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Housing Affordability” humbug but, yes, it is the fault of State Governments that

September 15, 2006

Many consumers are reduced to living in Soviet-Bauhaus style concrete blocks in which you can’t even swing a kitten around, while the new Commissars, such as Bracks and his fellow  thugs, in league with the Toorak Political Brahmins and the KKKR, live in sumptuous housing, thanks to their  policy of making sure only the super wealthy like himself, Steve Bracks ,only can live in castles.Below, in More, is a few Hansard extracts on it.

Howard should stop following the  linguistic ‘consensus’, the herd. To whit, vulgarisms such as, “Housing Affordability”. Irrespective of the quality of the housing, if you can afford it, the housing is perforce ‘affordable’. I’m not being trite, well not altogether, as to what is meant by that ugly expression but, the difficulty is the obvious of: vulgarisms explain nothing at all. Now, the Libs have correctly zoomed on what the State’s govts. have done to housing markets. The problem is, they , in response to A(L)Pes, rose to the bait on interest rates. One question put by some of the Apes egged on Libs, including Howard, to walk down garden paths. Howard, indeed, repeated the mistake on radio this morning. ALP cites banks’ repossession of properties. Howard’s reply, also on radio this morning, attributed it to lenders “other than banks” squeezing borrowers into loans without adequate financial coverage to meet debt. From that, I take it, Howard hit upon the actual problem, fractional banking, without realising it, and why it is a problem, but this would require facing up to why interest rates are so low.

He went down the garden path. Take the RBA out of the picture, there’s nothing wrong with a developer financing buyers who can make little or no payment of principal on purchase as such. It just means the purchaser borrows to the majority or all of the purchase price. The problem is, why firms can extend generous low interest rates, and this is the crux of why consumer debt is a volcano ready to explode:The low interest rates are due to the scam of fiat money, and central banking, which was imposed by the ALP under Curtin in the 1930’s. Here, we have  the real bane of borrowing today on the said contractual basis.

To repeat, there is nothing wrong, as such with firms working out how to finance consumers into housing with minimal deposits – if at all, against principal.The problem is what the RBA has been doing all along, forging money hand over fist and thus, of course, it has to be farmed out and parked somewhere. The explanation of this is to be found on Brookesnews:- why regugitate what is already well and neatly said.

I’ve numbered the passages 1 to 5. No.5 is M.I.P. debate. In it, ALP speakers selected present also their evidence. Here’s a rum thing : In the debate, the question of land supply is raised. The ALP accused Libs of seeking to flood the market and so to  ’devalue’ owners’ houses. I won’t comment because, it is too obvious the contradiction and, hypocrisy contained in that whine. Indeed, due to the RBA, any real correction to fiat money, to conjecture, will see prices fall. So, too, the elimination of subsidies such as the ‘first home buyer scheme’, which actually only functions to raise house prices. So, too the land controls, ‘planning ‘ schemes, ‘environmental building stipulations’, land taxes, stamp duties, and cuts in Local Council rates. So, too, the elimination of that sacrifice to the goddess of death, the ‘Greenbelt’, and ‘conservation parks’ and so forth.

To bring housing down in price entails getting the real culprits right out of the way, the RBA, and governments, each tier of the useless swindling bastards. Yes, any housing is affordable – which shows how silly the expression is. The difficulty is, our Feudal Mastahs, and they include all of the ALP heavies, are making sure the little man has no chance at all to move out of hovels and Soviet style concrete blocks.

You see, they are Goddies and how dare Aussies desire something better than a nasty hovel. Castles are for the  feudal overlords, as compensation for  sacrificing themselves on the altar of the great scam ‘govt. Or, to use the cliché those pretending to be apostles to Christ are fond of:

They are, as they live in generous parish houses – well appointed , sip wine, peruse their libraries, eat nice food, drive cars, wear nice clothes and costumes, all paid for by long abused parishioners, “worthy of their hire’ and it is ‘just’ because, like Christ, they too sacrifice themselves. some sacrifice that, living the life others have to earn by their ingenuity in markets and hard effort, and guts.

 Now, I won’t say any more on what I make of those hypocritical bludgers, pretending to be Apostles to Christ but, many politicians of each  tier of govt. in Oz, and  no less useless goons called public servants, are no  better. A cur of a dog is honest compared to that lot of dribbling bastards. (more…)