you are white Anglo-Celt-Saxon aspirational type.

Now, on the count of crime, things will deteriorate further in Victoria and for no less a reason than the Junta’s “Charter of Human Rights”. That Bill, once it is enacted, virtually confers on selected ‘unique cultural types’ ‘rights’ to commit violent crimes”. If any of those protected types kill, rape, bash, stab a whitey, it is just because anyone who is of Celtic-Anglo-Saxon descent thoroughly deserves it. Yes, that is the force of the B.O.R. Aborginies are singled out in  to enjoy this novel privilege unhampered altogether, in a country which is meant to be ruled by the otherwise impersonal and high civilisation tradition of the Rule of Common Law.

Then, that is what the politicians, too many on the bench and rather many bureaucrats have been aiming at, the complete overthrow of the Rule of Common Law. What the B.o.R. effects, once enacted, is automatic subjection of all Victorians into vassal slaves of the Junta. All rights are no longer grounded in property rights.

Any right is reduced to a boon granted by the Junta. Your property – yourself, your home, goods, chattels, and economic assets, are no longer yours, the Junta owns everything. The Bill establishes that.

Moreover, the buttress against tyranny is totally overthrown. No Judge, including Supreme Court Judges can decide case contrary tot he letter of the B.O.R. or, even more rubbery, it’s ‘intent’. Under the B.O.R. no one is permitted to appeal to the High Court of Australia. In any case, Bracks and Hulls have made sure, the Supreme Court cannot rise against totalitarian measures.

The last appointee has never practiced as a barrister. Her greatest familiarisation with common law is ‘femininst studies.’ The other other one is not much better as she reassured Victorians, ” I will bring a female persective to law’.

The notion of rights contained in the bill belongs to the totalitarian notions of ‘govt’ as advanced by such as Hobbes and Comtes, and is not rooted in the real source of rights, absolute property rights and they are essential to economic freedom. The liberty of the individual is thus grounded and, what is more, Common Law is generated out of that, property rights and economic freedom; they are the grounds of Liberty and Common Law, which is why, or was, the buttress against tyranny. One of the many leftist ignoramuses on the Spencer Street Soviet, aka the Age, wrote on Law :

the job of Parliament is to ‘rectify the law’.

Garbage, sheer garbage, the function of law is to protect free men and women against tyrannous politicians and bureaucrats and, as required reign in tyrants by bringing them to book.Not that that is transparent given the sheer numbers of ‘lawyers’ and judges’ in Victoria who are committed to some variation on the theme, ‘my ideal form of absolutism’, and the ‘Civil Liberties’ brigade are no damned better.

Oh, ‘Civil libertarians’ whine, loudly, for pet leftist causes, but never against the real threat to liberty. Then, the Law schools have long been busily stamping out Common Law as an irritant and a disturbance to the vision of a wunnerful day when totalitarian scumbags will prevail unhindered, and that day is upon us in Victoria. We already have a taste of it, the most obvious instance being the Blasphemy Law.

A few citations and quotes are in order:

In his second reading speech, head KGB goon, Attorney General Hulls boasts it is nothing like the U.S. Bill of Rights. Well, he is correct but not for the right reasons. The aim of the U.S. Bill, was to uphold the freedom of individuals against ‘govt.’ and tyranny’. Activist judges, much encouraged by treacherous ‘Democratic’ administrations have eroded the aim but it was the aim.

He also remarked, courts will not have ‘the power to strike down legislation’. It is highly understandable why that is a central term of the Junta’s Bill Of Rights.

He claims the Bill will be ‘educative’, the favorite cliché of an excuse of leftists for overthrowing real freedoms and property rights. The function, in common law, is not ‘educative’; it is the preservation of Liberty.

For those who wish to read the rest of Hulls’  rot,  turn to this page.

Bracks and Hulls are Liars, and here is an example, stated by a Liberal M.P., McIintosh, in the Lower House:

As I was made aware today, many judges see themselves as big winners in this circumstance. Out of professional courtesy I will not name the judge, because I knew him well at the bar, but a particular judge in anticipation of this charter of rights is already advocating that people should be preparing their submissions to courts where they are appearing before him with a view to raising issues of human rights.

Indeed with a case as simple as the Ansett insolvency case, which I thought was simple although it involved convoluted and complex technical aspects of insolvency and corporate law, now according to this particular judge involves issues of human rights. The sweep of human rights according to this judge will be all encompassing.

Ladies and gentleman, that is a Judge who is cheerily preparing for the day when common law is finished. Notice what the statement contains, the implicit fact property rights, the ground of liberty, is thrown down for ‘hooman rights’. Those who might remark, yes but the example the M.P. gives applies to companies and so it won’t hurt the ‘little man’ need to get a grip on law, for those who believe so are wrong. In fact, they are already wrong, for many ‘laws’ politicians and bureaucrats claim to be aimed at only stopping this or that ‘crime’ in fact hit the most modest of actions and interests. The B.o.R is worse, because it is exhaustive and absolute in what is dictated to the new vassal slaves called Victorians.

Above, I remarked, certain favored types will be free to virtually commit serious crimes Scot-free. Juveniles certainly do so today in Victoria. I find these remarks interesting because they cover all criminals:

I note that we have a matter of public importance on this issue — specifically in relation to sentencing — brought on by TheNationals for tomorrow. Under this charter decisions that are made in Canada are relevant…

There is a famous case in Canada — Askov’s case. The result of that case was that delays in excess of six to eight months between committal and trial were found to be unacceptable. As a result, people charged with conspiracy to commit extortion were given a permanent stay of proceedings because of a delay in excess of six

to eight months — in that case it was some 23 months.

As a direct consequence of that ruling, in the space of little over two years in Ontario alone some 43,000 charges were either dismissed, stayed or held over, never to reappear in the courts. The chronic delays in the Canadian courts were of such significance that they allowed a permanent stay of serious extortion charges. The charges dropped as a result were not just

driving charges but also manslaughter charges, several serious assault charges, several serious sexual assault charges, and charges of assault of police with a weapon…dismissed as a direct consequence of this ruling.

You will not get a trial date within 12 months if you are pleading not guilty to a serious charge in the State of Victoria….a recent statement by the secretary of the Criminal Bar Association of Victoria verifies that position. I have taken the opportunity to talk to a number of lawyers, who all agree…( and) problem is that it seems to be getting worse. Even

the government’s own papers demonstrate that delays in our courts are getting profoundly longer. Last financial year 88 per…

No further comment is required. On property rights:

…that flows from that is what happens to our property rights. Whatever else the international covenant has in it, we have gone down this channel historically before…

We debated a bill here that deprived people effectively of their property rights in the St Kilda triangle. The government said, ‘No, we didn’t’. It is still there, notwithstanding its being completely surrounded and notwithstanding that there was a case before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal where the vindication of that particular leasehold was sought by the government.

In fact, as I have detailed in the case of X, the Junta through its goons squads, VCAT and, State Trustees (turned into a goon squad) has stolen private property, stripped financial assets of X, closed X’s accounts down and, are forcing her to prove herself not insane. This is before the Bill of Rights is enacted.

McIntosh gives more examples. What the B.OR does, in case anyone has not read it yet, makes it ‘legal’ for the Junta to take any of your property without even bothering to make any of its regular lies as excuses, and defend its confiscations in court an Parliament.

That is correct, the Junta can knock on your doorstep and take your property. In fact, it has put up Acts and articles of Acts, which already serve as pretexts for stealing your property and to resist invasion of your property by one of its goons is a criminal offence entailing prison sentences. One sch article is aimed at parents who would prefer yo school their children at home than in Victorian brainwashing camp euphemistically called a school. The next quote is amusing:

under clause 8 of the draft that was issued by the government, there was reference to the right to life. It

resided in subclause (1) of that draft, which reads: Every person has the right to life and has the right not to be arbitrarily deprived of life.

Subclause (2) reads: For the purposes of this Charter, subsection (1) applies to a person from the time of his or her birth. But the government found that it got into deep water about what is to be constituted by the definition of life. It found that it hit all sorts of hurdles amongst people in the community, so it took out that subclause. It took out any suggestion in this legislation about the notion of this impacting upon the right to life.The government even put a savings provision into this legislation, which appears in clause 48:Nothing in this Charter affects any law applicable to abortion or child destruction, whether before or after thecommencement of Part 2.

The right of anyone born in Victoria isn’t a right bestowed upon them by a pack of lying, snivelling socialistos. It is grounded in him-/herself, and upheld in common law but, as I commenced,  common law is overthrown by the Junta, courts and ‘department of corrections’ daily, and completely in the BOR. In Britain, as pointed out above, one’s rights are eliminated, since it is now even a criminal offence to defend oneself. And notice that Hitlerian/ Stalinist/Islamo-Nazi turn of phrase, ‘Child-destruction’.

That phrase is chilling. One can very well imagine a barrister entering the defence, a murder is not in fact a murder because he/she merely “destroyed a child.”.Clause 12, of Pt.2 of the Bill is a real gas:

Every person lawfully within Victoria has the right to move freely within Victoria and to enter and leave it and has the freedom to choose where to live.

That is your freedom under Common Law. Now, it is conditional upon the whim of the Junta. Just examine the three conditioning phrases of Clause 12. The grammatical force is unambiguous, the freedom of movement and residence anywhere in Victoria is actually struck down because it is allowed only at the whim of the Junta. No-one, expect for the members of the Junta, are in fact free to do so, since the property rights underpinning freedom of dwelling, movement, entry and exit are non-existent once the Bill is enacted and in force, those three conditioning terms makes that plain.

The above is the beginning of what will be an exhaustive scrutiny of the Bill and what the rotten commie scumbags responsible for it are actually about. I will take pains in covering it because the whole rotten totalitarian measure warrants a fulsome evisceration.The ALP is not submitting its BORs to referendum.

It has already altered the Constitution, several times. Unlike the Federal Constitution, it can do it by simple administrative bills Parliament. The Junta won’t submit BOR  to referendum, for a not so simple reason. why not is simple. Voters will  take the whole bloody lot of them and flog them to an inch of their lives because of it and ram there BOR up their unmentionables.

Instead, they are pushing this Bill through parliament and, hey presto, in one instant, and then a stroke of the G.-G’s. pen, and it’s a full-blown totalitarian regime Junta installed. Damn their miserable, useless, fat hides. The good for nothing, professional dole-bludging, totalitarian scumbags should be thrown into prison for treason – yes, literally, because that is what it amounts to. So they should be, and before it is too late.

The Bracks Junta is to fight Crime by deploying a force of ‘graduates’

September 8, 2006

Police Ministah, Timmy Holding on to his gravy train job decreed yesterday, from now own, recruits to the Vic. force of bluebottles must have a ‘degree’. Call it for what it is, credentialism and it is a complete waste of time, a very expensive waste of time. Let’s take real degrees.

Branson didn’t bother going up to a university. Bill Gates did but didn’t bother completing the Bachelor of Science. They are, of course, exceptional. The reality is, however, holding a degree doesn’t cut much ice in markets. If degrees are, as the pollies assert, an ‘economic driver’, then why has all innovation been made by entrepreneurs and the vast majority of them, degreeless. The mistake is the misconception of the function of a university, which is engagement in fundamental, abstract reasoning in the quest for truth. Besides, the majority of ‘degrees’ are anything but degrees, and even of the sandstone Unis in Oz, how many subjects are worthless rubbish?

Sociology and its offshoots ‘ religious studies’, ‘social work’, are prime examples. So, too, environmental science. Sociology and environmental science are junk, and a corruption of science, reflected in far from heady discovery and advancement of theory, just ordinary, man in the street at best observations and mostly inane – which is why it is couched in intellectualese, aka gobble-de-gook, – nothing but an ugly corruption of language.

The ‘Bachelor of Nursing’ is a waste of time. Before Hawke and Keating decided Nurses must first have a ‘degree’, nurses were trained in-house. They worked, and earned pay and board for it. It sorted out, as another benefit, rather quickly, who has the stomach for nursing, who would stick to it, and the identification of future matrons. It also kept payroll costs down.

With the ‘degree’, reinforced by regulations such as ” O.H.S.”, demarcation crept in, Trainee nurses, you see, are above mere dirty, manual work requiring a bit of physical exertion. It shows today, in govt. hospitals nurses wander listlessly around, and another army of labourers stand listlessly by waiting to do something nurses did until credentialism crept in. If nurses aspire to something more scholarly, if they have the brains and the schooling, they should turn to science instead. Well, that eliminates rather many of them.

Credentialism has generated more problems and multiplied payroll costs. The new ‘graduate of nursing’ has to be trained. Yes, they walk into a hospital as know it alls and, seniors have to train them, or attempt to. Attempt to, because, as new know it alls, enough prove intractable. It is a real headache.

One acquaintance who had served many years as theatre matron, now retired, wouldn’t have a bar of a ‘Graduate of Nursing’. She wouldn’t let them in the operating theatres. She was blunt: “they are a pain in the neck, incompetent, have no clue at all, won’t be told, won’t accept discipline, and they are a menace in theatre.”

A friend of mine, in an intensive care ward after major surgery, was a victim of a ‘Graduate of Nursing.’ The Surgeon ordered the ‘nurse’ to apply a particular dressing. The surgeon did not order it for amusement, a bit of the old, ‘Oh, what flowers shall I stick in the vase today’.

When the surgeon did the first of many frequent checks during the night, she found the nurse had put an altogether different dressing over the wound. The surgeon promptly replaced it with the correct one on. The nurse was elsewhere.

The next check and, yes, the ‘nurse’ had replaced it with her dressing of choice. Again the nurse was elsewhere and again the surgeon replaced it with the correct dressing.

The third time, the ‘nurse’ was there. The surgeon told the Nurse which is the correct dressing and why it was correct, as if the Doctor had nothing better to do than waste time giving a full account to a junior nurse. The ‘nurse’ argued back; she gave the surgeon a pretty nasty time of it. This went on all night. The Doctor was fed up to the gills with the ‘nurse’, and ‘distressed’ at what could have happened to the patient, due to that ‘nurse’.

The know it all nurse didn’t have a clue as to why that surgeon ordered a type of dressing, that there was a risk to the patient if the correct dressing wasn’t used. So, that dumbed down bitch, pretending to be a nurse, just risked my friend incurring a very nasty infection, immediately upon an operation which, to convey how serious it was: ‘It was like the patient being hit by a ten ton truck’ as the surgeon colourfully described it.’

Well, my friend did look as if a truck had hit her. There she was, lying in intensive care, and that vile bitch of a nurse was playing games and causing a scene. Bloody brilliant. That ‘nurse’ didn’t warrant respect, she earned a flogging and should have been dealt it on the spot.

I’ve seen similar many times over. The best is when patients are in excruciating agony and, ‘nurses’ ‘decide’ they will send the patient home. Some relatives/friends of patients accept it; some don’t, telling the ‘nurse’, “No, you don’t. X is in agony; X is not in agony because of a stomach ache. X is in trouble and it must be properly explored. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t do anything about itand won’t cope if X deteriorates further. Then, that is why a bloody well brought x here in the first place!’

Readers, I like private hospitals, they serve customers, they look after patients properly, the entrepreneurs who run them work out how to deliver services, excellent services bye the bye, much cheaper than the Soviet style Mudicare and ‘Public hospitals.’ They also employ nurses who are nurses and don’t waste payroll on know it all listless, intractable types full of the conceit of ‘professionalism’.

‘Professionalism’, as with ‘teaching’, the union and politicians asserted would make all and sundry respect them. No, I respected, and respect nurses of the old school. I don’t respect the ‘post-moderne’ ‘credentialled nurse’. It’s a laugh, it happened soon: Armed with their ‘degrees’ nurses began wandering listlessly around gumnut hospitals with stethoscopes around their necks; Doctors keep theirs hidden in their pockets.

Now, they are anecdotal examples, but, the problem is, it is systematic, and it is systematic because they have expended 3 years in a pseudo degree, at great burden to taxpayers and, at the end of the day, they are not ‘nurses’. Rather, what has happened is that their school-days have been extended by another 3 years, instead of earning pay and learning nursing from the ground up, beginning with, yes, manual work, and being taught applied subjects in-house as they progress.

The ‘Bachelor of Nursing’ isn’t producing better nurses, it is delaying the day prospective nurses have to face up to the reality of nursing, and many more than in the past don’t. As for the ‘B.N.’ – what heavy fine, theory is advanced in ‘how to be a nurse’? Nurses who are motivated, if they have the grounding, should put themselves up for a real, solid degree, perhaps the odd one might even become a surgeon.

One could draw it out further by counter examples but let’s get on with little Timmy’s rubbish.

Little Timmy gave as his justification, modern crime is today far more sophisticated than, why, what it was yesterday morning, and requires a police force to match. Let’s see:

1. Forensic scientists, yes there is need for them, not many, and, lo, that’s already catered for in science degrees.

2. Fighting crime syndicates? Well, tracing their money trials but this means employing accountants with solid experience in finances, auditing, and funds transfers. They are not to be found straight from a university. Indeed, accounting isn’t degree matter; it is Oz’s hideous tax regime that lead to elevating it as such.

3. Intelligence. ASIO recruits graduates in real degrees because of analytical capacity and languages and related reading depth. It is not; however, hiring from unis ready-made agents. They all have to be trained in-house, and the foundations involve rather tedious work, it’s not a romantic business. Moreover, next to in-house training, progress is built upon experience.

Penetrating crime syndicates is specialised, as well as dangerous work. Again, only a small number of detectives are required. As for CIB, in so far as they need graduates they, presumably, look for graduates who have read degrees, before joining the force and recruit, perhaps, those with a background in fields required for specialised work.

So far, Timmy’s assertion is looking rather silly. But he’s a polly and a member of the Bracks Junta, which is full of commie morons.

Now, let’s contemplate the majority of crimes and criminals. They aren’t sophisticated. They are violent, both many of the crimes and the criminals. In fact, violent crime on the streets has been rising thanks to selective policing and rehabilitation instead of punishment, and ludicrous sentences for violent crimes.

Then, there is riot control, not frequent, but always a possibility.

Citing Dick and Dora against violent scumbags might work but, looking at things, one suspects violent thugs are more likely to die of laughter, as they don’t fear being hanged for murder and rape. Don’t face flogging and long, stiff jail terms for lesser but still very violent crimes.

The job of police is not to play ‘social welfare worker’; the job of police is to come to grips with some very nasty types. It’s not a pleasant job, but police have volunteered to do it. Indeed, what is frustrating many of the constabulary is ‘selective policing’, political correctness, the Bracks Junta, with a gaggle of judges who treat violent scumbags as poor hard done by victims.

There is one more thing, police step in mostly after the fact someone has been murdered, raped, bashed.’ Soft-cock’ judges, ‘rehabilitation’ instead of punishment, ‘corrective services’ responsible for the administration of penalties full of leftist p.c. psychobabble has made crime profitable.

Criminal syndicates in fact recruit ‘juveniles;’ because, juveniles are effectively let off scot free with one upshot, the sheer numbers of juveniles who are today, violent little savage bastards, and increasing numbers of them, before they are teenagers, already with records for rape, stabbing, murder. Many juveniles in crime are members of crime syndicates, running drugs, stealing cars, and ‘ram raiding’. Crime syndicates are nothing but associations of very violent scumbags, and most in them aren’t very bright at all, clever as rats are clever, but not brainy. They aren’t sophisticated types. It is dangerous work penetrating some of them, but they are not sophisticated, just violent scumbags –(which is why one has no sympathy at all for Michelle Corby and the ‘Bali 9’.

I’ve written on cases before involving just the very types as Corby and the Bali 9, and as I wrote, they were not nice at all, in fact, they would not have hesitated to commit murder even if the victim only accidentally got in their way.

Now, under the Bracks Junta, violent crimes have increased, exponentially. Scumbags fear nothing. Jail is just a joke to them. The police stand impotently by as the politically correct handwringing whiners responsible for this exponentially rising tide of crime makes sure the streets are safe for murderous savages.

The Federal Gun Laws have ensured no one can even defend their very lives against the evil, rotten bastards the Bracks Junta is in very large numbers.

So, what does Little Timmy’s Compulsory Dick and Dora Degree for all police look like now? Oh, just another expensive burden on real taxpayers, , just another chit which makes the streets safer for dangerous thugs, and the recruiting of ‘police’ who will be like those nurses, know it alls who will be more of a menace to law-abiding types than criminal thugs. Just one more roadblock to youngsters whom may decide on the job of bluebottle, another 3 years kept in a bloody expensive schoolyard.

Holding is typical of the Bracks Junta, shallow, commie morons who couldn’t run a chook stall. Yes, Little Timmy woke one morning and decided, modern crime is today far more sophisticated than, why, what it was yesterday morning, and requires a police force to match, boys and girls wielding Dick and Dora against scumbags.

By midday tomorrow crime will have, no doubt, transmogrified again into super-dooper-sophisticated crime. Some vicious little bit of work will be sitting on Mars bearing a death ray zapping old grannies crossing streets. Why, then we will need a new new police force, all graduates in aero-nautical engineering and passed their learner’s permit in space-shuttle flying. Thy, thus duly credentialled, will zoom off to Mars, and say ” Boo!” and then fly off pretty quick smart – it doesn’t pay to stick around when some little cretin can zap you. Timmy will thus be truly the hero of dah people, after all, it is commie spivs who reduce entire populations by their Soviet style grand schemes who are procliamed heroes of dah people by all sorts of idiots but not one of whom is a victim of the commie scumbags.

Yup, such a brainy boy is Timmy, he must be a Dolphin .(1)

  1. It’s official scientific fact now, goldfish are more ‘intelligent than dolphins. A proverbial stating the bleeding bloody obvious , dolphins are right up there with dead Willy in the I.Q stakes.

Had to throw that in – all this week rather many have been banging on about how intelligent dolphins are. Might as well converse with Billy the snail, he’s just as brainy.