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Questions to be asked or; What is the OPI Show Trial of the ARS really about?

September 29, 2006

There are questions to be asked, to hurt the Bracks Cabinet and ram home what the Show Trial is about. For reasons glaringly obvious, Ted Baillieu and his fellow blobbies, pretending to be Liberal MPs, won’t ask them.

Only one further reason need be added: Ted “The Wimp” Baillieu declared the day he was made leader, “I won’t be attacking Bracks and his ministers, that’s gutter politics.” Ted confuses muckraking personal peccadilloes with bringing the Cabinet to book and, as a consequence, collecting scalps. It’s beneath him, he explained, to hurt Bracks. Then again, neither Dr.Napthine nor Mr.Doyle hurt Bracks, so Ted is standing in a fine tradition of spineless, limp wristed Leadahs.

On the other hand, even if the Leadahs relished hurting Bracks, they couldn’t. First off, you need principles, Liberal principles. Then, you have to be brighter than that lot. Lastly, you need advisers and not half-witted PR types and Krogers’ stick puppets to back you up and supply ammo. Look at Doyle, someone handed him a self propelled chainsaw with which to cut Bracks’ head off. Doyle and the advisers couldn’t find the start button – which is all they had to do, push the start button, and ‘let her rip’. I’m referring, of course, to the scandal of the Scoresby highway project funding, to which, in addition to the cabinet lying to Parliament and the public, also involved financial fraud committed by the Bracks Cabinet.

Doyle was handed the self-propelled chainsaw, incontrovertible documentary evidence of each of the Cabinet’s lies and malfeasance. He laid them out before Parliament. Bracks and co were sweating, they had been caught red-handed for the crooks that they are. They next thing Doyle had to do was to push the start button. He couldn’t find it. His advisers couldn’t find it. Michael Kroger’s stick puppets couldn’t find it. Doyle collapsed huffing and puffing from the exertion of finding the start button. Bracks and all the Cabinet Ministers involved heaved a sigh of great relief; Doyle had let them right off a very long and razor sharp hook.

Things don’t look any better over the disgusting Bracks Cabinet’s novelty, the OPI and the Show trial. Indeed, rather worse because, unlike the Scoresby fraud, this affair is one of those affairs which show up how spineless the blobbies are. They waited until Friday of last week to begin raising mild objections only – Kim Wells last Friday, Doyle on Sunday. Neither one attacked Bracks, the OPI and Nixon. Here’s their objection: ” We have said all along the OPI was the wrong way to go to deal with corruption”. Ooh, that hurt Bracks, really and troooooly. Pathetic. It is one of those matters they wait to find out whether the wind Public Reaction is blowing, and, which way it is blowing.

When Ted, his colleagues, their advisers, the Stick Puppets realised, yes, it blows and the right way, they came out, and huffed and puffed a few innocuous words. Again, typically, after such muscular exertion, nothing has been heard from them again. Bracks, again, has not been hurt. Bracks cannot, surely believe his luck to have such mighty foes. Me, I fancy a 10lb pillow biting dwarf would make a better show of it and up against Joe Frazier; at least the dwarf would go in hard and pound Frazier’s kneecaps.

The OPI Show Trial is not about corruption. The members who have been dragged through this grotesque miscarriage of justice are not corrupt. It is not because they might have dealt a bit of biff out to very dangerous vermin, who are ready to maim and kill even old grannies in the middle of a robbery. It’s something else behind it all, which, in this item we shall leave hanging.

The questions the Opposition needs to follow are in the order of:

  1. Who benefits? Or, to make it plainer these days, follow the money trail.
  2. Which faction in the ALP has driven the establishment of the OPI and show trials and star chambers?
  3. Why has a Q.C lent his professional reputation to what is a mockery of justice, and what is his relationship to the ALP and the Bracks. Cabinet and ALP factions?
  4. Why is Nixon shutting down the ARS?
  5. Why did she fail in her duty to the ARS pout through this disgusting Show Trial?
  6. What is the Bracks Cabinet really aiming at by this back door effort to shut down the ARS, by seeking to smear and have the public convinced the members of the ARS squad are violent criminals?
  7. Who is responsible in the ALP for what is a complete usurpation of justice, law, and due process; and which faction?

These questions assume the Libs and their advisers are possessed of things they are devoid of:

Liberal Principles and spine. More troubling, the OPI Show Trial has crystallised before the public what should have been obvious to all when the Kafkaesque persecution of the Two Pastors was launched. In fact, it should have been obvious right on the day when the Bracks Cabinet even mentioned raising the Blasphemy Bill. What happened instead? The ‘Liberals’ supported it to the hilt and still do.

I keep citing the case of X and Y. This case is still running, what the Bracks Cabinet are directly responsible for, and its agents, falsely called “Public Servants”, “Trustees”, and VCAT “Judges”, is appalling. What they are doing to X and Y makes the extortion and racketeering of the Mafia look mild – why?

The Mafia are only crims, the Bracks Cabinet is in Govt. They are putting X and Y through hell. They are not the only Victorians being subjected by them to such lawless, criminal, savage treatment by the Bracks “Govt.’” And what has been the response of the Libs to it?

I’ve set the case out in detail before: Nothing. David Davies has abrogated his duty to a constituent, whose case is just the sort of case an MP, should fight in Parliament. A case, because of the further implications and principles involved, the whole Liberal Party should fight. This itself shocking, and worse, because many more Vics are being thus tortured.

Someone mused that referring to Kroger and his control of the Liberal Party could be libelous. How so? It never occurred to that individual it’s not because, it is all true. In any case, right now, I don’t give a damn. For: the case of X & Y alone demonstrates disgusting the KKR, their Toorak Political Brahman backers, and their blobby MPs are. These men and women are so unprincipled they do not, as I’ve said many times over, give a stuff about Victorians.

They don’t give a stuff the Bracks: Govt. is not merely overthrowing the Rule of Common Law, but are acting against decent, ordinary Victorians in most disgusting, shocking ways, worthy of, in fact, a totalitarian regime. The Blobby pseudo-Liberal Party have buried the case, of X and Y, and god knows how many others.

Not for them the hard muck of standing up from freedom and defence of Victorians against shocking, actions by the Bracks Government, the actions of tyrannical thugs. Oh, no and the reason is, as the “Liberals” support for the Blasphemy Law and Witch Sniffing Court shows, they are all for tyranny themselves. It is just as well that lot are too dense to appreciate, Liberal Party members detest them: for if they could, then they’d have to come to grips with why they are detested.

Hence, the questions listed above. The questions Ted and co won’t pursue because they are spineless, not Liberal, superannuated blobs pretending to be Liberal MPs.


What the fight within the Victorian Liberal Party is about: Keeping things in perspective.

September 28, 2006

A few remarks about what is going on inside Victorian Liberal Party, centred on the Kroger clique, seem to be in order, to sweep away a few false impressions some onlookers hold. They will also serve to anchor some more items on the incompetence of the parliamentary wing of the Party, and their thorough failure to bring the Bracks Cabinet to book.

Some Journalists have attempted to equate it with ALP factions and faction fights, and they are wrong. It’s not a ‘faction fight’. It’s about a small clique running over the top of Liberal members and the principles of Liberals. The clique assumed Members would take such disgusting, thuggish treatment as obedient vassal serfs.

The clique is centred on Michael Kroger, consisting of his ex Helen Kroger, Peter Costello, their Toorak Political Brahman backers, and Kroger’s stick puppets, who hold the senior executive offices of the Victorian Liberal Party. Through the stick puppets, Kroger controls the executive of the Party, despite the fact he is only an ordinary member of the Party. This clique controls the Party. They are not the Liberal Party, nor a faction.

A political party is not a Church, and not a variation of Anglican broad Church -they are liturgical practices and belongs strictly within the Church.The rationale of the Liberal party is given in Liberal Principles; they are, after all, why members joined the Party and not because of some assumption the Party exists only as a means of delivering MPs. They expect MPs will hold those principles and act on them. The members have been let down rather badly, and the adjective is, betrayed.

Next to their thuggery, the clique centred on Kroger doesn’t give a fig about Liberal principles. The clique uses the Party only to serve themselves, and in doing so, treat the members with undisguised contempt. The members, according to that narrow, conceited, craven clique, are only there to supply funds and corvee labour; not for the Party, but to that treacherous Kroger clique.

It must be noted, Kroger could not control the Party if it were not for the Toorak Political Brahmans. Just as Sheezel, Hannan, and Barry are Kroger’s hired thugs – to the expense of members! Kroger is the Toorak Political Brahmans’ hired thug and stick puppet. They drop Kroger and he is finished in the Party. Dumping Kroger, however, would leave the Brahmans still in control, and free to continue their treacherous abuse of members; they are the root of the Kroger scourge.

The closest the mainstream media have come to hitting upon what is going on is a brief comment in the “Spencer Street Pravda” The Age, The man the Libs rejected. It is still trite and contains some factual errors: Prodos didn’t simply nominate for the seat of Richmond, the Branch members chose him as their Candidate.It was not simply that Maina Walkley “wasn’t a member of a branch”, which makes even sillier the continuation – “she received a special dispensation.”When the KKR decided to impose Walkley as the candidate, she was not a member of the Party, having let her membership lapse. The KKR used the rules of the Party and the Administrative Committee to impose Walkley, and broke Party Rules in doing it. It is against the rules for someone who is not a member to stand for office fullstop. This is quite apart from, Walkley’s loyalty is to the Philippines, and not to Australia and the Liberal party and its principles.

She has never had anything to do with Richmond. Richmond members are furious, hopping mad at the KKR, and as for Walkley, well, next to promoting the joys of multicultism, she’s bringing in a band of Filipinos to help her, because the Richmond Branch won’t have a bar of the woman. The serfs are refusing to fulfil corvee to Maina and the KKR.

Why did they choose her? She is a Kroger sycophant and an excellent stick puppet, which is why Kroger decided Walkley will be Richmond’s candidate. Why did he decide that? Prodos is a Liberal, and is formidable, and not a Kroger stick puppet. They are crimes in the eyes of Kroger and his seedy pals and his vicious ex, Helen.

The KKR’s actions against Prodos and Richmond amplified the KKR’s long record of thuggery against branches that dared select candidates not approved of by the clique. Helen Kroger (for instance), I’ve related before, stormed into a Waverley Branch meeting and told them to sack their Candidate and appoint the Krogers’ choice. The Branch members told her what she could do in very colourful language.

They totally under-estimated the calibre of the man and his accomplishments, because he is also colourful. Prodos is no mere ‘poet’, he is a first class brain – I won’t expand on this, besides, he’s published extensive material over the internet demonstrating it. Kroger and his stick puppets are not in Prodos’ league.The KKR, believing Prodos to be an easy target to attack, blundered.

Confident, they ventured more than their usual thuggish, stong-arm tactics against non-KKR candidates and their Branches. Kroger’s stick puppets: Sheezel, Hannan, and Barry defamed him, and ran to Crikey dot com with their lies. Crikey published on it, believing it a great wheeze but only to wake up with a note saying: You have committed defamation. Crikey has pulled down its slimey libels from its site.

The KKR, citing the lies they themselves invented, announced Prodos was, under Party Rules, unfit to hold any Liberal office. Kroger and his stick puppets then set up a Star Chamber to ‘try’ Prodos. Consider it ladies and gentleman, the KKR’s actions are the same as those of the Bracks administration through its Blasphemy courts and OPI; that is how disgusting and shocking their thuggery was. Moreover, it is the KKR clique who showed themselves unfit to hold any office – it is a disgrace that Helen Kroger has been handed a safe Senate Seat for the 2007 Federal election, and, under the rules, it is she who must be sacked as the Senate Candidate.

As I wrote reports on the developing scandal, on information supplied by my moles inside 104 Exhibition, they began to panic at the exposure of what he was doing to Richmond. Orders from up on High and Mighty were given to his stick puppets. Readers will recollect, to kiss and make up with Prodos – what an insult. Next, and to “request’ Prodos to “call off his attack dogs”, referring to Brookesnews and Mangled Thoughts; another insult, and besides which, one has never had any communication with Prodos at all, all my info came from moles.

Indeed, Helen Kroger demanded a mole hunt, and a ‘cleansing’ of the Party and 104 Exhibition Street. The Krogers and their Toorak Brahman backers, and the stick puppets became increasingly paranoid, due to 104 leaking faster than a colander.

Having managed in the end to sack Prodos, the KKR committed more breaches and abuses of Party Rules. They used the administrative committee to over-ride the Branch and impose Walkley.

Here’s the poison: the upshot of their treachery, thuggery and vicious action, to eject a fine, upstanding candidate for Walkley; KKR killed off the capacity of Richmond to fight a solid campaign for a seat requiring a swing of c. 24% against ALP. Walkley is a walking black joke to Liberal members throughout Victoria, not just Richmond Branch, and she’s a joke to most Richmondites.

To get their way, the Kroger clique proved in very ugly fashion how contemptuous they are of:

Liberal Party Members

Members who would make fine upstanding Candidates

How treacherous they in fact are – their willingness to stab Prodos in the back and damage the Party electorally is breath-taking.


That they are treacherous, and have wrecked the Party is due to, as one  stated right at the beginning of this shocking scandal, long before the mainstream media publicised it, the Kroger clique don’t give a stuff for the Party and, importantly, what it stands for. They serve only themselves, they are a venal, craven, conceited pack of thugs.

Kroger controls the Party not because the clique are all the members. The clique is only a tiny percentage of the members. Kroger controls it because Krogerites have been jobbed into crucial Party executive positions. Thus, Kroger controls the crucial machinery of the Party. Thus, the KKR are free to dictate to Branches’ candidate selection meetings, and strong-arm branches into submission. The result is jobbing.

What the clique have done thoroughly to the Party, and continue to do it, is imposing as candidates only those acceptable to the KKR clique. The composition of the parliamentary wing of the Victorian Liberal Party is the upshot of the clique’s jobbing:

Spineless, unprincipled, clueless superannuated halfwits who have been jobbed into Liberal seats and worse, safe seats. It is why that lot might as well be a wing of the ALP. They are not Liberals; their record under Dr. Naphthine, Mr. Doyle, and, now, Mr. Baillieu, shows it.

They have failed to stand up for Liberal Principles. They have supported much legislation, which, bluntly, is shocking, and the most infamous instance is their whole-hearted support for the Blasphemy Act.

They don’t hurt Bracks and the ALP. They won’t bring the Bracks Cabinet to Brook because that lot is not any better at all.

Indeed, we have the spectacle of Ted Baillieu promising not to rectify the malfeasance and stasiland laws of the Bracks Cabinet. He has promised to increase them. He’s promised to multiply regulations on Victorians. He has declared he will increase the government’s annual plunder and squander. Baillieu isn’t promising to bring an end to the fraudulent bilge of environmentalism; he’s promised to deliver more items on the Greenies’ long wish list. One could set a long list of not at all Liberal ‘policies’. They are not possessed of single Liberal bone in their bodies.

They are so dense and ignorant, they can’t tell the difference. They believe they are Liberals. They don’t see what  Party members see and has their blood up against the KKR and the Parliamentary Wing. The P.Wing has been reduced to just another leftist socialist Party, stuffed with superannuated, boneless blobs feeding their fat faces to real taxpayer’s expense, while pretending to be Liberal MPs. Their attitude, moreover to members, principles, and constituents (re their duties as Liberal MPs) is the same as that of the clique. They, and the clique, are no better than the rotten Bracks Cabinet. The whole lot of them don’t give a damn about Victorians. Victorians are just vassal serfs.

Thus we have laid out what the whole fight within the Party is about. Laid out is why Kroger is in control of the Party, and why the P. Wing is what it is.

Liberal Members are preparing to deal with Kroger and his pals. They are waiting for polling day to pass in order to ensure:

There is no doubt who is responsible for another defeat;

Thus, the Kroger clique cannot wriggle off the hook.;

To put it beyond doubt, clique, by their self-serving treachery are entirely responsible for the wreckage.

There will be nowhere for the clique to hide, and they know it.

The clique has ensured not one more term of the Bracks Cabinet. They have, , realistically, handed Bracks at least two more terms.

What angers members even more is the implications of another four years of Bracks and then, another 8 years. It is all due to Kroger, Toorak Doctor’s wives and Toorak Political Brahmans. They have, in their selfish, venal treacherous way, thoroughly wrecked also the Parliamentary wing, reduced it to only a gravy train ride for conceited, incompetent, spineless jobbers.

It’s not a faction fight. There are no factions. There is only the Liberal Party, and, then there is the KKR Clique, which has taken over the Party as a parasite and they have wrecked it.

It is a small clique who are thuggishly running over members, abusing them, spitting in their faces, and on the reason for membership; Liberal Principles.

Honestly, the Kroger clique should join the Party they belong to, the ALP, and take their useless MPs with them. This is what the fight is about.

As I’ve said before, the journalists have been sniffing around, writing on it, but only from the outside looking in. Consequently, they don’t have grip on what its all about, as the above article from The Age shows once again.

The background to Richmond was an amplification of what Kroger, his backers and his stick puppets have been doing to branches for years now. They went further than their usual thuggery when they went for Prodos.

Liberal Party members are furious at them, and also because of:

A Party is not a Church, nor a variation of Anglican broad Church -they are liturgical practices strictly internal to the Church.

The rationale of the Liberal party is given in Liberal Principles. The clique centred on Kroger find those principles obnoxious and an obstacle to their own interests. The control of the Kroger clique is reflected in a totally useless, spineless, ductile, unprincipled Parliamentary wing.

Obviously, it’s good news to opponents of not simply the Liberal party, but the principles of Liberalism, inclusive of economics. Just as a Liberal is hardly disturbed whenever factions shred the ALP.

This is politics, not a happy clappy sing-along in a parish Church. Journalists have been wide of the mark all the way through the scandal.

Ted’s Grand Delusion: He believes he is winning voters over & taking seats from the ALP. A twist is, Why he believes so.

September 27, 2006

That is not true, but don’t tell Ted and Kroger’s stick puppets, or they will cry their little eyes out and we don’t wish that – not yet. Once Civil War day is over, Liberal members will give them something to cry on, razor edged pitchforks up their bottoms. The reason for Ted’s delusion is, a mole told me, The Age, aka the Spencer Street Pravda, lurves him.

Ted holds: “We’re winning seats because Pravda likes us, they say we are the right stuff.”

One of the morons Ted employs as one of his advisers proudly related it to the wannabe Premier the Age’s newly acquired, touching affection for the Libs. The Age considers him a fine leader, and their ‘policies’ are the right stuff.

My jaw dislodged itself, hit the flaw and broke apart. I had to glue it back together, wire it, and bolt it back into place. I replied, on recovering, by paraphrasing what a senior businessman said of Kroger’s stick puppet, Julian ” Iron Man Julie” Sheezel:

“I realised Ted was dense, thicker than a concrete slab but, he’s a complete moron. A village idiot is Rhodes S. material in comparison.”

My mole was no less apoplectic. Readers cannot fathom how depressed Liberal Party members are, due to what they endure as their MPs. Few, besides Liberal Party members and the Spencer St. Pravda, appreciate how completely stupid those blobbies are. Boneless halfwits, that’s what Kroger, Costello, Toorak Doctors’ Wives and Political Brahmins, have jobbed into Liberal seats, frequently by raw thuggery against branches.

“By raw thuggery against branches…” which only demonstrates an obvious point made before. That lot believes they are decent, considerate, generous, selfless types and full of noblesse oblige. They believe Victorians believe that, and are thus moved  to vote the Libs onto the Treasury benches. Victorians will vote them in because they are so, so nice, so much nicer than Bracks.  Well, at least we have discovered the campaign slogan: ‘Vote for Ted because he is cute!’  

No, what Liberal Party members and Victorians see is the truth: They’re venal, craven, capricious, unprincipled, conceited thugs, who don’t give a fig for anything and anyone but themselves.

Let’s spell it out for the benefit of Ted ‘ The Wimp’ Baillieu: A genuine Liberal Leader would wake up in the morning and sit down to a modest breakfast of rare, bloody steak washed down with a  good, strong cup of Scotch. Sated he’d sit back, whip out a cigar and, puffing contentedly, peer at the papers and muse:

” The Age still hates me and my Party. All’s well with the world. Spring is on the cusp, birdies on the wing, young lovers murmur rot to each other.’

Then, he quietly contemplates another happy day of butchering Bracks. Not, however, Ted the Wimp Baillieu.

What is his routine? He probably wakes up, sits down to a bowl of wimp matter – weeties, or muesli, and a glass of orange juice, or a rare treat -a nice cup of tea/coffee. Just the sort of diet finger wagging fat police approves of but couldn’t even keep a rat going. Then, he sits back, and sighs:

“When will the Spencer Street Pravda ( propaganda sheet for treacherous leftists and Steve Bracks) love me and my colleagues? Can’t they see we are on their side”.

Well, he got his wish. When he turned up to his office recently, an adviser told him the good news. ” At last!” he cried, ” they love us. We’re winning. “

Liberal Party members, when they’ve read this item, can be excused for running to the toilet to retch. The ‘news’ had that effect on me too. Let’s spell out for Ted what the reaction of a real Liberal Leader would be:

 Feeling as if someone had hit him in the solar plexus, he reels against the desk from the blow, and gasps to his adviser,” What, James, has gone wrong!” Voice back again, he roars:

“Find out! I bloody well want it fixed now. If I read tomorrow morning Pravda telling the public they like us, I’ll sack you pronto.

“I want to wake up tomorrow morning to read they hate my guts, they hate yours, they hate every damned Liberal.

“I want to read they fear us. I want to read they despair over Bracks’ doom. “I want them screaming in terror as I shoot Bracks’ Cabinet in cold blood.

“I want  them crumpled up into little sobbing heaps as they realise I’ll kill Bracks’ neo-Marxists ‘policies’ and schemes, and boot out all his faithful dogs he’s stuffed into the ‘public service’

“I want Jaspan desperate, as he realises there’ll be not one more taxpayers’ cent poured into that leftist propaganda toilet rag.

“If they aren’t certain by today’s end that I’m worse than Old Nick, James; my tailor will make a pretty set of garters out of your gizzards. Bugger it James, I’m not paying you to shovel this shit onto my desk. Now, get cracking. And kick Jaspan’s head in, or don’t come back.”

No, not Ted. Ted “The Wimp” was instead thrilled, chuffed, thoroughly delighted, welcomed it as a change in the electoral fortunes. Ted probably gave his adviser a bonus and a hefty pay rise. After all, Kroger gave Iron Man Julie Sheezel a hefty pay increase for being no less stupid, and for producing just this sort of crap.

Ted, you are a political corpse. That The Spencer Street Pravda likes you, and approves of your policies’ should tell you one thing and one thing only: The Age has just written your obituary. That, they reckon you harmless. Worse, they count your ‘policies’ as the same as Bracks’. Ted must be stone deaf to miss why Jaspan is wetting his knickers over the Liberals.

Ted is less than thick as a concrete slab? He is a complete dunce with lead for brains. It shows, his nerves don’t work the way a Liberal’s do. Well, what can be said of man who can’t square up to a juicy, bloody rare steak and a good cuppa strong Scotch for brekkie, and look forward to another day of skewering Bracks with red hot pokers, except to add, ” .. and he’s a wuss.”

Yes, this is what Kroger and the Toorak Brahmans have reduced the parliamentary wing of the Victorian Liberal Party to, another gaggle of superannuated, leftist, village idiots. They haven’t a single neuron between them. No neuron, no clue. They are self-satisfied cretins, impervious to Liberals but not to The Age: That’s how bad the Parliamentary wing of the Liberal Party is. Meanwhile, Ted holds firmly to his delusion of taking seats from Bracks. I’d laugh, but it’s not funny at all.

Sen-Segt Paul Mullet is partly wrong,because the Bracks Cabinet is to blame and not just their glove puppet,Christine Nixon, the Junta’s Commisssar of Police.

September 19, 2006

The Junta, through its goon squad the Orwellian named “Office of Police Integrity”, intensified it’s activities against the members of the now defunct ( temporarily?) Armed Robbery Squad. During Monday ( 4th/9), the OPI had been releasing more ‘reports’ of its ‘investigation’ into the police. Now members are being subjected to show trials, in secret, launched on the strength of base allegations, which the OPI raised by asking violent crims in prison, have you any complaints against the ARS?

The show trials, as all show trials were under the Nazi and Soviet and Maoist Communist regimes, is all for the benefit of the Junta, not just Nixon, acting against the ARS.

A show trial to throw a smokescreen over what it is actually doing. Indeed, the ‘trials’ of the two Pastors were just that, totalitarian, secret police state show trials, to entrench the power of the regime, and to blacken the vicitms in order to tell a lie, ” See, see, the two Pastors are as we told you, vicious types.”

Consider it ladies and gentlemen, that is the Bracks Junta and its goons, the sort who ably served the Nazi and Communist regimes around the world. Still do in, say Cuba today. These are the types trampling on good men and women, and not just the members of the ARS.

Caught out, it is clear the Junta, through its goon squad, the OPI, has entrenched itself by asserting yesterday, through the media, the ARS had committed what it ” it finds to be torture”.

These days, torture is used corruptly, to describe anything leftists and the Junta’s Commissars decide is “torture”. The left dominated media claimed, for example, that Islamo Nazi terrorist scumbag, “Jihad” Jack Thomas, gave Federal Police his confession “under torture”, and that assertion is a lie. On the other hand, a bit of biff dealt out to Islamo Nazis who are in or have been in terrorist units, is not at all objectionable.

Late last night, the Junta, caught red-handed, and in panic, raised the ante and accused the ARS members of bashing crims on arrest, pointing guns at their head, in order to obtain confessions, dragging prisoners face down along concrete and other cruel deeds.[ For some of the defamatory lies told against ARS members, see here.]

The ARS members, it has been discovered, are being hauled before inquisitorial trials in secret hearings. The accused have been forbidden to inform friends on pain of being convicted of a criminal offence, not even family. Family members, it has been related by the wife of one squad member, have realised what they are being subjected to only because of the media reports which clued them in as to why their men have gone ‘missing’.

The accusers are anonymous. The accused have no right to have the accusers cross -examined, another gross violation of justice, compounded by, this is a star chamber euphemistically called a commission of inquiry. They have no right to a barrister.

Galbally Q.C. was on the radio this morning. He remarked he has acted as prosecutor against police accused of crimes, and the cases were run correctly, and convictions secured. Galbally is appalled and disgusted at the naked violation of justice and due process.

The Bracks Junta, as I have said repeatedly, has been emasculating the force where it counts, through its stooge Nixon and her fellow Yes Pleasemen politically correct paper shufflers, who spend their days building models of how to be good, leftoid, snag, pleaseman. Shutting down the ARS is part of it.

As it is, before this, many a policeman has been angered by what the Junta is doing. Policemen, not just ARS members, who have the guts to tackle thugs and just wish to get on with the job of taking out violent crims, including many  youfs , who, forget tender years, are very violent little scumbags. Police have been quitting, and the reason is not pay. Some have told me, they are more than satisfied with the pay. No, it is what sits on top of them which has decided them to quit and in increasing numbers. Some can’t quit; they have been too long in the force to make the transition into enterprise, and are resigned to the misery of staying put until retirement day.

The Junta, through Nixon, moreover, has ensured police cannot stop even violent little youfs, by making sure police are tied up with paperwork or consigned to jobs in offices. Violent crime has been rising exponentially, and this without including the violence committed by Islamo Nazi scumbags. As I remarked in the first instalment on the Bill of Rights, there will be sections who will be free to commit violent crimes with impunity, the BOR states that. In fact, the Bracks Junta has already been working towards that, through its own version of ‘selective policing’.

The Junta’s progressive corruption and emasculation of the police force has been matched by its corruption of the judiciary. It has been stuffing the benches, VCAT, Magistrates’, and Supreme courts with, goons, trustees, and the politically correct with no grounding in Common Law and not even experience, in the case of one Supreme Court appointment, as junior criminal trial barristers.

The Bracks Junta was involved in the coup de tat against a former Chief Magistrate, whose crime was, he is not a leftist, believes in his duty as a judge and was not a hand-wringing, leftist soft-cock of a judge when dealing with vicious criminals.

the new generation of judges are that, snag,poltically correct, leftist bums,and they carried out the Junta’s aim: the reduction of courts courts to turnstiles for dangerous and many recidivist criminals. The upshot, every dangerous crim in Melbourne realises, they have nothing to fear. Indeed, it is even better if a dangerous crim is classed a ‘juvenile’, which is why dangerous mobsters recruit teenagers.

The emasculation of the police is to be completed by demanding all prospective constables take a Dworkins degree first. Heads filled with psycho-sociological babble, professionalese, and leftist p.c. speak, that will ensure no policeman will be anything but a glove puppet to the Junta and it’s goons.

The Bracks Govt. has been busy eradicating anything which stands in the way of its totalitarian vision. The ARS is the latest target of the Bracks Juntas’ Kulturkampf. Caught red-handed, once again, the Bracks Junta, in a desperate attempt to get away with this malevolent and malfeasant action, has resorted to heightening its defamatory smearing of the ARS and its members.

Now, if I were a barrister, I would pro bono do two things:

First, I would, if those subjected to this totalitarian action against them were to agree, launch defamation writs against:

Christine Nixon – she made the first defamatory remarks against the Squad in that secretly recorded meeting, the purpose of which was to say, you are sacked and the squad finished. [ Ref., here.]

The OPI, the reason is obvious.

The Bracks Junta: for the Police Minister, under the  Westminister tradition in which the Parliament stands, is directly responsible, and so too, for the same reason, the Cabinet, that means Bracks and Hulls, as well as such vicious types as the Apostle to Anti-Christ, the Reverendress Bronwyn Pike.

[Readers not familiar with the t harridan, Pikey Wikey is a Reverendress in the Church of Latter Day Communists, the Uniting Church, which takes up all sorts of good cause, Hamas and Hezbollah, for examples. ” Blessed are they who give comfort to mass-murdering scumbags because, they shall surely inherit the Marxist earth.”]

Secondly, one would examine very carefully statutes for reasons to issue writs of more serious charges against each of the above named totalitarian thugs.

I’ve written exhaustively on the Junta Crimes Act and its cognate. To summarise:

It is sufficient for any ‘ officer of the Junta to merely say x or y is guilty of a crime covered in the act, and it is very elastic indeed as to what crimes are covered, and the victim is under the Act:

i  Arrested, on the strenght of heresay.
ii Taken to a place of Secret Interrogation.

iii Has no right to a barrister, must answer any question put by the chief Inquisitor, on  pain of being convicted and given a jail term for refusal.

iv The victim is forbidden to tell even family members, and to disclose the address of the place of secret interrogation, on pain of being convicted of another set of novel criminal offences, which carry jail term of 5 years.

v On the arrest and whisking away to a secret cell, the goons can seize all their victim’s private property, and held until the victim is finally acquitted. No compensation is to paid. Too bad about the wife and children, they are booted out into the gutters. [ This is not a joke, that is what the Cognate Act contains.]

I will reprise the bill for the benefit of readers but the above few points are sufficient to convey what this Act contains and the force of it: a complete overthrow of Common Law in its criminal application, overthrow of due process, of habeus corpus, of justice. It is an Act for which the only precedents are to be found in Islamic theocracies, the Nazi and Soviet regimes, the medieval age ( though not  England ), and primitive tribal societies.

While the left and one of its fronts, the “Civil Liberties Union” have smeared Howard on immigration, they have been silent on this real totalitarian, secret police state Act, which can be used against any Victorian any time of the day and night. Yes, any decent, law-abiding Victorian might hear that knock on the door in the night some day announcing the arrival of secret police wielding full totalitarian secret police state powers.[ this is not an exaggeration, it is in the ‘Act’.]

The OPI is clearly running its secret pllice state inquisition along exaclty those lines of the Act – including raising false charges in order to persecute the ARS and haul them before their Nazi/Soviet style ‘court’. Mere hearsay, on a mere dislike of x or y… the knock in the middle of the night.

Worse will come, for the Bracks Junta has been developing VCAT into a full blown secret police state ‘court’ in which its goons wield full, unfettered police state power against anyone they pick on. The BOR will complete this transformation of VCAT, which, originally, was supposed to be a low cost version of a Common Law Court.

In fact we have seen the shape of things to come already, under the Blasphemy ACT and Sisel and Szoke, and a number of other VCAT ‘judges’ who have done the same to X – the case I have written on many times. The case, to repeat, involves one the Junta’s thugs inside the now falsely named office of State Trustees ‘, a Ms. Dodson. [The State Office of Trustees, under the old school, was an honourable office – not now.]

That office, it  now serves as an excuse for the Junta to steal private property as the Junta has done to X. I’m not making all this up and, to make it clearer, I confess X is a close acquaintance of mine, and due to the acquaintance, I am more than merely familiar with what the Junta has done to X –

Oh, as for that Coward, Davis Davies who has not acted for X, and thus failed in his duty as an M.P. to a constituent , X:

 You are a little Micheal Kroger stick-puppet and scumbag. Ted the Wimp Baillieu has sung his praises, saying he works hard. Well, Ted, David Davis is a gutless, treacherous  little turd.

Davis  typifies what Michael Kroger, Peter Costello, and their Stick Puppets have done to the liberals, stuffed it full of mps. who have not fought against the many totalitarian Acts of the Junta. To, the contrary, we have seen them support some of the worst of them, and some are ready to support the BOR (as we shall relate when resuming the article on the BOR).

What a pack of spineless, gutless, not liberal useless marshmallows. They serve the Bracks Junta, they are a wing of the Junta. Their non-existent opposition to the Junta reflects the treachery and wrecking of the Party by MichaelKroger, Peter Costello and their stick puppets.

Thus we have it.

Sgt.Mullet, with all due respect, you are wrong, the Bracks Junta is to blame as much as Nixon and the OPI, they are directly culpable.’

Indeed, that fat, lying, wealthy totalitarian thug – he has gotten rich at taxpayers expense as a  professional dole bludger, Steve Bracks, had this to say this morning:

Many govts. have an office just like the OPI.

That little totalitarian thug and moron thus asserts: because others do it, it is o.k. Well, heck, you corrupt good for nothing faggot, a violent crim might plead the same excuse, others commit armed robbery, murder, rape stabbings so, it is o.k.

It is not o.k. Steve Bracks and what is more, your Anti-Bill of real rights ,makes plain: you are directly culpable of treason by the overthrow of common law and setting up an overtly totalitarian regime over Victorians because, that is exactly the force of your bill of totalitarian Anti-Rights, the coping stone of all your efforts. Indeed, it perfects what you have done extensively through many Acts.

Bracks claims to be a Christian, of the R.C. , garbage he is. He is a totalitarian, lying little fat scumbag, along with the rest of his Cabinet: and it shows, it shows out in the majority of their actions to date.

Let’s return to the beginning point: the original motive was to emasculate the Vic Police successful crime squads, thus the shut-down of the ARS. Caught red handed, to cover themselves, they decided to tell cock and bull stories against the ARS members, smear, them,  defame them, put them through one of their Secret Police ‘courts’ and, in short, work hard at totally blackening their name and thus ruin them on the principle, it will convince the public, the lies told against those members must be true, and thus they and the ARS are history.

Well, Bracks and Co can’t get away with it. They are caught red-handed. One of the things which has stamped the record of the Junta is the lies they have told on many accounts, as fully shown in the case of the Franskton-Scoresby Highway fraud committed by the Cabinet.

They are corrupt, they are malfeasant, they are spending Victorians into the gutters, and they are totalitarians who are friends only to dangerous crims and Islamo Nazi thugs.

What is worse, the  KKR Parasite Party and their Marshmallow stick puppets,  led by successively Napthaline Flake, then Paper Doyley, and now Ted the Wimp, have not even laid a cotton glove on Bracks and his goons, let alone do what they should have done: kicked them in the groin , ripped Bracks’  head off, and not just in Parliament. Hang them from the ramparts. 

The reason: they are not Liberals, they are ignorant, spineless KKR blobby stick puppets. Thus, in their typical good spineless form, they have not said a word, not raised even  a little finger against Bracks over this disgusting action of the Junta against the ARS and its members –

What a pack of limp wristed, leftist, sniveling, cowards they are – they couldn’t defend an elederly lady [X] against Bracks’ and Hulls’ goons. They couldn’t defend the two pastors. They can’t even bring themselves to defend the bravemen of the ARS. 

That lot believe Liberals should endure them, and Victorians put them in office ! Replace Bracks with a pack of blobbies who are not one jot better – that would be a very bad joke, Kroger’s and Costello’s Marshmallows hold the Treasury Bench – village idiots are a better bet than the KKR Parasite Party. For even village don’t roll over before thugs. Village idiots don’t serve thugs. The KKR do and on both counts. Village idiots might be simple, but they are not fools, and unprincipled cowards, unlike the KKR Party.

Both of them, the KKR parasites and the Bracks Junta parasites, they are not fit to serve as shoe shine boys and girls in Parliament, let alone sit as M.P.s. What a pack of thugs, the whole lot of them. They don’t give a stuff about Victorians for, as the B.O.R makes plain, all Victorians are not merely held in contempt, they must be reduced to vassal slaves a.s.a.p. to these conceited, ignorant, dumbed down, self-serving, venal, craven, totalitarian, scumbags.

I detest compulsory voting as it is. Not least for, pollies thus claim ‘mandates’ for any idiot scam, and to justify their larcenous conduct, but – vote for any of that lot, the Junta and the KKR, bull bloody shite. Throw them into jail is the proper course, and throw away the keys.

Another KKR blunder:

September 1, 2006

Blunder Number 10,677,474,383,839 10,677,474,383,841 – ah, I see from the adjusted number, two blunders. Before laying bare to the public the blunder of Kroger and one of his stick puppets, I wish to put something into perspective.

The KKR has wrecked the Victorian Liberal party, and the parasite party is bound up with other problems, which, to be blunt has seen them blow great holes in the hull of the Liberal ship. It is, consequently, listing heavily and in Victoria the destroyer, the Parliamentary Wing, is all but sunk. Napthaline Flake, Paper Doyley, and Ted the Wimp Baillieu, a succession of blubber ’Leaders’ sums things up.

Yet, even Jeff Kennett believed as Premier, and still believes it, the decisive thing is management, the job of Cabinet is, as he repeats, ‘to manage the state’. Therefore, as long as you are a good clerk, you will run good policies. Funny thing about that, the Bracks Junta claims to be a pack of good bookkeepers. “Management is not a principle” and as a platform, collapses into a stinking heap.

 It is entirely lost on Ted the Wimp, and Jeff for that matter: Victorians are not about to send down Bracks at the polls to only replace them with another pack of socialist, statist, half-wits.

Indeed, Kennett might ponder why Victoria recovered and prospered under his watch. It had nothing to do with ‘good management’. It had everything to do with; Cain and Kirner had so butchered Victorians there was not much economically left to tax, spend and regulate.

Victoria prospered because Govt. had to get off the backs of Victorians, and to an extent that is exactly what Kennett did. That is why recovery was economically sound.To ‘an extent he did’, because he did not do it thoroughly and that is because he spurned sound economic advice.

Kennett distrusted, and still does, ‘intellectuals’ – not without good cause for; brains are gold, intellectuals are common as rubbish in a dump. Just look at the leftist, ‘intellectualistos’ who serve as Bracks’ loyal goons. Indeed, what is to be made of  the S.C. who holds even truth must be outlawed, and Sisel and Szoke? “Intellectuals”, it shows, they are merely full of totalitarian garbage.

Next, leftists: Gittens, Davidson, Colebatch. Yet, are the so-called paragons of free markets, Woods, MCGuiness, Mcrann, B. Evans, Moran and the IPA, any better? No, nor are those who advised Federal cabinet on Labour Market Reform.

Jeff’s position is justified but not altogether because, there are those who can provide sound advice but they are precisely the brains the KKR and their Toorak Political Brahmin backers have ensured are never called upon. The KKR and the associations it favours are brain dead, don’t like debate, and never face up to anyone who knows their stuff. The reason why they run away is, their hubris.

They believe they are intellectual superiors, and brook not even questioning of their claims and arguments. They refuse to meet any in open, up front debate who know their stuff, and so do, bye the bye, the above named newspaper ‘experts’ in economics. This applies within the Victorian Liberal Party too.

The Party’s ” Speaker’s Forum” is nominally for members to engage in free exchange and debate of ideas and propositions. That is not, in fact, how Kroger set it up. It is merely a platform for the usual suspects to speak down to the vassal serfs (Liberal Party Members). The serfs are supposed to lap up every word the “intellectuals” utter and be stunned by their profound wisdom.That is how bad intellectual engagement is within the Liberal Party. The consequences are: the Parliamentary wing is not badly advised, it is totally misled down blind alleys, much to the joy of the Union Bruvverhood and, in Victoria, the Bracks Stalinist Junta.

Yet, this goes right back to the Kennett days too, for, in failing to take sound advice Kennett and co failed to convince the public of Liberal principles. Of course they failed to do so, because they didn’t have the bullets to fire. Instead, they relied on the  nonsense of, ‘ we are better managers than the ALP’, which is what Ted is hoping will shove him across the floor of the House into the seat of Premier.

Management is not a principle and, consequently, as a case, collapses in short shift in a great stinking heap of ashes. Voters are not about to replace the Bracks Junta with another pack of thick as two bricks socialistos because, wow, they are better managers than Bracks.

Thick as “two bricks socialistos’’ is what the marshmallows are who hold the majority of the precious few Liberal Parliamentary seats. Their actions is the evidence: their fulsome support for Bracks’ Stalinist Blasphemy ‘Law’, and for appeasing the wet dreams of Greenies and joining Bracks in the cult of that savage bitch, Mudder Nature. Ted, indeed, is ‘working hard’ to show his good commie credentials through his super socialisto statist election promises. The Junta has delivered into their hands, over three terms, many causes with which to rip its head off. Instead, they effectively support the Junta. Active, bah, they are dead bodies animated by Kroger and the closed shop of ‘advisers’, who cannot  fight their way out of a paper bag with a a self-propelled chainsaw.Thus, we have it: the Kroger Party has wrecked the Liberal Party, and serves only the Bracks Totalitarian Junta. Being conceited and dense, Kroger and Ted can’t detect what is proverbial in the street: the Liberals stand for nothing but the malfeasant rot put out by the Bracks Junta. It doesn’t register with Ted, the Libs are dead in the water and facing de-registration as a Parliamentary Party. It doesn’t register with him why they are dead.

The only beneficiaries are Kroger, his stick puppets, the “intellectuals” who enjoy handsome emoluments as ‘advisers’, and their Toorak Political Brahmins backers. All of them treat Liberal members and principles with contempt, regarding members as nothing more than vassal serfs. The composition of the parliamentary wing is due to Kroger and his off-siders, his ex, Helen Kroger, and Costello.

Oh, and the ALP and the Unions too. Union senior officials fully appreciate what is going on in the Victorian Liberal party. They are enjoying themselves immensely. They enjoy the free ride from Mike and his KKR. They lurve the KKR for wrecking the highly moral case for free labour markets.  So long as the KKR dominate, the Union heavies are happy.

Victorian trades hall, ACTU, and the ILO in Geneva read Brookesnews. Why ? The answer is, they read the editor’s articles on economics because, they admit, Mr. Jackson is an economist, that his is a solid, thorough, grip on economics. The Unions do not fear the HR Nichols Society, the IPA, Kroger and the KKR. They fear chaps of the calibre of Jackson, were they suddenly made advisers.

The Unions officials are honest in this; they acknowledge that if the Liberal Party had principled mps. and advisers who do know their stuff, they would be skinned alive. The Union officials find, in contrast, the types who are the Party’s ‘advisers’ and also to Federal Cabinet a joke. This should come as a shock to not a few, including senior Federal Liberal figures, and to the “intellectuals”.

Be rest assured, they find the likes of the HR Nicholls society et al harmless, funny, they crack jokes about them. The ‘intellectuals’ wouldn’t walk into a conference room with the heavies attending if they were aware of this. However, the heavies respect the likes of Jackson. The heavies are in no doubt, in Jackson and some others; they would face a pretty bruising time of it.

Then, the Unions have made ideas and debate their business. They’ve done so because to achieve what they seek that is exactly what they have had to do. Not to merely put their position, and the arguments they would like the public to drink in,  but precisely to discover the truths which totally confute their position. They do it to counter true argments. They have to their advantage a Liberal Party stuffed with those who don’t have a clue  and yet dominate the Liberal Party, and are the ‘advisers’ to the Federal Cabinet and the Victorian Opposition.

It shows out at Federal level. I’m not simply referring to  Cabinet has stuffed the sound and moral case down the john, due to swallowing nonsense. It shows out also in the gaggle of charlatans called sociologists who are also its ‘advisers’. Does it occur to anyone in Cabinet, sociology is garbage, built on myths, stories, fables and inanities and with it, is a corruption of science to boot.

Well, if they can hire quacks as advisers, it is no surprise those who do know their discipline will never be taken on as economics advisers. Then again, the KKR and their Toorak Brahmin backers make damned sure Federal Cabinet will never call upon the guys who can do the job. Hell, no, not when they are on a black list for the Victorian Liberal Party, and not while that lot of parasites control the party and supported by a pack of flunkeys who are palmed off as the intellectual gurus of the liberal party.

Those parasites are wealthy, and don’t give a stuff whether serfs – Party and Victorians generally, are impoverished by ravenous, totalitarian govt. They are ok. That is all that counts with that lot.

Indeed, as we see in the case of the locking up of land, for Gaiea of course, they are  happy to cooperate with the Junta. Bracks and his commie pals make  themselves wealthy by this transfer, disguised as ‘conservation parks’, as well as imposing controls and more taxes on housing. Kroger’s backers clean too – they love Bracks because he is making them richer  at the immiseration of the mere lumpenmasse of Victoria. They are at one with the Junta as selfish, venal, craven spivs and thugs.

So, the two are tied, the internal woes of the Liberal party, and how the Party stands in Parliament and to the Public. The root of this bind is Michael Kroger, his ex Helen, Peter Costello, and their KKR Parasite Party. The Bracks Junta is not about to be brought to book because the KKR have wrecked the Party and obliterated Liberal Principles, and trampled over Liberal Members. This is where the media go wrong.

The media began noticing what is going right when the  Richmond Scandal was first published on Brookesnews and  Mangled Thoughts. However, the media does not have a clue as to what is actually going on. They are looking on from the outside, as on so many other affairs. It shows out in, the media are equating it with an ALP style factional brawl. No it is not.

It is action against the KKR. The KKR is not the Liberal Party.  Liberal members have had enough of the KKR. The KKR are so dense and conceited they don’t realise they are detested by Liberal members. detested by not a few, not some, but the majority of members. 

Members are disgusted at the KKR’s treachery. Angry at them for trampling and  defaming members. Disgusted at their subjugation of branches. Disgusted at their contempt for anyone but themsleves. They are fed up with  Michael Krogers’ and his stick puppets’ thuggery. This has their anger up and all the more furious because on top of the KKR  is also the vicious, totalitarian Bracks Junta the KKR serves.

Therefore, the media may pontificate what is going on, they are dense, they don’t have a clue and, as Kroger, can’t see what is coming. Put it this way, the metaphorical baseball bat is in mid swing and the heads of Kroger and his stick puppets are in the way. They will be dealt with. Once the problem is dealt with, the Party, given it takes on advisers who know their stuff, will then use that bat and knock that Stalinist bastard Steve Bracks’ head off. Oh yes Stevey, Pikey, Hullsy and et al ‘ study the KKR and then run for cover because you lot are next.

To repeat, the reason for the above is to draw attention back to why one came out swinging against the KKR. It’s not about playing pissy pissy girlie games; it is about kicking the KKR in the groin. It’s not about taking infantile pleasure poking fingers up against the KKR; it is about clubbing them with a baseball bat. That is the whole point to the musical satires I have linked in posts below: “KKR Puppets on a String” and “Under Shria Law” (there are those too dense to pick up why Liberal Members are joining the Parasiticvision Song Contest).

With the above in clear view, we turn to the latest revelation of a couple of KKR blunders. For convenience, open More.