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The Victorian Liberal Party Campaign, “Headless Chooks”

October 27, 2006

What with Ted the Wimp Baillieu, whom Liberal members are now also calling Ted the Toorak Village Idiot, and the Marshmallows, Kroger and his Parasite Party, and Kroger’s “Braindead Trust, a party of party of garden gnomes would be a better punt.

At least garden gnomes lighten up, are jolly little fellows, tough ( they take heavy weather) and they don’t stab good Liberals in the back, unlike Kroger, his stick puppets, and Kroger’s (second) Brain Dead Trust – the HR Nicholls Society. ( “Brains Trust” is a slight exaggeration; some are of the view a lobotomised single cell trying to spark is no brain at all.)

If there is a campaign code-name, it couldn’t be, or shouldn’t be, ” shock and awe”. For, it is shocking, but not awesome. It’s a shocking campaign, as Liberal members mutter around Victoria .

1. The strategy, crossed fingers, Victorians will run to the Liberal Party, fleeing the Bracks regime, is working a treat. Ted is going to be put down polling day. While the Bracks Govt.  is detested for its tax burden,  its squander, its ‘laws’, its hectoring, finger wagging nanny state odious list of sins, its armies of enforcers, and the possibility of a depression worse than that which Cain and Kirner made Victorians suffer, it doesn’t register with the Toorak Village Idiot and the Marshmallows, and the clowns in 104 Exhibition Street:

Victorians aren’t about to replace Bracks with a pack of headless chooks, who will be no better than that lot in Goovt..

After all, the Parliamentary wing, for example, supported the Blasphemy Law. As for tax and squander, Ted is in a hot auction against Bracks: ” Take this Stevie, I’m going to tax and spend Victorians into the gutters faster than you.” Hot stuff, but then he is Ted the Toorak Village Idiot.

Listen, Teddy Boy, if Liberals members wished to a join a socialist party, they would have, and not bothered with the Liberal Party.

Let’s try the hard question: What do they stand for? Not Liberal Principles. They could be mistaken for another ALP faction. Not that many of the Candidates have a clue as to what they are on about.

Indeed, that is the whole object to Kroger imposing candidates, to make certain no candidates of  ability stand. It shows, he’s stuffed seats with many who bear a spooky resemblance to his stick puppets in 104 Exhibition St., and his Brainless Trust.

Liberal members around Victoria have mentioned to me they are really hard put to contemplate voting for the Candidates. They, of course, want to see Bracks bashed, but, they are fed up with the contempt Kroger and his Toorak Political Brahmin Backers have for them, and the spineless, brain dead glove puppets they have imposed.

What is to be made of candidates who believe they have a grip on economics because they are accountants? One candidate was totally stumped when a life-long Liberal member, replied, ” No, that’s not economics.” That Liberal  asked the candidate three questions to find out whether the Candidate had principles, guts, and a brain. ” The candidate is a complete moron. A dud, who holds economics is an accounting spreadsheet and a rolodex.

While some ALP canidates and sitting members seeking re-election have been on the husting for, by now, the best of 4 months, Kroger’s choices have been struggling to leanr by rote the campaign script drawn up by pr. types and Kroger’s stick puppets in 104 Exhibition St. It shows, once someone asks an unscripted question, they are lost. As one Liberal member mused, it’s like watching a snail running the Melbourne Cup, no, snails run faster. They need prompters to help them figure out a half intellignet answer.

In the meantime, Richmondites have been flooding the local hospital. their sides split from laughter at Maina Walkley, who launched her campaign in Maidstone Village.The candidate for Maidstone has a headache and would like to cure it by giving Maina and Kroger a good boot up their backsides.

Neither Party, the ALP,or Kroger’s Liberal Party are fit for office. The former are malfeasent thugs, the latter are morons.


Police Inquiry into the Bracks Administration. Pt.II

October 25, 2006

There is more to say on EOC, Brack’s Commissars for Ideological Incorrect Speak Policing, but for now, let’s turn to the second leg of why Bracks Cabinet Ministers and their administration must be subjected to police and parliamentary inquiries.The Heral Sun was prosecuted some time ago for publishing an article  on another scandal, how the Govt., through one of its departments was tearing apart a family. Suprression orders have been handed down with  increasing frequency over the last number of years. Alone, suppression of publication of cases is a very nasty development. It’s not that most are keen to pursue sordid details of cases. Secrecy, however,  begs the question of who benefits? The answer is the Bracks Administration.

Common Law is there to protect freedoms and individuals against tyranny. In Victoria, as the two Pastors case also made plain, judges are co-operating with the Bracks Govt.’s neo-Marxist agenda in the enforcement of ‘laws’ which are usually only associated with totalitarian regimes. One never contemplated this until now, but one is increasingly all for the elimination of the lifetime sinecures of Judges. Such “judges” deserve on thing and one thing, instant dismissal and with no fat super pay out. They are bums.

It is clear what VCAT is being developed into. Whether the Bracks Cabinet gets away with it hinges on questions which are crystallised in its Bill of Anti-Human rights:Is it Consitutional?Is it Lawful? My view is the answer to both questions is no and no. VCAT is now only a qasi-legal enforcer of;

Robbery – viz the Office of State trustees ( which is engaged in systematic large scale private property theft);

Totalitarian measures such as as the Blaspehmy ACT;

Suppression orders preventing disclosures of Cabinet and Administrative decisions and orders.

VCAT acts, in sum, under Cabinet orders.

Two cases, same in substance bear this out:

VICTORIANS will be kept in the dark over why sex monster Mr Baldy was given a home near schools and playgrounds.

The State Government has won a secrecy fight over documents about notorious pedophile Brian Keith Jones’s shift from jail to a Flemington house in an area dubbed “kid central”.

The ruling also protects the criminal’s personal affairs.

Kent St residents were furious when they learned last year that the sex predator had been put in their midst. Jones, 59, was moved to a unit in the grounds of Ararat prison just a day later.

Concerned parent Margaret Simons sought details, through Freedom of Information laws, on the checks done before Mr Baldy was moved to the Flemington house, which was near a meeting place for children walking to and from school and was next door to a family with two young children.

But the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal refused access yesterday after objections from the Department of Justice.

VCAT vice-president Judge Sandra Davis agreed the documents were exempt.

Releasing them could undermine the parole system, reveal the personal affairs of Mr Baldy and corrections officers, give offenders sensitive security information, and discourage public servants from offering frank and candid advice.


A second case is that of Mack Giles, another dangerous pedophile, who was located by the Govt. less than 100 metres from a primary school, and  under 500 from a martial arts club rooms used by children ( Herald Sun, 22/10/06).

The Govt. suppresses details of the location of relased dangerous criminals as it is. releasing releasing and locating to very dnagerous pedophiles next to primaryt schools, however, is worse, for obvious rulings.

Hulls’ objections: Yah, right: Cabinet objects to an FOI search for an explanation because, the govt.’s actions are indefensible.

As for that VCAT pseudo-judge, real taxpayers are the masters, not cabinet, no bureaucrats, not “judges”, and they have every right to an explanation.

What is clear is, the obvious corruption involved in the actions of Hulls and VCAT to conceal reasons. of govt. actions.

Taken with these:

Is Rod Hulls A Thief?

Is the Victorian Attorney General of Victoria, Mr. Hulls, a Thief? Conclusion.

Steve Bracks’ Show Trial might well have backfired

The Show Trial has backfired, and in several ways

Questions to be asked or; What is the OPI Show Trial of the ARS really about?

 Sen-Segt Paul Mullet is partly wrong,because the Bracks Cabinet is to blame and not just their glove puppet,Christine Nixon, the Junta’s Commisssar of Police.

The reality is, the Bracks Cabinet itself now warrants both a full police inquiry as well as a Parliamentary Inquiry, as do its agents such as VCAT, EROC, and the Office of State Trustees.


Nothing less now will do and it is urgent.



Thorough Parliamentary and Police Inquiries into the Bracks Govt. and its administrative apparatus is now required as a matter of urgency. Part I.

October 20, 2006

If there is any doubt the Bracks Govt. and its administration warrant a thorough police investigation and a full Parliamentary Inquiry for corruption, and there shouldn’t be any doubt, recent developments puts the matter beyond even quibbler’s objection.The Federal Police, because of what is involved, should conduct the police investigation. The reason is, Victoria Police is headed by Commissioners appointed not because they are competent, uncompromising police officers, they are not. They were appointed because of what they told the Government pleased the Cabinet (which is the subject of another article).

Two developments show why they must be investigated for corruption. Firstly, EOC and VCAT deliberately inciting strife, in order to secure convictions under the Blasphemy Law, and perverting justice in doing so.

Secondly, a VCAT ‘judgment’ handed down yesterday, declaring Victorians have no right to discover the reasons behind a Cabinet decision, which affects Victorians, or a decision by any of its administrative apparatus It might not strike some readers as corruption but it is.

On the “Equal Opportunities Commission ” site, there is a “press release” headed, EOC is “concerned about decrease in complaints”. It continues:“Commission Chairperson, Ms Fiona Smith, said she was very concerned that people may feel discouraged from making a complaint of discrimination, sexual harassment or racial or religious vilification.”“…our figures don’t show the actual incidence…merely the number of complaints lodged with us…”

The statement whines there was a horrible a 22% fall in the number of people lodging complaints against 2004/05.

Smith attributes the decrease to, the Federal Cabinet’s labour market reforms and AWAS! It’s the Federal Cabinet’s fault Victorians are not clogging EOC and VCAT with ‘complaints’.

It must have dawned on her, though dimly, what a disgusting remark that is, because she hurried onto qualifications: of course, the Acts and EOC have done their “educative job”, so Victorians know what they can’t say and do, and employers are cooperating.

Eh? Employers might be cooperating because of intimidation. If they don’t obey the Bracks Stalinoid Cabinet and its Commissars, they face criminal charges.

The number of Victorians complaining is not anywhere near what the Junta and its commissars hoped for, and not for want of trying and this is the rub:

EOC has been actively trying to induce Victorians to lodge complaints. This is, in fact, is the whole point to the “Press release”, to incite Victorians against other Victorians, to deliberately fomenting trouble and violence.

EOC seeks to incite people, and to induce Victorians into agreeing to act as informers and “complainants”. It does it in several ways, the primary methods are:

1. Advertising, as the press release is an instance of.

2.Funnelling Victorians through its website, which advertises, “Make a Complaint“. Under that head, the site steps anyone all the way through “lodging a complaint”: It advises: “Complaint Officers” will “help you prepare a written statement.”

In common law, it is a serious offence for police, courts, and any other administrative office of Govt., to procure complainants, evidence, and witnesses, and to deliberately cultivate anyone to making complaints. It is a grave offence for courts and any other body engaged in law to do exactly what EOC and VCAT do.

“Complaints Officers” “write the complaint” and then send it to the “complainant” to see if it is correct. What happens in Common law?

EOC is not merely touting for business, it is engaged in a sustained attempt to create civil strife, pervert justice, and convert Victorians into vexatious troublemakers and informers prepared to spy and give false witness on EOC’s behalf. Its site makes all that plain. As soon some idiot shows any interest to serve (the right word for it) as “complainant”, EOC ” writes” the “complaint” for the new stooge, who signs it as true and correct. It begs the question of more than perjury. If policeman/solicitor/barrister/judge/jury/witness did anything like all that, they would face very serious criminal charges Let’s quote from the two ” complaint” “application forms”:

No 1.:“I understand that the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission can help me by writing astatement of complaint from the information I provide, if I ask for that help. I have attached

my letter of complaint that I wish to try and resolve through the Victorian Equal Opportunity


EOC covers itself with a thin escape clause, “complainant” must tick one of two “options”: yes, EOC can write the statement or; no, EOC must use the statement the complainant has filled out. Other strange sentences include:

“Explain how the situation has affected you. What detriment have you suffered?

Let us know what you want to resolve this complaint.”

To make it plainer, EOC writes the complaint, mails it to the stooge, who signs what EOC wrote as the stooge’s ‘testimony’.


“Recently you discussed with a Complaints Officer the lodging of a complaint of alleged unlawful discrimination.

If you wish to try to resolve your matter through the Equal Opportunity Commission, could you please attach to this sheet information about your complaint. Please refer to the section “Making a Complaint” (over the page) for information on what to include in your letter of complaint.

If you need to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me /the Enquiry line again.”

In common law, it is not up to police to decide if a suspect is guilty and conduct the investigation, as Judge, Jury, and Prosecutor all it once but EOC does. The forms show it does, and its actions demonstrates it does. Worse, it is EROC that fabricates the evidence, though it is the “complainant” who ticks the yes please “option’ – let’s put some poor sod through the wringer.

Notice, once a “complainant” has signed that form, the idiot is from then on open to perjury charges, plus other criminal charges such as, perverting the course of justice. However, it is not a loophole for EOC, for it is guilty of the same too, as well as soliciting false witnesses and fabricating evidence.

Things degenerate: having secured someone stupid enough to agree to all that, EOC, presto, launches an “investigation”. Funny isn’t it? EOC fabricates a case, “writes” the “evidence” and launches the investigation. Surprise, surprise, the “investigator” reports back to the effect:

“Hey, Commissar, that complaint sheet you wrote for the victim of such hideous, evil crimes, it’s all true.”

Justice, law, well the “anti-discrimination” and “blasphemy” Acts are perverse, and not lawful – certainly not in Common Law. What, however, we have before us is a complete perversion and overthrow of the rule of Common Law, so it can hardly be expected that ‘applications’, “evidence”, “testimony”, and the “investigation” are no better than was served up under the regimes Nazi and Soviet.

The above makes a complete joke of “Next Step Resolution”.

In common law there are no such crimes to “resolve”. Still, under the Act, there is nothing to resolve, or wouldn’t be. EROC makes sure it is very busy bringing violent, dangerous criminals (decent, law-abiding Victorians) to book.

The whole way EOC operates is aimed at ramming Victorians before their kafkaesque star-chamber, a grotesque parody of the function of police forces, courts, judges, lawyers.

The above alone means nothing less than, EOC and its twin, VCAT, are rotten, and corrupt to the core.

EOC uses another way to persecute potential victims, and pervert law and justice. It used it against the Two Pastors.

We know what it did, in seeking to seize the Two Pastors because of a doughty gentleman, full of guts, unlike, unfortunately, too many silks, judges, and Liberal politicians these days. He only took on EOC, having discovered what they did, only having only caught them red-handed at it against the Two Pastors, as set out in the footnotes below. Oh, his name? Mr. Gerard Jackson.(1)

This brings us back to the “media press release”. The aim of that drivel is unambiguous; to foment strife between Victorians in the hope it can haul Victorians before their Star Chamber. Next, to induce Victorians to act as “litigants”. Next, to concoct testimony and evidence, pretend it is their stooge’s own testimony and evidence, and then, with all that secured, to go for the one they’ve selected as their next victim. It is solicitation and for corrupt motives, and for disgusting, monstrous ends.

The ” anti-discrimination act’ and the ‘blasphemy act’ are a mockery of law. The evils of those two Acts are compounded by what is now naked, corruption. EOC and its Commissars must now be subjected to a full police investigation, and the Minister, Mr. Rod Hulls and his office be subject to all appropriate investigations, and face all the appropriate charges that follow. For, if they were police officers, judges, lawyers, and barristers, that is exactly what would be done to them.

Why are they an exception? That he is a Minister, and they are his Commissars of a Soviet Style “Court?” No, they are not exceptions to the rule of law. In a Common Law country, with the Parliament obligated in that tradition to uphold liberty against tyranny, and corruption, neither Ministers and their appointees to the administrative apparatus of Parliament are exempt, they are open to such actions. That lot must face the full weight of the law for nothing less than corruption.

We have covered one major cause for a full inquiry. Part II will cover more reasons which have only emerged in recent days. Then, all will be reinforced by matters which demonstrate, full Parliamentary and Federal Police inquiries are fully warranted and are urgent.

1.Mr. Gerard Jackson:Bracks’ Star Chamber commission applies the law selectively against Christians in favour of Muslim bigots:“In Muslim bigots impose blasphemy laws on Victoria I argued that May Helou and Diane Sisely should be investigated for conspiring to destroy the reputations of two Christian pastors and of trying to intimidate critics of Islam.I also accused the Equal Opportunity Commission and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal of…

Moreover, there is sufficient circumstantial evidence to suggest that Diane Sisely conspired with Helou, whose loathsome actions amount to inciting religious hatred, in bringing about this disgusting prosecution. So much for this commission’s “stringent standards” of conduct.

Even more condemnatory is the grim fact that though the EOC and VCAT were aware of what Helou and Sisely had done and why the bigoted Helou acted as she did they still persisted with the prosecution. What is more, they…”

Muslim bigots impose blasphemy laws on Victoria:

“However, circumstantial evidence suggests that members of the Equal Opportunity Commission entered into a conspiracy to prosecute these pastors in order to intimidate potential critics of Islam into remaining silent.

Diane Sisely hired May Helou, a Muslim bigot, to help her identify people criticising Islam. True to form, this Muslim Torquemada quickly swung into action. Helou incited several Muslim converts to attend a seminar on jihad that had been organised by a Melbourne Pentecostal church. As a result three Muslims attended. About 250 Christians were present.”


(How did Jackson’s actions proper actions against EOC and VCAT develop? Thus:

A challenge to Victoria’s “anti-vilification” laws:


“The email below was sent by Joe Cambria to the Chief Executive Officer of the Equal Opportunity Commission of VictoriaDear Ms. Szoke:

I have just read a piece in referring to the racial vilification laws as the Bracks blasphemy laws. The writer, Mr. Gerry Jackson, makes reference to the case your office brought against the two Christian ministers and the “aggressive” way in which your office persecuted these two men.

believe Mr. Jackson has thrown down the gauntlet with this piece. He describes himself as an active liberal party member daring your office to prosecute him. Mr. Jackson is portraying the Islamic Prophet as a vile person. I don’t believe your office can avoid prosecuting Mr. Jackson judging from what he wrote in this article, which has been posted on the web.

Ms. Szoke, if I can please make an observation? If you fail to go after Mr. Jackson, the legal attack against the two pastors becomes obviously selective and capricious, smacking of opportunism. If you move to prosecute Mr. Jackson, the political position you place the State Government in could have adverse political consequences. After all, going after a Liberal Party member who writes a piece and then publishing it on the web that directly flies in the face of the blasphemy laws will simply look like a Stalinist prosecution.


However failing to act will immediately jeopardize the current ongoing case.

I am also copying this email to several people including the leader of the opposition, the Prime Minister and several journalists to ensure this correspondence receives the proper attention. See here for the article in question.

Caught red-handed, Ms. Szoke’s reply is telling for what she tries, badly, to cover up. Attached is Mr. Cambria’s reply to Szoke’s pathetic attempt to get herself off the hook.”


For forthright coverage of the disgusting and corrupt activities of EOC and VCAT, under the Blasphemy Act, see the top right on front page of Brookesnews, and, Liberals for Free Speech.


Mr. Jackson got it in one. They are corrupt, and they are perverting law and justice in Victoria, in the course of their deliberate attempts to stir up real trouble and hatreds. It is what they have been doing all along.

Fringed “Snuff Puppets”

October 4, 2006

Slatts has it in one, the “The Melbourne Fringe Comedy Festival” is so funny, punters have to be dragged out of their homes by the Yartz police, then manacled and chained to seats, to attend. Why it’s so side-splitting that they save the serfs the OH&S dangerous job of laughing by playing, loudly, ‘canned laughter’.

Such a heady display of comic genius requires, of course, oodles of money extracted very painfully from real taxpayers. Without the pigs’ trough, why, artistes cannot ‘create’; artistes can’t stage something worse than heel-kickers very own, rainy day, puppet show in the family home living room. The serfs insides aren’t hurting for nothing.

There is where the “Snuff Puppets” come in. The Herald Sun has an article on this lot of  deeply, profoundly sensitive cretins –


Jihadi,  Snuff Puppet, and ‘director’ Andy Freer , posing for the camera crying; “Stuff you Mr. president, Stuff the West, Stuff the Victims.”

Freer was on the phone to Neil Mitchell, radio 3AW, to explain his great artistic morsel. Well, sort of explain. He’s barely literate. Those quotes in the Herald Sun are too coherent, it turns, out for his command of English. A good guess is, the journalists deciphered his mumblings, and made him seem slightly more intelligent than a lobotomised snail.

It took him some time to answer Mitchell’s question, ” What it is about”. Mitchell had to ask it several times, each time trying to formulate it so the cretin could grasp it – “just summarise it”.Well, eventually, Freer got there, and to paraphrase what he said, we begin by quoting from the H.S:

“We’ve made a 10-minute piece basically recreating the incident.”

He explained to Mitchell:

” We go inside the Twin Towers and find Arab Muslims, who reveal themselves and their beliefs and then it is realised they are one with us. Everyone reconciles their different beliefs, and harmony is restored.”

It’s clear where he plagiarised those lines, Steve Bracks’ Blasphemy Act and his Bill of (anti-)Rights. From his moral dark high tower, he is only helping to compelete the dis-Enlightenment our stupid politicians are so brilliantly imposing- he said so in the Herald Sun –

“Mr Freer said the purpose of The Twin Towers Show was to spark debate and understanding of the atrocity.”

And, to Mitchell.

Wait a minute! The old spaghetti might be slow to slop around these days but, it’s kicked in: the treacherous left have been muttering that rubbish from the day of the atrocity. Then,there is also that smelly little line echoing loud and clear in his grand pronouncements – ‘ westerners must understand’ the monsters out to exterminate the Jews, destroy Israel, and do pretty well much the same to the West.

Indeed, William Dalrymple, not to be confused with the good Doctor of Spectator fame, but now  writes for the Spectator ( am I mistaken in noting the Speccie has veered leftward this last year? Bron Waugh must be rolling in his grave) is the latest useful idiot to suck up to Islamo-Nazis.For his efforts,  Melanie Phillips gives him a good kick up the goolies.

Whoa, hold the horses! What about that bit about it the atrocity is all the West’s,  Bush’s,  Howard’s, and Tony Blair’s fault? Could Freer have omitted that article of the treacherous’s little right belief on Islamo-Nazis Credo? This, in the Herald Sun, must be a subtle, gentle, of trying to correct mere hard faced, cold hearted Melbournians:

“US President George W. Bush is represented by a shrub wearing a Texan hat. “It can be shocking, it’s very black humour,” Mr Freer said.”

Whew, that’s a relief. Someone might have accused him of denying a major article of the treacherous left’s little credo and what would that mean for his Yartz funding, and his street cred?

Mind, leftie pillow biter Mitchell is ambidextrous. While, as he proudly proclaimed during the Israeli operations in Lebanon, he condemned Hezlbollah murder of Israelis, rocket attacks and other horrors committed by that lot of vermin. He also condemned Israel defending itself by going into Lebanon to take them out. This is the excuse he gave, repeatedly, during the operations: ” Israel is better than that”.

Well, that clears one thing up; Israel really should do the decent thing the treacherous left and Koffi Anan demands, roll over and let the Islamo-Nazi scumbags slaughter them. Truly, Mitchell would feel at ease in the Kroger Parasite Party, they are cretinous clowns too.

Mitchell asked moral giant Freer, how much he’d received for this ‘artistic production’. Freer wouldn’t say. Mitchell, correctly, replied that it is taxpayers’ money and they are entitled to know how much.

A caller told Mitchell; he has known Freer and his troupe of Snuff Flick Puppeteers for 15 years, and that they have always been bludging off good ol’ taxpayer per Yartz grants. Ladies and gentlemen, Yartz grants are very profitable for the receivers of stolen goods, reflected in – they live very pleasant lives (having related one example of a ‘poor struggling artiste’, and one could furnish some more examples of these selfish, talentless, cretins).

Mitchell replied to the caller: “I’ve got no problem with that. They are entitled to it.”

Does that mean, Mitchell, the caller is entitled to help himself to your own private property too, so long as he styles himself an artiste? Do you have a clue, Mitchell, as to what you said in that singular word, “entitled”? Oh, indeed, Mitchell would be as welcome in the Kroger Parasite Party as in the Bracks lead Parasite Party,  and they are all as funny as each other.

Being an artiste, Freer should be funded to gain the experience and observations and perspective an artiste needs in order to ‘create’. Give him a one way ticket to Iran or Al Qaeda land.  Good luck, Freer, happy creating, and don’t forget to sow lots of  peace and harmony – don’t omit quoting at them your profound message. Can we then, Freer, expect lots of peace and harmony from the vermin in a matter of hours after your arrival – oh, alright, we’ll be generous and wait a year for the great blessing of your artistic journey to fruit into a thousand poppies ? 

A cynic might warn Freer, the vermin will rather sow the fields with his carcass – just to see if it sends up new shoots, but who am I to disabuse the chump? Happy Snuffed Puppet creating, Freer. 

Oh, dear, dear, dear; Freer has just telephoned the airline booking desk. He’s cancelled his flight; that’s very disappointing. Poor, vassal taxpayer had high expectations of Freer. Pity, another opportunity wasted. It seems the artistic experience isn’t all that spiffing after all. Turns out, he prefers living the high life, thanks to the fortunes Bracks and co hand over to cretins who style themselves artistes. Well, a chap can’t have it all, lots of ‘creative’ juice, and wealth – courtesy of Bracks snapping off the fingers and legs of real taxpayers. The serfs of Victoria will rejoice – Freer is sticking to their wallets like glue.

Is the Victorian Attorney General of Victoria, Mr. Hulls, a Thief? Conclusion.

October 3, 2006

Conclusion to: Is Rod Hulls a Thief

The Liberal Party is not unaware of what is going on.MLA, David Davis was briefed by X and Y on her case. He didn’t take notes, and he has been derelict in his duty as an MP in not pursuing it in Parliament. His defection is worse because of what the Govt. has done, and the principles involved. He has never responded, and has refused approaches made by others on their behalf.

It is interesting the Liberals have been mute on the activities of the Govt.- through its agent the Office of State Trustees, when accounting firms, financial firms, and lawyers around Melbourne know what is going on. Their complacency is all the more interesting, when it is also not only Davis who has been fully briefed on a case. It emerges the Liberal party has, in fact, had a very good clue as to what the Office is culpable for rather many years now.

During a second reading debate on a Bill in 1994, MP Mildenhall (Footscray) remarked on,

“In recent times State Trustees has had a dreadful record as trustees of last resort.

…State Trustees was failing in that responsibility and had been the subject of a number of serious complaints…

…complainants had nowhere to go. They had to rely on agencies such as the Villamanta legal service to take up the case. Two cases were referred to in the article of 2 August 1997.”

Mr. Dollis (Richmond) related:

“…an elderly woman who was being moved into a nursing home. Her daughter had been her full-time carer for many years. The mother had left the house to her daughter in her will.

Regardless… the State Trustees sold the house to increase the capital for investment. The daughter then had nowhere to live and the mother’s wishes were not taken into account…”

Mr. Dollis continued:

“In some cases institutions, carers and lawyers for the represented person are fighting the State Trustees, the Guardianship and Administration Board and the Office of the Public Advocate. The argument is about which side should have control of the client. Many people would, if given the choice, not have the State Trustees control every aspect of their lives because it can be difficult to break free from its control mechanisms.”

What the Office, with the aid of the other bodies, is doing on a large scale, it has been doing on a large scale for many years now. This squares with what I have been told: firms have had a very nasty time in trying to achieve the near impossible, protect their clients and their assets from the Govt and its Office. Now we know why: They are robbing ‘clients’ for all they can get hold of.

“Serious complaints, it is now clear, is an understatement of what the complaints are about. The favoured tactic is to put victims under ‘perpetual guardianship’. The other is, to repeat, is to siphon of funds and other assets placed with them, even as mere executors of wills. It involves the full gamut of the ‘business’ of the Office wills. The Office can even, if it believes it can succeed move against an executor to make itself the executor of an estate.

How can politicians defend all that? How can the Liberal refuse to do their duty and see justice done!

Why has the Liberal Party supinely accepted the criminal actions of the Office? Why have they not sought justice? Not called for police investigations into the Office and the Ministry, and a full parliamentary inquiry? Why was Davis so abysmally derelict in his duty to his constituent, X, another victim of such disgusting cruelty?

This is not the usual rotten bit of Govt. corruption. This is far worse, and too many Victorians are victims. What the Office is committing is on a large scale. Moreover, what they have done to some Victorians is truly disgusting, appalling, shocking, and cruel.

Just remember that poor lady, T1. And, readers, remember this:

They have shown they will do it to anyone whose affairs are placed with them, all of their interests or just some. It is quite clear; they are prepared to go to considerable lengths to take a victim’s property.

It is clear what the duty of the Liberals in fact is, even if Ted and the Kroger ‘Liberal Party’ don’t like facing up to their duty. It is clear what actions have to be taken against the Office.

In the meant-time, anyone who is contemplating placing any of their business with the Govt. through its Trustees Office, anyone contemplating making a will with the Office, contemplating anything that might be ordinarily put through the Office, the advice is, Don’t.

Be warned, you will be dealing with criminals who will, at best siphon off only 1/3 of your property. At worst, they will seize all of it and ruin you completely. Time for a police investigation, a full Parliamentary Inquiry, and the Federal Attorney General to act; they have no choice in this, because now it is their duty.

Is Rod Hulls A Thief?

October 2, 2006

Indeed, is he the only Bracks Cabinet Minister who is a thief? The Victorian Government State Trustees Office comes under the ministerial responsibility of several Cabinet ministers. Right now, ‘Trustees’ seems a euphemism for something entirely different.During the last few days, I was handed shocking information This is a two part item on what the Bracks Govt. is doing daily to many Victorians, by its Office, the Victorian Office of State Trustees, and on a massive scale.

One has continued to remind readers of the case of X and Y, and still running.In summary:

The Office has sought to have courts declare X insane and made a “ward of the state”. The reason, to seize X’s assets and strip them. As I related, they have effectively done that in regards to X’s superannuation and bank accounts.

Readers might recall, they shut down X’s accounts and transferred her funds into the Office’s central accounts. They have refused to obey court orders requiring a return of only a fraction of the property and, at that, income stream from X’s superannuation.

The Office declared, ” We don’t have to”. They are confident in their authority to defy courts. That they are, points directly to the Ministry, for that is the basis of their authority. The Ministry has direct responsibility and oversight for their actions and, crucially, in its compliance with the Law and its duty as ‘trustees’ -this is Hull’s immediate job.

The Office has stripped 1/3 of the value of the units in X’s super account. Yes, that is right, they’ve literally stolen 1/3 of her super fund. Where are the missing funds is anybody’s guess, except for: they are in some Govt. account and that means spent. This is not all.

The Office is busy attempting to seize X’s fixed assets. A court order has been issued against the Office to stop the Office.

The office has deliberately told lies against X and her spouse. The lies they have told before a court include: X and Y are not married and don’t live together. Documentary evidence had to be supplied to incontrovertibly prove the Office had lied to the court – perjury. Why did they lie? It is central to their tactics in seeking to have X declared insane.

As I stated, X is not insane. X does have multiple sclerosis, which has impaired X’s eyes to a degree, and that is all.

X has been forced to ‘prove’ that she is not insane, itself a mockery of due process, rules of evidence and much else besides.

To be clear: The objective of the Office all along has been to seize X’s property, and transfer it into the Govt.’s accounts.

It has done so already, the 1/3 of the Super fund it has siphoned off. It has taken other balances.

Readers, the case of X, right through from the beginning, is shocking enough. Yet, it pales before what has been divulged to me.

What the Govt. runs is not done against a few Victorians: It is done on a large scale, by its Office of State Trustees. It is well known by accounting firms and financial firms all around Melbourne. I begin with another case, related by my sources, and it is know by firms around Melbourne.

T1 is or was (past tense for reasons to be made very clear) an heir to family property. After a shocking accident, in which the family was killed, T1 was the family’s sole heir – and was , due to the horrific accident, a wealthy woman.

T1 was of modest means, lived in the outer suburbs. By prudence, she had paid off her own house.

T1 inherited a country property, with valuable livestock, equipment, and of course, all goods and valuables that came with house and property.

T1 has, or had, very close and decent friends who have stood by X in her grief. T1 was, as readers can imagine, more than distraught. T1, understandably, had a nervous breakdown.

The Office of State Trustees found out about T1, her inheritance, and her nervous breakdown.

The Office moved swiftly against T1, and succeeded in having T1 declared ‘schizophrenic’ and a ‘Ward of the State’. They then took over all T1’s property.

The office made a paper only sale of the two properties and for the paper only grand total of $40,000

$40,000 for one urban house; 1 country farm with homestead; plus very valuable livestock and equipment; all goods, chattels, and valuables in both houses. All that was T1’s and her family, seized and sold right out from under her.

Who purchased the properties in the ‘sale’ .is rhetorical only. The Govt. that’s who.

They then sold the properties, livestock and all goods, into markets for their full values. The Govt. has pocketed millions of dollars worth of proceeds from this act of naked robbery against T1, as is par for the course in other cases

They made T1, is/was totally destitute, and reduced her to the lot of a tramp.

Coming so soon after the disaster, T1, as readers can appreciate, totally broke down. Understandably, T1 no longer bothered even bathing. Then, so soon after these monstrous actions against T1, T1 disappeared.

T1’s friends are, understandably, distressed, having never seen T1 again or even heard of T1 again. What the Govt. did to T1 lead to her disappearance.

Realistically, T1 might be dead and if that is the case, the Govt’s. actions– lead to her death.

They committed robbery, and they did it using the courts, having succeeded in having T1 declared a ‘schizophrenic’ and on that, made a ” Ward of the State” and from that, the Office made T1’s “trustees”. The rest was simple.

It is easy to fathom how they could have laundered the property and the proceeds back into the Govt. revenues, so let’s not waste time on this, it is the fact of what they did to her that matters.

They did it all in a very short period of time.

What types are they to so readily rob anyone of even 1/3 of their property?

What sort of people are they to do it to someone who is overcome with grief, and kick her out into the gutters, to have possibly to have died from all the grief and trauma she was made to endure by the Govt.

Many Victorians have found out to their distress, suffering, and great losses what a pack of thugs that lot are. This is not a story, readers, these are facts; it is what the Govt., through its agents, the Office and VCAT did to T1, and what they have done to many Victorians, and continue to do.

That’s right: there are victims who once owned their own homes and now don’t. There is a large number of Victorians who have had their accounts stripped by the Office. Some are now completely destitute, and, as in the case of T1, worse off. Those the office manages to have declared ‘mental health patients’ and ‘wards’ have suffered the very worst the Office can deal out to its ‘clients’.

On top of all this, it charges its victims a 5-6% per annum admin fee before they are finished with their victims. Or, until victims finally succeed to get the Govt. kicked out of their private property and have their full inalienable rights restored.

The Office offers ‘financial services’ through its ‘retail shops’ -touting for the business of any potential ‘customer’ who is ignorant of what the Office is doing, and face it, many are, as I have been until the day I was informed of the case of X and, now, these latest revelations.

It is well known by many firms what the Office is doing to very many Victorians who decide to use its services. Once the Office gets its claws into anyone’s properties, that is it, they start siphoning of amounts. Firms have tried to fight back but it is very difficult and for several reasons:

The Office has behind it the full authority of the Ministry. Secondly, fighting the Office and seeking to reclaim all property, including compensation for the amount of property stolen is, at best, difficult, and exorbitant to pay for and the reason why is simple:

The Office, for instance, can secure a Supreme Court order against any of its victims it calls its ” clients’ and “customers’’, who decide to fight back, in a matter of hours. It costs a victim $700 to lodge one appeal and takes longer for a ‘client’ than a mere few hours. To proceed to court action, requires, even in VCAT, a QC – that is correct, a QC, and that means a cost of a minimum of $2,000 per sitting day. Keep in view, the Office fields a side of lawyers.

For the Office, the expense of legals is pin money. Why? Just consider that 1/3 of a victim’s funds; and any more it siphons out of the victim’s other accounts it has seized, renders $700 for a Supreme Court order against a Victim, a trifle. Keep in view, a Supreme Court Judge is completely ignorant of the case itself, and what is going on. The Judge is relying on the fact of , the statutory standing and reputation of the office, and that of Hulls’ Office.

The Office’s are barely a cent against the day it succeeds in seizure of all a victim’s property. It will realise proceeds on properties worth anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to, as in the case of T1, some millions of dollars. We can see, just from the case of T1 Office is engaged in large scale fraud and robbery.

The Office runs on the principle; victims will give up because they will be financially exhausted. It works. Worse as a victim’s trustee, as in the case of X, they starve their victim of income so the victim cannot maintain even their daily living expenses let alone afford to fight. (X is lucky, with her spouse, she has been able to run the case but even then, it has been a great burden on them to fight the case.)

The Office proceeds to ensure a case is dragged out, with the cooperation of VCAT. They will wait for as long as it takes to bankrupt the victim, to starve the victim out. If it takes 3, or 5 years, or more, they will see it out – the ‘rewards’ make it worthwhile. Moreover, during all that time the Office uses the victim’s funds, and is siphoning off, in X’s case, 1/3 of her just her super fund.

That’s right, it uses funds held in trust, to not increase the capital of its victims, but to make profits for the government. They run down their ‘clients’ and ‘customers’ accounts to enrich the Govt. and its employees. By ‘run down’, what it is of course, is literal robbery, and committed on a massive scale.

Here’s the rub; the evidence for the activities of the Govt. is widespread. Firms, lawyers, advisers, and victims, their seconds and close friends, can furnish the evidence they have, and I was given no doubt, the evidence is very damning, it is extensive, it is overwhelming so long as investigations conducted into the Govt. are run by unimpeachable criminal detectives and other officers of the Crown of impeccable reputation.

There is a hint; witnesses are reluctant to come forth right now because of the real fear of what the Govt, through its Office, can do to them in retaliation. A police investigation and a full Parliamentary Inquiry is required.

The Federal Attorney General might indeed have to act, in view of who is involved and what is involved.

P.S.:The Dept of Justice – under Attorney General; Rod Hulls; “Human Services”- Helen Garbutt; Finance and Treasury – the Treasurer John Brumby, to name a few ministers; and Thwaites; all have direct ministerial responsibilities for the Office of State Trustees.

Questions to be asked or; What is the OPI Show Trial of the ARS really about?

September 29, 2006

There are questions to be asked, to hurt the Bracks Cabinet and ram home what the Show Trial is about. For reasons glaringly obvious, Ted Baillieu and his fellow blobbies, pretending to be Liberal MPs, won’t ask them.

Only one further reason need be added: Ted “The Wimp” Baillieu declared the day he was made leader, “I won’t be attacking Bracks and his ministers, that’s gutter politics.” Ted confuses muckraking personal peccadilloes with bringing the Cabinet to book and, as a consequence, collecting scalps. It’s beneath him, he explained, to hurt Bracks. Then again, neither Dr.Napthine nor Mr.Doyle hurt Bracks, so Ted is standing in a fine tradition of spineless, limp wristed Leadahs.

On the other hand, even if the Leadahs relished hurting Bracks, they couldn’t. First off, you need principles, Liberal principles. Then, you have to be brighter than that lot. Lastly, you need advisers and not half-witted PR types and Krogers’ stick puppets to back you up and supply ammo. Look at Doyle, someone handed him a self propelled chainsaw with which to cut Bracks’ head off. Doyle and the advisers couldn’t find the start button – which is all they had to do, push the start button, and ‘let her rip’. I’m referring, of course, to the scandal of the Scoresby highway project funding, to which, in addition to the cabinet lying to Parliament and the public, also involved financial fraud committed by the Bracks Cabinet.

Doyle was handed the self-propelled chainsaw, incontrovertible documentary evidence of each of the Cabinet’s lies and malfeasance. He laid them out before Parliament. Bracks and co were sweating, they had been caught red-handed for the crooks that they are. They next thing Doyle had to do was to push the start button. He couldn’t find it. His advisers couldn’t find it. Michael Kroger’s stick puppets couldn’t find it. Doyle collapsed huffing and puffing from the exertion of finding the start button. Bracks and all the Cabinet Ministers involved heaved a sigh of great relief; Doyle had let them right off a very long and razor sharp hook.

Things don’t look any better over the disgusting Bracks Cabinet’s novelty, the OPI and the Show trial. Indeed, rather worse because, unlike the Scoresby fraud, this affair is one of those affairs which show up how spineless the blobbies are. They waited until Friday of last week to begin raising mild objections only – Kim Wells last Friday, Doyle on Sunday. Neither one attacked Bracks, the OPI and Nixon. Here’s their objection: ” We have said all along the OPI was the wrong way to go to deal with corruption”. Ooh, that hurt Bracks, really and troooooly. Pathetic. It is one of those matters they wait to find out whether the wind Public Reaction is blowing, and, which way it is blowing.

When Ted, his colleagues, their advisers, the Stick Puppets realised, yes, it blows and the right way, they came out, and huffed and puffed a few innocuous words. Again, typically, after such muscular exertion, nothing has been heard from them again. Bracks, again, has not been hurt. Bracks cannot, surely believe his luck to have such mighty foes. Me, I fancy a 10lb pillow biting dwarf would make a better show of it and up against Joe Frazier; at least the dwarf would go in hard and pound Frazier’s kneecaps.

The OPI Show Trial is not about corruption. The members who have been dragged through this grotesque miscarriage of justice are not corrupt. It is not because they might have dealt a bit of biff out to very dangerous vermin, who are ready to maim and kill even old grannies in the middle of a robbery. It’s something else behind it all, which, in this item we shall leave hanging.

The questions the Opposition needs to follow are in the order of:

  1. Who benefits? Or, to make it plainer these days, follow the money trail.
  2. Which faction in the ALP has driven the establishment of the OPI and show trials and star chambers?
  3. Why has a Q.C lent his professional reputation to what is a mockery of justice, and what is his relationship to the ALP and the Bracks. Cabinet and ALP factions?
  4. Why is Nixon shutting down the ARS?
  5. Why did she fail in her duty to the ARS pout through this disgusting Show Trial?
  6. What is the Bracks Cabinet really aiming at by this back door effort to shut down the ARS, by seeking to smear and have the public convinced the members of the ARS squad are violent criminals?
  7. Who is responsible in the ALP for what is a complete usurpation of justice, law, and due process; and which faction?

These questions assume the Libs and their advisers are possessed of things they are devoid of:

Liberal Principles and spine. More troubling, the OPI Show Trial has crystallised before the public what should have been obvious to all when the Kafkaesque persecution of the Two Pastors was launched. In fact, it should have been obvious right on the day when the Bracks Cabinet even mentioned raising the Blasphemy Bill. What happened instead? The ‘Liberals’ supported it to the hilt and still do.

I keep citing the case of X and Y. This case is still running, what the Bracks Cabinet are directly responsible for, and its agents, falsely called “Public Servants”, “Trustees”, and VCAT “Judges”, is appalling. What they are doing to X and Y makes the extortion and racketeering of the Mafia look mild – why?

The Mafia are only crims, the Bracks Cabinet is in Govt. They are putting X and Y through hell. They are not the only Victorians being subjected by them to such lawless, criminal, savage treatment by the Bracks “Govt.’” And what has been the response of the Libs to it?

I’ve set the case out in detail before: Nothing. David Davies has abrogated his duty to a constituent, whose case is just the sort of case an MP, should fight in Parliament. A case, because of the further implications and principles involved, the whole Liberal Party should fight. This itself shocking, and worse, because many more Vics are being thus tortured.

Someone mused that referring to Kroger and his control of the Liberal Party could be libelous. How so? It never occurred to that individual it’s not because, it is all true. In any case, right now, I don’t give a damn. For: the case of X & Y alone demonstrates disgusting the KKR, their Toorak Political Brahman backers, and their blobby MPs are. These men and women are so unprincipled they do not, as I’ve said many times over, give a stuff about Victorians.

They don’t give a stuff the Bracks: Govt. is not merely overthrowing the Rule of Common Law, but are acting against decent, ordinary Victorians in most disgusting, shocking ways, worthy of, in fact, a totalitarian regime. The Blobby pseudo-Liberal Party have buried the case, of X and Y, and god knows how many others.

Not for them the hard muck of standing up from freedom and defence of Victorians against shocking, actions by the Bracks Government, the actions of tyrannical thugs. Oh, no and the reason is, as the “Liberals” support for the Blasphemy Law and Witch Sniffing Court shows, they are all for tyranny themselves. It is just as well that lot are too dense to appreciate, Liberal Party members detest them: for if they could, then they’d have to come to grips with why they are detested.

Hence, the questions listed above. The questions Ted and co won’t pursue because they are spineless, not Liberal, superannuated blobs pretending to be Liberal MPs.

Ted’s Grand Delusion: He believes he is winning voters over & taking seats from the ALP. A twist is, Why he believes so.

September 27, 2006

That is not true, but don’t tell Ted and Kroger’s stick puppets, or they will cry their little eyes out and we don’t wish that – not yet. Once Civil War day is over, Liberal members will give them something to cry on, razor edged pitchforks up their bottoms. The reason for Ted’s delusion is, a mole told me, The Age, aka the Spencer Street Pravda, lurves him.

Ted holds: “We’re winning seats because Pravda likes us, they say we are the right stuff.”

One of the morons Ted employs as one of his advisers proudly related it to the wannabe Premier the Age’s newly acquired, touching affection for the Libs. The Age considers him a fine leader, and their ‘policies’ are the right stuff.

My jaw dislodged itself, hit the flaw and broke apart. I had to glue it back together, wire it, and bolt it back into place. I replied, on recovering, by paraphrasing what a senior businessman said of Kroger’s stick puppet, Julian ” Iron Man Julie” Sheezel:

“I realised Ted was dense, thicker than a concrete slab but, he’s a complete moron. A village idiot is Rhodes S. material in comparison.”

My mole was no less apoplectic. Readers cannot fathom how depressed Liberal Party members are, due to what they endure as their MPs. Few, besides Liberal Party members and the Spencer St. Pravda, appreciate how completely stupid those blobbies are. Boneless halfwits, that’s what Kroger, Costello, Toorak Doctors’ Wives and Political Brahmins, have jobbed into Liberal seats, frequently by raw thuggery against branches.

“By raw thuggery against branches…” which only demonstrates an obvious point made before. That lot believes they are decent, considerate, generous, selfless types and full of noblesse oblige. They believe Victorians believe that, and are thus moved  to vote the Libs onto the Treasury benches. Victorians will vote them in because they are so, so nice, so much nicer than Bracks.  Well, at least we have discovered the campaign slogan: ‘Vote for Ted because he is cute!’  

No, what Liberal Party members and Victorians see is the truth: They’re venal, craven, capricious, unprincipled, conceited thugs, who don’t give a fig for anything and anyone but themselves.

Let’s spell it out for the benefit of Ted ‘ The Wimp’ Baillieu: A genuine Liberal Leader would wake up in the morning and sit down to a modest breakfast of rare, bloody steak washed down with a  good, strong cup of Scotch. Sated he’d sit back, whip out a cigar and, puffing contentedly, peer at the papers and muse:

” The Age still hates me and my Party. All’s well with the world. Spring is on the cusp, birdies on the wing, young lovers murmur rot to each other.’

Then, he quietly contemplates another happy day of butchering Bracks. Not, however, Ted the Wimp Baillieu.

What is his routine? He probably wakes up, sits down to a bowl of wimp matter – weeties, or muesli, and a glass of orange juice, or a rare treat -a nice cup of tea/coffee. Just the sort of diet finger wagging fat police approves of but couldn’t even keep a rat going. Then, he sits back, and sighs:

“When will the Spencer Street Pravda ( propaganda sheet for treacherous leftists and Steve Bracks) love me and my colleagues? Can’t they see we are on their side”.

Well, he got his wish. When he turned up to his office recently, an adviser told him the good news. ” At last!” he cried, ” they love us. We’re winning. “

Liberal Party members, when they’ve read this item, can be excused for running to the toilet to retch. The ‘news’ had that effect on me too. Let’s spell out for Ted what the reaction of a real Liberal Leader would be:

 Feeling as if someone had hit him in the solar plexus, he reels against the desk from the blow, and gasps to his adviser,” What, James, has gone wrong!” Voice back again, he roars:

“Find out! I bloody well want it fixed now. If I read tomorrow morning Pravda telling the public they like us, I’ll sack you pronto.

“I want to wake up tomorrow morning to read they hate my guts, they hate yours, they hate every damned Liberal.

“I want to read they fear us. I want to read they despair over Bracks’ doom. “I want them screaming in terror as I shoot Bracks’ Cabinet in cold blood.

“I want  them crumpled up into little sobbing heaps as they realise I’ll kill Bracks’ neo-Marxists ‘policies’ and schemes, and boot out all his faithful dogs he’s stuffed into the ‘public service’

“I want Jaspan desperate, as he realises there’ll be not one more taxpayers’ cent poured into that leftist propaganda toilet rag.

“If they aren’t certain by today’s end that I’m worse than Old Nick, James; my tailor will make a pretty set of garters out of your gizzards. Bugger it James, I’m not paying you to shovel this shit onto my desk. Now, get cracking. And kick Jaspan’s head in, or don’t come back.”

No, not Ted. Ted “The Wimp” was instead thrilled, chuffed, thoroughly delighted, welcomed it as a change in the electoral fortunes. Ted probably gave his adviser a bonus and a hefty pay rise. After all, Kroger gave Iron Man Julie Sheezel a hefty pay increase for being no less stupid, and for producing just this sort of crap.

Ted, you are a political corpse. That The Spencer Street Pravda likes you, and approves of your policies’ should tell you one thing and one thing only: The Age has just written your obituary. That, they reckon you harmless. Worse, they count your ‘policies’ as the same as Bracks’. Ted must be stone deaf to miss why Jaspan is wetting his knickers over the Liberals.

Ted is less than thick as a concrete slab? He is a complete dunce with lead for brains. It shows, his nerves don’t work the way a Liberal’s do. Well, what can be said of man who can’t square up to a juicy, bloody rare steak and a good cuppa strong Scotch for brekkie, and look forward to another day of skewering Bracks with red hot pokers, except to add, ” .. and he’s a wuss.”

Yes, this is what Kroger and the Toorak Brahmans have reduced the parliamentary wing of the Victorian Liberal Party to, another gaggle of superannuated, leftist, village idiots. They haven’t a single neuron between them. No neuron, no clue. They are self-satisfied cretins, impervious to Liberals but not to The Age: That’s how bad the Parliamentary wing of the Liberal Party is. Meanwhile, Ted holds firmly to his delusion of taking seats from Bracks. I’d laugh, but it’s not funny at all.

The Show Trial has backfired, and in several ways

September 22, 2006

The Show trial of the ARS members has brought to a head several things. Already long disgusted with the Bracks appointees Police Commissar Christine Nixon and her paper models of policing, Deputy Commissar Simon Overland and other senior paper shuffling officers sitting on top of them, the police are now mutinous. The Show Trial has drawn attention to the Bracks Junta’s erosion of Common Law, corruption of the courts by stuffing them with trustees, careerists and goons, undermining principles of justice, the substitution of regular courts for witchsniffing Star Chambers.All this, the overthrow of the Rule of Common Law, corruption of the judiciary, overthrow of justice, by the Junta, should have been clear in public when the Junta rammed through its disgusting Blasphemy Bill.

The Churches don’t escape attention either, since it was senior Clergy, of each denomination, which believed Govt., has a right to legislate freedom and common law for a totalitarian measure. Disgusting is the support of the KKR Party for the Blasphemy ‘Act’ and its Star Chamber and KGB type thugs such as Sisely and Szoke. Having alluded to other cases besides Blasphemy Show Trials, one only points out, the shocking persecution of the Two Pastors by the Junta and cretins pretending to be Judges, including the Supreme Court Judge who convicted the Two Pastors, is only the tip of the ice-berg.

Secret trials against Victorians are rather more commonplace than many might imagine. Indeed, the Herald Sun was sued for an article on just one case tried in secret, in which, through its thugs on VCAT and orificers of a govt. department, to use the H.S’s. editor’s words, were ‘deliberately seeking to destroy a family. A very shocking case it is.

Also shocking is the Junta’s actions against X.  The Junta’s Kafkaesque notion of the Rule of Law and Justice is worthy of the Soviet Union. Indeed, Kafka’s The Trial was banned in the USSR because trials in the Soviet Union were as Kafka’s fiction. Soviet style trials are conducted in Brackistaniland with far greater frequency than many readers might imagine. Yet, the already shocking record of the Junta will pale before what will happen in the New Year when Bracks Bill of Communist Anti-Rights comes into force. It cannot be repeated too many times, Bracks’ Anti – Bill of Rights is nothing but a legalese excuse to enslave Victorians – that is the reality of the terms of the Anti-Bill of Rights. There will be exemptions, some types, to repeat again, will be free to commit violent crimes. That is set out in unambiguous terms in the Bill of Right. What is proposed here is worse than selective policing, which can be eliminated. It says, certain types of dangerous criminals are untouchable, and are free to commit violent crimes.

So, on the one hand, under the Junta, while law-abiding Victorians face Kafkaesque show trials for no reason at all, some lucky types will, on the other hand, be free to commit murder, stabbing, rapes, bashings. What the Junta is arranging, the overthrow of Common Law and Justice, and substitution of Secret Police State thugs for Judges, is worse than disgusting: it is treason, it is criminal it is treachery, it is usurpation of Co9mmon Law, and Liberty. It is a Triple headed totalitarian Junta of:

Unfettered Executive,

Bureaucrats, who have been promoted precisely because they do share the same contempt for Common Law as the Junta does

Trustees, careerists and thugs who are called ‘judges’.

A further development is the transformation of VCAT under the Anti-Bill of Rights, which I shall set out in a separate item.

It has taken this Show Trial of the ARS members for the penny to drop. Some are very slow n the uptake.

Sen.-Sgt. Mullett of the Vic. Police Association is wrong in not sheeting home OPI and this Show Trial to the Junta. The Bracks ‘’Cabinet” is directly responsible for them, after all it is the junta which set up the OPI and the Star Chambers. Yet, the totalitarian notion of Law and Justice, so evident in this case, is in reality the basis for what the Junta has been aiming at generally.

To illuminate further, let us reprise the essentials of the case of X:

X is elderly. X is retired. X has multiple sclerosis, the only thing wrong with her. X remarried – to Y. X’s daughters, in an attempt to X’s assets, launched an action against X in VCAT to have her declared insane. They have partly succeeded. A VCAT “Judge’ order the “State Trustees Office to seize X’s band and super fund accounts.

During all that, the daughters have defamed Y, who now has to mount a defamation case against the daughters. The daughters, with their girl friends, keeping in view the ‘girls are in their late 20’s and older, assaulted X and Y one evening. The girls one evening, bashed X to the ground, and in doing so compounded an old hip hairline fracture. They frogmarched X to her residence. They seized Y and flung Y down the stairs of the apartment block. If there had not been an object in the stairwell that broke his fall, he could have been maimed gravely injured or killed. Police laid no charges against the ‘girls’!

A goon of the Junta inside the Office of State Trustees, executed the VCAT order, and, seized the accounts, closed them down and now the funds are somewhere in some general account. Furthermore, to add injury to injury, the Junta is charging X an ‘administration fee’ of 6% to 10% per annum.

That’s right, the Bracks’ Junta stole X’s private property, closed down the accounts and, charging her a ‘fee’ on top.

In the meantime, in VCAT’s ‘Courts’, X is required to ‘prove’ that they are not insane.

I outlined the case to a Professor in Law. He was shocked and disgusted. He was also disgusted when I related the failure of David Davis in, first, his duty as an MP to take this case to Parliament. He remarked:

Oh, once the Junta is involved, that’s it, a victim of the Junta has a slim chance of successfully fightuing the case. The slim chance is, going to the expense of hiring a top Silk. He observed, it is all but impossible to fight without engaging a leading QC Keep in view readers, the original reason for setting up VCAT was to provide low cost common law courts, not Stalinist Inquisitorial Show Trials by which to ruin victims of the Junta. (And some readers object to my rather strong language against the Junta. Yes, well, when you see what the Bracks Junta is on about in all its brutal horrors, readers might conclude I’m rather too polite in my selection of adjectives and names for that pack of criminal scumbags. Steve Bracks , a  Christian? – bullshit he is, he is a mobster,  a crim, a liar and a competely rotten fat little useless professional dolebludging totalitarian thug, ditto the rest of the Junta).

The Sow Trial and its conduct is not, therefore, a-typical of the Junta. A complete overthrow of the Rule of Common Law and Principles of Justice is on show. Let’s cover the essential features.

1. The “OPI” had gathered ‘evidence’ against the, in effect, accused.

2.The OPI didn’t raise criminal charges against the members of the ARS – which is most interesting. It ran a secret Star Chamber trial, euphemistically’ called an inquiry.

3. It then set up this public show trial “inquiry” against them. It is not an ‘inquiry, it is a show trial.

a. – The accuseds are not allowed to cross-examine ‘witnesses’

b.- Hearsay is admitted as evidence.

c. – The accused are assumed to be guilty of crimes, though they have not been charged of crimes, nor tried for crimes, nor convicted of crimes.

d. It is demanded the accused say things which will incriminate themselves, even if falsely. The accused have been told they will be convicted of perjury and given long term jail sentences unless they change their statements.

c. The accused are expected to make self-incriminating statements, which will then be used against them on a criminal trial which will use the ‘Inquiry’ as a core body of evidence basis of the trial

d. Before the Show Trial, counsel for the accused had not been informed of any evidence against their clients, in order to make discovery of exactly what evidence, as well as, it has turned out, criminal allegations against their clients.

e. OPI claims it has gathered evidence against them, indeed presented video tape of a prisoner being given a clip over the ear and being told to cooperate or ‘do it the hard way’. If crimes had been committed, and in possession of evidence, then criminal charges should have been made and sent to a regular court for trial.

Curiously, who the individual is not identified on the tape.

Let’s look at some of these points in closer detail:

i. Mr Berkeley, QC is presiding. He has already told the accused if they do not say what he wants to hear he will have them charged with perjury and write adverse reports against the accused.

Just on the strength of those statements, Berkeley is not impartial and asserting due process. He is biased; he has already convicted the accused. He is merely following the convictions with the formalities of acting as prosecutor and jury. He has deliberately stopped Counsel for the accused to do what they have to do, not represent their clients in an inquiry only, but defend them in a ShowTrial.

Berkeley has threatened counsel for the accused with finding them in contempt of court! Well, it is clear who has contempt for what: It is Berkeley QC who has contempt for the law, justice and Common Law Courts.

ii During the OPI investigation, one of the ARS was promoted. Deputy Commissioner Overland, Nixon’s stick attachment, explained it on radio yesterday thus:

-Promotions are separate and internal to Vic Police. [Wow, not really, golly gosh].

-The evidence, the video had already been obtained, but they promoted the ARS member because, he explained thus (and I carefully recorded it):

“At that stage it was not appropriate nor possible to disclose that information in the course of a promotional situation, and so that process had to run its course.”

Here we have an OPI ‘investigation’, in which its orificers are working to have the accused convicted of crimes, and already in possession of what, as it has turned, its main piece of material evidence. It has ‘witnesses’, the crims in prison that they asked; ‘Do you have any complaints against ARS?’ Senior bureaucrats pretending to be police are fully apprised of these ‘discoveries’ and yet, they promote one of the ARS.

Overland’s excuse is rubbish. Since the evidence, such as it is, had already been collected; the duty was to charge them men formally then. Instead, they promoted one member the squad.

Neither Overland nor Nixon discern why they are no merely wrong, but are in grave breech of their duty as servants of common law courts.

Now, this is very interesting:

“Barrister Sean Cash said the public hearings were a needless repetition of what had already been canvassed in earlier private hearings, suggesting the motive was political.”Nothing new found. So, why weren’t writs issued, if the case had merits as soon as the first inquiry had been completed? Well, it is clear why not: The Junta has decided to circumvent the law and launch a show trial. By using a Soviet type Show Trial, it has clearly decided to convict the accused rightly or wrongly by a disgusting, shocking, and insidious and corrupt measure.In the same article for the last quote:“It’s an unparalleled public humiliation that we as a community should be ashamed and embarrassed of,” he said.Mr Berkeley said it was police bashing suspects that the community should be ashamed. Mr Cash responded: “Then charge him.”After being threatened with expulsion if he didn’t sit down, Mr Cash said: “You’ll gag me, will you?”

Told to “sit down now” Ms Cash said, “I will do that” and slammed down a folder saying: “I’m ashamed to be a lawyer . . . It’s political.”

It is Cash who is right, not Bracks KGB thug, Berkeley.

Now, we have why the police what the heads of Nixon and Overland, other Bracks Junta appointees to roll: they complied with a gross mockery of law and justice against a squad of men, who are not accused of corruption, but dealing a bit of biff out to very dangerous crims. They betrayed men who, unlike those politically correct, ductile, craven careerists, who actually do work in the sort of jobs the police are meant to serve.

They didn’t have the guts to require the men be charged as soon as OPI concluded its ‘investigation’. No, they happily co-operated in putting those men throw a secret Star Chamber interrogation and, now a Show Trial. And, the reason they didn’t have the guts to do it is the reason why the Junta appointed them to the top jobs in the police force, to be faithful good dog rover type servants to the Junta, and not the Rule of Common Law and the Courts regular.

The case has general implications:

It is entirely consistent, as stated above, with the aims of the Junta, to usurp the bastion against tyranny, Common Law, Common Law Courts, the principles of justice of Common Law, the corruption of the judiciary by appointing as ‘judges’ those who are:

Hostile to common law and will serve the Junta’s aims

Those ignorant in Common Law, no grounding in it even if only through practice, as in the case of the latest Bracks’ and Hulls’, appointment to the Supreme Court.

Sacking judges, who are stiff in common-law judges, as was done to a former Chief Magistrate.

Setting up Star Chambers and Witchsniffing Courts run by KBG type thugs pretending to be Judges.

This is what this case is about, because, that is exactly what is on show in it, the high treason of the Junta; it’s usurpation of the Rule of Law. It will get worse in the New Year, when Bracks’ Anti- Bill of Rights comes into force. As it is, it is bad enough:

The disgusting persecution of two decent men, the Two Pastors at the hands of the Junta.

The nightmarish savage treatment of X, with the Bracks stealing X’s private property, and transferring the funds into its own accounts, charging X an ‘admin’ and demanding that X ‘prove themself not insane’ – the consequence will be, and the case thus weighted tremendously against X, is, on the conclusion the Junta seeks, X will lose all their property and be turfed out into the streets.

Yet, there are, on what has been related by others, no a few, but a very disturbing number of Victorians who are Victims of the Junta, who have been put through a qausi-judicial nightmare and as the Junta stripped them off their property rights. Many of these cases are run in secret and it is understandable why: because the Junta wouldn’t survive the public outcry and anger.

I’m not exaggerating; the Bracks Junta are nothing but communist totalitarian thugs. They are lawless, they are criminals, they are liars, they have  only one aim, to reduce Victorians to slavery. Oh, yes, Bracks, you are a moron and a fat lying little commie totalitarian bag of shite.

Steve Bracks’ Show Trial might well have backfired

September 20, 2006

I made the point, the show trial of ARS members is being run roughly along the lines of the Crimes Act, inclusive of, unlike in Common Law, no formal charges laid, and etc. It is a show trial, and it is backfiring. Silks, the general public, media airheads have expressed disgust.

Yet, as I have been demonstrating from the extensive body of evidence available over some years now, the Show Trial is entirely consistent with the direction the Junta has been moving in over most of its years in office. How thoroughly have any of them expressing their shock and disgust at the Junta’s Show trial bothered to read thoroughly any of the many police state Acts the Bracks Junta has rammed down upon Victorians? Very few it seems.

More disgusting has been the marshmallow inactivity of the KKR Parasite Party. The Show Trial is all outlined in the Crimes Act, which, to repeat, unlike the “OPI”, is aimed at every Victorian. Bye the bye, one of Bracks’, Holding’s and Hulls’ senior Yes Pleasemen, has spent the majority of his years as a bureaucrat in uniform, a Sen.-Sgt. observed on radio this morning. The Junta’s flunkey is the Assistant Commissioner, Nixon’s stick attachment.

It is not an inquiry. That was made plain late yesterday, when one of the ARS was threatened with, to quote, ” a very long jail term, unless you decide overnight to change your story.” It is an unlawful threat in Common Law, quite a remarkable thing to even raise in an inquiry. Most likely to be unlawful under the Federal Constitution is the Star Chamber Inquisitorial Show Trial and its Persecutor ‘Judges’ bent on convicting the victims, the ARS members, rightly or wrongly, and seeing them incacerated.

What was advertised as an inquiry is in fact a criminal trial, with due process denied the ARS members.The “witnesses’” are dangerous criminals, each with long a long record of violent crimes. In a criminal trial, in common law,  it is an unbreakable principle that defendants, through their barristers, must be allowed to make full discovery of all evidence that will be used against them. No ifs, no buts. In this case, the OPI goons are putting evidence that has been kept secret from the ‘accused’; another monstrous distortion of a criminal trial, reminiscent of the Show Trials under the Nazi and Soviet Regimes. Yet, it might well have backfired.

The public have no doubt the ARS has never been corrupt, and the officers now defending themselves in this mockery of justice are not corrupt. Moreover, on the allegations of a bit of biff used against violent thugs, the public fully appreciate what the ARS have had to deal with, scumbags who are prepared to kill and maim anybody who gets in their way, even if only accidentally, without batting an eyelid.

The Junta, as I have repeated many times over, is dominated by morons, totalitarians but possessed of the IQs of lobotomised dribbling idiots. I should repeat the amusing anecodote about a minister and what a compeletely stupid moron, related by a senior Public Servant who direclty worked under that Minister. They have believed one time too many the public would swallow another pack of damned lies and more of their perversion of Justice. What the junta, and its politically correct glove Puppets, Nixon and her sidekick attachment, and the goons of the OPI are doing by their corrupt farce of a trial is making Melbourne safe for violent, bloody, criminals.

This Show Trial already tells violent criminals only one thing: the Junta has made Melbourne safe for you to run riot. It tells police officers to forget about tackling dangerous criminals, lay off them or it will be you who are sent to jail for long stretches. The Crims will have figured, before Sunday even, the bleeding obvious, the Junta has, in this one action, made dangerous criminals untouchable, above the Rule of Common Law. After this, even if the ARS members can fend it off, it is silly to pretend police will tackle hardened, determined, murderous crims with their usual determination. At least, not without an army of Silks at their backs to fend off of the Junta, before they step within two miles of a dangerous crim.‘Don’t be ridiculous’, someone might object. Oh, ridiculous is it? Well tell that to the men being persecuted by the Junta and its puppets and goons for the crime of doing their jobs. Tell it to the police watching on. Tell it to Sen.-Sgt. Mullett. And, see how far you will get with your objection.

That is exactly what the Show trial is about. This Show Trial, unless it completely backfires against the Junta, virtually makes it impossible for officers charged with the duties of ARS to take out very dangerous criminals.

Make no mistake about it; the Junta is putting ordinary Victorians into grave and  very real danger because, they are making Melbourne safe for violent criminals. The Junta hasn’t tied the hands of the police; it has cut them off. Yet, this is what the Junta has been about all along, lopping off the hands of the police. It is why one security firm has came out swinging against the Junta and its determination to shut down the ARS by hook or by Crook, before the Show Trial was announced. The firm realised what the implications are, and the danger its employees are now in.

The Junta can’t chop off the force’s head and neck, because it has already done so. That’s why Nixon, her sidekick and other brass paper monkeys hold all the executive positions. The closest that lot have got to fighting dangerous crims is to stick a knife into the backs of the ARS.Right now, dangerous crims throughout Melbourne  are enjoying themsleves, laughing their heads off,  and are delirious with joy and can hardly believe their luck in this sudden discovery, their greatest allies and bed pals are all of them in the Junta.

Nixon has made it plain: in that secretly taped meeting, staged to tell the ARS it is finished, she said, ‘new models will be used which avoid putting police in harms way.’ Well, what Nixon stated is what the N.S.W. Govt. did: they put dangerous criminals to work to make life hell for ordinary men and women in N.S.W. That is exactly what the N.S.W. Govt. did. The N.SW. Govt., did to the N.S.W police force, and its ARS exactly what Bracks, Holding and Hulls are doing to the Victorian Police: rendering it totally incapable of fighting criminals, and we know why:

Because Bracks, in his Bill of Anti-Rights, is placing certain types above the law. To repeat, in that B.O.R., the Bracks Junta is literally granting carte blanche for certain types to commit violent crimes. That is exactly what the Bracks Junta has written into its totalitarian anti Bill of Rights.

The Junta wants a ductile police force which will no longer serve the Courts in Common Law, but totally obedient to the Junta and its leftist, treacherous, treasonous aims.

This is a show trial. Yet, it can backfire upon the Junta and its glove puppets and goons: because this Show trial has demonstrated with startling clarity what this Junta is actually on about. This Show Trial is now political dynamite: it can very well see scalps of Nixon, the Assistant Commissioner, the goons of the Orwellian named Office of Police Integrity and some of the Junta’s ‘Cabinet’ blown right off their ugly fat mugs

It shouldn’t be the ARS men fighting for their reputation, it is Bracks, Holding, Hulls, Nixon, her sidekick and the Goons of the OPI who should be dealt their own prescription, a Show trial. Put them up to Bracks favoured ‘Court of goons and see how those fat slobs like being the dealt the treatment they have so freely dealt out to:

The Two Pastors, and others in the Blasphemy Show Trials

X – and others hauled before VCAT, in more disgusting exhibitions of cruel Injustice. (Readers, I will turn to, soon enough, what Bracks has planned for VCAT or, what he has planned to convert it, under his anti-Bill of Rights, which comes into force in January 2007, -Hail, It comes! Enslavement Day!)

The ARS up before the “Inquiry”.

The Junta thoroughly deserve being dealt the medicine they deal out to increasing numbers of otherwise decent, law-abiding Victorians.