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The U.N. funds the brainwashing of children into Islamo-Nazi Terrorism.

August 11, 2006

In the `Palestinian Territory, all school children are brainwashed into Islamo Nazism. Every pupil, grades 1 to 12, are drilled in the aim to destroy Israel, exterminate the Jews, hatred of the West, Jihad, terrorism, and martyrdom by suicide bombing. It is systematic, it is thorough, and Westerners pay for it.

It is funded and advanced by the U.N. through its arm, UNRWA, which is formally described as a relief agency for `Palestinian’ refugees’. The UN, through UNRWA, runs schools in its “Palestinian refugee camps” in Lebanon. UNRWA produces the schoolbooks and teacher’s guides for the ‘Palestinian Authority’ and its ‘Ministry of Education’. It could be UNRWA’s official motto: ‘give me the child and I’ll give you back an Islamo Nazi Terrorist’.

All the set texts are ordered to the brainwashing of children in P.T.A. schools into pan Muslim-Arab nationalism, jihad against the Jewish people, hatred of Israel, and hatred of the West. Maps in current Geography books not only do not have Israel on maps of the Middle East, the whole globe is painted Islamo Nazi. The distinction between Israel and the globe is, Israel is the ‘Palestinian homeland’, while the rest of the world will be subjected to Allah.

Each text inculcates the destruction of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people as the main aspiration and life-goal for each child. These aims are not presented as merely desirable and possible. The aims are depicted as certain and determined by Allah. The Tone of the texts and content reinforce each other in inculcating these two Islamo-Nazi aims.

Every subject is ordered to the brainwashing of every child into the aims and mantra. The PTA has set as the governing pedagogical aim: pupils will leave school thoroughly indoctrinated and willing to act on that, entertaining no doubt as to the morality of the aims and prepared to be sacrificed in the name of Allah.

UNRWA serves the aims by the pupil’s books and teacher’s guides it supplies the “Ministry of Education”. The M.O.E specifies teaching methods and how additional materials are to be used. Therefore, text, method and additional materials reinforce each other in the thorough brainwashing of children.

If it were not for the work of a completely independent institute, the horrifying truth of what the PTA is doing to children in schools in the PTA would not have been told to the West. The U.N will not, of course, admit and disclose what it is doing to every child in an M.O.E school. The U.N. however, gives fulsome support and direct involvement to this grotesque, evil parody of schooling.

The institute is the U.S. based C.M.I.P. (1). One of its major exercises is the study of textbooks for schools throughout the Middle East. Scholars provide translations and analysis of texts and content, and pedagogical aims. Its methods are impeccable, as their reports demonstrate. That the PTA Ministry of Education and UNWRA are engaged in brainwashing shows the soundness of the CMIP’s concentration on what children in the Middle East are `taught’.

As far as core disciplines are concerned, if any call stories, fairytales, falsehoods, and distortions of basic content, rigorous schooling, then the PTA schools epitomise the function of a school. Most of the content is nothing more than inane rubbish. Pupils are condemned to perpetual ignorance in all disciplines, but that is a trivial concern; it pales before the content UNRWA as much as the PTA expects children to excel in.  

The content of the texts for each subject can be summed up in a single passage:

Arabs in the `Palestinian Territory’ are `victims’ of the Jewish-Israeli `oppressors. Israel is an unlawful occupier of ` the Palestinian Homeland’ .The Jews are usurpers of Allah’s people, they must be and will be exterminated, Allah has declared they will be exterminated. In Geography, there is no Israel, just ‘Palestine’. Israel does not exist, except as a nasty pest to be destroyed. It is not only the U.S., which is a Great Imperialist Satan; Europe is also an Imperialist Satan. Allah, however, will subject all to Islamo Nazi totalitarian rule. Terrorists are freedom fighters; Hamas and Hezbollah fight for the `Palestinian people’ and the rectification of the world under Allah. Children should aspire to be martyrs; any child who commits a suicide bombing is Allah’s dearest and brings honour to their family. No child can aspire to anything better than to be a suicide bomber or, join a terrorist unit to wage war against Jew and Westerner. Why go to the expense of producing books for each subject when the content can be so reduced and learnt rather swiftly. Thus, too the expense of keeping schools and teachers can be eliminated. Here is an example from a teacher’s guide:

“Wrath toward the alien thief who tore away parts of the homeland and dispersed its people.”


Implant [in the student] values and direction appearing in the text as follows:

Jews are dangerous enemies of Allah, Islam and the Arabs/ Israel has no right to exist; it is destined to be destroyed./Be eager to wage Jihad against Israel /Yearn to die fighting Israel (Our Arabic language (grade 6)”

“Jews are dangerous enemies of Allah, Islam and the Arabs”. What is to be done about the Jews? Pupils can strap a bomb on their backs and blow themselves up. The gravaman is: hatred of Israel and desiring its destruction is “the dominant goal stressed in Teacher’s Guides and pupil’s books. Children can lead a nasty, short, brutal life, but a helpful one.

UNRWA has published 5 reports on UNRWA’s books for PTA schools, 2001, 02,03, 04, and 05. The 05, report does not cover books still in use, this year 2006, which they have treated in a previous report. The 05 covers revised and replacement texts, which are in use this year 2006. The CMIP reports, therefore, can be taken as also a longitudinal study of what is being drilled into children in PTA schools.

The findings of CMIP make for grim reading; nothing has changed. Tracking alterations in revised texts and new texts shows changes are merely superficial. Of the texts covered in the 05 report, some changes are not superficial, they are worse in content than texts they replaced. ” Environmental science”, is an example, besides being bogus science, it is used as another excuse to bash Jews and Israel. The 05 report is damning evidence against UNWRA. To sum up the pertinent findings:

It has not rectified content, and put disciplines onto sound foundations. It has intensified vile content. It has intensified the main form of the texts, polemics. It has strengthened the function of the books, to serve the PTA’s pedagogical aims.

The function of `in depth studies’, for example, is to inculcate Zionism is an instance of Nazism and a danger to Arabs that must be stopped. Zionism and Israel are also tools of western Imperialism – not just the U.S., Europe is included. Jews are evil, which is why Jews are persecuted, and such sentiments are put with twists such as:


 “Jews welcome their own persecution because it is profitable.”


That’s a statement worthy of the ABC Soviet, or the Spring St Pravda The Age. ‘In-depth study’ is, in short, an exercise in pupils paraphrasing ad infinitum what is inculcated in general.

Instead of even being at the least ashamed of their efforts, those responsible for this disgusting and evil contribution to the advance of Islamo–Nazism and terrorism went on the attack. UNRWA has dedicated a whole page to smearing those who are trying to bring them to book, CMIP, and the Simon Weisenthal Centre. The SWC has raised different charges to the effect, UNRWA’s support for Islamo Nazis and their terrorist units is more than simply than publishing schoolbooks.

UNRWA director Peter Hansen is one of the UNRWA thugs who have slandered CMIP and the scholars who work for CMIP. Hansen has form. He launched the lie Israel had massacred Arabs in Jenin. The SWC has uncovered Hansen has put Hamas terrorists onto UNRWA’s payroll. Hansen, admitted he has done so, and has given his excuse as:

“I don’t see that as a crime. Hamas is a political organisation and not every one of its members is a militant and we do not do political vetting and exclude people from one persuasion as against another. We demand of our staff, whatever their political persuasion is, that they behave in accordance with UN standards and norms for neutrality.”(2)

So, an Islamo-Nazi terrorist is only someone holding a persuasion different to someone else. Eliminate the identifiers and Hansen could be mistaken for referring to charming grannies of different Christian persuasions serving in parish opportunity shops. Then, I recollect the late 80’s-year-old lady, who survived the horrors of Auschwitz but not one of Hansen’s ‘politicals’. She was murdered by one of Hansen’s and UNRWA’s pals only a few days before Sharon had his heart attack.

The SWC has observed:

“UNICEF has expressed concern at the abuse of Palestinian children in their recruitment to suicide bombing, their deprivation… UNRWA has never condemned this exploitation of Palestinian children as pawns of a culture of death. Indeed, its silence endorses this practice by default.”

The trouble is, UNRWA doesn’t endorse it by default. It directly ‘exploits’ not ‘Palestinian children’ but Arab children. It does not recruit children; it brainwashes children into Islamo Nazism, terrorism, and suicide bombing.


When Israel and the U.S. froze “P.T.A’s” funds on the election of Hamas earlier this year, it was UNWRA who objected, loudly, ‘‘They can’t do that. It undermines everything we have worked for”. Never a truer word have they screamed out.

In its efforts to defend its actions, UNRWA contradicts its risible gestures on its own website. The site makes plain the UN position; the `Palestinians’ are just freedom loving types oppressed by the ruthless, cruel occupiers, Jews. The UNRWA site is full of such rubbish. Next, it identifies the actions of Hezbollah and Hamas with the `Palestinian cause’. This a most interesting insight:

“there is universal agreement that Hizbullah’s current conflict with Israel is also a Palestinian conflict. […]”

The website depicts: Israel as occupier of Palestine, and usurper of Isamo nazi Arabs, and their oppressor. Occupation means Israel is the “Palestinian Homeland”. There’s an unambiguous image accompanying the words, a photo of Israel’s security wall tagged, “The Barrier”. No explanation of why the Israelis erected it is given. Arabs are cute, cuddly types, whose hopes and aspirations are crushed daily by the Israelis, and Israelis murder and massacre them Hezbollah and Hamas are freedom fighters. UNRWA does all it can to help Israel’s “victims”.

UNWRA’s script can be shoved into news and current affairs shows of, say, the Spencer Street Soviet, aka the Age, or the Australian Bolshevik Collective aka the ABC, and none could spot the difference. The difference resides in; UNWRA is more than a propaganda service for Islamo-Nazis.

Look at the monstrous types who are guilty of such evil abuse of children: The PTA, the UN through UNRWA, and P. T. teachers, and parents. They are the rotten, evil types the left in the media glorify and cry; they are `Victims of the Hideous Jews/Israel’ and UNWRWA is depicted as self-sacrificing humanitarians. Consider, if governments and teachers did that in Australia, parents would gang up and take them, everyone one of them outside and give them a thorough beating. Not, however, in the PTA, no UNRWA thug has been flogged.

To do what UNRWA is doing to children is worse than indefensible. It is chillingly evil. This is besides; UNWRA is fanning the flames of Islamo-nazism and terrorism.

UNRWA is cultivating each intake of children into Islamo nazis, into terrorism, into hatred of Israel, Jews and the West, into terrorism, into international ‘jihad’, in to the aim to subject the world to Islamo Nazism. UNRWA is directly involved in producing not sensitive scholars but monsters. It deliberately ensures large population support base for Islamo Nazis and their terrorist units. UNRWA is fanning the flame of war and terror. UNRWA is committing a most heinous, a most evil crime against children by producing evil, brainwashing material for PTA schools.

What UNRWA is actually doing in the Middle East is, of course, matter the left dominated media will not report. The Left dominated is on the side of Islamo Nazis and every effort by Koffi Anan and UNRWA to aid and abet them, inclusive of ensuring another generation of children of Islamo Nazi monsters.

UNRWA receives its funds through the U.N. and directly from govts., including the Australian Government(3). The major direct donors, however, are the U.S. and Canada. Real taxpayers, having been relieved of their private property by their respective governments, are in the invidious position of involuntarily paying for the brainwashing of children in the PTA and raising yet more generations of Islamo Nazis and terrorists.

Instead of nice pictures of politicians in Canberra handing over stolen property to the lying, leftist, Islamo Nazi huggers in UNWRA, sound foreign policy would be to line everyone of those treacherous, evil men and women up against a wall and shooting them. To this, the ‘PT’ is nothing but an Islamo Nazi haven; it should be flattened.

  1. CMIP,Center for the Monitoring of the Impact of Peace ( they must have a sense of humour), all material and correspondence with U.N., pdf downloads Website address: here. 
  2. Simon Wiesenthal Center:- On Hansen and UNRWA, brief items here 
  3. Australian Federal Govt. channels funds to UNWRA via its agency, ‘Ausaid’. See here, to get indication.

Purge of the U.S. Democrat party

August 10, 2006

A purge to eliminate a Senator who is, apparently, not one of the treacherous left, which is what the U.S Democrat Party is.

Relying on some comments on GOPSU, since one is not familar with Senator Jo Lieberman’s form, it seems that he has incurred the ire of the Democrat not Liberals but  Castroitic leftists. I heard a few snatches on a report on a redio news broadcast: Lieberman has lost the fight to remain a Democrat Party Senator. Something about the Iraq War was mentioned.

Lieberman is not a treacherous leftist opposing the War against Islamo Nazi terrorists in the East and G.W.Bush. He, apparently, supports the war, and the the Coalition of the 3 Anglos in Iraq. Adding to his crimes, he supports Dubya, on the  war anyway, and Israel’s freedom to defend themselves against Islamo nazis.So, the Democrats exacted revenge,

Lieberman concedes primary, still running
By UPI Staff
United Press International
August 9, 2006

HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) — U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman conceded the Democratic nomination in Connecticut Tuesday to Ned Lamont, a cable entrepreneur who was an unknown a few months ago.

With most of the votes in, Lieberman continued to run about 4 points behind Lamont, The New York Times reported.


Washington TimesHARTFORD, Conn. — Anti-war challenger Ned Lamont defeated three-term incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman in yesterday’s Democratic primary here after a campaign that turned into a referendum on the Iraq war and President Bush.

What I find odd is why, in the U.S. Britain, and Australia, some entrepeneurs support socialists and, in Lamont’s case, the treacherous left, when socialists bang on about measures guaranteed to kill off entrepeneurship. Well, Lamont’s leftist credentials are established, ‘Let’s appease Islamo Nazis, and, better still, let’s roll over and let them do with us what they would.’

Hilary Clinton has been described by lying leftist journos as having abandoned her Marxist position, that she is now a ‘moderate’ – what that is supposed to mean. The bullshit she has. Besides, she was up to the eyeballs in the Whitewater fraud, and in her husband’s treason against the U.S., the secrets to Peking for Democrat Party funding high treason. So,too, was Al Gore involved in that treason. Actually their treason was also murderous, literally. I’ll let Brookesnews relate all:

Treason is deeply embedded in the Democratic Party and the New York Times.”

Billy and Hilly are murderous, treacherous scumbags, who should have been tried, convicted and, at the very least, given life imprisonment but, in fact, the death penalty is not out of order. There is no reason why they should not be dealt justice; they are still breathing, so they can bloody well answer for their crimes.

One thing is explained, the soundbyte on the radio news report celebrating Lamont’s victory over Lieberman, including, the election of lamont who is opposed to Coalition operations in Iraq. Of course it is good news Down-Under to the Spencer Street Soviet aka The Age, Fat Aunty Bolshevik Collective, leftist journos on The Australian and, the Saddamite Sydney Moaning Herald.

The Good news is, as the Democrats make their Castroitic inclinations plain, by sacking the few who are hostile to trreachery, they only make it easier for U.S. voters to re-elect another Republican President, and Senators and Congressmen. The Dems have also given all Jewish voters every reason to vote Republican. Why, after all, vote for a Party committed to the destruction of Israel at the hands of Islamo Nazis?

Lieberman has announced he will run as an indpendent. He has a ready made election slogan to hand: don’t vote for the Democrat Party – they are traitors to the U.S.,with the sub tag, ‘That’s why they sacked me, I’m a Patriot’.

It would do him no harm either to advertise his support for the President and his actions in the Middle East. Certainly votes will flow to the Republican Party, and Leiberman could lose his next Senate contest but that, he must surely realise if he is a principled man, is still a superior result to voting in the Democrats. 

The Democrats have shot themsleves in the head. They confuse their Castroitic leftist beliefs and their treachery as the values of Americans. They never learn, which is why the Democrat Party’s constituency is confined to Islamo Nazis, Greenies, PETA and other commie dropkicks.