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“Oh, don’t hurt the feelings of the Musis.” Ah, right, Mick… and nick off, hand your badge in…

September 18, 2006

Muslims declared war against Israel and the West. It is Muslims blowing up men, women and children, bombing buildings, planes and trains. It is Muslims who seek to subject the West to their version of religion, which is why the treacherous left aids and abets the enemy of Israel and the West. Socialism is also a religion, it is totalitarian in force and its record is one of unbroken horrors, evil, and lesser crimes. Stuff religion and the religious.

Federal Police Minister Mick Keelty has used a curious phrase, “Islamic Australia”. What on earth is that supposed to mean! Let’s get this straight, Australia is a common Law country, in which free enterprise, free individuals, informed by impersonal, general principles,prevails, or nominally so these days, and that so long as no one harms anyone else, they are free to believe what it is they wish to believe. There can be, therefore no “Islamic-Australia” Mick, who should shut up and stick to his beat, or resign and join hand wringing socialist, wealthy sookies in some politically correct parish church of post-reconstructed Anglicans/ Catholics/Puritans – whatever, he can take his pick the prick.

Well, let’s remind Mick of a few hard facts:Jack Roche joined Islam before he committed his offences and did so in the name of Islam. Here’s the bio from a source most likely agreeable to Mick, that friend to Hamas and Hezbollah, Fat Aunty Bolshevik Collective. Keelty, like all the other handwringers who have come out wagging their fingers and sniffing the air, said we should not hurt the feelings of Muslims. Sod their feelings. What about the Islamic youfs who, thanks to ‘selective policing’ and ‘mutli-culturalism’, politicians and snag senior police officers have allowed to run riot, terrorising Sydneysiders. Plenty of Melbournians, too, have had it up to the eyeballs with Islamo Nazi youfs terrorising suburbs.Then, Mick, there just happens to be Islamo Nazis on trial, having been caught in conspiracy, and planning to commit terrorism.

Then, Mick, we have another problem: Islamo-Nazi clerics preaching terrorism and extermination of the Jews and Jihad against the West.

Then we have another problem: those Islamo Nazis don’t live in a vaccuum. They require a support base. They are members of families, and of mosques. Those youfs terrorising dhimmis and Jews in Sydney and Melbourne aren’t a small number of muslims. You say, Mick, Don’t offend the Muslims.

Right, there might be Muslims who regard Islam as merely faith, and in need of thorough revision to adjust it in terms of open civilisation. Fine, but what about the rest, Mick? What about those who, even if they reject terrorism, nonetheless support the extermination of Jews and the destruction of Israel and the subjection of the West to Muslim tyranny? They aren’t integrating and adjusting to civilized conventions of common law and the liberty of the individual.

Mick says, ” we risk alienating the Islamic community”. The old rule of thumb is, they who are not civilised cannot be ‘alienated’. It applies to little savages turned out of socialist brainwashing camps – states’ schools. They aren’t, Mick, civilised, so the notion of alienated youf is rubbish. A musi might be living in Oz, but can’t be alienated from Oz, cerntainly not of rather many regard the bedrock of freedom and the conventions underpinning it, with contempt, and reject the law of the land, and so and so on – ah, even to the point of youfs bringing ‘wives’ in from the Middle-East. They aren’t ‘alienated’ at all Mick, they have come to Oz expecting they will live to Shria and Oz to buckle under it.

Alienation, Mick, goes right back to that charlatan, called a Rousseau, who depicted civilisation as a cruel imposition on the natural man. Rousseau, Mick, worshipped the savage. The German socialists translated it as torn condition, ‘zerrisenheit’. “Alienation’ Mick is complete rubbish. Except for stoodents of that bit of quackery called sociology and devotees of the vile rubbish of nature worship, and socialism.

Mick says, ” Islamic Australia is not to blame for terrorism”. If there is an Islamic Australia, then that is due to the disgusting treachery of politicians and bureaucrats fully backed by the left, summed up in that leftist shrine called ‘multiculturalism’.

Oh, but I forget, Mick, In Victoria, Bracks has made sure dhimmis and infidels obey Muslims. We can tell, the persecution of the two Pastors shows why.

You see Mick, What is pissing off many Australians is, in the history of immigration this is the first wave of immigrants who have been nothing but a nusiance,a bloody dangerous nusiance. You see, Mick, it’s not others who have bombed Australians for being Westerners. It’s not others, Mick, who have extensive connections with Islamo terrorists in other countries. It is not others threatening to blow up Australians, and conspiring to do so inside Australia.

Australians are expected to kow tow to Muslims Mick. It’s like watching parents who’ve never punished children; the child wraps them around their little baby finger. So, every time a Musi throws a tantrum, egged on by, say, a Sisel, decent, robust Aussies are supposed to respond like snag parents, “Gootchy gootchy goo”, and throw decent types such as the two pastors into prison lest the Musis keep bawling their little eyes out.

Mick, you are very economical with the truth. Roche converted to Islam, and committed his crimes in the name of Islam. Those who blew up the trains and buses in London were Muslims, and not IRA, nor any other terrorist syndicate. No-one says, stop working against other terrorist syndicates which might be active in Britain, but, neither is anyone except the treacherous left fudging who constitutes the gravest and most numerous threat inside Britain today, and they are Muslims Mick. So, too, in Oz, Mick.

Indeed, Mick, this is the first time there have been determined terrorist syndicates in Oz, and they are Muslims Mick. Phat Phuc Phil Adams wrote a despicable piece, in which he as usual slimed President Bush, and declared – Aussies are more afraid of such things as higher interest rates than Islamo terrorists.

Well,well, Phah Phuc Phil, that must be why Sydneysiders stood together on Sydney’s beaches against Islamo nazi youfs, interest rates made them do it. And that’s why, even in Melbourne, plenty of daily commuters to the city are apprehensive, because they fear one morning will be the morning when one of the many Islamo Nazis youfs will detonate a bomb – but, to reassure Phat Phuc Phil, and Police Commissar of Political leftie Correctness, Mick Kelty, it’s only interest rates which drives their daily apprehension. So, you are right, mick, no-one should be bothered by the rapes, assaults, and bashings of dhimmis by Islamo Nazi youfs, and the real danger of a bombing.

Oh, and Mick, there is still the problem of that interesting type, Steve Bracks and his pal Eideh, who openly supports the Syrian Regime in its Jihad against Israel and the West – you realise what that is don’t you Mick –high treason – aiding and abetting a most dangerous enemy which supports Islamo Nazi terrorists to the hilt. Heck, Mick, what about Steve Bracks and his fulsome support for an enemy to Australians and Israel, Eideh.

Yes, right¸ Mick, let’s not worry about that, eh?. Can’t upset the Musis and a few Syrian butchers, and Steve Bracks and his treacherous pals. Dare not hurt the precious feelings of all those Muslims who cheer Hamas and Hezbollah on, for that would be a hideous wrong according to Keelty. Much better to harbor Muslims who support mass murdering, totalitarian scumbags, than do what should be done, boot them right out of the country, right into mad Ayatollah land. Let’s not offend Muslims. Heavens above, why should infidel and Jew wish to do that, hey?

Heck, Mick, we don’t have to worry about Western civilisation because, under multiculturalism, no one is expected to adjust to the law of the land, and be patriotic to Australia, and embrace Western civilisation. The left, Mick makes that clear, through their propaganda organs ABC and the Age, they aid and abet and give comfort to an evil enemy. Multiculturalism is all about the elevation of the Primitive Savage Noble and, by gum, that is exactly what Islam and socialism have in common. That is why, Mick, the treacherous Left, including ABC, the Spencer Street Soviet the Age et al lurve Islamo Nazis and Bracks’ Blasphemy Law.

Then, of course, there are the Jews, in Sydney and in Melbourne, who have employed armed guards for over a year now. Why, Micky Boy, don’t you say why they have to do it Mick? No, you won’t, because you don’t wish to hurt little baa lambs aka Muslims. Let’s spell it out just for Mickey’s edification: To protect children in their schools and synagogues from Musis. Oh yes, Mick, there is fear some Musi Nazis will commit murder in a school or synagogue; it is a well founded fear. While Mick might be sanguine about the prospect of a bit of butchery by Musis, the potential victims are not, the Jews. Oh, yes, Mick, the danger is real.

There, Mick has more pity for Musies’ feelings, while their many and varied victims and possible victims, and Aussies generally can all get stuffed. Music to the ears of the treacherous left in Australia.

Get stuffed Mick Keelty, hand your badge in. What you have indicated by your comments is: It is better to appease Muslims than come to grips with them. For, and you seem to be in need of reminding, it is Muslims who have declared war against the West, or, rather have merely resumed their terror wars of conquest against the West. It is Muslims out to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews, it is Musis killing and bombing people in the West.

Get out of the way Mick and hand over the job to someone who won’t make the mistake you have, and piss off Australians who are fed up to the gills having their freedoms cut because of Islamo Nazis and totalitarian socialist swindlers such as Bracks and his Blasphemy laws. Give the job to someone who will deal with the Islamo Nazis inside Oz in no compromised fashion. You’ve stated what you are on about – “Selective Policing”.

Oh, I nearly omitted to include this:

Sydney Clerics preaching Jihad and recruiting youfs to become, well, what but terrorists and suicide bombers.

“We have seen a number of Australian clerics preaching jihad and martyrdom,” Dr Gunaratna told The Australian without naming names.

“The most likely form of attack in Australia is a suicide attack for jihad. You will need to make arrests in time.”

Australian terrorism expert Clive Williams, who runs a course at the Australian Defence Force Academy, said young Muslims were being recruited for jihad through “Koran classes”.

Keelty, hand your badge in and get right out of the way. Save your sniveling hectoring for meetings of the local inner city collective of wealthy lumpenintellegentisia, for that lot of useless, conceited dropkicks are just your very type. They will lap up your every word, Aussies won’t, but that lot of cretins will.


Let’s hear some of the views held by many, who are adherents of the ‘Religion of Peace’ – Islam

August 29, 2006

Directed through Slatts, on a different  but not unrelated matter, to this site,, I then pored through this:

Mohammed Image Archive

Depictions of Mohammed Throughout History
The Mohammed Image Archive is a compendium of images that depict Mohammed (the 7th-century founder of Islam ), spanning all historical periods, cultures and genres.

A page is dedicated to readers’ emails split into damn your hide to hell and, Allelujah, Allelujha,  Zombie has joined the Saints on high. Let’s drop the sycophants, let’s turn to the poison pen brigade.

First, this from a sookie, socialist bed wetter:

 Paul (UK)

Although I have no clear religious beliefs, I do find your website offensive, not on religious grounds but on the basis of incitement. Why do you insist on exploiting your ability to further hatred within our communities??? Would it not be wiser to utilize your freedom of speech to build a more united front…and see that the problems of terrorism are caused by inequalities in power and perpetuated by mindless citizens such as yourselves?

By gum, that’s what the Bracks’ Junta’s goon in the form of a couple of goons pretending to be Judges and some more pretending to be a QC and an SC are banging on about. Print an image, a drawing, a satricial cartoon and, Jesus, you are damned  to hell mate. Paul would feel quite at home in Brackistaniland. White infantile idiot boys aside, these few samples from a large number of Peaceful religiostis:

From: Syed Shahid R.

Subject: go to hell mother fuckers… you all r jeoloused of muslims because
they have values and strong religous background and your
generations even dont know the name of their prophet,
ALLAH send all of you to the terriblest part of the hell very soon.

do what ever you like but you even can not touch the shit of a muslim
as it is more cleaner then you people.

even JESUS AND MOSES both feel ashamed to call
christians and jews as their belivers,because all prophets
sent by allmighty God have same preachings and we
muslims respect all the prophets and even cant imagine
to do any thing against them,and we r extreamly
proud to have the superiorest prophet (p.b.u.h)

p.b.u.h. must be abbreviation for Pooh Bah Umman Heap. Or, Pub? Pubic hair?

From: m. a. kariim
Subject: Fuckers ..and stupids

First, you are fuckers , idiots and pigs ……
……wa ba3da daalika la3ana allaah 3aleeykum ……
…. and i hope from allah to enter you into the hell ………

Just as intelligible as the first; ditto the others one has the pleasure of quoting – just to demonstrate what saintly types Islam cultivates.

 This guy has a future in the good old days of the Nazi party:

From: m. sunai (India)
Subject: Nonsens

What is this

remove all images fastly because your webpage more irretating our musilm community and also it’s irretating common person.
are’t remove the images fastly you will face lot of problems.
it’s my community order obey my order fastly nonsens.

stop your all activities immediatly

Nope, can’t comply, it’s become habitual with me.

This is Murtaza and I wish luck for all of those who have created this webpage. Please don’t take me wrong you will need all the luck from all your friend and family members as they see you burning in Hell for your acts.

I understand you…I understand you have your rights and you can display and show what you want however what is displayed on your website will affect on a millions of people around the world as this is an act of coward ness you people were not able to do anything when your own President Mr. Bush whose house is run by our people in Saudi knew everything about 9/11 and still allowed you people to die as it was in his interest of making money from the Muslims…

 will certainly pray that all the people who have worked on this website goes to hell for good and also let other people learn about you so that very soon the complete of America is faced with situations like 9/11 in each and every state and city that you have.

Conspiracy to commit murder Murtaza is a capital offence so, it’s not Zombie who is dead, it’s you you vicious bastard.

From: mameed a.

I will not say hello to stupid people like you

You know that the Prophet Mohammad is the Prophet of all people..
shame you shame you all christians with your God who can have sex with Marry to get Jesus …

Shame on you and on your gods

Hey, Steve Bracks, your bed pals are vilifying Jesus, Mary, and Christians, arrest that man.

From: hashim a.You must wait for a curse and the punishment



I can’t, I’m not a poof, nor one of the former suggestion.

From: Parvez
Subject: Important massage about your Religion

Who ever published cartoonist about Muhammad…Don’t ever mess around about muslim Religion.


From: Ali Abu O.

I will not say dear something !!
because you dont deserve this word, any way in our relegion we respect all the prophets and this is essential and I cant say a word on jesus because we beleive him as we beleive in our prophet mohammed and any one who dont beleive in all prophets , he is considered as being out of islam.

I say this because we have the ethics that prevent us from say a shit like you have in this poor web site, our relegion is great and whatever you saw it here or there (11th of september or boombing here or there ) is just a react of what you do against us.

you kill us in palestine and in Iraq in lebanon, afganistan . you fight moslems in all over the world!! and imagine you dont want us to defend our self’s .

Last word: after I saw this web site I think that you deserve more than bin laden.

See the cartoons here, so you know how we are think about how dirty you are.
[12 anti-Semitic cartoons pasted into email.]

Ethics schmethics, everyone has a packet of them these days but are many who do civilised?

From: Youssef C.

In the name of God the most beneficient, the most Merciful

I saw these horrible drawings that you are displaying in your website.

In fact without any doubt you know the gravity of your act and the insult that you are uttering against this great personality which is Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of God upon Him), and you know how much this is vexing the Muslim community.

This act is pure attack against Islam, against Muslim, against faith, against believes, against the best of the human race, pure demagogy, a filthy act.

In fact you are just defaming and blaspheming our prophet (May Peace and Blessings of God be upon Him).

The cartoons that you are putting on this web page are neither freedom of expression nor sign of democracy or truthful nor funny, or even intellectual, but just another horrible sign of racism, hatred, and injustice.
I would like to remind you what non-Muslim personalities have to say about Muhammad:

[20 pages’ worth of quotes deleted for brevity’s sake — ed.]

I hope that these citations of diverse personalities will remind you of your inferiority compared to our beloved Muhammad …And if you stop it will be better for your self degradation…

Well, that clears up a disputed point, have Musis latched onto Jung and Feud. Yes, sir, two charlatans are right up the Musi digestive system.

They will be doing themselves a favor by reading the best biography of a man on-the-face-of-earth ever. He is the perfect man, the perfect leader, the perfect teacher, the perfect human being, the perfect father and the perfect all-in-all man.
From: Dr. MF K.

Well, that’s why he was a mass murdering butcher and peodophile but, hey, he is dah Prophet and as a Allah’s foghorn  dat’s o.k. – for that makes him the Perfect Man. Well, folks, unless you are the sort usually consigned to the gallows, you are not perfect, damn that annoys me.

How people can disfigure and mutilate a respected leader of a community. Dont do that to any leaders. Prophet Mohammed PBUH is not a leader for muslim

Well, this is a metaphysical mystery, painting and drawing pictures of a vile bum who died in the feudal era hurts the bum. Worse, the crims mutilate the thug.

Some of the descriptions for the pics in the  galleries are interesting, such as:

Several postmodern satirists have highlighted the point that — since no one really knows what Mohammed looked like — any image could be said to depict him. To that end, they have captioned photos of their thumbs or rudimentary stick figures as “Mohammed.” This image — of a generic figure from the Danish toy company Lego, identified as being Mohammed — is a good example …

Blogger and pundit Bill Hobbs drew this stick-figure representation of Mohammed and posted it on a now-defunct blog, along with the comment, “Exercise your right to free expression by drawing pictures of Islam’s ‘Prophet Mohammed’ before the West gives in to Islamist intimidation and fear of Islamist violence and makes it illegal to do so.” Incensed, a columnist named John Spragens of the Nashville Scene wrote an attack piece implying that Hobbs had violated some rule of decency. A firestorm of accusations erupted, resulting in Bill Hobbs announcing his resignation from his job at a local university, apparently due to political pressure.
(Hat tip: Dar ul Harb.)
The board of Finnish culture magazine Kaltio fired its editor for publishing a five-panel comic about Mohammed; the first panel is shown here, and the other four are visible in the linked article. (High-resolution versions can be downloaded here.) Editor Jussi Vilkkuna was told to leave after he refused to remove the cartoons from the publication’s website as requested by the magazine’s board of directors. He served as editor for almost seven years.

In case anyone assumes, as I did, the Muslim hatred of Western art  is confined to art, we have been mistaken. Today, it has been reported Muslim parents have prohibited their children from music classes because, ” Western music is offensive to their culture”. Unlike, of course, the recordings of howling of bloody Imams from minarets in mospques being thrown up around Melbourne – that cacophony is oh so brilliant  and pleasing that, if it were a possum I’d shoot the rodent..

Drop the socialist drivel of ‘culture’. Those Muslims reject the western tradition of music because of what they believe and thus practice. Now, what is it they practice? Ah, Islam? You don’t say, golly gosh.

Not that such things disturb Steve Jo Stalin Bracks, his politburo, and goon sqauds because they are busily securing their five-fold totalitarian regime consisting of:



Craven goons pretending to be Judges

Commie Clergy pretending to be Christians

And Islamo Nazi Imams.

Gunter Grass Eviscerated

August 29, 2006

Gunter Grass’ confession is disgusting in what he omitted to say, showing Grass to be a contemptible, vile scumbag. Daniel shows why, in deadly form, in  a two part letter to the murderous, treacherous leftist, communist fellow traveller, former SS devotee to Hitler, and traitor still to the West.  

Leftists froth at the mouth in fury, out of  their denial of Nazism, Communism, Fascism are all hues of the one more nasty excuse for totalitarian thuggery and worse, socialism. To deny the fact, however, is to lie about history. It is worth restating what I wrote on the flag mast above:

Socialism is an excuse to pauperise untold millions,enslave untold millions,murder untold millions,reduce untold millions,over a century now,into misery,squalor,and depravity. 

 Grass’ plea, when I heard him utter it, made my scrawl. Johnson has quoted it:

 “”What I am experiencing is an attempt to make me a persona non grata, to cast doubt on everything I did in my life after that.”, to cast doubt on everything I did in my life after that.”

Johnson’s letter makes plain why Grass resorted to such a shallow, whining  exercise in self-eculpation. Johnson is right, in view of the evidence, Grass is not a changed man, let alone repentant. No, Grass is upset because Nazi, Fascist and Communist regimes were defeated, and so could not finish off the millions yet unslaved and not murdered by them. On the other hand, that is why leftists support and work for the enemy, inclusive of U.N., and Amnesty International – an ally to defeat civilised  Westerners. Grass is, underneath it all, cheering on the enemies of the civilised, and cheering on the Islamo Nazis bent on the extermination of the Jews.

Gunter Grass at bottom, is a monster, for it is with savages his loyalties and beliefs belong all along. 

A few quotes, gives nothing away, doesn’t give away the full charge Daniel Johnson delivers in excellent style. He breifly mentions the distinguished Professor in History, Joachim Fest, who has also declared in trenchant terms against Grass.

You tell us that you did not ask to join the Waffen SS, but rather the U-boats — whose recruits were also notoriously hard-line Nazis, by the way. The historian Joachim Fest does not believe this story, and neither do I. (He says he would not buy a used car from you now, and who can blame him?)

By the time you volunteered in 1943, it was clear to all but those blinded by ideology that Germany was losing the war. By joining up in the Waffen SS, you were joining the Nazi elite, a band of bloody brothers who believed they were destined to rule Europe. They did not take just anyone.

You make light of it, but it is further proof that you, along with many German teenagers, were steeped in the Nazi death cult. You and your comrades were careless of how many people you killed, for to you they were scarcely human. Your mentality was not unlike that of the Islamist suicide bombers of today.

The last photograph of Hitler shows him decorating lads like you. All the evidence points to you having been not only a fanatical Nazi but a dangerous one too, eager to wear the death’s head insignia of the SS.

Like your American counterpart Noam Chomsky, like countless writers and intellectuals of the left from Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Harold Pinter, you have worked hard to discredit the political and economic system to which you owed your success: capitalism. You did your best over many years to undermine the Atlantic alliance — the same alliance, incidentally, that liberated Europe from the tyranny of your countrymen.

During the Cold War, and now in the war against Islamist terror, you have frequently made use of your hard-won liberty to make common cause with its enemies. You joined in the mythologizing of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist movement. You are a supporter of the European ideal, but only as a counterweight to America. You were delighted when Chancellor Schröder broke with President Bush over the Iraq issue, and legitimized the tide of anti-Americanism that then swept Germany.

You embarked on a quixotic campaign to persuade Germans that they would really be better off living in two states.The only people who agreed with you were the old communist intellectuals who had done well out of the division of Germany.Yet even they, apologists for a totalitarian regime in which they no longer believed, were not as disingenuous as you.

You are often compared to Thomas Mann, but you are no more a Mann than you are a man. The only Mann character with whom you have much in common is Felix Krull, the confidence trickster. Your rise and fall recalls the greatest of all German myths, that of Faust, which Mann explicitly connected with Nazism.…my German teacher had eyes only for you: the hero of the West German Left, the very model of a modern intellectual.For you, it seems, the war wasn’t over. You still wanted a Europe, and especially a Germany, that was Judenrein, ethnically cleansed of Jews. Given your hostility to Israel today, some 60 years later, we are entitled to ask whether your “denazification” went far enough.

While Grass’ feelings are hurt, he feels so hurt he will have to run off to a charlatan called a psychologist to feel  happy again, because he feels “”What I am experiencing is an attempt to make me a persona non grata, to cast doubt on everything I did in my life after that.” Unlike ensuring others are made persona non grata by mass murdering them and enslaving them to hideous totalitarian regimes Nazi, Communist and Islamic.

If the allied soliders could have realised what they had captured alive, they would have shot him on the spot. Then, that is why, as Johnson explains, he lied about his past and his beliefs until this year. The fascinating thing is, why did Grass confess to his Nazi Past now?

The answer is: the Stasi file on Gunter Grass will be is due to be released next year. So, as Johnson relates, with the help of his leftist Islamo hugging mates in the media, he decided to get in first and blunt the public reaction to the material which will be freely avialibale tom the public. His Stasi file will make most interesting reading since, it will disclose, unquestionably the full extent of not simply his Nazi past but his service to the USSR and the Soviet Puppet regime of East Germany.

There is no place left on earth to hide Grass.You might as well top yourself, for that is the only decent thing you will have done for the West.

Open Letter to Günter Grass:

         Part I             ,    Part II

Parisiticvision Song Contest

August 29, 2006

This contest is bringing out the best. In a few weeks time, the ‘Top Ten Hits’ will be headed by “Kroger Puppets on a String” and this new entry, “Under Shria Law”.

It has a happy ending.

So, for listening pleasure, go here, Under Shria Law , and hit the music button – ” Under Shria Law.mp3 “.

The Blasphemy and Islamo-Nazi Protection ‘ Law is Just that.

August 23, 2006

Some recent statements removes any doubt as to what Bracks’ Stalinist law is.

The Age aka the Deep Red Spencer St. Soviet carried yesterday, I was informed, an article in which a Q.C acting for the ‘Islamic Council of Victoria declared any comment and criticism against Islam and Muslims should be declared vilification of Islam and Muslims.

In today’s edition, this:

 Questions over ruling on Muslims

CHRISTIANS who were found to have vilified Muslims should not be banned from making statements that would be lawful by anybody else, two Court of Appeal judges suggested yesterday.

Discussing orders made against Christian pastors Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot, Justice David Ashley said a judge could not restrain conduct that was lawful, and Justice Geoffrey Nettle questioned whether too much was expected of Pastor Scot…

[Debbie Mortimer, SC, for the Islamic Council of Victoria]

Justice Geoffrey Nettle said: “Surely that can’t justify restraining them from saying something that said by anyone else would be legal? In the case of the newsletter, for example, Pastor Nalliah says many churches have closed down. What’s wrong with saying that?”

Ms Mortimer replied: “The tribunal has found there is something wrong with saying it. Truth is not a defence, it’s irrelevant to contravention of the act.”

Justice Ashley said so many of the statements were entirely innocuous and asked how the pastors could legitimately be restrained from making them. Ms Mortimer replied: “Because the tribunal found that when they made them they made them in a way that contravened the act.”

Cameron Macaulay, barrister for the pastors, claimed that Judge Higgins made errors of law and that his orders were too wide, and questioned the constitutional validity of the act.

Solicitor-General Pamela Tate said the case did not come under the implied constitutional right to free speech because that right applied only to political and governmental matters.

So, apart from anything else, telling the truth is also a serious criminal offence according to the Stalinist Bracks Junta and its goon squads.

So, after centuries of Western Civilisation, after centuries through which the defence against tyranny Common Law developed, those morons, everyone of them, of the Bracks Junta, throws it all down the drain to protect another barbaric  religion, and at a time the West is with Israel, in a war against Islamo Nazis.

What a joke. Mind, the Bracks Junta worships that evil bitch, Mudder Nature and sacks Victorians for great wealth to enforce this cult. So, I can see the point, in sending Victorians doiwn the communist totalitarian gurglar, why not thrown compulsory worship of bloody Allah and tiptoe around Muslims and Isdlamo Nazis.

One thing is plain, what is passed of as lawyers and judges in Victoria under the Junta are the sort of types who ensured the success of the Nazi and Soviet regimes. You won’t find those craven, totalitarian, venal assholes standing up against a totalitarian Junta and defending common law and freedom . No Sir, not ever. They are part of the Bracks Junta.

Who says the Bracks Junta isn’t a Stalinist regime of commie thugs and spivs?

The Big Lies and a Myth against Israel: The Clothes of Anti-Semitism.

August 15, 2006

The first lie is Israel is an illegitimate creation of the Balfour Agreement. Arab-and Islamo Nazis certainly hold the first big lie, and so do the treacherous left and useful idiots in the West. So do the UN and its Islamo-Nazi support division, UNRWA. Others assert Israel is an artificial creation, but having successfully established themselves the Israelis are ‘legitimate’, in so far as a fait accompli is regarded ‘legitimate’. What follows involves a very cursory survey of Jewish history.

The fact of the matter is Israel has always been the country of the Jewish people, down through history since its foundations. This claim, contrary to myth, does not rest on ‘The Bible’; it is a sure historical fact. Neither should one confuse the Biblical legends and story of Jewish origins, which pad out Genesis to Joshua with the historical fact of the beginnings and continuation of the Jewish people in their country down through the vicissitudes of history.

The legend of unique origins was a common literary motif. A parallel is, for example, the Trojan origins of the Romans; Livy, Tacitus, Ovid. The point to such narratives is not history but delineation of a notion of what is distinctive to this people and/or, more to the point, distinguish them.

The Jewish people were a Canaanite people, which once, during the period of the Omridian dynasty, were in union with the Northern Kingdom of Israel, under the personal rule of the Omridian dynasty. This is buried behind the story of the short-lived great Judah based United Kingdom of Solomon, for which no evidence exists.

So, the ancient ancestors of the Jewish people today, were Judahites, their Capital was Jerusalem. They were not invaders, nor were they vagabond; they were natives of Canaan. Much of the ancient history of the Jewish people is obscure, unless archaeologists discover material that illuminates it more thoroughly.

The paucity of ancient evidence isn’t a problem peculiar to Jewish history. It is a problem for establishing the history of the middle of the Middle East, from the crescent to Transjordan. That is simply due to the wars through ancient times and the ensuing destruction of material. Canaan straddled the major military campaign routes for the empires of Hittites, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians. One campaign mounted by one of the empires was the equivalent of a world war. The full force of this can be gauged from noting, there were on average at least two of those `world wars’ per annum for the period c.500 BC to c. 200 BC. Life was a tenuous sort of business. Add what preceded and what followed, it’s obvious why it is difficult recovering the ancient history of Canaanite civilisation.

The razing of Jerusalem in the 1st Jewish-Roman War of 70-74 AD put paid to what archives there were in the 1st C AD, besides much else. Which is all to why, ancient histories of the Jewish people have been constrained to the Biblical narratives, Josephus and a smattering of other texts. This, however, doesn’t change the fact, Jerusalem and Judaea/ Israel, has always been the Jewish capital city and county.

The fact does not rest on the bible; they are historical facts. It is an entirely false belief that, at the end of the second Jewish Roman War of 132-5, Romans ejected the Jewish people out of their country and dispersed them throughout the empire. It still remained the country of the Jewish people. The Romans imposed tighter controls only.

While Hadrian renamed Judaea Palestine, it was still Judaea, as so Cassius Dio could write. Indeed, if it had been the intention of the Romans to expel the Jewish people from their country and end Judaea, they would have declared the Jewish people peregrini dediciticii. Not only that, but the Jews still retained their own courts and ‘governemnt’. They were, despite all, an independent people. It was never considered anything but Israel.

So it was too right down through Southern-Arab-Muslim and Turk invasions and occupations through to the Balfour declaration of 1917 and Independence in 1948. They were occupiers only, and only by force. The Jewish people did not displace anyone. This also is the answer to why another Big Lie is a Big Lie: the Jewish population was established only by waves of immigrants from Europe, bent on ejecting ‘native Palestinians’, motivated by a “Zionist plot’, in the wake of the Declaration. Against another big lie, the Jews expelled the Arab population out of Israel.

When the Arab Leaders prepared for the Wars of 1945-1948 against Israel, they sought to convince Arabs in Israel to leave and they succeeded.

They did so by promising the Arabs who evacuated Israel the army would massacre the Jews and would hand over Israel to them. They also used a stick:

The leaders of the Arabs declared, any Arab who remained in Israel is a traitor, and `loyal Arabs’ were free to murder any `traitor’. Which statements shows who the real oppressors of Arabs have been.

Azam Pasha, Secretary General, Arab League, the Arab version of a UN, made the great promises, May 1948, and asserted.

“The Israel- Arab problem can be solved only by war. And since Israel knows very well that we will not agree to anything less than her liquidation it is she who will start the war and will attack as in the near future.”

Israel did not start the war.

Israel’s refusal in the 60’s and, understandably still the case, to let them return to Israel has nothing to do with robbing those Arabs of their lawful property rights and ‘oppressing them’. That is clear enough, for it would be simply insane to let them resume when they are committed to the liquidation of Israel and massacre of the Jewish people, reinforced by what is inculcated in children in schools in the `Palestinian Territory’ – thanks to the UN and UNRWA.

Little mentioned by the anti-Semites is the Israeli offer to compensate those Arabs for the assets they had abandoned. The Israeli govt. made the promise in 1955 and kept the offer open, of compensation on the condition of: the integration of those non-refugees into Arab countries with international assistance.

The Israeli govt. made the offer again in 1960. It instructed its ambassador to the UN, Mr. Comay, to re-affirm, to openly declare the offer was still open; 28/11/1960, to the Special Political Committee, General Assembly, UN

That was a very generous offer, in view of why the non-`refugees’ volitionally left Israel preceding the war.

In summary, the Israeli Govt did not dispossess Arabs of assets and lawful freedoms and expel them out of Israel. To the contrary, to the extent reasonable, the Israelis offered to honour those rights by compensation. The notion of, stripping those Arabs of rights and such like is outright nonsense, and today, cannot be regarded as a mistake over facts but a deliberate lie

It is a lie to say, the Jewish people booted out the native Arabs of ‘Palestine’ and set up Israel by conquest

In stark contrast, in the wake of 1948, Arab govts. confiscated the assets of Jewish residents and expelled them from their countries and have never made any offer of restitution for those sequestered assets. Quite a contrast to the very generous offer of the Israeli Govt. to the Arabs who left Israel for the purpose of war against Israel and the massacre of the Jewish people, aims still inculcated in the children of the Arabs of the `Palestinian Territory’ (as well documented).

Quite a contrast, which rebounds on those who assert Israel, has robbed Arabs of their rights. Yes, some govts. did rob people of their rights, they are all Arab govts. The worst case was Egypt, which robbed some 180,000 Jews robbed of their assets by and drove them out of Egypt. The Iraqi Govt. did it to some 90,000 Jews.

The contrast runs deeper. The Israeli Govt exhorted the Arabs not to leave but to stay and continue to add to the economic and general prosperity of themselves and Israel in general. In other words, the Israeli Govt. did not seek the ruination of those Arabs. The contrast runs deeper. Some govts. did ruin people, they were all Arab Governments and they did it to Jews.

The Israeli Govt exhorted the Arabs not to leave but to stay and continue to add to the economic and general prosperity of themselves and Israel in general. In other words, the Israeli Govt. did not seek the ruination of those Arabs and tried to convince them not to ruin themselves. The Arab govts., on the other hand, in robbing Jews of their lawful rights, thus also robbed their countries and so people of valuable economic activity.

On that alone, even to speak of Israeli intolerance of Arab residents is merely stupid while, to speak of Israeli abuse of Arabs and oppression of Arabs is a vicious lie which only serves to fuel hatred of the Jewish people and modern Israel. That the UN foments such malevolent propaganda is only further evidence of the duplicity, mendacity, and all round rottenness of the UN, more so given the record of the stance of the Israeli govt. before the U.N in contrast to the UN, which has a long record of damning Israel.

Moreover, the UN and the Arab Governments together rejected the Israeli offer of 1955, renewed in 1960. They both, the UN and the Arab governments together, made sure those vicious types who fled Israel, in the expectation the Jews would have been exterminated and they would take-over Israel and all Jewish properties, were not assimilated into Arab countries. They turned them into an excuse to wage war against Israel through that monster Arafat and PLO and Hezbollah. That is exactly what the U.N and the Arab Governments did. They didn’t give stuff about those Arabs; they were only interested in destroying Israel and extermination of the Jewish people.

The UN, through UNRWA, is still at it. It keeps those Arabs in permament mendicancy, still claiming that they are ‘oppressed’ refugees’ from the cruel Jewish people. In doing so, entrench Islamo Nazism and terrorism, and desire for the for destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. They grind it into children. That is the ‘morality’ of the UN.

‘Independence’ in 1948 only formalized the historical reality; Israel has always been Jewish territory, and Jerusalem always its capital city.

That’s a Cap’n Cook’s tour of history. I’ll use it as a framework to fill it out not only chronology but also details. The point here-in is precisely the Balfour Declaration only paid recognition to the fact of Israel The declaration established nothing new at all. Indeed, to the contrary, under the Declaration, Jewish territory was carved out of Israel to create another Arab ‘country’, Jordan.

The UN and its propagator of Islamo Nazism and Terrorism and anti-Semitism, UNRWA, asserts the lie, Israel is an imposition and usurpation of the ‘traditional owners’ the ‘Palestinians’. There has never been a Palestinian people. The UN purveys the Arab-Islamo Nazi lie; the Arabs existed before the ancient Semitic peoples the original Syrians as well as the Persians and, more to the point the Jews. The UN, through UNWA asserts those anti-Semitic lies in the very textbooks it supplies the PTA M.O.E schools. It propagates the lie the Jewish people are usurpers and occupiers of Israel. To the UN Israel is a temporary inconvenience, which will be eliminated.

That slimey little anti-Semitic cretin, Koffi Anan equates the Islamo-Nazis with Israel with one exception, Israel is an intruder which is tolerated only as fait accompli – until it is crushed. The left in Australia, and useful parrots, asserts the lies. The Australian Bolshevik Broadcasting Collective purveys the lies. The lie is a crutch for their hatred of the Jewish people and to peddle, Israel is responsible for the violence in the Middle East and the reason is Israel’s existence.

It is central to these anti-Semites that Israel be depicted as illegitimate and just a quaint Biblical myth, and that modern Israel be depicted as, at the kindest, no more than a fiction created by Balfour to settle squabbles. More commonly, the thrust is to portray Israel as the work of Jewish Zionist oppressors who threw out the ‘Palestinians’ and unlawfully occupy the ‘Palestinian homeland’. It is these lies, and not the existence of Israel, which is a caricature of history. It is the lies treacherous leftists and useful idiots peddle in order to excuse their collaboration with and support for Islamo-Nazis and their terrorist fronts. It is one of several big lies told by them in order to serve the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people, and the West.

Those lies rest not on sound history but on a dung heap of camel shit.

‘The Middle East Conflict’, is a misleading description for what is a continuing war of extermination of Israel and the Jewish people.

August 14, 2006

To call what is now for all but, at most, a decade and a half short of a century of Arab-Islamo-nazi war of extermination against Israel a `Middle East conflict’, is, at best, misleading.

Such otherwise feeble, cowardly expressions mostly serves those who support Islamo Nazis and their terrorist fronts, the UN, UNRWA, the treacherous left within the West useful idiots and other collaborators of the enemy. It serves to dissemble and mount the lie, ‘Israel is at least as much to blame as its enemy’, and even to blame entirely for the violence. UNRWA makes that clear as much as The Age aka the Spencer Street Soviet and The Australian Bolshevik Collective do. In short, it serves only the  propaganda Western collaborators pump out on behalf of their pals, Islamo- Nazi monsters.

Retired Israeli Army Colonel and former ambassador, Lorch has written a useful reference summary covering the War of Independence, 1947-1949, to the Gulf War, 1991, available on the Israel ministry of Foreign Affairs website (I). He relates the development of the IDF during that period. It does not cover the years of Arab assaults against the Jewish people preceding Independence, such as the massacre of Jews in Hebron, 1929.

The wars to the War of 1973 were attempts to crush Israel and exterminate the Jewish people. They were launched by the Arabs in the name of Pan Arabism. Socialism, in particular Nazism and the Nazi regime, influenced Pan Arabic Nationalist Socialism. Pan Arabism was therefore a cocktail of nationalism, socialism and anti-Semitism.

The legacy of the Arabs’ monstrous attempt to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews is the rise of Islamo Nazism, which was crystallised in the overthrow of the Shah of Iran by the Muslim clerics. Instead of pan Arabism, however, the motive is pan Islam, and the continuation of the aim, in the name of Allah and the `Palestinians’, to exterminate the Jews and take Israel.

The link between pan-Arabism, and pan Islamo-nazism is the Arab govts. establishment of terrorist units, in particular, the PLO in Lebanon. While, Iran, with the support of Syria, inserted Hezbollah, into Lebanon. The KGB also supported the terrorist syndicates in Lebanon.

To distinguish between pan Arabists nationalist socialist Nazism and pan Islamo Nazism, however, is an exercise in meaningless quibbling. They are bound together right from the day Mohammed united the southern desert Arab tribes under his primitive, tribalist cock and bull called Islam. This is also another reason why some Arab regimes are afraid of Islamo Nazis. To call the now only at most a decade and a half short of a century of Arab-Islamo-nazi war of extermination against Israel a `Middle East conflict’, is therefore, at best, misleading. The immediate objective of the Islamo-nazi war is to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jewish people. The next objective is the conquest of the West and its subjection to the totalitarian regime of Islam.

‘Middle – East conflict(s)’ is a false description of what is a war of conquest and extermination mounted and maintained by Arabic-Islamo Nazis, supplied and waged from the major bases:



‘The Palestinian territory’


One major terrorist training and supply camp has been eliminated, the National Socialist regime lead by Saddam Hussein. Another is partially destroyed, the Taliban.

There is no “Middle East Conflict”, there is no ‘Middle East Crisis”. What there is, is Islamo Nazis engaged in war and sustained between battles by terrorist actions, engaged in a war to destroy Israel, to exterminate the Jewish people, and to subjugate the West to Islam. The sooner, the West faces up to that, that that is exactly what it is, and the sooner false descriptions are dropped, the sooner the West will face up to what is going on.

The sooner the West does that, the sooner it will stand firm with Israel and take the monsters out now, beginning by dropping nuclear bombs on Iran before the mass murdering Islamo Nazis of that regime complete building the first of their nuclear weapons. The sooner we crush absolutely the Islamo monsters, the sooner the whole business ends. Thus, too, raze that Islamo Nazi camp called the Palestinian Territory. It is the only thing those evil monsters understand. It will show them, Fat Allah doesn’t exist, and if he did, he doesn’t give a hoot about them, it will so completely shatter them they wouldn’t dare mention the word Jihad again.

Israel and the West are engaged, like it or not, in a bloody war of defence against Islamo Nazis. Stop calling it a ‘Middle East Conflict’. Call it for exactly what it is, so we can get on with the job of doing the job that has to be done, wipe the bastards out.

To name the enemy correctly, Islamo Nazis and not just ‘terrorists’, and to name the war is a war, and not some innocuous ‘conflict’ is a major first step in winning the war. After all, in WWI, WWII, North Korean and Vietnam Wars, the allies didn’t fight some ethereal entity, the enemy was named and was called what the enemy was, evil totalitarian, mass murdering Krauts, Nips, I-ties, Nip/Jap,  Hun and so on. Right, we are dealing with Muslims, they are Islamo Nazis, they are monsters, they have to be dealt with.

Give them what they so clearly desire to be, mere archaeological relics of a dead past, that of primitive, savage man, their bones, if of any  interest beyond fertiliser material, only a fleeting footnote in some undergrad’s notebook.

1.”Netanel Lorch, Ph. D., Lt.Col.(Res), Ambassador and former Secretary-General of the Knesset, is the founder of the IDF Historical Division, author of the Edge of the Sword (Putnam’s 1961, reprinted in Military History Classics, Easton Press 1991), One Long War (Keter 1976), Shield of Zion (Howell Press 1992), and Major Knesset Debates (UPA and JCPA 1993).”

The article,

  The Arab-Israeli Wars 

is on the Israel Ministry of foreign Affairs Website.

The U.N. funds the brainwashing of children into Islamo-Nazi Terrorism.

August 11, 2006

In the `Palestinian Territory, all school children are brainwashed into Islamo Nazism. Every pupil, grades 1 to 12, are drilled in the aim to destroy Israel, exterminate the Jews, hatred of the West, Jihad, terrorism, and martyrdom by suicide bombing. It is systematic, it is thorough, and Westerners pay for it.

It is funded and advanced by the U.N. through its arm, UNRWA, which is formally described as a relief agency for `Palestinian’ refugees’. The UN, through UNRWA, runs schools in its “Palestinian refugee camps” in Lebanon. UNRWA produces the schoolbooks and teacher’s guides for the ‘Palestinian Authority’ and its ‘Ministry of Education’. It could be UNRWA’s official motto: ‘give me the child and I’ll give you back an Islamo Nazi Terrorist’.

All the set texts are ordered to the brainwashing of children in P.T.A. schools into pan Muslim-Arab nationalism, jihad against the Jewish people, hatred of Israel, and hatred of the West. Maps in current Geography books not only do not have Israel on maps of the Middle East, the whole globe is painted Islamo Nazi. The distinction between Israel and the globe is, Israel is the ‘Palestinian homeland’, while the rest of the world will be subjected to Allah.

Each text inculcates the destruction of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people as the main aspiration and life-goal for each child. These aims are not presented as merely desirable and possible. The aims are depicted as certain and determined by Allah. The Tone of the texts and content reinforce each other in inculcating these two Islamo-Nazi aims.

Every subject is ordered to the brainwashing of every child into the aims and mantra. The PTA has set as the governing pedagogical aim: pupils will leave school thoroughly indoctrinated and willing to act on that, entertaining no doubt as to the morality of the aims and prepared to be sacrificed in the name of Allah.

UNRWA serves the aims by the pupil’s books and teacher’s guides it supplies the “Ministry of Education”. The M.O.E specifies teaching methods and how additional materials are to be used. Therefore, text, method and additional materials reinforce each other in the thorough brainwashing of children.

If it were not for the work of a completely independent institute, the horrifying truth of what the PTA is doing to children in schools in the PTA would not have been told to the West. The U.N will not, of course, admit and disclose what it is doing to every child in an M.O.E school. The U.N. however, gives fulsome support and direct involvement to this grotesque, evil parody of schooling.

The institute is the U.S. based C.M.I.P. (1). One of its major exercises is the study of textbooks for schools throughout the Middle East. Scholars provide translations and analysis of texts and content, and pedagogical aims. Its methods are impeccable, as their reports demonstrate. That the PTA Ministry of Education and UNWRA are engaged in brainwashing shows the soundness of the CMIP’s concentration on what children in the Middle East are `taught’.

As far as core disciplines are concerned, if any call stories, fairytales, falsehoods, and distortions of basic content, rigorous schooling, then the PTA schools epitomise the function of a school. Most of the content is nothing more than inane rubbish. Pupils are condemned to perpetual ignorance in all disciplines, but that is a trivial concern; it pales before the content UNRWA as much as the PTA expects children to excel in.  

The content of the texts for each subject can be summed up in a single passage:

Arabs in the `Palestinian Territory’ are `victims’ of the Jewish-Israeli `oppressors. Israel is an unlawful occupier of ` the Palestinian Homeland’ .The Jews are usurpers of Allah’s people, they must be and will be exterminated, Allah has declared they will be exterminated. In Geography, there is no Israel, just ‘Palestine’. Israel does not exist, except as a nasty pest to be destroyed. It is not only the U.S., which is a Great Imperialist Satan; Europe is also an Imperialist Satan. Allah, however, will subject all to Islamo Nazi totalitarian rule. Terrorists are freedom fighters; Hamas and Hezbollah fight for the `Palestinian people’ and the rectification of the world under Allah. Children should aspire to be martyrs; any child who commits a suicide bombing is Allah’s dearest and brings honour to their family. No child can aspire to anything better than to be a suicide bomber or, join a terrorist unit to wage war against Jew and Westerner. Why go to the expense of producing books for each subject when the content can be so reduced and learnt rather swiftly. Thus, too the expense of keeping schools and teachers can be eliminated. Here is an example from a teacher’s guide:

“Wrath toward the alien thief who tore away parts of the homeland and dispersed its people.”


Implant [in the student] values and direction appearing in the text as follows:

Jews are dangerous enemies of Allah, Islam and the Arabs/ Israel has no right to exist; it is destined to be destroyed./Be eager to wage Jihad against Israel /Yearn to die fighting Israel (Our Arabic language (grade 6)”

“Jews are dangerous enemies of Allah, Islam and the Arabs”. What is to be done about the Jews? Pupils can strap a bomb on their backs and blow themselves up. The gravaman is: hatred of Israel and desiring its destruction is “the dominant goal stressed in Teacher’s Guides and pupil’s books. Children can lead a nasty, short, brutal life, but a helpful one.

UNRWA has published 5 reports on UNRWA’s books for PTA schools, 2001, 02,03, 04, and 05. The 05, report does not cover books still in use, this year 2006, which they have treated in a previous report. The 05 covers revised and replacement texts, which are in use this year 2006. The CMIP reports, therefore, can be taken as also a longitudinal study of what is being drilled into children in PTA schools.

The findings of CMIP make for grim reading; nothing has changed. Tracking alterations in revised texts and new texts shows changes are merely superficial. Of the texts covered in the 05 report, some changes are not superficial, they are worse in content than texts they replaced. ” Environmental science”, is an example, besides being bogus science, it is used as another excuse to bash Jews and Israel. The 05 report is damning evidence against UNWRA. To sum up the pertinent findings:

It has not rectified content, and put disciplines onto sound foundations. It has intensified vile content. It has intensified the main form of the texts, polemics. It has strengthened the function of the books, to serve the PTA’s pedagogical aims.

The function of `in depth studies’, for example, is to inculcate Zionism is an instance of Nazism and a danger to Arabs that must be stopped. Zionism and Israel are also tools of western Imperialism – not just the U.S., Europe is included. Jews are evil, which is why Jews are persecuted, and such sentiments are put with twists such as:


 “Jews welcome their own persecution because it is profitable.”


That’s a statement worthy of the ABC Soviet, or the Spring St Pravda The Age. ‘In-depth study’ is, in short, an exercise in pupils paraphrasing ad infinitum what is inculcated in general.

Instead of even being at the least ashamed of their efforts, those responsible for this disgusting and evil contribution to the advance of Islamo–Nazism and terrorism went on the attack. UNRWA has dedicated a whole page to smearing those who are trying to bring them to book, CMIP, and the Simon Weisenthal Centre. The SWC has raised different charges to the effect, UNRWA’s support for Islamo Nazis and their terrorist units is more than simply than publishing schoolbooks.

UNRWA director Peter Hansen is one of the UNRWA thugs who have slandered CMIP and the scholars who work for CMIP. Hansen has form. He launched the lie Israel had massacred Arabs in Jenin. The SWC has uncovered Hansen has put Hamas terrorists onto UNRWA’s payroll. Hansen, admitted he has done so, and has given his excuse as:

“I don’t see that as a crime. Hamas is a political organisation and not every one of its members is a militant and we do not do political vetting and exclude people from one persuasion as against another. We demand of our staff, whatever their political persuasion is, that they behave in accordance with UN standards and norms for neutrality.”(2)

So, an Islamo-Nazi terrorist is only someone holding a persuasion different to someone else. Eliminate the identifiers and Hansen could be mistaken for referring to charming grannies of different Christian persuasions serving in parish opportunity shops. Then, I recollect the late 80’s-year-old lady, who survived the horrors of Auschwitz but not one of Hansen’s ‘politicals’. She was murdered by one of Hansen’s and UNRWA’s pals only a few days before Sharon had his heart attack.

The SWC has observed:

“UNICEF has expressed concern at the abuse of Palestinian children in their recruitment to suicide bombing, their deprivation… UNRWA has never condemned this exploitation of Palestinian children as pawns of a culture of death. Indeed, its silence endorses this practice by default.”

The trouble is, UNRWA doesn’t endorse it by default. It directly ‘exploits’ not ‘Palestinian children’ but Arab children. It does not recruit children; it brainwashes children into Islamo Nazism, terrorism, and suicide bombing.


When Israel and the U.S. froze “P.T.A’s” funds on the election of Hamas earlier this year, it was UNWRA who objected, loudly, ‘‘They can’t do that. It undermines everything we have worked for”. Never a truer word have they screamed out.

In its efforts to defend its actions, UNRWA contradicts its risible gestures on its own website. The site makes plain the UN position; the `Palestinians’ are just freedom loving types oppressed by the ruthless, cruel occupiers, Jews. The UNRWA site is full of such rubbish. Next, it identifies the actions of Hezbollah and Hamas with the `Palestinian cause’. This a most interesting insight:

“there is universal agreement that Hizbullah’s current conflict with Israel is also a Palestinian conflict. […]”

The website depicts: Israel as occupier of Palestine, and usurper of Isamo nazi Arabs, and their oppressor. Occupation means Israel is the “Palestinian Homeland”. There’s an unambiguous image accompanying the words, a photo of Israel’s security wall tagged, “The Barrier”. No explanation of why the Israelis erected it is given. Arabs are cute, cuddly types, whose hopes and aspirations are crushed daily by the Israelis, and Israelis murder and massacre them Hezbollah and Hamas are freedom fighters. UNRWA does all it can to help Israel’s “victims”.

UNWRA’s script can be shoved into news and current affairs shows of, say, the Spencer Street Soviet, aka the Age, or the Australian Bolshevik Collective aka the ABC, and none could spot the difference. The difference resides in; UNWRA is more than a propaganda service for Islamo-Nazis.

Look at the monstrous types who are guilty of such evil abuse of children: The PTA, the UN through UNRWA, and P. T. teachers, and parents. They are the rotten, evil types the left in the media glorify and cry; they are `Victims of the Hideous Jews/Israel’ and UNWRWA is depicted as self-sacrificing humanitarians. Consider, if governments and teachers did that in Australia, parents would gang up and take them, everyone one of them outside and give them a thorough beating. Not, however, in the PTA, no UNRWA thug has been flogged.

To do what UNRWA is doing to children is worse than indefensible. It is chillingly evil. This is besides; UNWRA is fanning the flames of Islamo-nazism and terrorism.

UNRWA is cultivating each intake of children into Islamo nazis, into terrorism, into hatred of Israel, Jews and the West, into terrorism, into international ‘jihad’, in to the aim to subject the world to Islamo Nazism. UNRWA is directly involved in producing not sensitive scholars but monsters. It deliberately ensures large population support base for Islamo Nazis and their terrorist units. UNRWA is fanning the flame of war and terror. UNRWA is committing a most heinous, a most evil crime against children by producing evil, brainwashing material for PTA schools.

What UNRWA is actually doing in the Middle East is, of course, matter the left dominated media will not report. The Left dominated is on the side of Islamo Nazis and every effort by Koffi Anan and UNRWA to aid and abet them, inclusive of ensuring another generation of children of Islamo Nazi monsters.

UNRWA receives its funds through the U.N. and directly from govts., including the Australian Government(3). The major direct donors, however, are the U.S. and Canada. Real taxpayers, having been relieved of their private property by their respective governments, are in the invidious position of involuntarily paying for the brainwashing of children in the PTA and raising yet more generations of Islamo Nazis and terrorists.

Instead of nice pictures of politicians in Canberra handing over stolen property to the lying, leftist, Islamo Nazi huggers in UNWRA, sound foreign policy would be to line everyone of those treacherous, evil men and women up against a wall and shooting them. To this, the ‘PT’ is nothing but an Islamo Nazi haven; it should be flattened.

  1. CMIP,Center for the Monitoring of the Impact of Peace ( they must have a sense of humour), all material and correspondence with U.N., pdf downloads Website address: here. 
  2. Simon Wiesenthal Center:- On Hansen and UNRWA, brief items here 
  3. Australian Federal Govt. channels funds to UNWRA via its agency, ‘Ausaid’. See here, to get indication.

“Bane of Allah”

August 10, 2006

While leftists cry crocodile tears over Israel giving Islamo-nazi terrorists their just deserts, an ex Muslim does deserve sympathy.

Mike Jericho : Adversus Monstrum highlights a “bane of Allah”, Pedestrian Infidel . Below an amusing and telling anecdote, P.I. has posted a letter from said ex-Islamo-Nazi.

The anecdote begins:

The Israeli Ambassador at the U.N. began, “Ladies and gentlemen before I commence with my speech, I want to relay an old Passover story to all of you …

And ends:

The Palestinian delegate, hearing this accusation, jumps from his seat and screams out, “This is a travesty. It is widely known that there were no Palestinians there at that time!”

“And with that in mind,” said the Israeli Ambassador, “let me now begin my speech.”

“An open letter from an Apostate” begins,

My name’s Joshua… I study Business at a university in Dubai I am an ex-Muslim–I secretly converted to Christianity almost 3 years ago in Pakistan, without the knowledge or consent of my family…

I would face a quick death at their hands if they even so much as suspected what I have in fact done. If my secret ever slips out, I can be taken back to Pakistan and murdered. Fear is ever-present in my life.

Before my conversion, all I wanted to do was hate infidels (non-Muslims), kill Jews, and die as a martyr for Islam. But since my conversion to the real religion of peace, Christianity, I have become a completely different person. I have …

He remarks something that even Western Politicians, and certainly Oz’s socialists who stuff all the Parliamentary Party, each “tier of government”:

My future belongs to me and no one else.

Unfortunately, as he writes, even his  Islamo-nazi family will cut short his future, when they discover he has abandoned fat goddikins Allah.

The University of Melbourne Professor of Linguistics who gave evidence on behalf of the two Pastors in the witchsniffing-blasphemy show trial of the two gentleman.( I shall search for the transcript). The Professor, as an Anglican Church Pastor has experience in what Joshua relates. The Professor is a Pastor to those in Melbourne who have abandoned Islamo-Nazi and now, just like Joshua, are in fear of being murdered for their “apostasy”. The professor, as a matter of fact, stated that in the witch-sniffer’s court.

Islam, the Islam of peace: the peace of dead Jews, Christians and “infidels”.

Bomb them into what they are only, currently, metaphorically, archeological relics from the stone-age.