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The Bracks Junta has committed, over and above its many public crimes, other crimes, and is Perverting the Course of Justice in

August 31, 2006

 order to conceal these particular crimes, crimes committed daily and yearly by M.P.s They must be prosecuted and convicted.

The Herald Sun has this splashed across this morning’s front page:

 MPs’ petrol bills a secret

VICTORIAN MPs and their families have pumped more than $500,000 of free petrol into their taxpayer-funded cars – but their bills are being kept secret.

The Bracks Government is hiding behind privacy laws, claiming it is not allowed to reveal individual MPs’ bills.

This is despite calls last night from Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu and two independent MPs for the amounts to be made public.

And Victoria’s Privacy Commissioner said there was no reason for secrecy, as freedom of information laws overrode privacy laws.

The ruling by Treasury bureaucrats means that Victorians, struggling under petrol prices approaching $1.50 a litre, are not allowed to know how much each of the state’s 132 MPs racks up with their free petrol cards

That is an average, rounded, of  $3,800 per m.p. This, however, doesn’t disclose as much as, even without the evidence, can be concluded and thus:

1. The Liberal Party has 31 m.p.s. – so that is $117,800 to the Libs

2. Two ‘independents’,  $7600

3. 99 ALP members pocket the remaining $376,200

The split, however, doesn’t tell all. On the report, eliminated are the two independents,  and certainly many Liberals are not involved. What one has said against the parlaimentary wing of the KKR parasite Party, as bad as those matters are, criminal fraud and crimes under the Federal Tax Act are not actions Liberals are given to. There may be some, but not many.

I will, however, be generous and allow their might be say, 6 Liberal members who are up to their eyeballs in criminal offences.

So, how do the numbers look now:

Liberals 6             $28,600          

No independents   $0

99 ALP members   $471,000

I will be generous again, and eliminate 15 ALP members, and thus we arrive at 84 ALP members  or, we will try some more and reduce ALP members and now lets see how the numbers run:

6+84; $5,560 per m.p.;  $ 33,360 to Libs; $467,040 to ALP

6+70; $6,600 per m.p.;   $39,600 to Libs; $ 462,000 to ALP

Now, let’s be charitable and assume there are more ALP members who are in the Law.

6 Libs ,  50 ALP  $9,000 per m.p.

6 L,      20 ALP   $19,200 per m.p.

$3,800 at an average price of $1.50 per litre buys 2, 533 litres which is roughly

25,000kms to  37,995 kms driving on a range of 10kms to 15 kms given the real taxpayer kept vehicles given members of Parliament.

Let’s go to the last number $19,200 per m.p. This is a whopping 12,800 litres of petrol or

128,000 kph of driving per annum to 192,000 kms per annum.

Let’s be generous and allow some of that  consumption is for legitimate usage in the course of m.p.s fulfilling their duties. However, a sales rep with a country route might travel 20,000 to 35,000kms per annum. I travel once a month up country, 400kms round each trip for about 5,000 kms per annum and, 11,000 for daily business in Melbourne ( no, I’m not a rep), a total of 16,000 kms per annum. The 11,000 kms city driving is due only to the distance I travel between a couple of suburbs each day Monday to Friday. Many m.p.s live in the inner city and cover each day at most a third or, to be really generous, half what I do. Now, take in city m.p.s who journey in the city an average 11,000 kms and some slightly more. Even allowing for all that, that leaves, some m.p.s are defrauding real taxpayers and by a large sum per annum. However, as the article reads, the m.p.s involved are committing fraud to the total of $500,000.

Now what we have emerges as plain and simple: Criminal fraud, irrespective of the individual amounts each m.p. has defrauded real taxpayers of, against Victorian real tapxayers, and criminal offences under the Federal Tax Act.

The conclusion is unambiguous:

They are unlawfully taking income over and above their parliamentary pay to the total amount of  $500,000 per annum. That is criminal fraud. Yet, it does not stop there, since the sum is for one year only. Mulitply that over four years of a term in Parliament, and then over several terms in Parliament for many m.p.s and the result is, how much additional income they have taken by fraud and not declared to the ATO blows out and, let’s say the average is $500,000 per annum, that means those m.p.s have taken unlawfully, over three terms $6m dollars, on which they are also in criminal breach against the Federal Tax Act.

Let’s not make any mistake about this, anyone else in enterprise who receives income and does not declare it and pay tax on it faces a prison sentence.  Any employee who adds to their pay by emptying the till would be convicted of fraud and theft and flung into prison. Now, M.P.s and bureaucrats don’t earn their pay packets, it is taken from real taxpayers by police state force. Next, they have subsidised dining and boozing, overseas trips,  and many more fringe benefits they sack from real taxpayers. So, on top of all that, the scumbags have the hide to commit fraud, which alone would see those compelled to bear the burden of the commie thugs thrown into prison in quick time and see them given further criminal convictions and prison sentences under the Federal Tax Act. Make no mistake, that is exactly what is involved, that is exactly what the lying, commie, totalitarian scumbags who stuff Parlaiment have done; they are criminal scumbags.

In doing so, they have committed a number of criminal offences under the Statutes for Parliament and Members of Parliament. Which offences, requires reading through those Acts.

They have committed further crimes under the Federal Tax Act, specifically the articles of the Act setting out income taxes and the criminal penalties attached, which range from fines for late payment to prison sentences for exactly the sort of offences against the Act those m.p.s involved have committed.

Something else follows: Criminals are not permitted to hold a Parliamentary seat. In fact, criminals are barred from holding any Parliamentary office and other govt. offices. Automatically, an m.p. who is a criminal is struck off the rolls and thrown out of Parliament.

Now, the plot thickens because it is quite clear from the article the Cabinet and senior bureaucrats, even if none of them are engaged in these crimes, are in fact aiding and abetting criminals, and are doing so by at the very least protecting them. These actions  are in themselves major crimes which entail severe prison sentences. So, that means all the Bracks Cabinet, even if not one of them has committed the first  crimes, are in fact guilty of the very serious criminal actions of aiding and abetting criminals.

One outstanding question remains, how many bureaucrats are also committing the crimes set out in the Herald Sun’s very hot newsflash, and not just protecting criminal m.p.s – though that is also a serious crime in itself ?  

Now, here is the irony. The ALP members, who parade their commie rot of `compassion’ and ‘equality for all’ are liars, they are seeking profit through fraud and are taking profit, as income by fraud, and have increased their consumption by fraud, by committing criminal offences in common law, under the statutes for Parliament and, under the Federal Tax Act.

It can be noted, under the Federal Tax Act, further criminal offences can be identified, no doubt. Here’s one which warrants attention: A deliberate scheme to conceal taxable income. How so? The fact that it is systematic and Bureaucrats are involved in concealing the evidence makes it a calculated, deliberate criminal action which has the approval of the Cabinet. They have found the credit card a useful means of concealing the fraud in unlawfully adding to m.p.s real pay packets.

The Herald Sun presents the matter as just another grotty scandal politicians have committed. No, it is not just a scandal. Whether the editor appreciates it or not, the force of their scoop is they have actually set out what are nothing less than criminal charges, the m.p.s involved have committed very serious criminal offences – that is the full force of what the Herald Sun has laid bare in public.

It is more explosive than a mere snouts in the trough scandal. The upshot can only be criminal convictions, prison sentences and the happy upshot, the evisceration of the Bracks Stalinist Junta.

This  pack of totalitarian thugs, the Bracks Junta, have,in addition to their public crimes in ‘govt.’, have each committed crimes out of motivation of their own individual greed, pleasure, personal gain, profit.

That is why, readers, when I read that article first thing this morning, I guffawed aloud, the Red bastards caught red handed. What a scoop – a police scoop in fact. If the D.P.P., the police and the ATO fail to act against them, they too will be guilty of nothing less than the serious crime of  perverting the course of justice.

Oh, and the Cabinet – Bracks, Hulls, the Reverendress Pike, Delahunty and et al, and a number of senior goons called ‘public servants’ can be charged with perverting the course of justice, because the  documents sought by the Opposition are immediate, incontrovertible evidence of crimes committed. This means, Hull has to be automatically sacked from the job of Attorney General,the Governor General appoint an Officer above reproach, since as First Law Officer of the Crown Hulls is engaged in Cabinet  in the perversion of justice.

Well , what’s new, Hulls Steve Jo Stalin Bracks pervert the course of justice every day. They do so through their Blasphemy ‘Act’ and stuffing the judiciary with goons and useful idiots who can be counted upon to enforce their totalitarian aims. Yet, this day, they are caught red handed in perverting the course of justice in an immediate way, in order to protect criminals – this rider doesn’t omit they too might have committed the same crimes, only the evidence will detail which m.p.s.. Thus, it is possible Bracks and Hulls of having committed fraud and crimes under the Federal Tax Act for each their own  gain too.

This is the prospect in store for  the scumbags: Arrested by police, interrogated, thumb printed, charged,  arraigned before a Judge, tried , convicted of serious criminal offences, and thrown into prison, as well as being forced to repay the property they have taken by fraud with penalty attached to the repayment of, say, 100%.  

Oh! While it might seem over-the-top,  there is justice in applying the dictum ‘what is good for the goose is good for the gander’,   Bracks’ Crimes Act should be used against them too. As I’ve set out before, this Act is another overthrown of Common Law and principles of justice in criminal cases. So, since the crimes involved are systematic and constitute a criminal conspiracy, a number of terms are satisfied which trigger police action under the Act and to this effect:

They must be taken to a secrety place of interrogation, and must answer the chief inquisitro without a lawyer of their choice at their side. If they refuse to answer they thus will be charged and convicted of the novel crimes Bracks and Hulls invented under this Act and given a prison sentence.

After release from interrogation, should they disclose their detainment even to their families, they are to be charged, according to the Act, with another novel criminal offence, convicted automatically and, under the Act, be sentenced to 5 years jail.

Under the cognate Act, the Proceeds of Crime Act, the Police, right now, can and must, seize all the private property of each of the criminals and at the end of all proceedings, with convictions secured, those assets can be sold, certainly to the value of the proceeds from the crimes plus a tarriff. The rest returned without recompense. Property which can be seized includes the family home.

Readers who are unfamilar with the Crimes Acts cited, just in case those readers assume I exaggerate, be patient. Though I have covered them before, I will post in due course a fresh analysis of the Acts. Anyone who doubts the Bracks Junta is totalitarian and criminal should eliminate them for:

Rather many of the Acts, and Bills which the Bracks Junta will ram down upon the heads of Victorians are  vicious, they are totalitarian, they are Stalinist.  [ I might add, before returning to the Crimes Acts, and others, I will first post on the ‘Bill of Rights’].