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The Bracks Junta will be the first overtly totalitarian regime on Australian Soil; It nearly is at is .

September 14, 2006

Neil Mitchell launched a scoop on 3 AW this morning. He had received a tape of a meeting between Police Commissar Nixon on the now defunct Armed Robbery Squad. The purpose of it, Nixon telling the members of the squad it has been struck off, the members to be seconded to any other element of Vic. Police. She commenced in her usual managerialese-socio-babble-in whiny voice mod e-gobble-de-gook until an officer told to stop babbling and get on with it.So, what did she tell them but this: having, in her babble, repeated in an interview, ” we are changing the model to make it safer for police and try new approaches.’ When told to stop babbling, she came out with the real reason, she or, rather, her Mastahs, the Bracks Junta, simply wished top close it down.

The excuse is the complaints against members of the squad had been lodged claiming they are thugs. Where did the complaints come from? That bit of rubbish called the O.P.I. the “office of Police Integrity.

OPI orificers visited a jail and  asked convicts whether they had complaints against the Armed Robbery Squad. Well, surprise, surprise, they did have complaints. The O.P.I. acted on those complaints, and the junta had its excuse to shut down what happened to be a very effective serious crime-fighting unit. The “O.P.I.”, a suitable politically correct, socialisto babble speak Orifice of the Junta, was set up in the wake of the furore over the old drug squad. The Armed Robbery squad, however , is squeaky clean.It’s members are tough, and accept what they are paid to do, engage in a dangerous job bringing dangerous criminals to book, They have done it, fearlessly. Their crime is, well, not being nice to hardened, violent criminals.

The Squad has been very effective in bringing armed robbers to book. In contrast, violent crime has been  in generalincreasing, and the numbers of dangerous criminals have been multiplying exponentially. The reason is simple; the Bracks Junta has been making the streets safe for dangerous crims.

his, perhaps, is the real reason for the disbanding of the Squad. You, see, the members did take bringing violent crims to book seriously and do so in a tough war, unlike the treatment of so many other dangerous, violent criminals who are, effectively, depicted by the Junta and compliant Judges, as more victims than the real victims of violent scumbags.Nixon, being a Bracks Junta appointee, has been ‘modeling’ a model of dealing with armed robbery and, police will now apply the new lego model.

The law abiding man in the streets of Victoria has had enough with the garbage of rehabilitation’ and don’t tread on the toes of savages approach of the increasingly totalitarian morons, who who stuff Spring St., bureaucracy or, rather, goon squads, and ‘judiciary’.

Well, it is no surprise crims rule in Vic., ok, when the lying, professional dole bludgers in Spring Street are busily overthrowing private property rights, imposing police sate ‘laws’ – inclusive of the property rights in oneself. So, basically, the notion that the one thing that might justify ‘govt.’, use of coercion,in service of common law courts, against violent crims, is shredded by the fact the Junta, at bottom, is nothing but a pack of violent criminals in their actions; they are no better than the scumbags terrorizing Victorians because they are lawless. The Blasphemy Bill makes that clear.

Where are we heading? Britain is a pretty good clue. British police are no longer in the business of bringing scumbags to book. No, they are too busy ‘enforcing’ E.U. ‘Charter of Hooman Rights’, E.U. ‘Law’ and the L.P. Govt’s. own police state law’ against  decent types, whose offences range from selling fruit and veges in imperial weights to defending their own life and limb.

Indeed, defending one’s own life and limb is now a crime; they call it ‘taking the law into your hands’. Hell, the Oz federal Govt. has made sure no Aussie can defend life, limb and property because of it’s ‘gun laws’. No, the crim is free to shoot you. Rape you, bash you, stab you but that’s ok because, as is made plain by the Bracks Junta, absolutists pretending to be judges, and the totalitarian bent bureaucrats, hiding behind psycho-babble, take great pains to ‘educate’ Victorians into, the crims have ‘hooman rights’, and crims are mostly victims of ‘social injustice ‘ and ‘great personal hurt.’ Well,, unless you are white Anglo-Celt-Saxon aspirational type.

Now, on the count of crime, things will deteriorate further in Victoria and for no less a reason than the Junta’s “Charter of Human Rights”. That Bill, once it is enacted, virtually confers on selected ‘unique cultural types’ ‘rights’ to commit violent crimes”. If any of those protected types kill, rape, bash, stab a whitey, it is just because anyone who is of Celtic-Anglo-Saxon descent thoroughly deserves it. Yes, that is the force of the B.O.R. Aborginies are singled out in  to enjoy this novel privilege unhampered altogether, in a country which is meant to be ruled by the otherwise impersonal and high civilisation tradition of the Rule of Common Law.

Then, that is what the politicians, too many on the bench and rather many bureaucrats have been aiming at, the complete overthrow of the Rule of Common Law. What the B.o.R. effects, once enacted, is automatic subjection of all Victorians into vassal slaves of the Junta. All rights are no longer grounded in property rights.

Any right is reduced to a boon granted by the Junta. Your property – yourself, your home, goods, chattels, and economic assets, are no longer yours, the Junta owns everything. The Bill establishes that.

Moreover, the buttress against tyranny is totally overthrown. No Judge, including Supreme Court Judges can decide case contrary tot he letter of the B.O.R. or, even more rubbery, it’s ‘intent’. Under the B.O.R. no one is permitted to appeal to the High Court of Australia. In any case, Bracks and Hulls have made sure, the Supreme Court cannot rise against totalitarian measures.

The last appointee has never practiced as a barrister. Her greatest familiarisation with common law is ‘femininst studies.’ The other other one is not much better as she reassured Victorians, ” I will bring a female persective to law’.

The notion of rights contained in the bill belongs to the totalitarian notions of ‘govt’ as advanced by such as Hobbes and Comtes, and is not rooted in the real source of rights, absolute property rights and they are essential to economic freedom. The liberty of the individual is thus grounded and, what is more, Common Law is generated out of that, property rights and economic freedom; they are the grounds of Liberty and Common Law, which is why, or was, the buttress against tyranny. One of the many leftist ignoramuses on the Spencer Street Soviet, aka the Age, wrote on Law :

the job of Parliament is to ‘rectify the law’.

Garbage, sheer garbage, the function of law is to protect free men and women against tyrannous politicians and bureaucrats and, as required reign in tyrants by bringing them to book.Not that that is transparent given the sheer numbers of ‘lawyers’ and judges’ in Victoria who are committed to some variation on the theme, ‘my ideal form of absolutism’, and the ‘Civil Liberties’ brigade are no damned better.

Oh, ‘Civil libertarians’ whine, loudly, for pet leftist causes, but never against the real threat to liberty. Then, the Law schools have long been busily stamping out Common Law as an irritant and a disturbance to the vision of a wunnerful day when totalitarian scumbags will prevail unhindered, and that day is upon us in Victoria. We already have a taste of it, the most obvious instance being the Blasphemy Law.

A few citations and quotes are in order:

In his second reading speech, head KGB goon, Attorney General Hulls boasts it is nothing like the U.S. Bill of Rights. Well, he is correct but not for the right reasons. The aim of the U.S. Bill, was to uphold the freedom of individuals against ‘govt.’ and tyranny’. Activist judges, much encouraged by treacherous ‘Democratic’ administrations have eroded the aim but it was the aim.

He also remarked, courts will not have ‘the power to strike down legislation’. It is highly understandable why that is a central term of the Junta’s Bill Of Rights.

He claims the Bill will be ‘educative’, the favorite cliché of an excuse of leftists for overthrowing real freedoms and property rights. The function, in common law, is not ‘educative’; it is the preservation of Liberty.

For those who wish to read the rest of Hulls’  rot,  turn to this page.

Bracks and Hulls are Liars, and here is an example, stated by a Liberal M.P., McIintosh, in the Lower House:

As I was made aware today, many judges see themselves as big winners in this circumstance. Out of professional courtesy I will not name the judge, because I knew him well at the bar, but a particular judge in anticipation of this charter of rights is already advocating that people should be preparing their submissions to courts where they are appearing before him with a view to raising issues of human rights.

Indeed with a case as simple as the Ansett insolvency case, which I thought was simple although it involved convoluted and complex technical aspects of insolvency and corporate law, now according to this particular judge involves issues of human rights. The sweep of human rights according to this judge will be all encompassing.

Ladies and gentleman, that is a Judge who is cheerily preparing for the day when common law is finished. Notice what the statement contains, the implicit fact property rights, the ground of liberty, is thrown down for ‘hooman rights’. Those who might remark, yes but the example the M.P. gives applies to companies and so it won’t hurt the ‘little man’ need to get a grip on law, for those who believe so are wrong. In fact, they are already wrong, for many ‘laws’ politicians and bureaucrats claim to be aimed at only stopping this or that ‘crime’ in fact hit the most modest of actions and interests. The B.o.R is worse, because it is exhaustive and absolute in what is dictated to the new vassal slaves called Victorians.

Above, I remarked, certain favored types will be free to virtually commit serious crimes Scot-free. Juveniles certainly do so today in Victoria. I find these remarks interesting because they cover all criminals:

I note that we have a matter of public importance on this issue — specifically in relation to sentencing — brought on by TheNationals for tomorrow. Under this charter decisions that are made in Canada are relevant…

There is a famous case in Canada — Askov’s case. The result of that case was that delays in excess of six to eight months between committal and trial were found to be unacceptable. As a result, people charged with conspiracy to commit extortion were given a permanent stay of proceedings because of a delay in excess of six

to eight months — in that case it was some 23 months.

As a direct consequence of that ruling, in the space of little over two years in Ontario alone some 43,000 charges were either dismissed, stayed or held over, never to reappear in the courts. The chronic delays in the Canadian courts were of such significance that they allowed a permanent stay of serious extortion charges. The charges dropped as a result were not just

driving charges but also manslaughter charges, several serious assault charges, several serious sexual assault charges, and charges of assault of police with a weapon…dismissed as a direct consequence of this ruling.

You will not get a trial date within 12 months if you are pleading not guilty to a serious charge in the State of Victoria….a recent statement by the secretary of the Criminal Bar Association of Victoria verifies that position. I have taken the opportunity to talk to a number of lawyers, who all agree…( and) problem is that it seems to be getting worse. Even

the government’s own papers demonstrate that delays in our courts are getting profoundly longer. Last financial year 88 per…

No further comment is required. On property rights:

…that flows from that is what happens to our property rights. Whatever else the international covenant has in it, we have gone down this channel historically before…

We debated a bill here that deprived people effectively of their property rights in the St Kilda triangle. The government said, ‘No, we didn’t’. It is still there, notwithstanding its being completely surrounded and notwithstanding that there was a case before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal where the vindication of that particular leasehold was sought by the government.

In fact, as I have detailed in the case of X, the Junta through its goons squads, VCAT and, State Trustees (turned into a goon squad) has stolen private property, stripped financial assets of X, closed X’s accounts down and, are forcing her to prove herself not insane. This is before the Bill of Rights is enacted.

McIntosh gives more examples. What the B.OR does, in case anyone has not read it yet, makes it ‘legal’ for the Junta to take any of your property without even bothering to make any of its regular lies as excuses, and defend its confiscations in court an Parliament.

That is correct, the Junta can knock on your doorstep and take your property. In fact, it has put up Acts and articles of Acts, which already serve as pretexts for stealing your property and to resist invasion of your property by one of its goons is a criminal offence entailing prison sentences. One sch article is aimed at parents who would prefer yo school their children at home than in Victorian brainwashing camp euphemistically called a school. The next quote is amusing:

under clause 8 of the draft that was issued by the government, there was reference to the right to life. It

resided in subclause (1) of that draft, which reads: Every person has the right to life and has the right not to be arbitrarily deprived of life.

Subclause (2) reads: For the purposes of this Charter, subsection (1) applies to a person from the time of his or her birth. But the government found that it got into deep water about what is to be constituted by the definition of life. It found that it hit all sorts of hurdles amongst people in the community, so it took out that subclause. It took out any suggestion in this legislation about the notion of this impacting upon the right to life.The government even put a savings provision into this legislation, which appears in clause 48:Nothing in this Charter affects any law applicable to abortion or child destruction, whether before or after thecommencement of Part 2.

The right of anyone born in Victoria isn’t a right bestowed upon them by a pack of lying, snivelling socialistos. It is grounded in him-/herself, and upheld in common law but, as I commenced,  common law is overthrown by the Junta, courts and ‘department of corrections’ daily, and completely in the BOR. In Britain, as pointed out above, one’s rights are eliminated, since it is now even a criminal offence to defend oneself. And notice that Hitlerian/ Stalinist/Islamo-Nazi turn of phrase, ‘Child-destruction’.

That phrase is chilling. One can very well imagine a barrister entering the defence, a murder is not in fact a murder because he/she merely “destroyed a child.”.Clause 12, of Pt.2 of the Bill is a real gas:

Every person lawfully within Victoria has the right to move freely within Victoria and to enter and leave it and has the freedom to choose where to live.

That is your freedom under Common Law. Now, it is conditional upon the whim of the Junta. Just examine the three conditioning phrases of Clause 12. The grammatical force is unambiguous, the freedom of movement and residence anywhere in Victoria is actually struck down because it is allowed only at the whim of the Junta. No-one, expect for the members of the Junta, are in fact free to do so, since the property rights underpinning freedom of dwelling, movement, entry and exit are non-existent once the Bill is enacted and in force, those three conditioning terms makes that plain.

The above is the beginning of what will be an exhaustive scrutiny of the Bill and what the rotten commie scumbags responsible for it are actually about. I will take pains in covering it because the whole rotten totalitarian measure warrants a fulsome evisceration.The ALP is not submitting its BORs to referendum.

It has already altered the Constitution, several times. Unlike the Federal Constitution, it can do it by simple administrative bills Parliament. The Junta won’t submit BOR  to referendum, for a not so simple reason. why not is simple. Voters will  take the whole bloody lot of them and flog them to an inch of their lives because of it and ram there BOR up their unmentionables.

Instead, they are pushing this Bill through parliament and, hey presto, in one instant, and then a stroke of the G.-G’s. pen, and it’s a full-blown totalitarian regime Junta installed. Damn their miserable, useless, fat hides. The good for nothing, professional dole-bludging, totalitarian scumbags should be thrown into prison for treason – yes, literally, because that is what it amounts to. So they should be, and before it is too late.


Gunter Grass Eviscerated

August 29, 2006

Gunter Grass’ confession is disgusting in what he omitted to say, showing Grass to be a contemptible, vile scumbag. Daniel shows why, in deadly form, in  a two part letter to the murderous, treacherous leftist, communist fellow traveller, former SS devotee to Hitler, and traitor still to the West.  

Leftists froth at the mouth in fury, out of  their denial of Nazism, Communism, Fascism are all hues of the one more nasty excuse for totalitarian thuggery and worse, socialism. To deny the fact, however, is to lie about history. It is worth restating what I wrote on the flag mast above:

Socialism is an excuse to pauperise untold millions,enslave untold millions,murder untold millions,reduce untold millions,over a century now,into misery,squalor,and depravity. 

 Grass’ plea, when I heard him utter it, made my scrawl. Johnson has quoted it:

 “”What I am experiencing is an attempt to make me a persona non grata, to cast doubt on everything I did in my life after that.”, to cast doubt on everything I did in my life after that.”

Johnson’s letter makes plain why Grass resorted to such a shallow, whining  exercise in self-eculpation. Johnson is right, in view of the evidence, Grass is not a changed man, let alone repentant. No, Grass is upset because Nazi, Fascist and Communist regimes were defeated, and so could not finish off the millions yet unslaved and not murdered by them. On the other hand, that is why leftists support and work for the enemy, inclusive of U.N., and Amnesty International – an ally to defeat civilised  Westerners. Grass is, underneath it all, cheering on the enemies of the civilised, and cheering on the Islamo Nazis bent on the extermination of the Jews.

Gunter Grass at bottom, is a monster, for it is with savages his loyalties and beliefs belong all along. 

A few quotes, gives nothing away, doesn’t give away the full charge Daniel Johnson delivers in excellent style. He breifly mentions the distinguished Professor in History, Joachim Fest, who has also declared in trenchant terms against Grass.

You tell us that you did not ask to join the Waffen SS, but rather the U-boats — whose recruits were also notoriously hard-line Nazis, by the way. The historian Joachim Fest does not believe this story, and neither do I. (He says he would not buy a used car from you now, and who can blame him?)

By the time you volunteered in 1943, it was clear to all but those blinded by ideology that Germany was losing the war. By joining up in the Waffen SS, you were joining the Nazi elite, a band of bloody brothers who believed they were destined to rule Europe. They did not take just anyone.

You make light of it, but it is further proof that you, along with many German teenagers, were steeped in the Nazi death cult. You and your comrades were careless of how many people you killed, for to you they were scarcely human. Your mentality was not unlike that of the Islamist suicide bombers of today.

The last photograph of Hitler shows him decorating lads like you. All the evidence points to you having been not only a fanatical Nazi but a dangerous one too, eager to wear the death’s head insignia of the SS.

Like your American counterpart Noam Chomsky, like countless writers and intellectuals of the left from Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Harold Pinter, you have worked hard to discredit the political and economic system to which you owed your success: capitalism. You did your best over many years to undermine the Atlantic alliance — the same alliance, incidentally, that liberated Europe from the tyranny of your countrymen.

During the Cold War, and now in the war against Islamist terror, you have frequently made use of your hard-won liberty to make common cause with its enemies. You joined in the mythologizing of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist movement. You are a supporter of the European ideal, but only as a counterweight to America. You were delighted when Chancellor Schröder broke with President Bush over the Iraq issue, and legitimized the tide of anti-Americanism that then swept Germany.

You embarked on a quixotic campaign to persuade Germans that they would really be better off living in two states.The only people who agreed with you were the old communist intellectuals who had done well out of the division of Germany.Yet even they, apologists for a totalitarian regime in which they no longer believed, were not as disingenuous as you.

You are often compared to Thomas Mann, but you are no more a Mann than you are a man. The only Mann character with whom you have much in common is Felix Krull, the confidence trickster. Your rise and fall recalls the greatest of all German myths, that of Faust, which Mann explicitly connected with Nazism.…my German teacher had eyes only for you: the hero of the West German Left, the very model of a modern intellectual.For you, it seems, the war wasn’t over. You still wanted a Europe, and especially a Germany, that was Judenrein, ethnically cleansed of Jews. Given your hostility to Israel today, some 60 years later, we are entitled to ask whether your “denazification” went far enough.

While Grass’ feelings are hurt, he feels so hurt he will have to run off to a charlatan called a psychologist to feel  happy again, because he feels “”What I am experiencing is an attempt to make me a persona non grata, to cast doubt on everything I did in my life after that.” Unlike ensuring others are made persona non grata by mass murdering them and enslaving them to hideous totalitarian regimes Nazi, Communist and Islamic.

If the allied soliders could have realised what they had captured alive, they would have shot him on the spot. Then, that is why, as Johnson explains, he lied about his past and his beliefs until this year. The fascinating thing is, why did Grass confess to his Nazi Past now?

The answer is: the Stasi file on Gunter Grass will be is due to be released next year. So, as Johnson relates, with the help of his leftist Islamo hugging mates in the media, he decided to get in first and blunt the public reaction to the material which will be freely avialibale tom the public. His Stasi file will make most interesting reading since, it will disclose, unquestionably the full extent of not simply his Nazi past but his service to the USSR and the Soviet Puppet regime of East Germany.

There is no place left on earth to hide Grass.You might as well top yourself, for that is the only decent thing you will have done for the West.

Open Letter to Günter Grass:

         Part I             ,    Part II

“Bracks urges longer car-supply deals”

August 23, 2006

Bracks is a Stalinist Moron.Bracks believes the above will stop the flight of capital out of Victoria and, save auto makers which are falling over like a deck of cards. I’ll leave readers , until Monday morninge why that is the sort of garbage only a moron can fathom.

Ah, and, no doubt, he will order  every Victorian to buy two new cars a month.,21985,20212321-5005961,00.html

What’s worse, that Stalinist cretin should have been pulverised years ago but the trouble is, the  KKR Paraiste Party has stuffed the Parliamentary Wing with cretinous morons too.

Victoria will be a stinking heap soon enough, due to the Bracks Stalinist  Junta.

Now, I have to be off for a couple of days, back Monday  morning.

The Blasphemy and Islamo-Nazi Protection ‘ Law is Just that.

August 23, 2006

Some recent statements removes any doubt as to what Bracks’ Stalinist law is.

The Age aka the Deep Red Spencer St. Soviet carried yesterday, I was informed, an article in which a Q.C acting for the ‘Islamic Council of Victoria declared any comment and criticism against Islam and Muslims should be declared vilification of Islam and Muslims.

In today’s edition, this:

 Questions over ruling on Muslims

CHRISTIANS who were found to have vilified Muslims should not be banned from making statements that would be lawful by anybody else, two Court of Appeal judges suggested yesterday.

Discussing orders made against Christian pastors Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot, Justice David Ashley said a judge could not restrain conduct that was lawful, and Justice Geoffrey Nettle questioned whether too much was expected of Pastor Scot…

[Debbie Mortimer, SC, for the Islamic Council of Victoria]

Justice Geoffrey Nettle said: “Surely that can’t justify restraining them from saying something that said by anyone else would be legal? In the case of the newsletter, for example, Pastor Nalliah says many churches have closed down. What’s wrong with saying that?”

Ms Mortimer replied: “The tribunal has found there is something wrong with saying it. Truth is not a defence, it’s irrelevant to contravention of the act.”

Justice Ashley said so many of the statements were entirely innocuous and asked how the pastors could legitimately be restrained from making them. Ms Mortimer replied: “Because the tribunal found that when they made them they made them in a way that contravened the act.”

Cameron Macaulay, barrister for the pastors, claimed that Judge Higgins made errors of law and that his orders were too wide, and questioned the constitutional validity of the act.

Solicitor-General Pamela Tate said the case did not come under the implied constitutional right to free speech because that right applied only to political and governmental matters.

So, apart from anything else, telling the truth is also a serious criminal offence according to the Stalinist Bracks Junta and its goon squads.

So, after centuries of Western Civilisation, after centuries through which the defence against tyranny Common Law developed, those morons, everyone of them, of the Bracks Junta, throws it all down the drain to protect another barbaric  religion, and at a time the West is with Israel, in a war against Islamo Nazis.

What a joke. Mind, the Bracks Junta worships that evil bitch, Mudder Nature and sacks Victorians for great wealth to enforce this cult. So, I can see the point, in sending Victorians doiwn the communist totalitarian gurglar, why not thrown compulsory worship of bloody Allah and tiptoe around Muslims and Isdlamo Nazis.

One thing is plain, what is passed of as lawyers and judges in Victoria under the Junta are the sort of types who ensured the success of the Nazi and Soviet regimes. You won’t find those craven, totalitarian, venal assholes standing up against a totalitarian Junta and defending common law and freedom . No Sir, not ever. They are part of the Bracks Junta.

Who says the Bracks Junta isn’t a Stalinist regime of commie thugs and spivs?

Kennett Didn’t Hold Back

August 23, 2006

Today’s newspaper headlines don’t carry the ripest of Jeff’s estimation of Michael Kroger and his bed pal, Petey:




‘They’ve never cared about the Liberal Party. They never served Victorians, they never  served Australians. They are only out for themsleves.’

The left dominated media lapped it up, though they have omitted the juciest tidbits. Peter Costello choked over his weeties, and ran bludding to the media,  ‘call it off, Jeff, call it of – me head hurts, ooh’. Unlike when Petey was busily trying to boot out the Prime Minister and become El Presidente, without facing a Party vote, and stuff Liberal Party serfs – who are they ! and the general voter – ‘here’s a doggy bone for you’.

Typical of the KKR, they enjoy inflicting pain on the vassal serfs but as soon as they beging to receice a smidgeon of what they have dished out and they scream loudly in public, “An attack dog got me, the brute’. Boo hoo, Petey Boy.

Petey even threw a Helen Lady Macbeth Kroger fit:

 Mr Costello : “Jeff’s had his go. He has been out of politics for seven years. He ought to leave it to those who are running for election to run their own campaigns.”

Regular readers will recall, Helen, on radio demanded Jeff disappear into the Hawthorn Footy Club and never engage in Liberal Party affairs again, saying:

“He’s had his turn under the sun. It’s our turn now.”

Well, we are sure of what turn Helen is mistress of, and her Stick puppets masters are too, hubris. Ha, Petey won’t get his turn under the sun. If he assumes Kennett is his worst foe, he has a Federal Party room full of foes. He’s had it. He will be out the Treasurer’s office door, out of his leather Parliamentary seat, out of his Seat office, as soon as it is seemly to replace him.  he’s not going, he’s gone. Unlike Keating, and those vile commie slobs Kirner and Cain, and those other socialist, conceited, slobs, Mal bally Frazer and Cough Gough, Costello won’t get the opportunity to give his rendition of that commie slut’s song, ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’.

‘Cry’! The line should be, ” Please don’t shoot me;/ I throughly deserve it but/ I’m a commie slut,/What did you expect…’

So, in downtown Brackistaniland, friends ( the KKR ) of the Stalinist Junta are about to be wiped out, in preparation for striking down the Bracks Junta.

What few votes the KKR will be given at the polls were cut this morning by Ted Baillieu

August 22, 2006

Ted was asked this morning on 3 AW about Kennett giving the Stick Puppet masters, Mikey and Petey, what for. He muttered something about them all being fine, just fine. He muttered further inanities about other matters.

Most of the Listeners who called in after he was off said, they are swinging voters but they, after listening to Ted, they won’t be voting for him. While, as they declared,they can’t stand the Bracks Junta, they won’t vote him out just to replace him with another pack of leftist usurers who entusiastically back totalitarian ‘laws’ such as the Blasphemy Act and soaking Victorians for every cent they have, and killing off enterprise, which is exactly what Ted’s and the Marshmallows’ ‘policies’ amount to. they, they said, won’t be voting for someone who hasn’t a principle in his body and won’t explain what he stands for.

Well, he can’t explaion what he stands for, being absent of a liberal bone in his bod, and too dense to acquire a complete, solid skeleton of them. Just look at his ‘advisers’. A man who chooses those twits he has as advisers is absent of even elementary judgement.

One call was on a more serious note: he has business with manufacturers and pointed out: the atrocious Junta jhas ensured manufacutring is collapsing in Victoria like a deck of cards. What is more than irritating is a Ted Cabinet will be no damned better.

Well, I’m not calling Ted Baillieu ‘The Wimp’ because he’s a Liberal.  Yes, he’s in good form is Ted. He’s surest when he waxes lyrically on supplying condoms to crims in jail, on ramming every child into soviet style indoctrination camps called ‘child care’ and ‘kindergartens’, on realising  Pol Potian Greens’ wet dreams, on increasing the already hideous scale of the Junta’s annual squander.  Well, he must have a sense of humour because, Ted claims he can multiply the annual sqaunder without increasing the burden of it on the shrinking numbers of real taxpayers in Victoria. Dense, bah, frog spawn is more active than his brain.

 What on earth did he expect he would be asked by any journo today – ‘ how are your roses’? no point asking him about policies, you can’t have a Liberal Party policy fullstop when you are absent of Liberal principles. The Junta plucks ‘policies’ out of thin air, but they are totalitarian thugs.Otherwise, they are not derived ex nihilo, apropos of nothing. Policies need foundations but, the KKR has made sure the foundations have been obliterated. Unbelievable – no,it is believable, boy is he dense.He should have expected what was asked and prepared for it. Not a bit of it; instead,  he collapsed into a mumbling heap.

He managed to cut the vote in all of five minutes, five minutes! By the end of the campaign, as predicted, Ted and the Marshallows, and Mikey, Petey and their KKR stick puppets will have secured the Liberals are de-registered as a Parlaimentary Party. the recetn rise in support in the opinion polls for Ted was a blip only, borne of, Victorians detest the totalitarian Bracks Junta. Yet, they aren’t about to replace that lot with Ted and the Marshallows who are no damned better.

Well, done Ted ‘The Wimp’ Baillieu, another several thousands of lost votes, and this effort by Ted should cheer up Mikey and his Toorak Brahmin Backers. Mikey can continue in his delusion his dictatorship over the Victorian Liberal Party is safe, while his craven, venal backers can look forward to another four years of feasting off Victorians thanks to their Pal, Steve Jo Stalin Bracks. The KKR are so dense they can’t work out why Liberal Party members detest them, and why they look at Ted and the Marshmallows and weep.

Well done Ted, brilliant, spiffing, just u-bloody-beaut. Ted’s next interview will be devoted to the intricacies of building dog kennels for Toorak Doctor’s wives and that he will promise that should he win, he will as dah Premier give every Victorian one of his splendid dog kennels – and, in his favourite phrase, ” for free”.

Shite, between Bracks and Ted, Victoria will be dead in a few months time.

Jeff Attacks Kroger and Costello for their treachery

August 22, 2006

Jeff Kennett has, today, donned the boots again and sunk them into the soft bods of Michael Kroger and Peter Costello for their treachery against the Liberal Party and also, in Costello’s case, the Prime Minister. He told them to ’shut up’, support the Party, and the Prime Minister, instead of undermining them.

Kennett didn’t mince words.

Things are coming to a head. Kroger, and Costello will be shredded and as for Kroger’s stick puppets in executive offices, they will be looking for new jobs – not, though, until after the Victorian election – so that the full extent of the damage to the Victorian Party wrought by Kroger and Costello, and their  KKR Parasite Party of stick puppets will be fully sheeted home to the rats.

Make no mistake, even though Kroger and Costello are blind to it, Victorian Liberal members are fed up with them, fed up with marshmallow politicians including in Federal seats, disgusted with what they did to the Richmond Branch, fed up with them sacking upstanding candidates and replacing them with more dead bodies reanimated as stick puppets, and have sharpened their axes and pitchforks and are preparing to use them.

Bye the bye, Helen Kroger must be sacked as the candidate for a safe Federal seat.  

The KKR are dead. It’s not a civil war in the Party, it’s not a faction fight, it’s simply Liberal members who, now fully apprised of the KKR and its pair of Puppet Masters and what they have done to the Liberal Party, acting against the venal, treacherous scumbags. 

“Kroger Puppets on a String.”

August 22, 2006

Now out and free on the internet, “Kroger  Puppets on a String”. It deserves to be top of the pops.

Brookes News has launched The Kroger Kronies and Resurrectionist Parisiticvision Song Contest. A new vocal group has already emerged, and their entry,  is “a real scream and a smash hit!”.

I’m composing my entry now, set to the ditty of “Lilly The Pink”, its refrain is,

Ted the Wimp, the Wimp, the Wimp,

Teddy the Wimp the Wimp;

He’s a Lobotomicinal Compound,

He’s the Saviour of the Kroger Puppet Race.

[Stay tuned]

To get your copy for your listening enjoyment, you push this:

Kroger’s Puppets on a String
“It’s a real scream and a smash hit!” ( go to the link above – ‘The KKR Parisiticvision Song Contest’ )

Readers will pick up the gist: The KKR, wishing to improve its prospects in handing the Bracks  Junta an increased majority, so long as Michael Kroger remains in power, and his dead bodies, reanimated by Kroger as stick puppets, are lobbed into Party emoluments and safe seats, welcomes any expression of love and affection for Deah Leadah.

Well, actually, there two deah leadahs, a joint deah leadership of Michael Kroger and his deaerest bosom friend and fellow scumbag, Peter Costello. You can tell why they are bosom pals, they are the same each other. Besides, they have to stick together, since they’d be loneyly otherwise – face it dead bodies stuck on on sticks, Russell ‘The Wimp’ Hannan, Julian ‘Iron man Julie’ Sheezel , ‘Potty Mouth’ Barry, are as amusing as watching snails in a two mile race.

Ah, speaking of stick puppets, Brookesnews published the latest in the KKR’s treatment of the Richmond Branch.

Kroger is thicker than a concrete slab. Mind, that’s why his stick puppets are even denser. It shows:

News flash: Richmond is no longer a dead red Labor seat! Thanks to the political genius of Michael Kroger it has now been declared a ‘marginal seat’ that is winnable for the Liberal Party.

Yep, that’s the shock revelation just delivered to us by Richmond Liberal Party candidate, and Michael Kroger stooge, Maina Walkley of East Hawthorn and Darryn ‘The Lemming’ Spedding, her campaign manager from Doncaster, in their first big flashy full colour no-expenses-spared newsletter! Talk about starting a campaign with a bang. The newsletter’s headline screams…:

If what is at stake wasn’t grave matter, I’d read the antics of kroger and his puppets as straight out of a comic script.

Marginally stupid? That’s a question for Michael Kroger’s Victorian Liberal Party

Gerard Jackson

Kroger and Costello work hand in glove, as it were, in trampling over branches and wrecking the Victorian Liberla Party, and imposing dead bodies as ‘candidates’. These two don’t understand how much they are detested.They should have stuck around after a party meeting to find out;

“If Kroger and Costello knew what was said about them afterwards even they would blush.”

To recap, the KKR broke Party rules to impose Filipino 1st Maina Walkley on the Branch. The article discloses what a leech this granny  is and yet, hey, whats new in the KKR and their Toorak Political Brahmin Backers. Just ask Ron ‘Thanks Steve Bracks I’ll see you’re re-elected and I’ll help you relieve taxpayers of their property so long as a few millions end up in my wallet’ Walker.

Too much was made of the fight between Geoff ‘Bovver Boy’ Kennett and Kroger and Costello by the left dominated media. Described as Kennett’s ‘protege’, Ted ‘the Wimp’ Baillieu is proving a very good Kroger stick puppet.

He’s dense, he’s spineless, he hasn’t a Liberal bone in his bod, he’s left, he works for the Bracks Junta. He’s made to order for the KKR Parasite Party. Neother is it just yours truly saying he’s a leftist pretending to be a Liberal. Victorian Liberal Party members are saying it:

they’ve had it up to the gills with another blubberbum leader and the Marshmallows, whom Kroger has inflicted on the Party.

Ted must take his policy advice from Toorak Doctors’ wives, for he damned well sounds like them. No, not sounds liken them, he parrots everything they say word for word. Ted ,must believe, like his predecessors, Toorak Doctor’s wives have a firm grip on principles and on the pulse for Victorians. You can tell, the cult of Mudder Nature, the evil bitch, as the woo woo indulgence of the  “lumpenintelligentsia” and LumpenDoktorinwivens”. He has a direct gossip tongue line to his guruesses in, Kate ‘ hand me land for nothing nice Mr. Steve Bracks’ Ballieu.

It must be much more satisfying, being a wannabe Premier, than is old day job, designing dog kennels for bitches and the bitches can feel. v.i.p, they must be because they’re supplying the advice: ted being too thick to make it up himself. So, he turns up and they sit him down with a good cup of tea and they tell him all about it:

“Ted, man causing global varming is really, really, true, so you must build windmills. Oh, and lock up more land for us because they are lungs and full of cute and cudly things.”

” Ted, pacify the serfs, shove all their children in Communist style baby sitting hovels.”

” Now for the really improtant things. Criminals must be supplied with condoms, because they are victims of capitalists. And gays, gays must get married. And, and, and prmoise to spend and tax at least as much as our dear friend and benefactor, Steve Bracks, such a lovely man’.

” Ah, ah, and ah, You are so, so, so right ladies.By gum, I can win this election. I will do it! By gum, I will!… Er, what was it I have to do and say in Public? Run it through one more time.”

The left dominated media lurve Ted. They hate the Liberal Party as much as Michael Kroger and his bed pal, Pete, do. But, they hate it for different reasons. Yes, they lurve Ted. He must be a rare case, the first Liberal Party leader leftist journos are eager to interview eagerly. Ted can be trusted to demonstrate what a stick puppet he is. Trust him to shoot his mouth off and appal Victorian liberal Party members. Trust him to mutter things guaranteed to see the Bracks Junta in with an increased  majority.

The media thus sing his praises:

“He’s so broad church”. Anyone with a bit of spine would worry about such a compliment, the happy clappy hour thingy is strictly a communist collective – the Uniting Church- affair.

One radio leftie disc jock cum journo said: ” Ted, you are a breath of fresh air, because you are up front and not afraid of taking a controversial stand”.

Ted replied: “Yes, well I’m only who I am and if I’m blunt speakling, and upfront, then that’s me.”

Ted could be mistaken for that moron’s, Streve Bracks, twin brother. And, he can’t spot why the media just  lurve him. He can’t spot, Victorians detest the communist Junta lead by Steve Bracks. He can’t spot Victorian Liberal Party members detest Korger and Costello and their KKR Party. He can’t spot members have had it up to the gills with marshallows who stand for anything else but Liberal Principles. 

Ted can’t spot those things becuase he’s never had to bother his head about them. He’s too dense anyway to figure it out, and doesn’t have a clue as to who could provide him with advice he needs. Not that he would take it, having shown himself another leftie, who should have stuck to his day job, pleasing bitches living in dog kennels.

The KKR is hurting, according to my moles. Readers will recollect that when I wrote the first articles on the KKR’s thuggery in Richmond, they pleaded to Prodos to ‘call off his attack dogs”. As I appointed out, I am not Prodos’ attack dog, neither is Brookesnews, and that I haven’t even met the man nor even corresponded with him.

My moles tell me, they are hurting, but not enough yet. Things are, though, as a bit of good news, deteriorating,  the Kroger and Costello Toorak Politicial Brahmin backers are throwing tantrums because of the revelations of their treatment of the Liberal Party, their treachery, that they work only for the Bracks Junta. I’ve been treated to some tattle as to how deranged some of them have become. Well, let’s re-assure the precious types, it is not over yet until the Party is gutted of the Krogers, Costello, their KKR stick puppets and you pack of venal, craven  parasites.

To defeat the Bracks totalitarian Junta, the KKR parasites have to be booted out of Liberal Party Town. Ted ‘The Wimp’ Baillieu and the Marshmallows show why so.

Junk Philopsophy

August 20, 2006

The Amazing Randi draws attention to this on Bad Science:

Deconstructing the evidence-based discourse in health sciences: truth, power and fascism.”

Randi introduces it by saying “Under the presumptuous heading of “Scholarly Article,” four Canadian “scientists” – all PhDs or PhD candidates – have presented the world with an amazingly naïve and ludicrous paper…”

I doubt very much that they are scientists. Superannuated mummers in what was once the humanities more like it.

 A few quotes:

we assert that the evidence-based movement in health sciences constitutes a good example of microfascism at play in the contemporary scientific arena.

Objective -The philosophical work of Deleuze and Guattari proves to be useful in showing how health sciences are colonised (territorialised) by an all-encompassing scientific research paradigm – that of post-positivism – but showing the process by which a dominant ideology comes to exclude alternative forms of knowledge, therefore acting as a fascist structure.


The Cochrane Group, among others, has created a hierarchy that has been endorsed by many academic institutions, and that serves to (re)produce the exclusion of certain forms of research

it is the ugliest expression of life in the 20th century.  Although it is associated with specific political systems, this fascism of the masses, as was practiced by Hitler and Mussolini, has today been replaced by a system of microfascisms – polymorphous intolerances that are revealed in more subtle ways….


Whatever the Cockrane Group is supposed to be, it’s namesake fought on the side of those who would have reduced Spain to another communist hell hole, against Franco. There is a photo of the commie thug, called Archie Cochrane.

According to those Canadian retarded Phuds, science is a facist plot. The West is riddled with ‘mini fascisms’. I presume they equate fascism with free markets and capital.

Science, apparently, is a ‘construct’ imposed by ruthless oppressors. It would never occur to the dummy sucking infantile delinquents that Soviets and the Nazis elevated voodoo over science and they show it in their strange reference to Hitler and Mussolini.

They definietely don’t have a clue as to history. Whoever let the bums loose on science and philopsphy should be disimissed as a charlatan. Mind, in these days of psycho-socio babble and `man causes global Varming’, I suppose the four Phuds would be regarded as Professorial tyros. Just the sort of bums someone such as Steve Bracks would consult. Erk, and also Ted the Wimp Ballieu.

The Big Lies and a Myth against Israel: The Clothes of Anti-Semitism.

August 15, 2006

The first lie is Israel is an illegitimate creation of the Balfour Agreement. Arab-and Islamo Nazis certainly hold the first big lie, and so do the treacherous left and useful idiots in the West. So do the UN and its Islamo-Nazi support division, UNRWA. Others assert Israel is an artificial creation, but having successfully established themselves the Israelis are ‘legitimate’, in so far as a fait accompli is regarded ‘legitimate’. What follows involves a very cursory survey of Jewish history.

The fact of the matter is Israel has always been the country of the Jewish people, down through history since its foundations. This claim, contrary to myth, does not rest on ‘The Bible’; it is a sure historical fact. Neither should one confuse the Biblical legends and story of Jewish origins, which pad out Genesis to Joshua with the historical fact of the beginnings and continuation of the Jewish people in their country down through the vicissitudes of history.

The legend of unique origins was a common literary motif. A parallel is, for example, the Trojan origins of the Romans; Livy, Tacitus, Ovid. The point to such narratives is not history but delineation of a notion of what is distinctive to this people and/or, more to the point, distinguish them.

The Jewish people were a Canaanite people, which once, during the period of the Omridian dynasty, were in union with the Northern Kingdom of Israel, under the personal rule of the Omridian dynasty. This is buried behind the story of the short-lived great Judah based United Kingdom of Solomon, for which no evidence exists.

So, the ancient ancestors of the Jewish people today, were Judahites, their Capital was Jerusalem. They were not invaders, nor were they vagabond; they were natives of Canaan. Much of the ancient history of the Jewish people is obscure, unless archaeologists discover material that illuminates it more thoroughly.

The paucity of ancient evidence isn’t a problem peculiar to Jewish history. It is a problem for establishing the history of the middle of the Middle East, from the crescent to Transjordan. That is simply due to the wars through ancient times and the ensuing destruction of material. Canaan straddled the major military campaign routes for the empires of Hittites, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians. One campaign mounted by one of the empires was the equivalent of a world war. The full force of this can be gauged from noting, there were on average at least two of those `world wars’ per annum for the period c.500 BC to c. 200 BC. Life was a tenuous sort of business. Add what preceded and what followed, it’s obvious why it is difficult recovering the ancient history of Canaanite civilisation.

The razing of Jerusalem in the 1st Jewish-Roman War of 70-74 AD put paid to what archives there were in the 1st C AD, besides much else. Which is all to why, ancient histories of the Jewish people have been constrained to the Biblical narratives, Josephus and a smattering of other texts. This, however, doesn’t change the fact, Jerusalem and Judaea/ Israel, has always been the Jewish capital city and county.

The fact does not rest on the bible; they are historical facts. It is an entirely false belief that, at the end of the second Jewish Roman War of 132-5, Romans ejected the Jewish people out of their country and dispersed them throughout the empire. It still remained the country of the Jewish people. The Romans imposed tighter controls only.

While Hadrian renamed Judaea Palestine, it was still Judaea, as so Cassius Dio could write. Indeed, if it had been the intention of the Romans to expel the Jewish people from their country and end Judaea, they would have declared the Jewish people peregrini dediciticii. Not only that, but the Jews still retained their own courts and ‘governemnt’. They were, despite all, an independent people. It was never considered anything but Israel.

So it was too right down through Southern-Arab-Muslim and Turk invasions and occupations through to the Balfour declaration of 1917 and Independence in 1948. They were occupiers only, and only by force. The Jewish people did not displace anyone. This also is the answer to why another Big Lie is a Big Lie: the Jewish population was established only by waves of immigrants from Europe, bent on ejecting ‘native Palestinians’, motivated by a “Zionist plot’, in the wake of the Declaration. Against another big lie, the Jews expelled the Arab population out of Israel.

When the Arab Leaders prepared for the Wars of 1945-1948 against Israel, they sought to convince Arabs in Israel to leave and they succeeded.

They did so by promising the Arabs who evacuated Israel the army would massacre the Jews and would hand over Israel to them. They also used a stick:

The leaders of the Arabs declared, any Arab who remained in Israel is a traitor, and `loyal Arabs’ were free to murder any `traitor’. Which statements shows who the real oppressors of Arabs have been.

Azam Pasha, Secretary General, Arab League, the Arab version of a UN, made the great promises, May 1948, and asserted.

“The Israel- Arab problem can be solved only by war. And since Israel knows very well that we will not agree to anything less than her liquidation it is she who will start the war and will attack as in the near future.”

Israel did not start the war.

Israel’s refusal in the 60’s and, understandably still the case, to let them return to Israel has nothing to do with robbing those Arabs of their lawful property rights and ‘oppressing them’. That is clear enough, for it would be simply insane to let them resume when they are committed to the liquidation of Israel and massacre of the Jewish people, reinforced by what is inculcated in children in schools in the `Palestinian Territory’ – thanks to the UN and UNRWA.

Little mentioned by the anti-Semites is the Israeli offer to compensate those Arabs for the assets they had abandoned. The Israeli govt. made the promise in 1955 and kept the offer open, of compensation on the condition of: the integration of those non-refugees into Arab countries with international assistance.

The Israeli govt. made the offer again in 1960. It instructed its ambassador to the UN, Mr. Comay, to re-affirm, to openly declare the offer was still open; 28/11/1960, to the Special Political Committee, General Assembly, UN

That was a very generous offer, in view of why the non-`refugees’ volitionally left Israel preceding the war.

In summary, the Israeli Govt did not dispossess Arabs of assets and lawful freedoms and expel them out of Israel. To the contrary, to the extent reasonable, the Israelis offered to honour those rights by compensation. The notion of, stripping those Arabs of rights and such like is outright nonsense, and today, cannot be regarded as a mistake over facts but a deliberate lie

It is a lie to say, the Jewish people booted out the native Arabs of ‘Palestine’ and set up Israel by conquest

In stark contrast, in the wake of 1948, Arab govts. confiscated the assets of Jewish residents and expelled them from their countries and have never made any offer of restitution for those sequestered assets. Quite a contrast to the very generous offer of the Israeli Govt. to the Arabs who left Israel for the purpose of war against Israel and the massacre of the Jewish people, aims still inculcated in the children of the Arabs of the `Palestinian Territory’ (as well documented).

Quite a contrast, which rebounds on those who assert Israel, has robbed Arabs of their rights. Yes, some govts. did rob people of their rights, they are all Arab govts. The worst case was Egypt, which robbed some 180,000 Jews robbed of their assets by and drove them out of Egypt. The Iraqi Govt. did it to some 90,000 Jews.

The contrast runs deeper. The Israeli Govt exhorted the Arabs not to leave but to stay and continue to add to the economic and general prosperity of themselves and Israel in general. In other words, the Israeli Govt. did not seek the ruination of those Arabs. The contrast runs deeper. Some govts. did ruin people, they were all Arab Governments and they did it to Jews.

The Israeli Govt exhorted the Arabs not to leave but to stay and continue to add to the economic and general prosperity of themselves and Israel in general. In other words, the Israeli Govt. did not seek the ruination of those Arabs and tried to convince them not to ruin themselves. The Arab govts., on the other hand, in robbing Jews of their lawful rights, thus also robbed their countries and so people of valuable economic activity.

On that alone, even to speak of Israeli intolerance of Arab residents is merely stupid while, to speak of Israeli abuse of Arabs and oppression of Arabs is a vicious lie which only serves to fuel hatred of the Jewish people and modern Israel. That the UN foments such malevolent propaganda is only further evidence of the duplicity, mendacity, and all round rottenness of the UN, more so given the record of the stance of the Israeli govt. before the U.N in contrast to the UN, which has a long record of damning Israel.

Moreover, the UN and the Arab Governments together rejected the Israeli offer of 1955, renewed in 1960. They both, the UN and the Arab governments together, made sure those vicious types who fled Israel, in the expectation the Jews would have been exterminated and they would take-over Israel and all Jewish properties, were not assimilated into Arab countries. They turned them into an excuse to wage war against Israel through that monster Arafat and PLO and Hezbollah. That is exactly what the U.N and the Arab Governments did. They didn’t give stuff about those Arabs; they were only interested in destroying Israel and extermination of the Jewish people.

The UN, through UNRWA, is still at it. It keeps those Arabs in permament mendicancy, still claiming that they are ‘oppressed’ refugees’ from the cruel Jewish people. In doing so, entrench Islamo Nazism and terrorism, and desire for the for destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. They grind it into children. That is the ‘morality’ of the UN.

‘Independence’ in 1948 only formalized the historical reality; Israel has always been Jewish territory, and Jerusalem always its capital city.

That’s a Cap’n Cook’s tour of history. I’ll use it as a framework to fill it out not only chronology but also details. The point here-in is precisely the Balfour Declaration only paid recognition to the fact of Israel The declaration established nothing new at all. Indeed, to the contrary, under the Declaration, Jewish territory was carved out of Israel to create another Arab ‘country’, Jordan.

The UN and its propagator of Islamo Nazism and Terrorism and anti-Semitism, UNRWA, asserts the lie, Israel is an imposition and usurpation of the ‘traditional owners’ the ‘Palestinians’. There has never been a Palestinian people. The UN purveys the Arab-Islamo Nazi lie; the Arabs existed before the ancient Semitic peoples the original Syrians as well as the Persians and, more to the point the Jews. The UN, through UNWA asserts those anti-Semitic lies in the very textbooks it supplies the PTA M.O.E schools. It propagates the lie the Jewish people are usurpers and occupiers of Israel. To the UN Israel is a temporary inconvenience, which will be eliminated.

That slimey little anti-Semitic cretin, Koffi Anan equates the Islamo-Nazis with Israel with one exception, Israel is an intruder which is tolerated only as fait accompli – until it is crushed. The left in Australia, and useful parrots, asserts the lies. The Australian Bolshevik Broadcasting Collective purveys the lies. The lie is a crutch for their hatred of the Jewish people and to peddle, Israel is responsible for the violence in the Middle East and the reason is Israel’s existence.

It is central to these anti-Semites that Israel be depicted as illegitimate and just a quaint Biblical myth, and that modern Israel be depicted as, at the kindest, no more than a fiction created by Balfour to settle squabbles. More commonly, the thrust is to portray Israel as the work of Jewish Zionist oppressors who threw out the ‘Palestinians’ and unlawfully occupy the ‘Palestinian homeland’. It is these lies, and not the existence of Israel, which is a caricature of history. It is the lies treacherous leftists and useful idiots peddle in order to excuse their collaboration with and support for Islamo-Nazis and their terrorist fronts. It is one of several big lies told by them in order to serve the enemies of Israel and the Jewish people, and the West.

Those lies rest not on sound history but on a dung heap of camel shit.